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A moderate dreamer. Godzilla is my childhood hero. Cita-citaku menjadi roti kaya.

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@SamadSaidWhaaat @AmirRozali Hmmm @TheBruisedWayne Dulu akak @TheBruisedWayne Will you be my abang, abang @lly_ghanie La la la la la vidas la la vivi vidasBest friend told me to make more friends bcs they’re tired of my ass 😭I should probably keep my beard for this PKP @_epiphiany My friend family dia meninggal haritu diorang buat swab test sebab takut suspect mati covid @_epiphiany Ada 😭 @amirulh000 Well. No more reunions then 😭 @mishkatov Omg girl that’s the worst. Thoughts and prayers 😭 @AmirRozali Tengok bontot pun dah tahu ni @Azfarovski
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️Ur boY attended excellence awards ceremony from zoom university - the closest I could get to convocation HAHAHA
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️ @sushishhh EVERYTHING @loofranchot Diam la V*rgo 🤮I sh*ttalk Virgos so much. Wouldn’t be surprising if I end up with one. Life has a funny way of biting me in the hiney. @Zanisme_ @NazrynFauzi @m_zzaaa Masih boleh threesome @nyannyal Virgos........... @loofranchot Me: you’re gonna miss me when I’m g*ne Everyone on Twitter: no we wont 😭 @loofranchot ??????? I’m only gonna say nice things to you before I get b-word again @najme_jufri Will open bolster application soon @keemmazni @nalisaaa Hehe @shyxmm So long! @nalisaaa The better for me to react the top shelfweekend is here
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️Weh I was going on a meroyan spree on my instagram stories bcs my twitter was suspended, and then when I checked th… just want this year to be over
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️ @4M30W No wonder my tetek besar. I’m a Taurus moon @_epiphiany Clingy nya. Macam I hahahaha @KuraiLilia1998 I just realized having your feet hanging from your bed is not a normal occurrence @luvsmincho Not tall enough @marijuanx Covid szn babe @sheeraqila MANA JUMPA YE NI @_muhamaddanial Time to dip it in water @FHavg 😭🙏 @oremyoi Hm. So far ok je kot. @akiblanca Feet not standardized. Call it a factory defect @hyperSyaza Darurat kan @hyperSyaza I baru je makan nasi ayam dengan sup kaki ayam @kebi___ Baik bangthe last 🍟 that I don’t eat sbb dh kenyang
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️My twitter got suspended yesterday @aymeemin for @Azfarovski . nothing’s wrong. He just got banned for horny tweeting too much
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@loofranchot @4M30W Hi. I’m menI can’t stop watching this artwork.
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️The Location vs. The Shot
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️Salam yb Dato Sri @IsmailSabri60. Kami peniaga terkesan dengan waktu penutupan awal 8pm. Pelanggan kebanyakan baru…
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️ @Azfarovski This 2 are my favs
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️Progress? Thirty years ago, taxi drivers and hawkers worked hard to send their children to universities Today, th…
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️ @jieziham Classmate 😭 @IzzRaifHarz IM SORRY- @TheBruisedWayne @marsyaspeaketh I’m right here you knowUnhinged not in a mentally imbalanced way, just erratic lmaoI’m such a low maintenance friend. You can leave me be for months or years without talking and we would still be th… way whatsapp makes me realize I’m a bad friend 😭🙏 I regret doing that @Azfarovski Naniwhobakes on ig!!
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️Dapat kawan influencer, camni dia buat aku @Azfarovski
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️ @DaikonSendu @ChrisEnteri @DaikonSendu JANGAN LA EXPOSE I MACAM NI @DaikonSendu Kaki kau lagi besar dari aku kan. Pijak la diri sendiri mf @DaikonSendu Ko nak apa sebenarnya. Nak perhatian ke nak gaduh ke nak kasih sayang sini la aku bagi salah satuHmmmm. Tak pernah upload story kat Whatsapp. Test jap tengok siapa yang view @Azfarovski taleoftwobakeries on ig!!!
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Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️Any cake/bakers around JB/Skudai area. Hmu with your iG accounts. Nak stalk 👁👄👁*deep inhale* Well. Time to pick up where I left off. @razlkfli THANK YOU SO MUCH @pineabul Congratulations!Me: I’m not sappy Also me: *keeps the first receipts of every first meetings* @mehtalika @haikuchai Get a room you twoYoasobi darling. Thank you so much for existing.Dementia is heartbreaking 💔
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️I wonder if I started making art again, would anyone be interested in buying them. @manwithimaan @rieraihn I kinda liked it. My baby ucukacamacin. @itsoshin At the hotel??? This one got green curry and miang kham 😞Anyone know how I can buy this in Malaysia? @BurhanPlays WHAT. YES. INGATKAN PLSOk but like Karube could totally get it. No homo tho 😞 YOU KNOW? Halal food must not contain or come into contact with intoxicants such as alcohol, wine and the likes.
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️I'm a disabled artist - I draw with my mouth. Things have really ground to a halt since the holidays, so if you're…
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️wool rugs resembling pastures 🔗by alexandra kehayoglou
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️Aint no syurga tersembunyi no more with 4k retweets 😞 @aiden_crayden Nice. Thank you! @manwithimaan Yes I love you more. Will remind you every day that I love you 🥰My love language is sending memes @Azfarovski As a consumer, you're entitled to choose which business you'd like to purchase the item from. However,…
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️ @aiden_crayden Kalau masuk malaysia dia sendiri la yang handle? Ke dia pass ke other local couriers?Batu Pahat, Joho TenenenenenenetMarry someone as bla bla bla as your dad bla. Ok your daddy issues is showing. @aimanalif00 Huhuhu. Tu lah. Tapi I usually eat a heavy breakfast sebab banyak nak guna tenaga for the day kan. Bad ideaHaih. I love these cringy Joho tiktoks. Might just wild out and remake all of them. tried to eat a heavy breakfast so I could workout during the afternoon. Didn’t work. Now I’m sleepy @imalraz @AmirRozali AhahahahahaDude got sked to finish because he didn’t want to be the next @AmirRozali
Retweeted by The Azfalorian 🇲🇾♿️ @nyannyal He did what to what