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Nerd Culture Enthusiast. PC Master Race. Neebs Gaming community member! Moderatrix for NG FB Fan Group, NG Discord/YT, AnthonyCSN & Thick44 Twitch!

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@AdahopAlex @JonnyEthco SPIT-TAKE.
@TheIrishPickle Oh god @AnthonyCSN @TheIrishPickle Ok, THIS. @TheIrishPickle Which one do I start with though? :O That's.. a lot. @TheIrishPickle I mean, I don't count Sailor Moon or Dragonball Z because everyone has seen that :O GIVE ME A SUGGE… @TTraykJ @ZackShutt He has a hot dog sandwich and Corona as his fave things. He truly is my boy. xD @TheIrishPickle I’ve only ever watched one. I think it was called dot Hack? .Hack? Something like that. It was abou… @JackTannerr You did a great job!Apparently I’m still in trouble after the stream yesterday. But anyone who attends MY stream knows every game is a… @ZackShutt Moz relieves a solid high-paw from Bear who is chillin’ with his Pawrona bottle. @CouRageJD Yessss JD! Puppers makes everything better! @CityofWilm @Ullskay @kungfukiddo @YallAllLuvCris This is me after a sip of Red Bull too. @AdahopAlex I was telling the boys tonight that one of the worst weapons in my country right now is threatening to… @Chuckkls @SimonSandwiches Gimme your thing again @Saybin_Iacere @NeebsOfficial I'm in no way officially affiliated with @NeebsOfficial, as a heads up :) I'm just a… @Saybin_Iacere @Evoxx_TV I made all those gifs :D Enjoy! @kassiemay95 Yesssss girl!!! @Saybin_Iacere Fuckin' BEAN!!!!!! <3 I am so glad they could reconnect you with one of your childhood content creators! <3 @TTraykJ @AnthonyCSN @NeebsOfficial Hahaha don't you dare. I must remain cute. @AnthonyCSN @TTraykJ @NeebsOfficial Spit-take. @AnthonyCSN @TTraykJ @NeebsOfficial How do you know I eat ass? >: ( @TTraykJ @AnthonyCSN @NeebsOfficial I will never get tired of your depictions of my goofy ass. <3 Specially when it… @AnthonyCSN @TTraykJ @NeebsOfficial, doom fiend @Saybin_Iacere!!! @NeebsOfficial was your raid tonight. Enjoy that NIGHTMARE mode, you crazy man. @AnthonyCSN @TTraykJ @NeebsOfficial I mean, for this to be accurate, the duck should be in the toilet or at the fridge xDI. LOVE. YOUR. ART @TTraykJ!!! Thank you for making me so damn CUTE and Anthony so damn RAGEY!!! @TTraykJ @NeebsOfficial @AnthonyCSN HAHAHAHAHA OMFG. xD <3 <3 <3
Look who I met in #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons yesterday xD @SimonSandwiches the Monkey! @CityofWilm sparks joy. <3 @StoneMountain64 But Stone! When is the Neebs Gaming Warzone collab? :) Would love to see you, Thick and Neebs or Appsro dominate. @CityofWilm Wilmo’s social media rep(s) is/are the best. Please pass this message onto your supervisor. :) @DashWilderWWE @Chuckkls I seriously need someone to create an animation of your ....van story. xD @Twitch_ANZ @bricko89 @WarzoneDaily_ Go for it :) Got some fun "bloopers" a couple of Tweets down too. Have fun with them.Just pew-pewing cars and falling off buildings, hbu? #modernwarfare #PILA #Warzone @Braddock512 An ex-flame, and the guy who introduced me to Neebs Gaming, lives there! Right at the base. :) @MeaghanLindsay9 :( I'm sorry. Good on you for being as proactive as you can be. @MeaghanLindsay9 Gotcha! I'm lucky - we have about 350 normally in our building, but we managed to get it down to u… @MeaghanLindsay9 I work for an FI too.. but back office. Those people manning the branches/frontline staff are fuck…
