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goes up against sicilians when death is on the line

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@MarioTrashX1 who plays popson tho
@okechukwu_01 @PBarbicane @AdamRutherford @EPoe187 "race" in this context simply means "place of ancestry". the fac… @___lor__ @YasMohammedxx and from the article which is well stated imo: @___lor__ @YasMohammedxx but we know thieves often simply steal for their own gain, with total disregard for the vi… @___lor__ @YasMohammedxx you're speaking as though every incidence of rape has the same motive. imagine i said "the… @___lor__ @YasMohammedxx nothing is absolute. and the "rape is about power, not sex " is l… @BretWeinstein gender is malware @ashleyblair21 i give more respect to someone who puts 2006 TIME person of the year as their title. @DIorioNathaniel if a place becomes more desirable to live in and thus market forces bring prices up that is a bad…
@Rikvvz @JelloRealist @jessphoenix2018 @BBQSkunk @BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @SwipeWright @ConceptualJames @MicheleSabra @marclamonthill @Copernicus2013 he might as well introduce himself as 2006 time person of the year @yorkshirealexx @janeclarejones @Hel3173 @dobunni what is abusive is turning the public into emasculated liars @AVentura777 @ramadiroach @peterjhasson it's not a common idiom and he incorporated the show with the name when he… @MLaidlawMD the entire notion is an enactment of the magritte painting "ceci n'est pas une pipe" @MaMo_ @tobiogunbadejo @lazou26 @Iyare_Imade @Kingovie4 @CaLLmeEljay2 @robb_mutuku @HistoryVille it can be said the… @MaMo_ @tobiogunbadejo @lazou26 @Iyare_Imade @Kingovie4 @CaLLmeEljay2 @robb_mutuku @HistoryVille weren't there only…
@MidWestMet @JenandZen im not denying what you say but i'd like to know what the actual chain of events was @MidWestMet @JenandZen let alone the fact that the enlightenment began centuries after contact with the americas. @MidWestMet @JenandZen that seems bizarre given that europeans were always in contact with extremely different civi… @Real_Adam_A @ConceptualJames @ZubyMusic jews have been simultaneously oppressed and successful, involved in the de… @Real_Adam_A @ConceptualJames @ZubyMusic rather than looking at civilization seriously with all its complications,… @wwwritingclub a true hermaphrodite wouldn't be of a third sex or in between sexes either, but simply a combination… @SSS_music @istoothin @EPoe187 people's sense of relative intelligence to one another @SSS_music @istoothin @EPoe187 there is a difference between encouraging serious effort and being told you can do anything @SSS_music @istoothin @EPoe187 what im saying is name a type of person for whom more motivation will not pay off on average? @SSS_music @istoothin @EPoe187 i really don't see how that's an either/or. all things being equal, more motivation… @istoothin @SSS_music @EPoe187 the thing is everybody knows they can't do what, for example terence tao, does. for… @lil_yenta @iskandrah you're being lied to. please don't be a dupe @iskandrah what now? @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir >> use a different word for your own definition? my guess is because there is an ulter… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir so yes what i am saying is just what you suggested earlier. that gender is oppressive.… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir im not crossing definitions. that is your bare assertion. i see why you think so but y… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir >> never mind that the underlying basis for your rearrangement is in fact gamete type… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir im not substituting my definition onto yours. you've based your definition on stereoty… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir what do you mean "what i care" about? you mean for social/legal sex class categorization? in effect yes. @pellowponders @LisaMolloy12 @lizregan4 @PankhurstEM @JolyonMaugham @Eliza_Cuppa @fawcettsociety or how about...wai… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir i do consider them biologically male regardless. if they have an inactive sry gene the… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir it is precisely what youre suggesting. that certain traits make someone male less male…
@LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir they are female-bodied, and as such should be treated by society as females, despite b… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir i'm not "assigning any hatred" i'm stating the fact that to suggest that any trait som… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir no they shouldnt even think they are more or less female if they have certain traits. because they aren't. @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir so women who get mistaken for men based on appearance are less female? and yes i'm say… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir no im fine with treating people with swyer syndrome as female as an exception. you see… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir yes she was at one point the best tennis player in the world. and there is nothing "male" about her @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir again does amelie mauresmo have a "male" jawline? @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir you are being homophobic. people aren't "less male" for having one trait or another. s… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir what you're doing is redistributing humanity's sex class based on stereotypes. it alwa… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir ya essentially implying that some males are less male than other males. are gay men le… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir yes i do but i put in quotes because i don't even know what you mean by the term. so go on @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir i already responded. they are