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@Bearly_Tactical I am stuck in it tho... Stuck in some cave where I need a relic and been running around for 2h now @DukeofSilver Oh dude, I just started them. Plan is to play Pillars 1 off stream, stream the backlog games like Dis… @Bearly_Tactical Haha worst part is picking ONE! Right now there are 2 stories going on and I'm so confused. Having… feeling when you play Pillars of Eternity, start to fall in love with the characters and story. Install Pathf… @WyrthromG ye was thinking I could play 1 off stream, finished dishonored and stuff on stream and then stream pilla… @ItsNaku Started messing with a 2h warr and he is a beast so far! @fosheeze1 YES UAww man, Pillars 2 is on sale atm! Hold my water while I bring back the damn coins I tossed to that Witcher! @BoonPhoenix Nae I wont this time around bud.
@lisirah ❤️❤️No stream tonight either since I am still sick. Feel so bad but I will be back soon I promise. Just want to make s… @TesonyaVision @AvoriLiz @OleQuestionable @shyfty221 @FuzzyDuckTV @MadVikingKing Amazing people here that all deserve it ❤️❤️Hey you. Yes you. Stay awesome.Just saw the first ep of Picard. Loved it! @JaseInvader @RigorandVice Aah. Just saw it. Pretty good tbh. @ImStallionTV 🤣🤣⚠️ @Yheela 🤣🤣 @shyfty221 There is a cipher that you can build as a gunslinger. You shoot to use magic, shoot again and so forth.When a company calls you, wondering if you are interested in investing. I say no. She asks what I work with. I say… @Bearly_Tactical Yeah heared that. You can import the aavefile tho so I think I will do that. If I manage to afford the second one 🤣Pillars of Eternity is so good that I forget to even drink my coffee! What class would you like to see me do a pla… morning! Still have a fever. But if it gets better then we will stream Pillars of Eternity tonight. If not, w…
@RigorandVice @RigorandVice Oh. Someone told me it was on Amazon.Anyone seen Picard on Amazon prime yet?Thank you so much for all the well wishes you all. Time to get to bed and hope I feel better tomorrow. ❤️Will ditch the stream tonight aswell. Got a high fever still so I feel it's better to rest. Hope to be back tomorrow.Look, I love Dishonored. I do... Put I just really got into a cRPG mode... I know it sucks when this happens but P… @BottomFraag Thanks bud! @shyfty221 Thanks dude!! @OleQuestionable @Loot_the_Body Thanks dude the important thing is that I atleast relax when I am sick ❤️ @Loot_the_Body It def is!Sometimes it feels like you can't take a day of these social media platforms without having to restart from level 1… folks. Still feeling like crap but have taken painkillers so we will see if I start to feel better during the day.
@ItsNaku Tried a Cipher now and damn, destroying things. That bear in the beginning got 2 shotted :O @ItsNaku Haha I keep dying over and over again no matter what class I play @ItsNaku Race doesnt matter either then I guess? Especially not on easy? @ItsNaku Got any tips on a starter class? Tried a barn, pala and ranger so far 🤣 @ItsNaku Ye then I Def want to play this one first 😊 @ItsNaku Ye but got this one on Xbox game pass for free. Plus I am assuming they are connected somehow? @TheHeroOfRhyme_ Want a tip, its on xbox gamepass for pc. 1 buck the first month and 5 bucks the rest @DoggieStyleGame Thanks! @TheHeroOfRhyme_ If you like cRPGs like Baldurs Gate you will love it, and I am like 1h into it.Pillars of Eternity is so much fun! I am serious when I say that I am thinking of streaming this entire game for y… @BrandonDriscoll Dont do it because I have to. I do it because it gives me energy. But if I feel that my voice can'… @dfuzezts Thanks bud. @Horaud3 Thanks budMight even skip the evening stream tonight unless I feel better this evening. Will keep you all posted. Much love. @ZombieLoveasmr Thank you ❤️❤️ @BottomFraag Thanks dude ❤️ @YLaylee So so sorry for your loss ❤️❤️Morning! Woke up with a massive cold. Therefor no morning stream ❤️Stream is over. 12h of pure fun! Thank you to everyone who has been there or supported me through these 3 years!… live. Closing in on 12h now! Not sure if we do some pillars of eternity the last half hour. Come in and help…
Switcing over to Twitch sings now! Come and sing with us! Link in bio!We are still going strong. Come say hi 😊 @MercurioBlue Thank you ❤️ @Crimson_Tickler Thanks dude ❤️ @MercurioBlue Thank you ❤️ @Brick_houze Lokking amazing.Mrs Aze is still going strong with Resident Evil 7. Come in and say hi to her Link in bio @GamingDaBug Anniversary stream 🤣Yeah, this is my look 🤣 LIVE! Time for MRs Aze to stream Resident Evil 7 YOU MUST WATCH THIS! \o/ Link in bio!Time to color the hair. Orange is apparently the color. Come in and just chat with us for abit Link in bio💯3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BEGINS!💯 We will start off with some Pillars of Eternity! (Odd I know) Then Mrs Aze will prob… @ShockwaveAndAwe Thank you ❤️ @GamingDaBug Love yo face ❤️ @PigletHDGaming 🤣🤣 @shyfty221 You too man ❤️ @FuzzyDuckTV Hope it's a good one ❤️ @TheGamerScot Yes 🤣Moooooorning! @FGG1337 Very well said! @thebowandbullet 😍I should NOT have installed Pillars of Eternity! Now I want to do a full playthrough of this! So much potential to… @LightTheViking Thanks dude!! @PeraltIsGaming for an awesome evening! Finally decided to stream Slender: The Arrival... I'll let this clip talk for itsel…
Still live, switching over to the horrorgame that is called: Slender - The arrival....... I am so scared, please save me @JohnScavenger Its AWESOME!Still live with the Minnie bow and a bow in the beard... Link in bio[On the air] More Dishonored 2 and then something else maybe? Tune in! Link in bio! @BigFuzzyYak Same here. Are mine and what the Fiance couldn't manage 🤣 @ElessiRin It Def does! @BigFuzzyYak ❤️❤️More stream in a bit. Just need to rest the stomach after dinner. @SquireofTwitch Hell yeah @Mortdredd350 Mayyybe @CorelianJedi @HelloCOG @Nti311 Thank you my friend. Glad to have you there.[On the air] With Dishonored 2! Killing, smilling, lootin, bootin Link in bio! @OtterSparx OOH! Good call! @kami_myrick woot @Nerdstrom64 Yepp definitely!Makes me want to stream the original one. do a stream when I end work this afternoon. In about 1h. @SquireofTwitch Haha yeah 😊 @Kaio_Ken_Gaming @VexxiB That is very good. Loving one self is hard but something everyone should have in the back of their heads. @SquireofTwitch It kicked ass ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @Atoms29 Same here.