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@dukiesr1 @TheNBACentral Yessir! My man had the game winner tonight! @J_Is_Here13 @Va_Hoos @HOOS_BBALL I can confirm as someone who lives around a city over from him, he is North Carol… worst teammate in the history of sports forgot to mention NBA’s best 3 point shooter. At worst top 5. #Nets's big-time floater gives Pacers the lead - via @ESPN App #GoHoos #Pacers @UVAFootball I don’t see why we can’t get 8 wins out of that and in a semi rebuild year on offense.I’m not a Bloomberg guy but let’s be real here.. he would stomp trump in an intellectual debate. Trump couldn’t win… @KennyBuckets333 Honestly I said how I feel. I didn’t ask for your opinion but you’re available to give it anytime…
I actually agree with Ted as much as I hate to say it. Lets play the game though. Since Christians overwhelmingly s… love they Etienne is going back to Clemson. There is nothing that says more about a person than making money wait… can confirm, I am a North Carolinian who is not in fact, tired of the impeachment. I am however tired of old men… to roll back Michelle Obama's school lunch rules on vegetables, fruits - #MAGA was meaning make kids fat and… reenacts Las Vegas concert shooting in new 'Darkness' video while calling for better gun laws @SeattleHoo People apparently only care about money. They don’t care if the worst of humans seems to get it for the… @SeattleHoo I was a Kamala fan. I feel like she dropped out early. I wonder if Biden isn’t gonna take her as VP. It makes sense for both. @SeattleHoo Right, it’s a tough draw because trump is completely awful and here we are with no clear winner against… @SeattleHoo Do you have a preferred candidate @SeattleHoo Well I don't ever vote Republican so I'm not sure. I do however live in a red state and they as a whole… @SeattleHoo Well I'm not corporate or elite so I'm just giving my honest opinion and tracking polls. Poll after pol… @SeattleHoo I could care less to be honest. There is a huge difference between Trump and Biden though and that does… is better in almost every poll against Trump and he is a decent man. Other than the GOP's infatuation with hi… on #MusicToBeMurderedBy is absolutely wonderful. Will give you chills, news outlets can't even put togethe… few hours into #Eminem new album and little whiny babies are already on twitter complaining about ridiculous thin… @chapman10s @AdamZagoria @tyjerome_ I think Ty is good enough to play but apparently they are tied to Rubio at the… @mccavman Money lost vs money made... @chapman10s @AdamZagoria @tyjerome_ I didn’t think he was ever gonna get playing time! Appreciate the tag! @mccavman I bet my whole life, everything I own that trump has paid for more abortions than guns held. I guarantee it... @b24fowler
Retweeted by Bryan @mccavman That is probably the realist thing I’ve read in quite some time. Sad but a reality we are living. @mccavman It’s amazing that someone can just blatantly lie to people and they believe him. It’s not disagreeing wit… @TimBuckleyWX I saw on social that people were out of power and stuff here so I thought you’d be busy. CVille was i… @TimBuckleyWX It was insane. I actually got video of it because I was crazy enough to go outside in it. 🤣Truly amazing all the people trump don’t know until.. well, he does. 😬 #ImpeachmentTrial @TimBuckleyWX Boring weather. Which is good weather. Other than that ridiculous storm that about blew me away in Ch… @TimBuckleyWX All it takes is one storm. In these parts as you know, the average can be beat in one storm like last year.
@wahooligan9 You can not be any different than the 3 people she's supported. People are crazy..I understand the Republican way of winning these days is by actually losing but for someone who did that previously… @starryxdjh @SnipedPaulie "I would leave them alone because they clearly don't like you." Best cop ever! 🤣 #RamboBarbie @carterbundy Yeah they take their duty serious for sure. I think its great that people study and educate themselves… can not imagine being this stressed about my vote. Trump is a terrible human being and if he wins he wins but I c… @TheLoweDown2 @WahoowaAZ He seems more like normal people than most candidates. Genuine, kinda goofy at times but r…’s.......he’s the coach...
Retweeted by BryanYo Malcolm Brogdon is a big time problem. Can beat you every which way. #NBATwitter
Retweeted by Bryan @hoos_luv Good news for the future is that everyone on the court will be able to shoot next year. 3 guys come that… @hoos_luv Definitely but that doesn’t make it any better. They’re arill missed layups. If someone could make shots… @carterbundy You throw Reece, Jabri and Carson out there with hauser in the post with Kihei, he’ll look like a tota… @carterbundy I honestly think that we just don’t have the players. At the end of the day he never expected Ty and K… @carterbundy I agree he needs help but Tony didn’t miss a single layup or throw the ball away numerous times. @mccavman I’m gonna bang my head against a mother freaking wall!! 🤬Why does Kihei keep throwing the da** ball away??? 🤬🤬🤬C’mon Hoos! Close one out for us. Would be a big one! #GoHoosIf only Kihei was more efficient at the goal. How many missed layups can you possibly have? And that block on Morse… or curse? Missing UVA game because Church council meeting. Definitely a gift. Still #GoHoos though.
