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goes up against sicilians when death is on the line

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@Manaxium if we're being really real and operating in the mindset of the people who went after Halle Berry, Brandon… @ConceptualJames they're maintained just like any other culture is. cultures don't need a mythical origin story in… @Ed_Realist which is so sinister because in away the person is more sensible as they've lost their faculties as when they've had them @Ed_Realist one aspect of these guys that is really troubling and fucked up because it's really where the rubber hi… @DurinnM that's like the theory that whatever's left of the klan openly supports the candidate they want to lose @gabriel_mathy @DIorioNathaniel using the N word how? reading huckleberry finn aloud doesn't make a person a heret… @DIorioNathaniel youre up against people who think anything that can meaningfully be deemed "canadian" is rotten by virtue of that
@Biscuithammer0 @antihero_kate i'm asking about "dismantling" if you *dismantle* something, its ideals come down with it. @Biscuithammer0 @antihero_kate even if one were to grant what you just said, what the hell does *dismantling* have… @sonniesedge @FondOfBeetles @MargaretAtwood If you want to stop “sorting” people, then surely you’d agree that call… @sonniesedge @FondOfBeetles @MargaretAtwood I’m guessing your partner has two biological parents @lacroicsz indeed an unspoken trait of the culture is the pathologizing of the ordinary. it's very sad. undermining… @antihero_kate @antihero_kate any child that declares a "gender id" has parents that need psychiatric help @MattDawson92 @HJoyceGender @MargaretAtwood @bombusmonticola @MargaretAtwood @ralirali what they feel in their heads has nothing to do with which sex class they belong to. @janeclarejones @MargaretAtwood @ralirali even if there were hermaphrodites, it wouldn't be a third sex. just both sexes in the same person @newbury_eric Minimizing state power for its own sake is a principle of libertarianism after all
@ExDemUWSYenta @JeffreyMarlowe i don't care if a person comes out of the ivies, if they uphold these lifestyles/beh… @JeffreyMarlowe @ExDemUWSYenta it's what im calling "loserism". a politics for people who embody loser behavior as losers. @Spinozasrose @hagar_and that's very true. whether it reflected class difference (people got dark working outside),… @Spinozasrose @hagar_and >> in south africa jews were spared the mistreatment of non-whites, etc. the history of… @Spinozasrose @hagar_and i disagree. for example when the dominican republic wanted to take in jewish refugees, it… @Spinozasrose @hagar_and im actually not american. i don't know how much my perspective is actually minority. but i… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose arabs are an ethnic group from a specific geography. stemming from arabia, but including… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose i don't think arabs are white. i know that in the US they are classed as white. again you… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose or how about you tell it to your friends repeating the same mantra who are somehow also pi… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose ya tell it to 23andme and bethematch and the like that it's all a fraud and ethnicities' r… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose you're insulted that arabs are now looking for minority points when they got by just fine… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose and it's not entirely "socially constructed" as there is no sense in which an ethnic subsa… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose that's an insult to the people who were persecuted on the basis of their ethnicity for bei… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose race is not a social construct. political race classes are somewhat socially constructed. @hagar_and @Spinozasrose you think that there is some nebulous trait that makes someone a "white" person. that's fa… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose it does for the US. @hagar_and @Spinozasrose Barack Obama is "black" in the US. in south africa he likely would not be classed as "blac… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose define "white person" you can concoct a definition all you want to exclude arabs. doesn'… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose i didn't say jared kushner isn't white. jews from europe were clased as "white" in the US… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose do you really think that the people who framed the country for "free white men of good cha… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose no they are treated as arabs. hence the security. you do realize that there can be peoples… @Spinozasrose @hagar_and >>move past these cohorts of ethnicities that get redefined over time. @Spinozasrose @hagar_and that's a bizarre claim to make. maybe to them the eastern mediterranean coast is still "eu… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose they shouldn't change it. and who "society" perceives them is irrelevant given that the ra… @Spinozasrose @hagar_and being "white" is completely orthogonal