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Making a #VR horse game, a Women's Coder Museum, and some retro stuff. I make game dev tutorials, pet animals, and ride by moonlight. 🐎🌙

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@NYC512 #hackatholic for ever haha @NYC512 Lol you're right. I'm going to start my own twisted congregation where I baptize my followers in caffeine a… @VRchazen @QuokaFlocaFlame @Oscar_D_Alvarez @No_chsr @QQQQ_uk @EsportsTfh @ewarren Then stop letting the cattle industry use public land to pasture cattle bought and paid for by China. @Beavs @juliaereck Actually on that note, this gif is just as bad... but my point still stands. F*ck 'em. As a craz… @Beavs @juliaereck Well then @Beavs @juliaereck Listen, if the noises that accompany that scene are involved... f*ck those muppets. @AnotherHippopo @ZachandMattShow Indeed it is... indeed it is. @AOC @lafocapeloda Sounds like someone listened to Yang. Good. @jelenawoehr This is the most solid political post I've seen all day. 🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕
@NYC512 I think it's rare sight lol @Buck3131 Indeed it is. With the exception of the coyotes freaking out my horse at 2am... I love it. @Buck3131 How do you know lol. It's true. I used to be really good at mimicking wolf howls when I was a kid. I can… @MelodyArt95 @davidepesce1980 It looks great! I know how you feel about posting work and the nerves it takes. Baby steps! @Beavs This is such a peaceful pic. He's gorgeous. Sorry you didn't get to ride. Hope the visit made you feel better. Always does me. @witchernetflxtv Best scene partner.
Retweeted by Azrail (Brandy Goodrick)RTing this so I remember to show it to my kid later. He has G. pigs and I tell him that they are just tiny horses.… @GrantJ2302 @TheManeQuest @Pokemon I care! Animators care. Animators should know. I want to say other sassy things.… @M1N6U5 Oh wow! That is amazing. I need to go to the FM. @chelscore @lucyleid I have seen the cookie warning done well... ONCE. It was super polite, small, but noticeable.… @benz145 @chelscore Yeah that is actually a really good one. @badnunpro @VR_Rosie Those top four aren't true (for the record). Just keepin' it real. 😽 @Charlie_Athanas Happy birthday Charlie! @locust9 💯 that is adorable. Well done. I bet she would put a graphics tablet to excellent use. @Charlie_Athanas Coffee is a gateway drug D: @Segamastertim I'm having flashbacks of our old local classic rock station. Good times... good times.I've entered another hackathon and at this point I think I may be addicted. Pls send help, and coffee.Hosting this at #GDC2020 We have 3 game demo lounges left if you’re launching a new game or experience (all welcom…
Retweeted by Azrail (Brandy Goodrick) @amoration @ar_vr_women Ahhh I don't want to miss an Evo party! I may have to find a way to get to GDC >.> @KKong64 @AttyGhost XD lmao... I feel like that is a lot more savage, but also 100% fair game. @SamWeyGameDev Agreed. Tech moves fast. Carmack is already moving into AI. @SamWeyGameDev Agreed. Worth a read. I have this hardcover and I really enjoyed it. I recommend it to anyone that doesn't know the history.
@gameism Ha! That is cool. I'm going to have to try that blue moon with some orange. I've never tried white claw bu… @gameism Ooh really? I may have to try that. Good call. I'm not really a wine drinker. Love it for cooking. I'm a beer lady myself. @gameism It's the best place to snag cooking wine. Haha no contest!#NationalWineDay just means I'm getting a $3 bottle of Winking Owl chardonnay from Aldi and making alfredo sauce to… @prvncher That is rad! Awesome idea.Just found out my little brother is moving back home in October! I know he probably isn't happy to leave Colorado,… @KKong64 @AttyGhost Lol I'm a lady and I've never had a misdelivered anything. I got ONE dick pic my whole life an… @Buck3131 Haha yeah I'm a not an apple person. I'm honestly considering finally letting go of my anti-apple bullshi… @Buck3131 oh ALWAYS android ^^ @Buck3131 Pixel 2. Nothing super fancy. I wanted something with a good camera that was cheap enough to break and re… @bigpotplant Ahhhhhhh! I'm so excite! You just made my day. I did not know dis! @Buck3131 New phone and chill pad for my laptop :D @bigpotplant Omg they're getting psvr support?Me by my mailbox waiting for my amazon order. @TheGameVeda Oh you already know lol @bigpotplant So now I'm twice as excited to see this! That is very cool :D @IJasonAlexander @kmalickisanchez @westaustralian Not even sure why I read this thread, but I learned something. Th… @PixelStrikeInc Lol yeah he has it pretty good. He doesn't have to ask for good titles. I just come home with them :DI'm going to buy my son Dreams for Ps4 tomorrow so I can steal his Switch