10 Essential G-Funk Tracks Of The 1990s Regulate – Warren G (feat. Nate Dogg) (1994) >>>
Retweeted by Bryan @carterbundy @WahoowaAZ Well I went away for a minute and apparently missed the party. 🤣 @WahoowaAZ @WahoowaAZ It's been so long since we ended the season ranked. That makes my week, especially with basketball strug… @WahoowaAZ @carterbundy But look my friends. The goal is to have a decent person run the country. We aren't or I'm… @carterbundy @WahoowaAZ Get money out and get rid of the EC. The party name automatically eliminates 45% of the vot… @WahoowaAZ @carterbundy I affiliate almost always with the Democrat. I don't particularly need them labeled for me… @WahoowaAZ @carterbundy @WahoowaAZ @carterbundy Well that sounds way too rational. @carterbundy @WahoowaAZ Oh I agree on I don’t want him running as an Indy but I would like to see him commit to the… @carterbundy @WahoowaAZ I don’t care what he runs as. If he truly wanted someone other than Trump to win he would e… @carterbundy @WahoowaAZ I would shorten the election season. 2 years is stupid. Bernie wouldn’t be allowed to be on… @WahoowaAZ I know that was long but I feel some kind of way about this. It makes me feel like Dems are gonna hand a… @WahoowaAZ The same old thing is so tiresome and most of all the candidates including the current White House occup… @bama_hoo @chapman10s True but he's going to be going against even tougher covers in the NFL so I don't see how tha… @chapman10s He did. I was reading about the top teams next year and obviously Clemson is at the top but it mentions… @mccavman I wonder if a few has been made to be like the whole? I could care less who talks to the idiot and it was… say that Terrell kid from Clemson is leaving early and is expected to be taken in the early rounds. Didn't the… a Midwestern mayor and veteran who lives his faith on the debate stage with this president. I will defeat…
Retweeted by BryanThe discussion about whether a woman can win the White House (yes, duh) was the biggest waste of debate time so fa…
Retweeted by BryanAnyone can beat anyone. College ball is wild this year. #Duke #ClemsonI’m so sick of seeing “no people of color qualified for the debate.” You know what? Maybe people of color could sup…
@WahoowaAZ My little girl hoos 7 said hey! "they're playing, ugh,ugh.. old town road!" @WahoowaAZ Right? And Clemson isn’t winning this game. I think it’s safe to head to bed. @WahoowaAZ Haha, 6 and make kids lunches for me. 😝 @rgrace76 That penalty was huge. @rgrace76 They have to stop them on this opening drive or this cigar I’m lighting up is a waste of time. 🤣Bad part about loving sports is I have to stay up til midnight to watch the biggest games. 😏 #CFPChampionshipNice to see Brogdon back and with a nice night, 21-9-7. And the win. #Pacers #NBAThat PI on 3rd and 19 may ultimately be what does Clemson in. Chance to get the ball and take the lead, instead dow…
The President of the United States retweeted this. Are we great yet? Is this what #MAGA meant? Feed us lying memes… American troops are now in the Middle East than at the end of President Obama’s term. The rate of drone strike…
Retweeted by BryanNEW: Ben Carson promised to act after 4 died of carbon monoxide poisoning in public housing in 2019. One year late…
Retweeted by BryanThe love affair that @ninaturner has for Bernie is no different than the MAGA cult and their love for Donald. Nina,… @dukiesr1 I’ll eat it all afterwards. Before, kind of a terrible idea. Haha. I’m not trying to lose weight but I ne… county I live in has a Facebook page dedicated to making it a 2A sanctuary county. Some of the dumbest, most pa… ate bad pretty much all weekend because I was out of town and it’s just easier. It’s amazing how much you can fee… are all criminals. Every single one. #MAGA #Prison
Wow.. what a moment for Bill Cowher on this pregame. Always been a fan. Congrats on the well deserved honor! #NFL @mccavman Well I was there and it was that bad. Good lord it was that bad.
If you shoot airballs while open in college hoops, you should have your scholarship revoked. I don’t care if you are on my team. #GoHoosThat new video intro at JPJ really puts this thing in perspective. Dang, get me crying and I can’t even get mad at… checked into JPJ. I’m looking for shooters. Somewhere, anywhere! Let’s make some shots! #GoHoos @dukiesr1 It really is. Knowing the situation, Davis out so he needs to take more shots and does so efficiently.Lebron, 17 years in. Still that dude. #LakeShowWeird times we live in.. #AreWeWinningYet #MAGA have spent so much more time thinking about Jeffrey Epstein suicide than Jeffrey Epstein‘s victims.
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In 2018, a jury awarded a woman $35 million after she sued the Jehovah’s Witnesses for not reporting her sexual abu…
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