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@hatefreeworldX Oh damn!Beautiful read! Living in Alan Turing’s Future @hatefreeworldX Try setting timezone manually in the weather app?
“The royal protocol is a byproduct of Whiteness, entrenched to maintain a caste system in which those like Meghan c…’t Use A VPN At Home @daftari Ooh I love good cricket writing. Please keep sharing!Amazon not shy about using its homepage to get its point of view across. First Honey, now this:
Retweeted by MayankAmazon posts a letter from #JeffBezos, promising to create a million jobs in India.
Retweeted by Mayank“Especially in difficult times, I think the goal should be to think more clearly, to be provoked less, to be kinder…! Amazon India is now running this huge letter from #JeffBezos on the home page for its millions of visitors.❤️ @ChandrusWeb For the subsidy? The government. About 2k crore a year. @ChandrusWeb Oh, yes. A lot. Even when it's not free, having hundreds of unit subsidized completely reduces the bil…
Cool cool cool cool @St_Hill Whoa, congratulations da! Let's speak soon.
What’s behind the rise of global debt to more than 320% of global GDP? Governments.
Retweeted by MayankAll good points. #AI #PredictiveModels you have your cat or dog spun into yarn? Yes. via @NYTimes
Excellent read by @baxiabhishek Xiaomi’s juggernaut in India hits a rough patch
@St_Hill @NameFieldmt @psubatman Or that bald people have their own building. @NameFieldmt @St_Hill @psubatman So no one noticed 29 floors?
Deepika, hero
Wristband tells you what you should and shouldn't eat based on your DNA profile via @CNET #CES2020#MeghanMarkle is fascinating stuff. #CES2020 @RanjuSarkar @tam_arund @bsindia @TheKenWeb Congratulations! Wishing you the best of everything :) @10MinuteMaggi @nytimes True. True. True. Except that they’re paying them in Disney vouchers and it’s not an entry…“it suggests that “Generation X,” a term that has largely vanished from the cultural landscape, was less a demograp…“Good and bad are not opposites, they are both just different forms of intensity,” she wrote in “Bitch,” channeling…“Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.” - Henry JamesWould You Work for Nothing at Disney? 10,000 Superfans Applied via @NYTimesIt is also true that nuclear energy enriches companies while shifting the risk of atomic waste and technological fa…
@jencyjac Bilkul haan
So, this very important news-worthy thing happened.
"Being able to push these digital tokens into corporate and institutional use at Singapore is a much bigger opportu… you aspire to write, read this thread.
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@VishalManve12 @threadreaderapp please unrollAnd this is the structure where any original writing goes to die. See how many stories you can spot following this… writers will also notice that their copy is edited only lightly and is likely to be used. It may even be… only the speechless are *dumb* and the insane *mad*. Don't throw around clinical conditions to feel accepted. 2… Since they usually appeal to people who do not have the energy to pick their own words, they are often fou… not commit this sin. The Chrysler Building is in New York, not of it, just as Shankill Road is in Belfast. 20/n possessives: An increasingly common practice, especially among broadcasters and sometimes in The Economist, i… Globalisation can go to the head. It is not necessary to describe, eg, the head of Baker & Mackenzie as the… you find yourself using any of the following vogue words, you should stop and ask yourself whether it is the bes… betrays the lazy writer faster than fly-blown and horrible words used in the belief that they are snappy, t…'t use rhetoric (of which there is too little, not too much) – try language or speeches or exaggeration if that… the tale begins to flag, or the arguments seem less than convincing, you can rescue it only by the sharpness of…“Interestingly, my father-in-law was born in East Kilbride,” for instance. If something really is interesting, you… makes assumptions about the word or words it describes that may not be shared by the reader. Facts and… apply respected to someone they approve of, militant to someone they disapprove of, prestigious to somethin…'Key': Do not use key to make the subject of your sentence more important than he, she or it really is. The words k… can usually be replaced by something less ugly. The missing scientist was located means he was found. The di… not imagine that you can disguise the absence of thought with long words, stale metaphors or the empty jargon of…'t author books (still less co-author them) 7/n is not a synonym for ordinary or normal: Mussolini brought in the regular train, All-Bran the regular man;… cattle and pigs, but children are (or should be) brought up.Avoid parenting (or using the word) and parenting skills. 4/n 😂😂Aggression is an unattractive quality, so do not call a keen salesman an aggressive one (unless his foot is in the… twice about using words like affordable next to words without clearly stating the context and the fine print.… Economist Style Guide is one of the most interesting takes on writing well. And, it's also one of the most inci… hooked to this book by @jiatolentino ! Pure genius. #books @CARE_Ratings (whichever is earlier) estate and FMCG revival expected only after September 2020 - @CARE_Ratings THREE QUARTERS away. #economy"Clean, freshwater is not only the most vital commodity -- it is also the most undervalued" - Bernard Savaiko, an e… @10MinuteMaggi "Raise cattle and pigs, but children are (or should be) brought up." - The Economist Style Guide
Monotony collapses time; novelty unfolds it. You can exercise daily and eat healthily and live a long life, while e… on notes from Moonwalking with Einstein. An excellent book I read last year which talks about the art and sc… time, there would be no need for a memory. But without a memory, would there be such a thing as time?The average person squanders about forty days a year compensating for things he or she has forgotten.Imagine waking up tomorrow and discovering that all the world’s ink had become invisible and all our bytes had disa… memories are often remembered as if captured by a third person holding a camera, whereas more recent events t… the proverbial tree that falls without anyone hearing it, can an experience that isn’t remembered be meaningfu… new memories stretches out psychological time, and lengthens our perception of our lives.Life seems to speed up as we get older because life gets less memorable as we get older. “If to remember is to be h… is a way to decrease the number of items you have to remember by increasing the size of each item. Chunkin… can only think about roughly seven things at a time.This is a great example of a story which packs with itself tons of other stories. Each paragraph brings with itself a new rabbit hole!Why Did One-Quarter of the World’s Pigs Die in a Year?"How badly he wanted to be surprised by his own life."Be short term indulgent but long term greedy.Goldman asks: 'Is curing patients a sustainable business model?'
Retweeted by Mayank"A single night of sleep deprivation reduced a person’s pain threshold by more than 15 per cent and left a clear si… @duplicitousdolt Not immediately. Will try to procure it.Among the top seven coworking companies in India, WeWork has ONLY 10% share in the number of locations. The biggest…
Goldman asks: 'Is curing patients a sustainable business model?'"Enterprises are facing a credit crunch. Consumers are facing a credit bubble."Fascinating.“Often, it is not the competition right in front of us that we should be most worried about’” — @Gaurav1105"It would be comforting to conclude, when we don’t consciously entertain impure intentions, that all of our intenti… fine print: You pay GST on both interest and processing fee every month. You lose all your reward points by… @larissafernand umm, so you transact for more than 3k+ on your credit card, and the bank will offer to convert that…, the matrix leaves out the key information that the interest rates are not the same for all tenures. If you… matrix that shows how banks charge you for a credit transaction of Rs 6500 if you convert it to EMI. At the ver…"This is why, with the internet, it's so easy to stop trying to be decent or reasonable or politically engaged - an… straight"The internet reminds us on a daily basis that it is not at all rewarding to become aware of problems that you have…
@daftari You too, man!