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What if... Bugsnax but Filipino food
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@MitsukinoKaze volevo dire mail @MitsukinoKaze Aaaaaaaaaaaah! io pensavo la mai! @MitsukinoKaze ferma - Alice è ancora.. una cosa?LIDL DO SMART HOME NOW?
Retweeted by azurelighting @TheEnbyperor Do is a big word. I've read they are from Tuya actually, which does the same thing for a shitload of other companies @gravislizard She has to know the aspect-ratio of her own tv series
@wolfniya you mean, looking at the other products from other comoanies like azure or gcp, or generally? @steinekin But - But what if i need to send my 2009 packard bell netbook back for repairs? @wolfniya Oh ok @wolfniya Wait, what is the origin of "/s"? Now I'm worried @wolfniya have you thought of building yourself some more iot? @wolfniya is that custom thing you made still running smoothly?
@mjg59 what's gonna happen to him?! @wolfniya I have to ask, why, and for what.
@wolfniya uhmmm @wolfniya is it a brother? usually those are the only still good inkjet printers @wolfniya wait - are you in japan, or is the kettle japanese? @wolfniya I neither have enough knowledge of plugs neother enough energy to be sure, but this feels like false. @wolfniya <insert high-pitched panic noise> @MitsukinoKaze Appunto! Invidia. @MitsukinoKaze Mavvaffa!
@wolfniya why even bothering and not just booting linux and copying all the stuff? @wolfniya i mean, that's true. at least now with thunderbolt we can have something. I'm not saying to good though @wolfniya @ryanteck Also - you saying you could get it runnjng5 on a netbook is what i meant at the start also - yo… @wolfniya i mean, that's true for all laptops, at least those mot supporting eGPUs @wolfniya @ryanteck Oh yeah, i know that. I just said "Java & Bedrock" because i call classic java, sorry. I meant… @ryanteck @wolfniya I mean, it depends from a lot of stuff. Firstly if it's java or bedrock, with the last one bein… @wolfniya @0x47DF true, but i heard cooking is a good way to relax @wolfniya @0x47DF but at that point, you could just mince him yourself @wolfniya @0x47DF but he could be run over a boat and minced @MitsukinoKaze LOL @MitsukinoKaze Solo una?
@SnazzyQ My Fossil Explorist G 4th Gen. Slow as fuck. Fuck you WearOS on low ram devices. @pizzapizzabrina la panna è sotto Intesa, come se si potesse fare senza @pizzapizzabrina pasta al salmone, ed ho vinto @wolfniya oh could you say that! it is my right to m- @wolfniya the new steve jobs @MitsukinoKaze @MitsukinoKaze accidenti, dovevani essere proprio venuti malissimoThis looks so much like one of those "before/after redemption arc" tweets LOL
@KMemzy_ @wolfniya what about a material that stays solid until the wound is healed, than you put another biodegrad… @wolfniya A certain thing is that they are extremely easy to ignore at least. On the website they aren't even a thing!disturbing a worker😃
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@thatgreydragon @Foone i almost choked laughing at this lol @Foone lenovo unveiling "the first thinkpad you can fuck"
Retweeted by azurelighting @MorrisFolletti @Crym_94 auguri lol @MorrisFolletti @Crym_94 se è come me, non credo, sono così da tipo 2 mesi e stessa cosa per me.
@MitsukinoKaze No. Non lo è neanche per idea. @wolfniya @SFOSecretary except custard. @SFOSecretary @wolfniya LAST TIME WAS REAL TOO?! @noghecreao posso già sentire il coroner
@wolfniya bookmarks are a thing?! @wolfniya also wait whatnot sure how i feel about twitter making bookmarks public tbh
Retweeted by azurelighting @wolfniya wait what why @MorrisFolletti allora.. forse rimangono su telegram @wolfniya I hate to admit it, but for a moment i thought it was real @wolfniya true, but at the same time, it looks somewhat like a futuristic design. With really strange names.後ろから見た雄っぱいのモデルに選ばれるアルド
Retweeted by azurelighting @MorrisFolletti sulla SIM magari?ビリビリに破かない方の脱衣
Retweeted by azurelightingBubsy the e-bobcat (ft. badly draw sonic in the bg)
Retweeted by azurelightingquick silly thing 🏃‍♀️💨
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@XiranJayZhao Fast! Someone pay an artist to make a fanart! @sebascontre are those usbc? @MorrisFolletti probabilmente saranno sul tuo account google @wolfniya I'm in this post and i don't like it. @wolfniya oh, i thought secrets where just an alternative to putting sensible data inside not secure .env files or compose files @wolfniya i mean - you could just have all the configs in a folder and say to mount it with all the config stuff @wolfniya oooh it's the same type that filelight uses @wolfniya this is the strangest graph type I've ever saw @pizzapizzabrina Sarei dovuto rimanerci.pansexuals open this thread! (it’s safe /srs) — non pansexuals pls rt!
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@wolfniya A kattunge for your katt @g_bonfiglio @pcx93 possibile, o forse su ios i gestori non possono interagire con le funzioni di accessibilità com… running away from the Unknown Entity in Paraiso.
Retweeted by azurelighting @g_bonfiglio Controllato: Non solo bitwarden, ma funziona anche l'autofill di Google @pizzapizzabrina @Scrubsfuck lol @pizzapizzabrina beh, nessuno ti forza ad alzarti dal letto. @pizzapizzabrina hey, almeno te la godi di più @g_bonfiglio No su android (almeno, bitwarden) funziona sia come autofill, che come impostazione di accessibilità.… @g_bonfiglio Oh, dammi il tempo di flasharlo Sull'altro e provo anche su android 10, ma ho vividi ricordi che bitwa… @g_bonfiglio Io sono su Android 11 quindi non so, ma Bitwarden mi permette di usarlo, ma forse è solo grazie al fat… @g_bonfiglio Credo su entrambi, però devo dire che sono su Android @g_bonfiglio Uh, io non ho alcun problema con bitwarden @wolfniya Lol
@wolfniya Ob, well that makes sense then @wolfniya Wait, i thought Swallow was just the Great Britain like, Nationa Railways stuff @wolfniya Maybe it's Ireland/Northern Ireland? @wolfniya So.. not good. @wolfniya well then, please keep me updated on your findings @wolfniya Well, Google Maps shows me a lot of places called "Novara {something}" like terrace or road. Maybe it takes his name from that. @wolfniya I mean, it's not that strange if someplace is named like that. <looks at 33% of american cities/suburbs> @wolfniya no, it's a joke - novara is also a relatively major italian city @wolfniya I didn't know novara was served by the british railways!五条先生、、、
Retweeted by azurelighting @pizzapizzabrina così le future generazioni potranno diventare un bel manga, poiun bel manga, poi un orribile film @pizzapizzabrina lo butterei in un secchio di catrame fumante e poi vedere se resiste. E se resiste, buttarlo in un… @StalkerAnsya @ReiKashino Devo chiedere: cos'è un moneyslave?