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Actor- female. Believes art should be used as an instrument for social change

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I saw a guy at Starbucks today. No iPhone. No tablet. No laptop. He just sat there. Drinking coffee. Like a Psychopath.
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The Last Color review: Chef Vikas Khanna’s directorial debut tells a moving tale
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana“HANDCRAFTED AND HEARTCRAFTED” Winter delicacy of Old Delhi - Shakarkandi Ki Chaat. (Sweet Potato Snack) Sandalwo…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaThis pic is so so special becoz of who clicked it... when I was a newcomer!! My very dear @BeingSalmanKhan ! Cheris…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaIts happening for REAL. Within one lifetime A simple story that inspired me 2 make a movie Let the colors of inclus…
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Mubarak 🤗
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaShukriya⁦⁦@AzmiShabana⁩ Here’s wishing you a Very Happy Birthday Shabana!
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaYay!!! Thank you @DevrajSanyal ❤️🙏🏻
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaIn the middle of a Marie Kondo-style cleaning out of old ‘stuff’ in my house I stumbled onto #MyMothersScrapbook wi…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaMahesh!!!!! !! Bravo !!
My heart is just a treasure box of scars from which music erupts.
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After winning awards and accolades in UK USA and Canada , #KAIFINAMA the documentary on the life of @AzmiKaifi thru…
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After winning awards and accolades in UK USA and Canada , #KAIFINAMA the documentary on the life of @AzmiKaifi thru… Data from Census 2011 tells us that rural women make up 81.29% of the female workfor…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaJust in case you missed it, my new blog post: Extraordinary Issue : My language my identity
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaExcellent turnout from professionals wanting to hear from @LordKPatel, @ConwayColum and @sarahblackmore2 at our…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaHelp Jennifer Reeder’s film. Help Jennifer Reeder make everything. #huluween
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana#AdityaSigh son of actors #AnuradhaPatel #KanwaljeetSingh and great grand don of #AshokKumar launches his #Art
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaThakan se chuur iske paas aaya tha/ Gira sotey mein mujhpar yeh shajar kyun ? #Javed Akhtar
Hey @EconomicTimes this headline is just not OK. Esther has not won the Nobel for being Abhijit's wife. And she has…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaTruly a proud day for India. Heartiest congratulations to Economist #AbhijitBanerjee for winning the…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaAs part of our #ActForScholarship campaign, students across states are being sensitized on the various scholarship…
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First poster of Sheer Qorma, a powerful film story of love and acceptance. Directed by Faraz Ansari; starring Shaba…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaWhat a beautiful poster proud n emotional to share the first look of #SheerQorma . @AzmiShabana @ReallySwara @futterwackening !!…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaSalim-Javed & Angry Young Man Zanjeer, Majboor, Deewaar, Sholay, Imaan Dharam, Trishul, Don, Kaala Patthar, Dostan…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaToday at The Kaifi Azmi Girls School they marked the #InternationalDayoftheGirlChild #LeaveNoGirlBehind
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Mark my words . #Aditya Singh will become a sensation after his solo at Jehangir Art Gallery opening 15th Oct 6 pm.…⁦@aartipatkar⁩ you get better and better .. My favourite shopping haunt .Be there on 12th 13th Oct was beautiful then ;she is beautiful now .she is called mysterious ,enigmatic moody ..For me she is all heart ,…
@AzmiShabana v @PihuShah30 क्या दर्द किसी का लेगा कोई इतना तो किसी में दर्द नहीं, बहते हुए आँसू और बहें, अब ऐसी तस…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaKya kehna!
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaAgree with you @AzmiShabana. She was exceptionally gifted. I couldn't imagine the idea of Ghazal singing without Be…
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana @AzmiShabana देख तज के पाप रावण, राम तेरे मन में हैं राम तेरे मन में हैं, राम मेरे मन में हैं -राम तो घर घर में हैं…
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana @AzmiShabana itnā to zindagī meñ kisī ke ḳhalal paḌe hañsne se ho sukūn na rone se kal paḌe Ode Kaifisaab Sung be…
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana @AzmiShabana Wow!! congratulations
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana @AzmiShabana Congrats Ma'am.🎉
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaYou are very kind you so much clarity of goal n determination
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaAkhtari ke naam, har shaam.
