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Making a #VR horse game, a Women's Coder Museum, and some retro stuff. I make game dev tutorials, pet animals, and ride by moonlight. 🎃

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@vr_sam Nope I was completely wrong. It's $50 off both vers.Huh not only did I mis tweet, I was just wrong. It's $50 OFF. lol @vr_sam Oop I'm early. Black Friday. Go was just knocked down to $50. I just want to extend a sincere "I am SO sorry" to all the kids that get one… @PieterJKetelaar Do Mithril and Gundanium next @_Choccy_Milk @0hkristinnicole It's like Jeff got a bedazzler and thought drawing attention to his old as hands was… @MorbidReveries D: yo I have no idea wtf that is... I've never seen that before. Is it distributing poll pressure?… in tech - sound off - see tweet inset!
Retweeted by Azrail🐎(Brandy Goodrick) @amaris_g I roll as "single mom" in tech and it's pretty fun to have my son try to break my Unity builds or prototy… is from 2017. I will never get over how fast they grow up... Better smile though :D Rowan got really tall. He still smiles like this for any picture 😅 @SiggiGG @BOLL7708 @Anticleric Best answer^ @_nikvii_ @41Strange Oh thanks I was wondering what color mutation that was. :) I recently just rehomed some rescue… is so neat. I could play with this for hours! I look pretty rad with purple hair. This is great us of #AR. Che… @landongn There are some good browser based games out right now, but not sure that is what you are looking for. Alicia Online maybe? @chelscore @_LightningHawk @RealSexyCyborg Same. Then my brain was like "pretty sure that is not how you spell it".… @HoofHaven Well good luck! I also totally understand the worry. Been there a few times with just this guy. @HoofHaven I thinking about the same moving for a job thing and mine is between 15-17. Good floor mats and a solid vacay overnight maybe?VR-players: YESSSSSS Non-VR players: NOOOOO VR-devs: "Please don't make it free, please don't make it free, please don't m
Retweeted by Azrail🐎(Brandy Goodrick)Synthesis Universe -Story- Episode 00 Now available on Rift/Vive/Index Help me make +5 ye…
Retweeted by Azrail🐎(Brandy Goodrick) @amoration @TSA @SpiritAirlines I call BS on TSA. I was at wedding with TSA agent months ago and we had a spicy con… @eventerkinda But... ppl do that everyday and we have rights. @YongYea Stop being bitches, you all knew this was coming.
@VR_Rosie Yissss. 😍💕❤️ @markiplier This just reinforces my hate for wolf spiders. @AndrewYang Medical grade President I love it @cmartin3d @Sketchfab This gave me feels <3 Awesome work @Sketchfab D: I love it! @RealSexyCyborg Great interview. That underlight is rad. The heels are dope too. @RetroGameGuys Right? At least SOME decent people of character knew how to use a photocopier.“You keep smiling at your phone, what are you looking at?” “...nothing...”
Retweeted by Azrail🐎(Brandy Goodrick) @Sir5000 @mintlodica Animals are unpredictable and ppl are dumb. @LarryRosenthal @heybrucewright Oh cool I didn't know that :) Trekkies for life. @LarryRosenthal @heybrucewright I believe that was Randy Pausch's team though we may be talking about diffrent thin… @GunterRae We shall join your riot! @AbzJHarding That volume is amazing... I just needed to say. Also A++ style. @Moike_the_Squid @pacrimgirl Not surprised hahaha @GunterRae My son and I did this for hours yesterday lol. We love him. <3 @Moike_the_Squid @pacrimgirl Nice. That's some serious hardware but she looks like a pro.I'm scared for the students in Hong Kong and at the same time I truly hope they demolish their opposition. I wish…
I'm going to show this to Widget everyday until he feels so bad about his flying skills that he stops landing on my… @IronStomachLLC @RetroGameGuys Yes! And who the eff wrote all the titles in that cool handwriting. I aspired to hav… @RealSexyCyborg @EBrock1972 @nytopinion I fucking believe in you so hard @RetroGameGuys My fondest memory of playing Donkey Kong is renting it from the local grocery store's video rental d…
@Beavs We call this "shoulders like a queen, hips like a whore". @GunterRae Excellent choice. I feel you on that time change. @GunterRae I swept mine today and I'm feeling pretty accomplished. Going to take a break and play some games :D @Charlie_Athanas Thanks! @HoodyNynja Ha! This went through my mind when I typed it. 🤣I'm up and off to the airport... No not the cool airport surrounded by tasty food. I'm going to Milwaukee. I'm alre… @_Choccy_Milk I'm not a fan either. You can get 5 different types of pop, but I'll be damned if they have any good tea.This is some good stuff. Seems to be from a cool local :) check her out. #VisibleWomen in a hammock, I know, I know, it's serious. 📹: Imgur user Breas
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HEY! Are you a tinkerer, maker, modder, hacker, or environmentalist? Are you writing a gift guide or suggesting gif…
Retweeted by Azrail🐎(Brandy Goodrick) @VR_Rosie Awesome work! Also: You have the cutest dresses! @Moike_the_Squid Hell yeah #RightToRepair @AttyGhost That is good news :) Except for the no cats :( @amoration That is so sad. :( This is one reason I prop up remote work so hard. @canadianeqanon Welp, that horse "needs some work". Her "we're good" is code for "I'm never getting in a saddle again".
