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@TheRealWeSimage OHHH SHITTTT!! asdfsdfadsagffs 🤣🤡❤️😆 @Taursto LOL GOOD POINT why am i acting like u died LOL 😆😆😆😆😆😆 we should play apex soon again i need a proper carry…❤️TOMORROW NIGHT😝 - 2.5k & 1 year streaming anniversary @ 7pm [EST]! I really want to win some Apex games or may ju… @Taursto yeah for sure, i respect that!!! I will be here if u ever change your mind one day!!!! <3 @TheRealWeSimage @DaddyTrax look what he started! we are spitting verses off stream xD @TheRealWeSimage LMAOOO!!! they call you chuckie cuz you're a straight clown boiiii!!!!!!!!! 🤡🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @TheRealWeSimage that might be your desire, but truth is MY bars are fire!!!!!!!! @TheRealWeSimage i'm gonna get you tonight in Jackbox omg!!!!!!!! rap battle!!! @DaddyTrax jack BOX WEdneSdaY~*~ @Taursto you were so much fun to watch, made the best expressions 🤣😄 and i will miss your stream sto!! @Taursto nooooooo!!!!!! what can make you feel different about it? i’ve been thinking about you! @yessssiiiiirrrr what do you mean? audio for hosts/follows to go streamlabs and get the alert box - then add the link to it to your sources @BecardiParty Walleyy made it!awesome job love ❤️ @DreadyKrueger_ ITS SO FUNNY!! I love the one where theres a problem and someone has to make a solution and you dra…
@b0ssladiii Jack box!!!!!
Retweeted by b0ssladiiiLive right now on @WatchMixer come threw and play!
Retweeted by b0ssladiii @NurseStew 😅😅😅😅 ima little nervous about it!! not even gona lie LOL @b0ssladiii
Retweeted by b0ssladiiiAPRIL | SCHEDULE ♥️ (first time trying this out!) Monday 12 pm - 4 pm Thursday 7 pm - 11 pm Friday 12 pm - 4 pm… @DaddyTrax as well as @MrMarvelTV he has helped partner streamers with emotes, (HES THE PLUG) @DaddyTrax @YOCEEZ does really awesome video edits, may be able to help with emotes! @Undercard1290 fr3$H 🙌🏼 @laggingnlooting ugh dude. finance is in tucson. i hope it goes by fast. i’ll be in the house until June 10. good l… @UltimateHose89 thanks so much!!! im going to give it a try all of april and set some goals now that it has been a… @InviictaXx yes!!! i’ll wake up at a decent hour again since i got up today at a reasonable time 🥰🙌🏼 @InviictaXx it was so lit! @UltimateHose89 i’m announcing it very soon! @Undercard1290 @WatchMixer Congrats man!!!!!!!! wow!! deserved! @NurseStew new!!!!! @NurseStew olive u !!!!!!!! @NotUrMom_Mixer @UhOh_LOL @NDS_TaLoN @xthenaberiusx @SubPandaMixer @BecardiParty congrats !!!omg that sloth emote doesnt look the same on the desktop LOL
HOLY SHIT 🦦🦦🦦 to a really awesome friend and I am thinking of committing to a 3 day streaming schedule. I think it’s time i…
JACKBOX after this game please come play!! LOL were going to do the rap battles[OPEN] COD!
