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SoaR b0ssy @b0ssyCS Toronto, Canada

24 | 🇮🇶🇨🇦 | Professional Valorant Player For @SoaRGaming | Business inquiries: @CarterPulse | @miracledrake 💑

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@tobylewiss @CommunityGaming LMAO @jcrueL_ @CommunityGaming @TealSeam @LarryBanksFPS congrats <3 @valyngod @CommunityGaming good shit congrats <3Gotta get back in form, gonna do whatever it takes.
Lost 0-2 vs @TealSeam ggs to them. @sevvn is too good. @MintzDesigns @zander_fps IT LOOKS GOOD! @Glorinsz ❤️❤️❤️Tried visiting my mom at the cemetery for mother's day and it was closed due to covid lockdown...Ggs to all the teams we played, 6-0 today. Happy with my performance, played like ass on the last map tho. I notice…
New Valorant Frag Montage please view & like on youtube: thank you ♥️
Retweeted by SoaR b0ssy @Cryocells_ FUCK ZANDER 😤 @notMattVA @CommunityGaming @Complexity @AnderzzTV @NaoriMizuki @SoaRGaming @L4st_v1 @TrickVAL @HyperX @CGNYLAN I LOVE YOU! @JonahP_ ❤️❤️❤️raze 1 trick
Retweeted by SoaR b0ssy @issfanfan lmaoo this kid a is a weirdo @SoaRDusk @SoaRGaming HBD brother! ❤️
。 。。 🌕 。 ・✨ 🚀* ✨* #SAFEMOON
Retweeted by SoaR b0ssy @PrecisionVal Can't argue with that 😂😂 @issfanfan @cluezVAL IM SORRY I WAS SLEEPING @issfanfan @cluezVAL yeah, who the fuck r uLFT -immortal -available everyday -can play duelist, cypher, sova (willing to learn any agent if needed)
Retweeted by SoaR b0ssySimply out aimed and out skilled @ShahZaMk. w/ boss man @b0ssyCS
Retweeted by SoaR b0ssy @THump I would never 😘 @DaniVAL__ True @QueenBobsta LMAOO 😂 @wubbyval 😂 @Critical_Val @Glorinsz 👑 @ScrewFaceVAL @crunchyyworld Idk where he got that ego from, the dude went 10-13 with his main agent, there are a l… @ParallelEffzy @CasperrFPS @Critical_Val both @Critical_Val @ScrewFaceVAL @crunchyyworld I was the first one to insta lock Yoru cuz I want to learn the character and this kid… @crunchyyworld psalm and babyjlove playing with a "pro" that wants to ff the game in the first 3 rounds and complains a lot 🤡 @nurfed25 @safemoon A lot
gg game and obs kept crashing someone help im live fuck #SAFEMOON killing it 📈 If you havent invested in @safemoon yet, I highly recommend you do. Only invest mo…! #SAFEMOON now has more watchers on @CoinMarketCap than #BTC 🚀🌕 THANK YOU!
Retweeted by SoaR b0ssy @RemiX1t ❤️❤️
#SAFEMOON 📈 @BetrayedFPS @goodgamesense 0 @BooMieGG @goodgamesense Could possibly be 👀Big shoutout to @goodgamesense for sending me this mousepad. I’ve been using it for 5 days and so far I love it. It… to force OT? @DENYAof's got it. @SoaRGaming |
Retweeted by SoaR b0ssy @Shanks_TTV @DerrekOW ggs ure nuts @nurfed25 @tetchraFN LMAOOOO @ItzBoltzy my frenzy doesnt work. @tetchraFN its near impossible for us rn. gotta find a way to fix it. @nurfed25 @nerdstgamers 🥲2/18 on pistols today, gotta work on our pistol rounds 😂😂 @poisedFPS @DerrekOW @DerrekOW too good 😭 @itsGnoc @TheRiseNation @nerdstgamers 💯 @DerrekOW @SoaRGaming Congrats you guys played well @szodvfx @TheRiseNation @nerdstgamers ❤️❤️ @DerrekOW @TheRiseNation @nerdstgamers congrats ❤️ love u too 😘1-2 vs @TheRiseNation in the @nerdstgamers Summer Champs finals, ggs to them. Disappointed in my performance, I'll be back stronger. @itsGnoc @zander_fps @nurfed25 @DENYAof @Cryocells_ never fucking give up1-1 onto map 3. @diegofrosthoe @DerrekOW ❤️🥶
@CarterPulse @tetchraFN 👀 @seziwana @fl0mtv Valorant when? @ExaltVAL Hahahaha gotta hype up my brothers @DENYAof @zander_fps @Cryocells_ @nurfed25 bro im so glad i witnessed all of it. youre an actual demonthis guy is so fucking goooooood @averyyfps u got this!Also, @VirtuosoVAL is one of my favourite teams to play against. These guys are insane. Excited to see what they can do in the future. @issfanfan 😤 @SoaRDusa 💪Made quarter-finals and went undefeated today 4-0. We play again tomorrow at 5 EST. #SoaRWithUs
@DENYAof You deserve everything ❤️Me and @zander_fps celebrating a pug win like we're going to Iceland. @mbatpig LMAO ggs was fun game ❤️ @DENYAof LFGGG 2EZ4U @GregoFPS I'm the duelist that ran it down 😔
Live with some ranked games @_Bewd the guy is talented @crunchyyworld hes usually fragging too. @koalanoob LMAOOOOO i didnt know about the controller part, the guys is a legend xd @katsumiFPS its crazynew video
Retweeted by SoaR b0ssybro dasnerth shotgun only cypher top 90 radiant and I'm here struggling to even hit radiant. what am I doing wrong? @ethoz Happy birthday ❤️ @miracledrake 😊 @Zellsis Congrats, you guys deserve it ❤️"Okay b0ssy!"
Retweeted by SoaR b0ssy @miracledrake youre meant to be a raze main @makz ❤️ @zander_fps so fkin g0000000000000d
ranked w/ @b0ssyCS
Retweeted by SoaR b0ssyranked w/ @zander_fps @DENYAof Love you too qt @Brian2K_cs 😂😂 @DerrekOW Not worried at all. I’ll always hype up your plays ❤️ @subihighwaters @s Just random ranked players @issfanfan It was @SammayTV!! Kidding 😂Just to be clear, I really don’t care if you copy my voice, just don’t be weird by doing it every time you speak. I… some reason the YouTube video wasn't 1080p60 so I had to reupload it. Full Video:
Retweeted by SoaR b0ssy @JMaldo_x1 😳