and play Breath of the Wild. Bait and switch parenting. @PixelStrikeInc I'm going with no but Rtd because I want to be sure. @AttyGhost I hear pangolins are to blame. Serves us right for decimating them. We should have known what we were d… @lafocapeloda @soccerben @scott_squires Their* So once you take the animal out of testing environment (one meant to… @lafocapeloda @soccerben @scott_squires Training and environment end up having high bearing on real world cases (as… @lafocapeloda @soccerben @scott_squires @scott_squires @soccerben I think bomb dogs are something that make ppl feel safer and that is better for America a… @lafocapeloda @soccerben @scott_squires Do you have google? All the evidence you need can be found via simple searc… @scott_squires @soccerben Actually they don't. They match almost a coin toss as far as accuracy on drugs. They're m… @soccerben @scott_squires Big dog lover here, but just to be fair... their accuracy rate is pretty low. It's really… @Sketchfab @Rob_Marshall I wonder if they based the Goldshire abby in World of Warcraft on this design. I distinctl… forward to seeing it :D
@LouiseMeijer21 @OrkideBelladona Amazing work! @Laurine_Srd Rocky is the coolest name. My first horse was a QH and I'm forever a fan. @s_haha_n @fncischen @gorosart I'll have to check this out. Haha I'm actually bad at tutorials. I ramble in mine an… @LarryRosenthal @soledadobrien It was so instant. Ahhh I love medical tech so so much.Years Riding: 25 Discipline: Western but I mostly ride bareback/bitless Main Mount Name: Rocky Their Age: 13 Your… @NOVA_Paladin @jelenawoehr D: mounted combat sounds so cool. Why do I not know what this is? Can I do this with my 13hh epic mount? @soledadobrien @LarryRosenthal It was so fast and that is the fastest I think I've ever got welled up in the eyes. <3 @fncischen @s_haha_n I was about to say the same. I just learned how to animate in a minute. Impressive! I have Qu… @JoshuaCorvinus Agreed. I also find that those willing to teach themselves have the real will to get a job done. Un… @AttyGhost Yeah same here. I mean I'll take a height upgrade though. It's good to like the way you look. We're lucky I guess. :) @AttyGhost This reminds me that I can't wait for the new season Altered Carbon @AttyGhost Transhumanism is a thing and I'm getting an implant as soon as it's available XD @AttyGhost Well ok no not that. He could get lost in a supermarket. So can I. Must be inherited. Luckily he has gps on his phone. @AttyGhost Lol too girly. I call him"Buck" and I have no idea why. His name is actually Rowan. He's a bit more help… @AttyGhost Lol my kiddo has a cell so if anything crazy goes down, we have a back up. It's been nice making him call my mother for me haha.Just realized USPS doesn't run tomorrow (but UPS does), so I get a cool new sparkly phone case but I don't get my n… @AndrewYang @DividendReport Lol that sign that says "Robots take jobs". We're living in the future XD @psychicparrot Tag em if they haven't responded. @EmmaKidwell I am super smol and I think my laptop is a 14"? I got this for $9 on amazon and it's served me well. T… @SOS_Guyana @M_USA1993 @stillgray @PeterMentes @realDonaldTrump Had we made bigger cuts to the cattle industry, we… @rat_joey01 @gahddo @stillgray @PeterMentes Lol I'm not a fan Ian either, but when you're right, you're right. @PeterMentes This is very uneducated. Big ag deals in info tech already. He clearly has no idea what he is talking…
@HermitGaming2 @SkarredGhost @CloudheadGames @PistolWhipVR @reddit That is what I say. I've dislocated my finger pl… @Mulography @jelenawoehr I told him you said that lol. He and I say thank you 🥕 @AttyGhost Those kind of herbs make the local economy look weak. But I got you. @AttyGhost @alamodrafthouse I like them @LynxSavageVR Lynx takes are my fav tho @servantofchaos I want to hear these pitches! @amoration #3 is tell tale for Cali lol @jelenawoehr I'm with you on this... with my curry and shedder blade... wait is that even how you spell that? @OriginalKrakka @Gam3r_Gur1 Thank you <3 Old school pixel artist... the first of the firsts. /salute @jeriellsworth Some good info in there. Love it. Came in late but 💯 Fast and furious lol. Safe travel good lady. @_mlktea ON point @CattitudeTV @OriginalKrakka @Gam3r_Gur1 <3 @OriginalKrakka @Gam3r_Gur1 Hey man *hugs* I'm about to go through this myself and my heart goes out to you and you… @jelenawoehr @PasturesPolitic Hey I mean 2 out of 3 ain't bad @jelenawoehr 🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕 5x carrots. this is an epic thread. You deserve a man with a 4 horse trailer, 25+ acres and a whole ass inheritance. @Mulography @jelenawoehr Not the best pic but he has a video game version of himself too :D I obviously had to add…