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Nerd Culture Enthusiast. PC Master Race. Neebs Gaming community member! Moderatrix for NG FB Fan Group, NG Discord, AnthonyCSN & Thick44 Twitch! GIF Queen 🐺

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@Deeptec @ligerclaw69 *pets!!!* @Fangykins @JonnyEthco Whatever you want!!! Something NG. I got my idea in my head. It suits Jon’s goofy style. It combines some NG memes :) @The_muzz1 @JonnyEthco Do it :) I’m gonna keep bugging Jon until he says yes. Or no. But the offer of being my best… @andyvenom Oscar Mike @JonnyEthco given that you have designed 2 of my 4 tattoos, wanna design the one I’m getting done in Wilmington? It… @prettyph3nom Stop.
@Deeptec I like this pun begrudgingly @EvilBeastLord I too am all about that early shift life! Means I get out of here at midday! No one here, no one dis… @charlieINTEL I’m so in for the Crossbow! @Taru_Ninja 3am awooooo!!! @KayWafflee @ligerclaw69 🎤DO YOU LIKE WOOFLES?🎤 YEAH BARK-BARK ARF-ARF🐶 @Jslammin1 @CoxComm @CoxHelp Sort your shit out, Cox. I need to 1v1 my bro. @avatar94M @rivaLxfactor They sure did! If you loved the Battlefield Friends as much as I did, make sure you follow… @rivaLxfactor Only Battlefield Friends can make Battlefield great again! @JaytheOstrich @KayWafflee @kassiemay95 That's a Drop Bear. @whatwould11do @JTMusicTeam I hear that! @el_kabong86 @Dopetek @ZackShutt @Mancowherd I'd like to carry them in Commander Keen or something. <3 Or COD. Maybe COD.
@JTMusicTeam Oh stop it you. @PLAYRgg 316 @baines_joshua @Stove_Gaming @TechieQube @JJtoob Not enough to be able to give sound advice building one on a budget sorry! @ZackShutt @Dopetek @ZackShutt @Dopetek You can’t use my own gifs against me! @ZackShutt @Dopetek The stakes were pretty high, I guess. But what’s a Neebs Gaming? @WolfKang1 @NeebsOfficial @JonnyEthco It’s Tuesday morning, papa creep. @kungfukiddo @ballistickiss24 No real fave in Gun Game - just not night maps! @KGlikes8645 @CNN For a Bone Spur, you are such a romantic. 😍I'm no good at taking my own advice. 🐺👑🗡️🚑#knifequeen #modernwarfare @Braddock512 @Braddock512 Ooo I don't know that one! Will give it a listen. Honestly, the whole Soundtrack to "The Boat that Roc… @Braddock512 I hear that! What about this? @Braddock512 @O5ighter You are not the first to say that! In fact as I said it, I said to myself "I bet he's not down with the Eagles" xD @Braddock512 @O5ighter Start veering into The Eagles I reckon. "One of these Nights" is a good flow from where you are now. @Braddock512 *guitar riff* @Braddock512 I'm just a soul whose intentions are good, oh lawd, please don't let me be misunderstood. @Braddock512 @mophie Happy wife, happy life. :) @Braddock512 @mophie SAME. My nightstand is a cable nightmare. This is a game changer. @Braddock512 @mophie I just got influencered by @Braddock512 ...*clicks and buys* @FyrBorne @AdahopAlex Thank you for your sacrifice <3 @Adiofreak Is it? I mean, sometimes for sure, but... well, I could be wrong... hmmm. @hurricanenita @marshallamps @ibanezofficial Every part of this picture is beautiful!!! That guitar is such a hot colour! @toejamandearl North Carolina <3 @TheCinemaTicket @IL0VEthe80s Blues Brothers, every time for me. @spudzilla1325 @NeebsOfficial @Twitter I deciphered it!