@dr_oculus @hmltn He has a certain charm @Buck3131 Don't worry, someone will drop in and comment that this isn't a healthy or helpful way to think and we wi… we should all judge ourselves based on the tweets we _didn't_ send... D: @Buck3131 @germanrifter
I was told it'd be nice if I shared these sketches of mine on Twitter as well! 😁 #StarWars #starwarsart #catmeme
Retweeted by Azrail🐎(Brandy Goodrick) @eigenbom I do not miss library card catalogues. @paarsec I'm not sure if that is true of all rooks. I still hear stories of crows turning in shiny things for food.
@marijamdid @rowantalks Dig the wicker chair. I call them twig thrones. They're rad. I like this whole aesthetic. @amoration @kanter @TobyDiva @CreativeSI @y2vonne @MarketingProfs @whatsnext @Nedra @roxannedarling @FirstThreeInc
@torynfarr I don't understand how this is HIPPA compliant at all.
@_Choccy_Milk No matter what anyone tells you... #1 is the easiest of all these. 🐎 @TheManeQuest @Antialleslisa Agreed, it's a simple material change so I always wondered why no other games had this mechanic. @AttyGhost Remains stay protected regardless but archaeologists would need to wait a fair amount of time and geneti… @Hexenkraft *Hides all the unicorns*Let's make a thread of wholesome, non-violent #VR/#AR experiences. #XR that heals, teaches, connects, inspires. Are…
Retweeted by Azrail🐎(Brandy Goodrick) @wemakerealities I'm working on this 🦄🎠🏇 like the updates to poly :) Adding a bg to model previews is nice. via @poly
@TC_Johnson @BadassBowden @WGeorgeCook D: they have that! Dude... I'm jealous @WGeorgeCook @BadassBowden Inquiring minds want to know! @paarsec Hope they got a new HMD! This looks like a cool experience :)
@41Strange @yamofim So these aren't yummy loaves of bread? >.>This but for all products, events, businesses, flyers, websites, emails.
Retweeted by Azrail🐎(Brandy Goodrick) @JGVegaware @Anticleric @stillnotsuredev @Shackl3r @drumsofwargame @UziGames2016 @DeadMoon_VR @DashDashRacing Thank… @RTalsorianGames I think you'll hit the higher goals. I asked my magic 8 ball. Totally probable. @brunettebreeche There are a few fish problems that are easy to spot (like ich). Chain stores have fish shipped in… @SimonFarrier1 Omg Thieves all day, but I can't help but wonder how someone got 3 burglars in Sims. Like that house must have been stacked. @rjrainor @AustinKelmore @MorrighanCorbel 100% agree. From my side, I've never really felt wording in a job posting… @torynfarr Oh! I totally forgot to ask about that. RAD! Look like it went well. The real question now is: can it open your door... @AttyGhost @ModernPrivacy Is this an issue of "the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing"? Because it seems like it. @Anticleric @OrgPhysics @michaelshermer I have no idea what this is. I thought it was a render. @rjrainor @AustinKelmore @MorrighanCorbel That's actually a good thing.
@Anticleric @DailyMirror Wtf is up with that carpet? @LaReineDesLames @diffoccult @AITA_reddit @LaReineDesLames @diffoccult @AITA_reddit You're making an awful lot of assumptions here... @LaReineDesLames @teddylj @diffoccult @AITA_reddit I love how this turned in homicide. @LaReineDesLames @diffoccult @AITA_reddit Let me clear some things up. I AM NOT OP. I didn't do this, and have no i…
@SkarredGhost @PalmerLuckey @RtoVR Good. Give places like Lockheed Martin a run for their contract money. @pixielayer @kfarrellauthor @trish_zornio @KamalaHarris Ma'am, that isn't how logic works. I spent two seconds typi… @QuickenLoans Everyone is talking about Trump but I'm pissed that that hey stole the Firefox logo and turned it into a bird.