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Interesting! @Bitnationshow It has mate. Hope you are doing good
Hey all how is it? Ill be relaxing today as I have had a soar throat for 2 days now. Hoping it will pass soon and t…
@ForRealzy Me.
LIVE Random things in WoW Chilling and chatting with you! @ItsJustJoeyy_ Yay great .D I wanna play with you man @ItsJustJoeyy_ Aw man @BriannicusG GET OUT OF MY HEAD 🤣 @ItsJustJoeyy_ Youre playing horde arnt ya... @BrianFargo Looks amazing!
Sorry all. Just woke up again after getting the kids to sleep. I will cya on Tuesday ❤️
Sometimes you see me like the first pic, even tho I feel like the second one. Thank you for caring my friends. You… a lovely Friday
No stream tonight. Still feeling tired from last night so Ill Cya on Sunday. @ForRealzy Over 3 years and 5-10 viewers per stream again. Down from 30 ish per stream. Heading the right way right? LOL
LIVE RIGHT MEOW! With WoW!Stream tonight! WoW with my Paladin. Island expeditions for transmogs, mount hunting maybe, perhaps some PvP and maybe loremaster stuff! @Brick_houze You digging it? ☺️
@AnyMain1 @Sparks03653245 @CohhCarnage @OuterWorlds @Obsidian @PrivateDivision Wonderful world we live in 🤣 @BoonPhoenix Thank you buddy ❤️ @Zest_HNL Thanks ❤️ @Brick_houze Thank you man @FuzzyDuckTV Thanks bud ❤️Still sick friends. Aiming to be back tomorrow ❤️
@CeddyOrNot Spot on ❤️ @SquireofTwitch @ForRealzy Will do mate. ❤️ @SquireofTwitch @ForRealzy Gj mate. Congrats!! @SquireofTwitch @ForRealzy I have been okayish tbh. Starting to feel better tho. What about you? @ForRealzy People seem to get annoyed by everything these days. If a polite question annoys you then well, maybe no… @_Knoxie Always welcome to join ☺️
LIVE With WoW tonight. Some relaxed leveling is all we will do @TitanTotoro And I appreciate you for it so much ❤️
No evening stream tonight. I am just so exhausted that I will just crash soon. @Zest_HNL I have no doubt at all. I just have to be there ☺️I miss my old regular viewers so much. But when you take a long break, stuff like this happens. You just have to g… @MadVikingKing Thank you so much for that huge raid man! Hope you had a fantastic birthday! We made great progres… live with Wasteland 3! Come join us!LIVE with Wasteland 3! Come and join us! Just started to explore Denver!
@NixAbyss Haha ye. Its mostly because I remember playing UFO enemy unknown as a kid on win 3.11. When you researche… @NixAbyss Well, its the truth tho :D 99% chance to hit, miss, aliens throw grenades that blow up the building you a… @NixAbyss Oh yeah I know, I know -.-Wasteland 3 has givin me a craving to play Xcom 2 ☺️LIVE again! With Wasteland 3! Come join us! @An0ther_FI Thai food ☺️GIVE IT TO ME MEOW! now! Short stream now, then a dinnerbreak and more tonight! Wasteland 3!Stream will start later my friends. Need to eat something before we start. @inXile_ent Any idea why motion blur always turns itself back on when starting Wasteland 3? @Sevanon @BoonPhoenix @Bearly_Tactical @ItsJustJoeyy_ @Mortdredd350 @TheGamerScot @ThespectreAngel @ImStallionTV @ThespectreAngel @BoonPhoenix @Bearly_Tactical @ItsJustJoeyy_ @Mortdredd350 @Sevanon @TheGamerScot @ImStallionTV @MegaBennettron Awwww <3I miss Twitch London so much. Where I finally met some amazing friends IRL. @BoonPhoenix @Bearly_Tactical @ForRealzy Same to you my friend, I will always be here for you @Brick_houze @the_mrsnesbitt Glad you had a good stream mate ☺️GOOD MORNING! Tonight from around 5PM CEST We continue with Wasteland 3! Tomorrow: ALL DAY OF WASTELAND 3! And t… are amazing my friend. Your tweets always makes me stop and reflect for a bit. The i poster syndrome is someth…
@vollezar @CohhCarnage Since when does he stream on more then one platform though? As far as I know he streams on T… @CohhCarnage you to all my viewers for hanging out. You truly mean the world to me! Much love ❤️LIVE with Wasteland 3, come chill with us!Will do a stream in abit but it will prob be a short one. Have been in the couch almost all day with my sick kids a… yesterday was my 5 years stream annyversary , but today ill be doing the stream for that :D i will be starting m…
Retweeted by Azeriath 🤗 @derusselt Congrats mate!!!
LIVE With more Wasteland 3! @Zest_HNL We can hope tho that was not the case for the dlc to Metro Exodus. @XboxGamePassPC any news on this?Just realized that the DLC for Outer Worlds prob wont be on XBOX game pass.The Outer Worlds DLC is coming soonish. I can't freaking wait!True Gentleman ♥️ #HappyBirthdayKeanuReeves
Retweeted by Azeriath 🤗 @thedoorarkilak @CohhCarnage @Wasteland @ControlRemedy @OuterWorlds Ah nice, then I have plenty left + the fact tha… @CohhCarnage @Wasteland @ControlRemedy @OuterWorlds Already finishing Wasteland? May I ask how many hours you have put into it so far? @NVIDIAGeForceUK @TheCircling #UltimatePlay @kar_morr That is a very good point mate, thank you @Rickeh_M Ill try to remember that. ☺️ @kormakrtv AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWould it be okay if I do side missions in Wasteland 3 offstream? What is your oppinion on it?
@CommanderFlynn I have no issues else where besides streams though. And more seems to have problems aswell @inXile_ent Wasteland 3 is the RPG I didn't know I wanted. It brings me so much joy everytime I play. Thank you.Twitch see med strange today. Tons of buffering, not being able to get my stream key, just strange. @mr_tavitel Actually after 4 restarts it worked :DNOW we are live! Come tune in!, or not? Cant seem to get OBS to work and when I try to get my key, this happens. with @inXile_ent Wasteland 3! Let's continue this journey! I am abit sick so it will be a lowkey stream tonightThis brought tears to my eyes tbh we continue with Wasteland 3! I can't wait to play more of this amazing game by @inXile_ent It truly bri… @thebarbariancnx Thank you for still being around streamer twitter bud <3 @alyssabgaming I know but I am working from home an if I can work, I can stream well if the energy is there but I hope so =)Good morning loves! Feeling sick today but will try to stream tonight. Want to move on in Wasteland 3, hell when w… @_ArchiTactical_ Yeah I did =)
Now I know why people want a S3 of Cobra Kai, DAUM! @SquireofTwitch I went with Dir cut! @CohhCarnage @Wasteland These damn xcom 95% chance to hit misses though... :D @svnstrobach @CohhCarnage @Wasteland Around 80-100 from what I have hearedI might like Wasteland 3 so much that I decided to install Wasteland 2. So glad both are on Xbox Gamepass tbh :D @Brick_houze Wait, your gf? Congratulations sir
Wasteland 3 continues! More main story! Join us! @Brick_houze @Witchy_Panda Wow thats amazing dude. @CohhCarnage @Wasteland I fully agree. It is truly amazing in every aspect. When you get into a fight that has musi… @Kitten_SSG Ye same here. Its amazing ☺️Starting a Wasteland 3 stream right MEOW!Cobra Kai is really good, I honestly did not expect this!