@russellcrowe Nature <3 @Kumo_Isamashii Ugh I really hope not! It’s too... obvious. I want a plot twist, damnit.It wouldn't be Monday morning if I didn't boogie my way to work listening to @JTMusicTeam's 'Anytime You Smile'… @NeebsOfficial I’d find it a bit too obvious if Thick is the one to kill the 🦄. It’s just expected at this point. M… @BrickRabbitt Won’t lie, it’s installed but I can’t bring myself to log in. @NerdOutMusic As the unofficial gif mistress for @NeebsOfficial and @JTMusicTeam, I’m happy to work on your content… @SpiiciiBoiiTV @alexandriaava @andyvenom I WAN SNUG AVA. 😤 @alexandriaava @andyvenom Yes ma’am!!! Meet me in North Carolina in May though. I’m coming over. We can snug! @bobsaget Send help, but.. you know... slowly. @Jon_Fury @NeebsOfficial You mean next month in Sydney right? :)
@Zygomatica66 @ZackShutt Hahahaha! @Zygomatica66 @ZackShutt People in glass houses shouldn't make stir-fry in a wok. @ZackShutt This has been another episode of "Philosophical meanderings with Zack". Stay tuned next week, when he un… @simonfisher7 I have, briefly! @DANNYonPC I shall have to post it on /r/todayilearned :D @CursedTinJ .............Milkshake beer? @DANNYonPC 🎵Fun facts with Danny!🎵 @ukulately_ #sendnuds @rivaLxfactor @ZackShutt LTM for sure. Just don't try and split the player base like PUBG/RoE did. @ZackShutt @rivaLxfactor I'm so not down with third person :( It feels so cheesey. I agree you feel like you are be… @NerdOutMusic a stream, I do a thing. It's worth you sticking around for the entire 3 hours for, I think. #knifequeen @xmetalearth RIGHT?! I fucking KNOW! :( I can never see enemies in this game. I just get mowed down from -somewhere… @TaikaWaititi Why you fucking with Space Jungles, @TaikaWaititi? Ain't you seen Planet of the Apes?Is this how you @tiktok_us ?
Retweeted by Aztecia🐺 @Jslammin1 @tiktok_us This did not get enough clout. Hahahaha @andyvenom I....whatHelp. Why am I reinstalling #PUBG @Jslammin1 I see you. @JJtoob @AdahopAlex Oh... damn. How can any girl be gay when an animated ass like that exists? @AdahopAlex FUCK I googled it to make sure the reference would stick too. @bushhhyy I wanna see snow :( @JJtoob @JennoHocan @NeebsOfficial Play your cards right and you might spot the #ThickAz squad repping the tag! @FyrBorne Yes to all parts of your query. @xmetalearth @JJtoob @NeebsOfficial Anyone can call their clan anything within 5 characters on COD :) @JJtoob @NeebsOfficial A couple of times in COD, people have recognised the NEEBS clan tag and have expressed their… to there! @AdahopAlex @AdahopAlex Ugh and here I am just spraying my editing program with Mr Muscle -.- @AdahopAlex @gendrix00fu I just googled "two of the wiggles are fucking" and top result: Pornhub. Yep. Rule of 34 folks. -.- @AdahopAlex @gendrix00fu Hahahah :D Of course. #wholesomeaf @AdahopAlex @gendrix00fu Hahahah oh my god xD <3 Erk. In related news... Greg had a heart attack yesterday while do… @AdahopAlex @gendrix00fu Adahop bringing dat Wiggle knowledge fam. @Braddock512 @Battlefield I am crawling my ass out of bed for this. @gendrix00fu @AdahopAlex Oh it's a whole sordid affair. Two of the Wiggles are banging. There's been a lot of drama with it. @AdahopAlex *Adahop has started streaming on Youtube* @spudzilla1325 Ohhh do you have seaweed rice crackers over there? They are the titttts! @DruagaBlackhart @GGAAHHHHH @RadiationGhoul @whiLd_oNe_ @WolfenLad @NeebsOfficial @thatnerdviolet @bearosapien is streaming things! DUTY CALLS! @mccrabb_will @ManMadeMoon That scene, and that movie, has stuck with me throughout the years. Awesome work.
@JonnyEthco The timing of its release - just before NGL - was not great for me. :P I'm all for September. @JonnyEthco @JonnyEthco Thanks a lot, Appsro. Now what do I do with this boner? >:(G'day! I'm kicking off the old stream at 8pm EST! I'll be joined by @jetcityrascal and @stiffy21_ as we delve into…