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Bob Hardy @B0bHardy Bradford-in-Glasgow

Bass Player in Franz Ferdinand. Bradfordian in Glasgow. Instagram: @_bob_hardy_

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All aristocracy is built on violence. It just needed the person's ancestors to stick a sword in the right people at…
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When are D:Ream on?
Retweeted by Bob HardyAmerica has now officially downgraded the mad things its President can get away with.
Retweeted by Bob Hardy“Sure, I’ll stop by.”
Retweeted by Bob Hardy @manwithaspleen Did it cost $2 Million?
Trump family leaving The White House, earlier
Retweeted by Bob HardyAn astonishingly short-sighted decision. The UK's music industry was one of our fastest-growing sectors in 2019, co…
Retweeted by Bob HardyRemember when he tried to buy Greenland hahahahaha @no0ra_l @fakehistoryhunt Oh yeah, that looks good
@lorrto1 I’d forgotten about that! So good @no0ra_l 🤷‍♂️ if the moment takes me 🤷‍♂️This is cool
@NiallGMacKenzie @UofGJohnFinch Why would they even dismantle this!
Every “Northern” character in a musical.
Retweeted by Bob HardyIt once took 10 months of global pandemic before I shut the UK travel corridors.
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What's happening in Manaus; An extremely important thread.
Retweeted by Bob Hardy @boring_roadie I've heard it's been really bad in Wuhan. Would be great if we could avoid it.I feel like now would be a good time to stop people flying in to the country. They might have corona virus and that could cause an issue.
Retweeted by Bob HardyAbsolutely amazing footage of a time long gone. The Jaffa Gate Jerusalem, the Great Pyramids in Giza and a stunning…
Retweeted by Bob HardyIf fish become British just by swimming in British naval waters, do refugees??
Retweeted by Bob Hardy @sunnylarue17 @BobHardyHour Texas!
@Simaespi Not quite as dramatic as Santiago in real life unfortunately , the long lens is doing a lot of work here your MP to support free movement for touring artists 🔗
Retweeted by Bob Hardy"Ideology cannot trump the practical needs of the British people. There's no reason why the Government shouldn't ad…
Retweeted by Bob HardyNo 10 finally admits the UK rejected visa-free tours offer from EU
Retweeted by Bob Hardy @nee_massey My latest daydream is wondering how I could non-violently bring down the government if I had the power… getting arrested and losing their job for storming the Capitol building are realizing why their grandparents wore hoods.
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Incredibly angry about this. Thousands of livelihoods riding on the deal and the man who signed away our rights doe…
Retweeted by Bob HardyWaiting for the Ayr Advertiser ‘Local Golf Club Owner Impeached For A Second Time’ headlineThey should just have made Trump’s Twitter ‘receive only’ so we could all still tweet at him, tell him about the impeachment etcThe banning of takeaway pints only serving to remind Glaswegians that we're not trusted to drink on the streets even during normal times. @BeachBooksBlog Just googled him - he fought at The Somme! @robparkerauthor Snooker? @Little_Robber I didn’t. I must get one.“I’ve had a great idea - why doesn’t Elon Musk, who’s a real billionaire, pay off my dad’s debts?”
Just a hunch but focussing on enforcement, fines and walks with coffee might distract some people from whether lock…
Retweeted by Bob Hardy @miaouxmiaoux I'm with Phoebe Bridgers on this @miaouxmiaoux Liar. @miaouxmiaoux If you do a good job of everything up to but excluding the mastering, can bad mastering ruin it?If the scandal of food parcels had happened on an overseas aid programme part-funded by the British government, it…
Retweeted by Bob HardyA story that says a lot about the ways in which this country doesn't work.
Retweeted by Bob HardyThis morning it's worth remembering what a Tory MP said about free school meals vouchers - which crucially could on…
Retweeted by Bob HardyPerhaps if this is successful we can then campaign for a passport that gives similar rights to everyone, some kind… have made a web tool that allows you to quickly email your MP directly, demanding the creation of… want to write about this but honestly I am just staring at my screen screaming inside. Billions, literally billio…
Retweeted by Bob HardyIt was a relief when the Tories agreed to continue free school meals in lockdown, and then you realise it's just be… hey, please pay us more, the amount of hours we need to drive to make a living is crazy, we can barely sta…
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@inertiauk We’re not allowed to leave the area of the city we live in 🤷‍♂️Trying to learn how to play Riichi Mahjong and I’ve never had a more Numberwang experience in my lifeFour years ago this weekend, The Herald's television critic wrote this preview of Trump's live inauguration ceremon…
Retweeted by Bob Hardy @alkapranos Stainless steel, the first ever football club, the Brontes, the first commercial steam train @alkapranos Same applies to Yorkshire.