to jews qua jews. it's an irrelevant category i'm a… @Spinozasrose @hagar_and anyone who is classed as white according to whatever country's political race regime is "w… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose no. you're not. and clearly you don't care. @hagar_and @Spinozasrose you opposing muslim jewhatred is conditional on me addressing stephen miller? what lovely… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose i put it in quotation marks because we surely have different opinions of what it consists… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose not what i said. i said your supposed concern of his supposed "white supremacy" affecting… @hagar_and @Spinozasrose how about we get real for just a moment. your opinion on jew hatred beyond calling it out… @antihero_kate on top of that too many people who should be in prison aren't. but yeah mass incarceration @charliehall613 @ExDemUWSYenta no, it's learned jew hatred of whatever kind that has led to dead jews. and never mi… @ExDemUWSYenta one has to be "inclusive" because "inclusivity" is a moral good unto itself -> don't call out the at… @ExDemUWSYenta take for example, immigration. rather than asking whether the current environment of immigration is… @ExDemUWSYenta by not actually having principles and instead upholding certain ideas/ideals for their own sake, rat… @Jonwhitfield123 @Livelau37661227 @RarepairDealer define "woman"The PCOS subreddit had to go private because the women there were being harassed for being “transphobic” aka discus…
Retweeted by Empty Brane @DawudSuleiman10 this is what i call loserism. creating a worldview that appeals to losers as losers. @DouglasKMurray dont forget hatred of women and lesbians in particular @LaloDagach basically pitting latin americans against each other within the US. it's absurd @LaloDagach americans created the category "non-white hispanic" to better fit latinos into their race paradigm @antihero_kate google "oleg cricket" you can't watch him without trembling @jew_AndAhalfMen People have been taking the wrong lessons from the Shoah for 75 years. You have nothing to worry about @antihero_kate once one subordinates truth to narrative it's really all over. to what principles are they really ap… @margaritaevna95 Tutankhamen’s tomb would have been robbed had it been found before
@HertzEnterprise @MindfullMoms @jack_turban i rest my case. @HertzEnterprise @MindfullMoms @jack_turban it takes an exceptional level of idiocy to conclude what you did from w… @Miss_Snuffy How long before people start saying that rap was always part of Britain and the reason we revere the l… @Miss_Snuffy Btw those guys are great @Miss_Snuffy Nah. Jessye Norman was a race traitor and it’s better that way @KaeleyT Except, bizarrely, gynandromorphiphiles are in fact heterosexual, and their paraphilia is likely a form of agp @DawudSuleiman10 Hindu nuffins @HertzEnterprise @MindfullMoms @jack_turban Mask off on you being an idiot indeed @HertzEnterprise @MindfullMoms @jack_turban Transition is the coping mechanism, or the treatment. It’s not an innat… @jack_turban @MindfullMoms People are not transgender in the sense that they are left-handed. It’s not a passive st… @neontaster accountability journalism is a thing and has ruined journalism for years now, elevating the collector a… does this happen? @HannahLebovits so insist on de-commercializing it. yeesh.Happy 4th of july everyone I hope everyone has a blessed day
Retweeted by Empty Brane @MuddyCuck @stillgray @elonmusk @kanyewest john mcafee it is then
@RealYeyoZa @NachoFriend14 @antihero_kate undefined times more white than black @and_furiouser the man named the greatest canadian was a supporter of eugenics. it doesn't matter @DIorioNathaniel uk is first past the post they have way more parties than canada
@CriticalReader7 @antihero_kate plenty of minors aren't the children of prominent people in government while callin… @Man_on_a_donkey @coldxman @neiltyson there's literally no format in which he wasn't a nonmedicinal alternative to… @Spinozasrose @NTarnopolsky Tweet doesn’t exist"Cancel culture" is just a means to an end -- the politicization of everyday life, the rule of didacticism in art,…
Retweeted by Empty Brane @coldxman @neiltyson what is ndt's appeal? am i the only one who thinks every moment listening to him is a snoozefe… @wil_da_beast630 isn't there a gap between whites and hispanics though? think it's explained by the minute and a… should change their name to the Bullets for the ultimate troll job @corinne4sure @StarOpinion @RabbiRabbz @GlennLoury it was a general statement @RabbiRabbz @GlennLoury @GlennLoury helly dr loury, im not sure you care, but one professor at duke called you out yesterday as impervious… @LJ_just_LJ @ComfyCrush poor redaction. you can see the names through the black microsoft paint cover
@arc_exo @the_smiggy @MikeForgotIke @RealCandaceO No they are men. @Deborah89591630 @Sationhund and they're engaging in stealing the valor of those who did @OreoHumanCat good thing i celebrate dominion day @DurinnM emulate *femininity. you don't see many emulating butch lesbians for some reason @aculvermedic @HBatakus @PrisonPlanet it's a reference to the shawshank redemption @HBatakus @PrisonPlanet Not after breakfast