@iam_ikandi spill!!!!roll call for the Jackbox stream? 😅😅😅 i have to go to the store quickly i’m out of drank! so going to be later on 🥰 @forlando1985 bro speak to the choir!!! we all out here struggling but shroud 😭yay thanks spoon!! i downloaded it last night and i’m going to play it tonight with some friends i hope i like it.… b0ssladii try Destiny 2 Great game you can set it up to play on your Xbox +PC any device linked to your name. me…
Retweeted by b0ssladiiiLOL i never liked RPGs, fantasy games or anime :(.... im too much of a realist! @isoupasoakem thanks boo!!!!!!!!!!! <3 @ziggybuckets @Styl3sB GGs lets run it tomorrow afternoon? im downloading it now its taking forever @iDabz710 thats like RPG to me idk how im gonna like it lol I cant rock with those games @mixerjakeberry Thank you so much Jake <3 <3 and your support my friend..oh and BTW Destiny 2 is downloading @alyssadreamer thanks so much BBY @b0ssladiii I knew you would hit it today! Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉🎊
Retweeted by b0ssladiii @b0ssladiii congratulations honey<3
Retweeted by b0ssladiiiso this happened today! i always forget to look at numbers. Thank you for all in the stream making me feel super sp… @BecardiParty thanks cardii imma check out roe. and destiny 2 @ziggybuckets i got 2 boys i know that grind destiny 2 @Styl3sB @ziggybuckets downloading now @iDabz710 imma check it out!!!!!any recommended PC games to play? NO FPS like Apex/COD, i play on controller and I cant accept being terrible on th…
LIVE! Hi guys :) Its Open lobbies right now! Lets play! @Papa_Tez i meant with* me lol @Papa_Tez hey come hang in streams for me lolSTREAM tomorrow morning, the last morning stream went really well, and i met some awesome people. Please come by and hang for a bit!!! @iCryonicFPS this weekend i’ll stream it saturday @ItzSteele yeah! @ItzSteele tonight??? @ItsNobuenoMMA maybe i’ll stream it tonight. should i?!? @iCryonicFPS omg let’s play, should i stream it tonight? @Papa_Tez HI!!!does anyone want to play jackbox? I have it downloaded and I can stream it and its super funny.... !!
@isoupasoakem come play with me & jonny! @JaredFPS one person that retweets this tweet and follows me $100 PayPal💰 Tag your squad 👍 Drawing in 24 hours 🚨
Retweeted by b0ssladiii @Styl3sB lmao were so doomed @b0ssladiii Facts I was like I watched a couple good female streamers last night and one of them was definitely
Retweeted by b0ssladiii @ItsNobuenoMMA LOLOL im so happy you had a good time. i barely sorta remember some stuff 🤣🤣🤣😂 but hey it was still a fun time 🤣okay, day stream tomorrow!! trying to get my sleeping pattern back to normal 🤣 @ItsNobuenoMMA lmao i was definitely drunk when i types that 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@ItsNobuenoMMA PR PRPRPRPRPRPRPRPRPPR im PR too :) loll BOURRRRRIIIQUaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
@laggingnlooting changed my settings. huge difference. u the shit @DaddyTrax let’s run it!? 🤣 gotta practice our squad skills until halo clan @mixerjakeberry bahahhahaplunder b2b plunder b2b plunder soon. plunder. need a solid third. want to win for da clout. whose in?! ❤️creeping on @mixerjakeberry in the big screen today!! 🤣🤣🤣 he doesn’t even know im here! #LurkKween @laggingnlooting i play on xbox for COD .. i’m so trash at FPS on my PC but i have like 5 days experience trying it… @laggingnlooting i was lagging so hard . what’s been happening to me, i’ve been getting shot in the back, can’t hea… i felt the same LOL @forlando1985 how’s it been treating u? 🤣🤣 @ItzSteele hey steele! i joined a stream team rigjt when i started streaming almost a year ago. it was a great expe… @darkshark1992 we were so trash earlier 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i took a nap and i’m gonna run some back now @ziggybuckets u on bro @forlando1985 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 soon pls? are u playing cod or apexin
@ziggybuckets yeah let’s do it bro @darkshark1992 i invited u noobanyone wanna run COD games? @NurseStew @archonaut @WatchMixer woah! i must have just missed this @OneInchNinja no youre not banned????late night stream decision :-) Plunder grind
@MrMarvelTV literally clicked on the stream right when this happened!!!Plundering..! We aree the champions!
@NurseStew you're doing a great job bro!