Yorkshire is fucking awesome. The people are brilliant. There's literally everything good about the place. We shoul…
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Unforgivable. It’s like they’re determined to destroy every successful industry we have.
Retweeted by Bob Hardy#boriskilledmusic
Retweeted by Bob Hardy"'It is usually in our agreements with third countries, that [work] visas are not required for musicians. We tried…
Retweeted by Bob Hardy @BorisJohnsonSo The Government refused to give what 230,000 people asked for Please RT #BorisKilledMusic and tag @BorisJohnson
Retweeted by Bob HardyAs much as I hate referring to him as ‘Boris’, which only helps him to maintain his carefully crafted ‘cheeky scamp… advantage do we have in rejecting this offer other than the complete and utter sabotage of artistic freedom? T…
Retweeted by Bob HardyEVERY SINGLE EXPERT ON FASCISM: We must prosecute these people or their power and influence will grow. REPUBLICANS…
Retweeted by Bob HardyThis sounds like a bitter Lancastrian to me... the post-truth information and political carnage in the US what a great moment to welcome US-style, Murdoch-b…
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@gillypops @DinoBardot the postman would hurry up and come so I can go sledging with Dino.
The hand-clapping is heartwarming. But the best way to show your support for the NHS is to NEVER vote Tory again fo…
Retweeted by Bob HardyBefore we get too superior, our Prime Minister (chosen by fewer than 160,000 members of the Conservative Party) sus…
Retweeted by Bob HardyA reminder that Trump’s fake news tactics have been drawing admiring glances from this side of the Atlantic
Retweeted by Bob HardyDo you remember when #BorisJohnson said #Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe people have forgotten. I…
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Don’t forget these are the people the @Conservatives have been cosying up to for the last 5 years.
Retweeted by Bob HardyThe good thing about chaotic sedition is that it takes your mind off the uncontrollable plague for a bit.
Retweeted by Bob Hardy @1030 Surely you can’t say categorically ‘never’, though?Oh Fuck It!
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@jamesendeacott my thoughts exactly. It's staying until Burns Night at leastBritain's vaccine rollout
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@richard_king Inevitably fired for trying to sleep with some of his female students though Government must do whatever it takes to deal with the virus. Time and again it’s been shown that it’s better t…
Retweeted by Bob HardyI never thought I'd be wishing that Jeremy Hunt was PM
@glasgowmixtape It doesn’t usually get as cold here as it does further north so you can appreciate the novelty value for us. @lfmccartney I’m far more into your commentary this afternoon than I am any about the actual game. @juliarosemena I think I'm more of a puzzle gamer. BOTW is the game I've spent longest playing in recent years. I'v…
I don't think I get games like Last Of Us 2. I've tried but it just feels like I'm watching a film and then occasio…
@IRR_News @AntiRacismDay Last day to make this clarion call against anti-immigrant rhetoric the No.1 for Brexit Day…
Retweeted by Bob Hardy @edgarwright Do you have a basement that looks like the Coolduder’s?
Johnson’s denied there’ll be new red tape. It’s a naked, obvious lie, and anyone who travels or trades in the EU wi…
Retweeted by Bob Hardy @Lambchopno1 Yes, this is definitely the video you watch afterThis is still funny 10 years later #MasterchefTheProfessionals parallels between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson's failures at rolling out the vaccine:
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Now we just wait the usual three weeks
Retweeted by Bob HardyWow. We’re fucked.,000 new cases today. 53,000. And still - incredibly - we are not in lockdown. I just cannot bear the inertia.…
Retweeted by Bob HardyI literally can’t deal with my aunties anymore. This is entrapment.
Retweeted by Bob HardyI’ll tell you who had a shitty childhood - that Shuggie Bain.
People who campaigned against Brexit will not 'let it go'. Democracy demands accountability. This is the first tim…
Retweeted by Bob Hardy @thefutureheads Hahahaha @miss_lallybroch Damn right! I'm available for interviews to showcase my ability. @thefutureheads Do you know the answer to this or is it a genuine question? Is 'broth' soup?