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaWe are back, screening this month OCT 30 @TheRoyalCinema! I couldn't resist another @AzmiShabana classic, can you g…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaUntil Oct 13, an exclusive contemporary art exhibition by SUNDERLANDE from Noon to 5 pm | On Oct 11, attend Textile…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaRemembering #GuruDutt, one of the greatest filmmakers of Indian cinema, on his 55th death anniversary. In this rar…
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana🥰🥰
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaThank you Rahul 💕
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaHappy to share on my bday- A fim that @renukash dreamt become a shared dream for me as well & thx to @ajaydevgn
Retweeted by Azmi Shabanakoi ye kaise bataaye ke wo tanha kyun hai, wo jo apna tha wohi aur kisi ka kyun hai, yehi duniya hai to phir, aisi…
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Lyricist @Javedakhtarjadu Music @arrahman 🙏🏻👍🏻👏🏻
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaDelighte to announce the Indian Grand Premiere of our film #THELASTCOLOR by #VikasKhanna at the prestigious…
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At Washington DCSouthasian Film@Festival where our film#KAIFINAMA directed by Sumantra Ghosal won the Audience Choi…
Retweeted by Azmi Shabanastill reeling from the gamut of emotions #SkyisPink left me with!inspired moved laughing crying n overwhelmed at t…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaAt Washington DCSouthasian Film@Festival where our film#KAIFINAMA directed by Sumantra Ghosal won the Audience Choi… Alhtars birth anniversary. Loved her as a person and adore her as the best ghazal singer of the subcontinent
@satishkaushik2 Congratulations on your 1st Marathi film as producer Mann Udhaan Vara a very inspirational love sto… citizens detained. All nature lovers. Begging to protect our trees. This video is a cruel wake up call. Hope…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaPed ke kaatnewalon ko ye maloom tto tha/ Jism jal jayenge jab sar pey na saaya hoga .. #Kaifi Azmiपेड़ के काटने वालों को ये मालूम तो था जिस्म जल जाएँगे जब सर पे न साया होगा ~कैफ़ी आज़मी #AareyForest
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaLet’s take a minute to celebrate the amazing @smritikiran who works tirelessly all year to bring you a fabulous fil…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaVINOD KHANNA would’ve turned 73 on 6th October. Remembering ‘the most handsome HERO’ of Hindi Cinema.
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaThats a win for the film 3 festivals in a row ! Congratulations Vikas Khanna
@Sanjay_Dixit My friend don’t jump to conclusions . What ever Shabana ji has written is true except one typo I didn…
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On this date 55 years ago a 19 year old boy got down at Bombay Central Station with 27 rupees in his pocket and dr…
Congratulations Meena and all the best who has a why to live can bear almost any how- Nietzsche
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaPurvi Ive been trying to get in touch with you for some time now! @UrFavCA #Naseeruddin Shah and #Om Puri are undoubtedly amongst the best actors in India . Not conventionally “ her…“ so gaya yeh jahaan so gaya aasmaan ..” (1988) Tezaab - Anil Kapoor (Munna), Madhuri Dixit (Mohini), Chunky Panda…
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Remembering with gratitude the Mahatma with his words "“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become yo…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaOn his 150th Jayanti, my tributes to Mahatma Gandhi Ji, the “Father of the Nation”, who through his words & deeds,…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaIf humanity is to progress, Gandhi is inescapable. He lived, thought, and acted, inspired by the vision of humanity…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaThis Gandhi Jayanti, let's take a moment to remember Mahatma Gandhi’s great teachings of love, honesty and compassi…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaOh what a visionary Mahatma Gandhi was! We need his guidance to usher us into light rare gem of a picture from the Mah-Nama Aajkal’s offices in Delhi. Standing (Right to Left): Balwant Singh…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaThis is a priceless photograph’s lyrics had depth versatlity and ras.. What a fine lyricist he was akela hi chala tha janibe manzil magar, log saath aate gaye aur carvan banta gaya.. Remembering MAJROOH Sulta…
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Sitting at Montreal airport waiting to catch flight. Parent child , Husband wife, friends - NOBODY is talking to ea… you so much 🙏 Rina. Cant wait to watch it!
Can’t wait to see this in Montréal this weekend💖 one of my father’s favourite actresses
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana @AzmiShabana Lovely movement ❤️
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana @AzmiShabana nostalgia! Nazar aur nazariya ek hai !
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana @AzmiShabana It was a masterpiece.
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana @AzmiShabana @BeejalBhatt The most underrated movie of its time
Retweeted by Azmi Shabana @RaviSha77776155 @AzmiShabana This kind of movie is called ahead of its time it’s sheer classic
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaWritten by my father @AzmiKaifi will be a success like everything you touch. Good luck dear one by Gautam Rajadhyaksha on the sets of Main Azad Hoon .. is your opportunity to give a teacher that inspires you the chance to have their work recognised, give their i…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaAt the Chihuly Glass Studio in Seattle . Breathtaking
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At the Chihuly Glass Studio in Seattle . Breathtaking are videos I don’t delete from my phone memory. This being one of them. It’s my all time favourite. From Kaf…
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Excited to be In Seattle at Microsoft with members from #343 INDUSTRIES who have created the #Halo series. Its ano…
Thrilled to announce, our labour of love #99Songs, directed by @vishweshk starring @itsEhanBhat will be showcased…
Retweeted by Azmi ShabanaLook forward to watching Kaifinama at #TSAFF2019 in Seattle @AzmiShabana ji.
Retweeted by Azmi Shabanaमधुबन में जो कन्हैया किसी गोपी से मिले, कभी मुस्काये, कभी छेड़े कभी बात करे, राधा कैसे न जले, राधा कैसे न जले, आग त…
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