male . their bodies are phenotypically female as they ma… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir so simply put what makes a "sex characteristic" "male"? @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir LOL what does that mean? does amelie mauresmo have a "male" jaw? (no) yaniv has no fem… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir they are male but they are female-bodied as the gene responsible for the masculinizati… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir let's make this very clear and jessica (jonathan) yaniv a male or a female? @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir their gamete type is what their body would produce if they weren't born with such a co… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir no i'm putting the hypothetical to you. if we include schizophrenic hallucinations as… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir no just gamete type. and there are some very good proxies for determining that. like p… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir it's a serious question. @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir maybe there is a way to correct their body and make them produce gametes. either way,… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir why don't we redefine sound to include the hallucinations of schizophrenics because th… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir yeah let's just adopt the subjective i think therefore i am definition based on nothin… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir they can't. in the same way we classify humans as bipedal, even the babies born without legs. @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir none of those people have anything to do with males who think they are female. and usi… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir the fact that babies and the elderly can't reproduce doesn't negate their sex, neither… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir ok fine my definition of sex is people who like cilantro are "female", and those who… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir yes biological sex has to do with reproduction and nothing to do with personality or h… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir it's a false definition of sex then @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir what it seems you're saying is that where you fall on the distribution of other charat… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir we do determine sex by gamete type. that is the distribution for sex. we can look at o… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir that is false. you are confusing the distribution of a category with the categorizatio… @LynneLuhLynne @lecanardnoir each gamete type can vary on other traits. the point is we know what the sexes are. an… @mehdirhasan so the battles that muhammad engaged in are indefensible? @NewEricHoffer @ActiveOgre @Ravenswood2016 @FredSondheim @Mr_B_OB @antihero_kate they'll say only one of them identifies as employed though @ActiveOgre @Ravenswood2016 @FredSondheim @Mr_B_OB @antihero_kate the fact that we aren't giving people with multip… @Ravenswood2016 @ActiveOgre @FredSondheim @Mr_B_OB @antihero_kate probably will a whole lot more than people enjoy… @travisharger @metanonymous @StatedClearly @BretWeinstein as for sex, our mammalian reproduction via eggs and sperm… @travisharger @metanonymous @StatedClearly @BretWeinstein there's not a "spectrum" which implies a continuum but a… @MichaelAOShea @MichelleNaef @BretWeinstein more like complete lack of understanding of statistics to the point whe… @metanonymous @StatedClearly @BretWeinstein are humans really a living species given sometime's they are born dead? @RealSaavedra accidents happen therefore the deliberate actions of psychopaths and what drives them aren't worthy of consideration? @hashtagglorious @MultipleMommies @antihero_kate i know i was referring to the power and privilege crap @LXanflorp @MultipleMommies @antihero_kate The Tutsis were the more powerful group in Rwanda @hashtagglorious @MultipleMommies @antihero_kate By that definition the Hutus weren’t racist during those fateful months in 1994. @CThrustmaster @BretWeinstein teaching proper spelling is an aggression @BretWeinstein *altar sry @Ravenswood2016 @ActiveOgre @FredSondheim @Mr_B_OB @antihero_kate we're not ignorant. you're just a lot more transp… @Ravenswood2016 @ActiveOgre @FredSondheim @Mr_B_OB @antihero_kate we're aware of your farcical worldview and the fa… @JenandZen or kweeing for that matter @JenandZen they want to be king of the ashes @ActiveOgre @FredSondheim @Mr_B_OB @antihero_kate it is an invitation for people to be liars and relativists such t… @Rongwrong_ @TheRocsWorld @antihero_kate it would be obscene to make that comparison because slavery and the conque… @FredSondheim @Mr_B_OB @antihero_kate yes anti-white. their entire discourse and worldview is one that renders the… @rafaelshimunov @PeteButtigieg it's not the "most dense place on earth" the fact that this gets repeated without yo… @WonderbeardShow @LaloDagach @Claire_Voltaire 2/2>>> well he incorporated his show "the young turks" in 1998 well b… @WonderbeardShow @LaloDagach @Claire_Voltaire it's impossible to believe and fails to scrutiny. He claims there's a… father and two sons were hit by Israeli fire while riding a motorcycle. Anti-Israel media are saying that they we…
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@AspieSavant @GamingTooLong @Lainyfindsvoice @Liz_Wheeler @Jali_Cat that and "gender" is what happens when people w… Jihad keep aiming rockets at Kerem Shalom, which is the place where supplies are trucked into Gaza every da…
Retweeted by Empty BraneIsrael did not strike this building. A rocket misfired from Gaza. I was across the street when it happened.
Retweeted by Empty BraneHere’s a video clip of the moment Jeremy Corbyn was heckled in Glasgow
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