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The goal was to get there and we did. Now the goal has to be, recruit to win it. Once you do that you’re in content… Perkins now has 3,210 passing yards this season, a new #UVa record.
Retweeted by BryanBryce Perkins has more yards than any other team, that has played Clemson this year. That’s impressive. #ACCFCG #GoHoos @ABC That last pass completion by Bryce Perkins gives the senior the UVA single-season passing record. He has passe…
Retweeted by BryanPerk seeing that blitz was beautiful. Dubious looking like a NFL guy is even prettier. #GoHoos. #ACCFCG @wahooligan9 Seems reasonable. That would be quite a game.We’re just happy to be here. Let’s not foget that was the motto. #GoHoos #ACCFCGThe difference between #1 or 2 from #20 is apparently 31-7 at half. Amazing there is that much difference when it’s… @daniels86304922 @BennettConlin Most announcers don’t know what players are in the game so I’m not always quick to…’ve said all year since week 2 Ohio state is the best team in the country. Clemson is making me doubt that right n… @chapman10s Yeah and when they’re on, it isn’t close. @chapman10s We have played well enough to beat all but about 5 teams in the country. Moved the ball well and we’re… @GaryMcC68963339 @BennettConlin I know we’re gonna lose and I don’t even mind Clemson but saying he wasn’t across t… @BennettConlin I’m watching it, I know how it went down. That’s a polite way to say he was across the line. They wo… @BennettConlin The kid was across the line of scrimmage. Amazing catch but they missed that call twice.Talent advantage and they can throw from anywhere on the field. The clearest thing I’ve seen all day, Trevor across… we just gonna let kids push QB’s when they’re already out of bounds and not flag them? I see, I wonder what hap… Kirk is the biggest D bag in the United States. #TrueStory would do anything to have our secondary right now. They are too talented at the wideout for anyone outside or Hal… @mccavman @Coach2J @amurphy3434 @wahooligan9 @GOP You do realize that Ivanka and Kushner are making money off of us, right?Hey Dubuois! #WahooWa 🔷⚔️🔶 #GoHoos @amurphy3434 I sure hope we pull the shocker! It’s why they play the game!
@WahooVines @thomasqjones I have that jersey still to this day! @amurphy3434 Well for future reference, don’t ask anyone if they’re triggered. It’s a Trump word that nobody outsid… @HOORAL91 @campbell_t7 It isn’t far and also a lot of folks jumped on that wagon a while ago. Clemson people are typically fun though. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @SeattleHoo Exactly. Not enough 38 year olds like me apparently.I don’t really cuss or whatever you wanna call it but in light of the #NikkiHaley issue I wanna be clear. The con… says the #ConfederateFlag was about "service, and sacrifice, and heritage" until Dylan Roof "hijacked"…
Retweeted by BryanWhen I talked to Haley in 2015, she was fully aware that many people in SC associated the flag with hate long befor…
Retweeted by Bryan @abbydphillip Because that would alienate white rednecks, her base for some reason. Don’t tell @DanCrenshawTX or an… every time someone says something about Trump, his kids, faux news and well, you come running? Sit down Dan, y… people of America: If you do not vote in historically high numbers next November, the Russians are going to h…
Retweeted by Bryan @SeattleHoo The problem is and I know this being in North Carolina, some of those Obama voters are so far removed f… @amurphy3434 @wahooligan9 Why do the Clintons matter? I’m 38 years old and that makes me too young to have voted for Bill. @amurphy3434 @wahooligan9 I want to see you with a profile pic but I understand that being a trump supporter is easier if not seen. @amurphy3434 I don’t like guns so I’m never triggered, old man... @chapman10s @davidjasonball That’s a lot of points man. Especially against a team that can put up points which UVA… @CavalierBlue I’d take all of these if I’m a gambling man. All pretty enticing, if I wasn’t scared of losing my kid… Kyle Guy sitting on their bench
Retweeted by Bryan @wahooligan9 @amurphy3434 I think there’s a healthy level of accountability. Most of what is said about the current… does he have against Christmas? 🤣 Republicans out here proving us right without even saying a word. 🤫… @TexasBluein20 I think she promotes what she believes in, well. I think that the media does her “self promotion” fo… @argumentwinner And I’ll take any of the 3 over the current moron. @wahooligan9 @amurphy3434 Anyone who uses “Billary” should immediately be disqualified to vote. Proves why Trump targeted the less informed.At @ACCFootball Legends Dinner @JTmack4 honored as the Jim Tatum Award winner presented to the league’s top footbal…
Retweeted by BryanWhen Obama was president you morons said this was due to holiday hiring and the numbers weren’t real. You dopes are… @chapman10s @davidjasonball Virginia BB won’t score 62 but I’m most interested in the football game on whether UVA… is it always on Democrats to create an atmosphere of “greater civility?” Tell your president to get off of Twit… this is Dez, this is labeled a distraction. But with Witten, people call it leadership.