@2Dolagaming @ultrabrilliant @AnthonyCSN I came here to tag @AnthonyCSN xD Thanks for covering it. @santiagomayer_ This can't be real xD @ZackShutt @PlayerOneCoffee Good morning pal <3 @AIntrovertGamer @AdahopAlex I’ve been using Zoom for work web conferences and I totally agree! It’s a great program! @StoneMountain64 The Firehose LMG and the PILA. @KeyIssuesNick @Jslammin1 @drdisrespect Hahaha get out of here with your nonsense Nick! @AdahopAlex It gave me such a buzz seeing you guys in discord! I was like ITS HAPPENING!!! I’ve been so excited to…
@CallofDuty_ANZ Hahaha I am going to do this! @sleeping_jackal @drdisrespect Its a mess :) I've had to combine my worklife and my playlife into a small space. I'… the most of isolation and learning how to play #modernwarfare from @drdisrespect. Thank you all for keeping… @NerdOutMusic I’m shook @xidaxpcs Reginald Sugarbottom (the Third) @CelticCrusade13 You are meant to keep that meat on the inside! @seakazoo <3 Seak and goober Ham! @gendrix00fu Get better! <3 @navw21 @NeebsOfficial @Thick44Official He does most of the heavy lifting - He's Thick44. Better recognise. @NeebsOfficial I'm washing my hands regularly. These COD games are so sweaty -.- @Thee_Snickers_ I'm actually fine :) @CallofDuty I don't need to tag them. They know who they are. 😏"Are you okay, Aztecia?"
@TTraykJ @AnthonyCSN You've captured him pretty well in the past xD <3
@Robertfrank615 @BrickRabbitt This got me so pumped for my day... hahaha LET’S GO!!! @Chuckkls xD "Yelling" <3 @VbagExtremist @realDonaldTrump I made up for my Jeep Stuff blunder xD #pila #triplekill #modernwarfare #warzone @Q_CoffeeBean I just made up for it... clip coming XD
@AnthonyCSN Call yourself a professional. @Jon_Fury ^_^Jeep Stuff. Am I doing it right? #no @Jon_Fury @NeebsOfficial @JackDanielsUK Ohhh so you were drunk xD I should have guessed. @Taru_Ninja @TheIrishPickle @KayWafflee @stiffy21_ @NGCommunityHub <3 all those butts!
@Thee_Snickers_ @DOOM Not this time! XDI'm kicking off the old streamy-stream early. In about 15 minutes! Gonna smash out some @Doom Eternal before gettin… @MugsTV @CatchMeStreamin @WHO @unfoundation @RondaRousey @Mae @MotokiMaxted @redmercy @thinnd @StarbeastGG @JonnyEthco @Jon_Fury HYPE!!!Waiting for the sun to come up before I start playing @DOOM Eternal because I am still the same scaredy-cat bitch I was in 1993.Come hang, premiere starts now! @AdahopAlex @kungfukiddo Atta girl ;) @kungfukiddo God damn Trooper. God damn. @MyLittlePonyXD @NeebsOfficial @SimonSandwiches Your energy was insane. You rock! @kungfukiddo @kungfukiddo I play chill games! I’m not all high octane bad shooter games! @kungfukiddo I purchased it and friended you. Teach me babyOh hey, @MyLittlePonyXD you crazy minx! Your raid tonight was courtesy of @NeebsOfficial, specifically… @TTraykJ HE'S SO DISTINGUISHED @TTraykJ I love every bit of it. EVERY. BIT.I felt inspired early on in the stream (had to switch to watching on PS4 so no chatty chat :( ) @Aztecia316
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@The_Mister_A @Thick44Official @CallofDuty @JTMusicTeam #breaktheinternet @Thick44Official Pegg and Nick Frost remake 'Shaun of the Dead' plan scene with coronavirus tips 🍻 (via @StolenPictureUK)
Retweeted by Aztecia 🐺 @kungfukiddo I'll add you guys as soon as the Switch is charged, I remember how to use it, and I buy the game. @Crimsonrev3 @Twitter @Fangykins @Twitter some reason, @Twitter is immediately unliking everything I click "like" on and popping up the below error. -.-… @Polarbear605TV @Thick44Official @CallofDuty @JTMusicTeam We’d be happy to carry you, Mr Bear! :) @Thick44Official @CallofDuty @JTMusicTeam