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Az @azraelkrieg GC, QLD

Wrestling tragic, anime fan, player of games, Healer main, Twitch Affiliate. Whatever you're doing, you're doing it wrong #BloodForThePact

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“People with the emotional maturity to recognise that losing isn’t a big deal aren’t as strong mentally as people w…
Retweeted by Az @jedi43 I had one today because of how fucking hot it was. @Ninja_614 Amazing how he continues to be wrong about stuff
@BlessRNG Depends on what you want to watch. Want CGDCT/moe shit? Koisuru Asteroid.
@_polaroidscene It is. Extremely rare to do though @_polaroidscene Luck. And maybe something else that isn't entirely looked upon favourablyAll the shinies #PokémonHOME #NintendoSwitch @individualchic 17Finally moving stuff over from Pokemon HOME to Shield to finish my Pokedex on there. Will need some current gen exc… @dresdenpunk @RobbieEagles_ @WillOspreay @UltraM3L_NZ @taself46 The same goes for cats. @That_Girl_Jesss Yeah, never a good idea. So many vultures circling. @Sigtric Nah, it's a dead game
ESO and yes.
I want more of whatever the hell that awesomeness was. #CriticalRole #Cinderbrush @I_am_Poppy1 It's good either way to be honest. :D @I_am_Poppy1 Reheated or cold?That steered into some uncomfortable territory. Good lord.Wow. Erika Ishii 😮 #CriticalRole#CriticalRole #Cinderbrush Troublesome kids!
Retweeted by AzWow. The team went all in for this one-shot. #CriticalRoleOh lordy Tal. That is the most Boy George look possible. #CriticalRole #Cinderbrush @Gobannus M&KB is just so easy though. All the buttons are right there, with some extra to use for extra things. Co… players (and @Gobannus ). How the fuck do you play #ESO with a controller? That shit is infuriating and all…
@TESOnline Did one of the community managers make this or was it something you guys found? Because it is incredible.AND WHO MADE THIS?!! Molag Bal is a Daedric Princess? @not_efster GDI Efster. I hope you modded it as well. @not_efster So that's why you lead trials on a wood elf. @not_efster @Casual_Ranger More reason why the Empire can't be trusted. @BeerbongGinn @SlashLurk @Bethesda_UK With you on that Ginny. Naryu or nothing.
Stream? Sure why not. Cheese Army returns to Cloudrest once more. #ESO #ESOFam #Twitch
@BeerbongGinn @BlessRNG Sorry that my countryman made you go through that experience Ginny xD
@BeerbongGinn @jedi43 I feel attacked xD @jedi43 @BeerbongGinn You've heard me in Discord, you know this is true. @BeerbongGinn I usually type it faster so I don't have to deal with the stupid for longer than I want to#WisdomUnderFire is now LIVE on @dms_guild. Battle the blaze, save wombat, creature and villagers alike & support…
Retweeted by AzSo, I haven't been streaming lately. Going to be fixing that this week. Just been so tired from the job I've been d… is like Val Venis and the Godfather joining Right to Censor all over again. @jedi43 Damn it Revan.
Over 5 minutes of overhand strikes to the chest. Insane. @taself46 Fuck the ThalmorJesus christ. Naito got busted open hard from that turnbuckle. #njpw #njnbg @ajollyeasyzebra I have no idea where it came from initially but I got the ummaaah thing from my mum, I think becau… is spinning tracks on strimm again. @jedi43 @taself46 @MissFiji4 They could say hi while still bound. It's probably not that hard. Unless one is gagged… elf just appeared out of nowhere and joined me to stand around in Mournhold. #ESO @FellowshipYolo YOLO! @Casual_Ranger And then shit hit the fan because Varen is not a smart man. @K2theSwift Well isn't he a beautiful lizard @FellowshipYolo I feel there may be a YoloOrc behind all of this.
@not_efster He might. I mean, running is a type of dance @jedi43 They sure do love doing it tied upNew healer perhaps. Dances-During-Trials is ready to learn and heal stuff. Look out @not_efster I may bring a sorc… @jedi43 @zimmrin Oh. Shiny things.
vCR dead again with three tanks instead of two. And we did it quicker than last week. #ESO #FUFinn @jedi43! I rushed through writs before reset and missed them on one character. One! Terry Folds, I've failed you. @Inklings_ESO
Well would you look at that.
@taself46 @TESOnline Do it Tassy @jedi43 It's all down hill from hereHaving a bit of a laugh over @MrGinoGambino asking about Bang Dream. It's a manga/anime franchise owned by Bushiroa…
@Tea_The_Khajiit @TESOnline Look @jedi43 WOLVES! @soundsnotstr8 @dreamsleever Try Streamcord. After discovering Mee6 locked shit behind a paywall I went looking as well.Amazing. Simply amazing. @Casual_Ranger @GinaLBruno @hi_im_soraya Definitely does. Some people make it a little too obvious though. @Casual_Ranger I see nothing wrong with this. @individualchic If I didn't already know you were watching Star Trek this could be a work related tweet xDI hear rain. I like rain. Give me rain please. I needs it. @JListPeter I wonder if @mondomascots knows who he is and what he promotesI'm disappointed with the lack of owls today.
@not_efster I wasn't grouped either. Just following people around for AP. Was really only there to get my tickets b… @not_efster Must have been a different group then. But you were definitely in it and there was a sizeable number on… @not_efster Compared to the AD group that appeared on that flag it was a small group. @not_efster You had 50k health. It wasn't going to do shit to you. The moment I saw your bouncing around after peop… @not_efster I was in a much smaller group at the lumber mill. About 10 of us hidden behind the small building. Once… take time to gloat about a kill in PVP. You may find your life ends soon after. I regret nothing @not_efsterWell that should keep ZSJ happy for now. #njnbg #njpwIt's the Battle for Britain in Japan. Ospreay vs ZSJ #njnbg #njpw @jedi43 I've been trying to get cold weather from Germany all summer. Alas, it hasn't worked.
@jedi43 @taself46 @individualchic Candles at bed time is a recipe for disaster. @jedi43 All the time @Tea_The_Khajiit The most wholesome of content @PixelatedCofee It is indeed. It just came back on but I had to unplug the modem for 5 minutes.How good is Australian internet when an issue with the NBN can take out non-NBN customers @jedi43 @taself46 @ThecatladyNZ Tiny cat doing a boop. So cute :3 @Sigtric @Inklings_ESO @jedi43 Hans, hol den flammenwerfer! @jedi43 Oh no....
@Sigtric @zerena_hoofs Sig, you're thinking of Australia.When even @executivegoth is slightly afraid of what @LauraBaileyVO pulled off, you know that was some serious shit. #CriticalRole
@taself46 @thefinninator Not wrong. But we cleared vMOL at the start of the month and vCR now. So we are definitely…! After nearly 2 years, Cheese Army cleared vCR+0. @thefinninator we're killing these things year #ESO
@not_efster @AardvarkDigital @Bethesda_ANZ @TESOnline HERESY! @AardvarkDigital @Bethesda_ANZ @TESOnline Damn Dominion scum. @Bethesda_ANZ @individualchic @TESOnline It is. Love killing people just doing quests because they in the same area…
@BlessRNG I must have these @vinnyschway @WrestleTalk_TV @ThisisLukeOwen @AndyDatsonWT @OliDavis The collective anguished No was amazing. @SlashLurk Devs playing their own game? What is this lie?