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The Knicks fire their coach because that's the problem. 🤣 #Knicks #NBASlowest year of job growth in 9 years.
Retweeted by Bryan @muellermt73 Ha! i'm not sure. I am very interested in hearing someone say they approve of him in any aspect outsid… this number is true but if so, making it harder to respect 95% of republicans. #VoteBlue to find a man who thinks he's above God and his judgment is better? Look no further than the Christian choice… been a huge fan of the game but his new album is 🔥 #thegame #Born2Rap #HipHop
Nancy is a gangsta. I love Nancy more everyday. #ImpeachmentHearing #NancyPelosi @blloyd8298 Kinda hoping he missed it. 🤣Isn’t it still football season? #GoHoos @TimBuckleyWX Don’t do it Timothy. It’s too far away. @dukiesr1 @GoodmanHoops Yeah and he’s 50 with a ton of talent that will take the court next year. Maybe more than he’s ever had. @dukiesr1 @GoodmanHoops They’re gonna have to score easier. I deal in realism. I’m not sugar coating it but this te… 3 guys to the nba replaced them on the fly with guys that aren't getting it done. next year we will be absol… @dukiesr1 @GoodmanHoops Hot takes from the media. It’s why everyone listens and nobody believes them. Him saying th… @dukiesr1 Even for Purdue tonight, the only guy that mattered last year is playing for the Celtics. In today’s game… @dukiesr1 @SethDavisHoops It’s harden In collegeJay Huff blocking that shot helped me a little in this life. #GoHoos @dukiesr1 @SethDavisHoops They’re solid. Really good defensively. Road game for them and someone with Coles talent… @dukiesr1 @SethDavisHoops I think if UNC wins tonight they’re gonna need huge games from several players. OSU is legit. @dukiesr1 @SethDavisHoops They moved that game to Sunday because the football game so hopefully that’s a day that Key gets healthy. 🤣 @dukiesr1 @SethDavisHoops Missing Braxton key on a team that lost a team full of nba players in a low possession ga… you’re 3-17 from 3 And 6-8 from 2 I would think that taking 2’s would be your best option. Just a thought. #GoHoos @sminniear24 @dukiesr1 @SethDavisHoops True.Melania Trump on Barron: "A minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics.” Melania Trump in 201…
Retweeted by Bryan @s_fishy Crock pots are phenomenal. Completely underrated appliance.Do people actually think that games the previous year with almost entirely different teams matter the next year? I… @ChastinAkers Without Key, 45th. With key, 12-16. @dukiesr1 @SethDavisHoops We ain’t winning this one. 🤣 @mccavman I’m just rolling with it but it is at least marginally bothersome that 2 kids that supposedly can shoot, can’t shoot.This Tomas kid may be the best shooter ever in juco to not be able to shoot in D1. I’m not gonna get upset at this… is exactly how I thought this game would start. Is anyone gonna step up and score? It’s time to find out thoug…
Breaking: Charlie Kirk is a D bag. #facts find it odd that Republicans are rejoicing that their aren’t any black folks on the next debate stage? It’s… White people no matter the party should retire the, “mic drop” Statement. You look like idiots.… are in fact, a laughing matter. #TrumpCrimeFamily cheney likes girls which is fine with me but she doesn’t want you to know. #truestory @WahoowaAZ @justintmckoy That would be nice! Someone, anyone! I ain't stressing either way though. We'll get BK bac… @dukiesr1 That’s hard to do just in the shoot around. @dukiesr1 I think that night he had 60 in 3 quarters he was like 16-24. That's great but not realistic most nights. @dukiesr1 I mean I don't see it happening. He takes so many shots, every single night. You'd think his arms would be tired. @dukiesr1 Yeah but Harden is way better than that dude.VT biggest claim to fame, saying UVA will be beat. That would be your first and only national championship if it we… @dukiesr1 Yeah but you could get 15 per if you took as many shots as Howard.So people who are intelligent enough to teach the smartest kids in the nation, perhaps even the world are who we sh… that game whether you like either team is always gritty. Teams hate each other and we’re almost always even… @WahoowaAZ Scarily, Vegas is mostly right. I’m hoping that someone can make some shots. It will negate the need for… @dukiesr1 Howard is a ball hog that ran off his 2 beat teammates but you know I’m just here watching mamadi average… getting a big chunk of change, suing due to racism and then claiming there isn't racism while supporting a… do realize that most of the presidents associates go to jail, right? #Ukraine this is why the Browns lose, always. #Browns #NFL