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I am what I delete, therefore I am grammar errors ✍️🤦🏻‍♀️😂

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@jiljilramamani So awful. I saw a wedding music video on rowdy baby and thought to myself why? @jiljilramamani How uncomfortable would it be to kneel and bend with saree draped like second skin and jewelry hair… @shrishrishrii Yup looks like it. Every frame in fact! @shrishrishrii I was watching a food video and thought of this Sunday deliciousness. Suddenly occurred to me that b… @amabirdman @accidentlwriter I read it uppin ganam 😂 @amabirdman How come every time he meets another country head he behaves like they both grew up together and did ne… @accidentlwriter Idhula step by step guide vera. Tossing of parotta is equally a skill like the pizza toss. Belittl… @accidentlwriter @ImVHarini And chocolate cream 🤢 @ImVHarini @accidentlwriter Parotta I think @rameshsrivats Trumpendra is the best I’ve heard so far. @accidentlwriter Asian gluten free crepe (unlike the fat pancake) that are savoury for the snack lover in you —-> D… @Inspector_raj @krishashok Most are undetected is what I think. I have a fever so I’ll pop dolo 650 and sleep vs I… @anumccartney Iyyo 🤭
@shrishrishrii The fajita veggies and guacamole looks yumm 😋 and the salsa and the rice and the beans. Just give bowl 🍲 @accidentlwriter My fingers hurt after a point while doing chores. I keep them short always.
@ImVHarini @_d33pi The score is the ones I know or have watched? @MilanV @NameFieldmt that’s the new one trumpendra bharathbali... @PuneerSoda Cc @evolvingpotato gen z “I never said I’ll accept the invite PERIOD”. Us, because .... 🤦🏻‍♀️
@Muneema That’s a happy bloom 😍 @anumccartney 🤢🤦🏻‍♀️ @soundarya_b @ImVHarini That’s so true. Besant nagar and Thiruvanmayur was outskirts. It called for very special oc… @NameFieldmt Helped around 14 of them 😊 @NameFieldmt Hehe
okay all. One of my favorites from this year. Been waiting for some decent light to get that nice glassy eye shar…
Retweeted by Knots and Hooks by Dhivya @evolvingpotato It’s almost involuntary. I am sorry im late because.... @lakshgiri 🙋🏻‍♀️ @ImpsMom @UnSubtleDesi That was not what she implied. You being an editor with a fair amount of readers should not… @NameFieldmt What all is marketed nowadays as a “thing”. I rinse aavin packet, I stick hamam soap if the sliver bre… please help the under-informed about this reuse of saree thing that’s coming up so much @NameFieldmt like who ha… @NameFieldmt @ImpsMom As much as I hate ads that says looking young is beauty, I didn’t get what she was arriving a… @NameFieldmt Just imagine. Next will be “woke up in the morning look”. Who is rubbing off on who I am thinking.I am waiting for poll on gothic/ivanka visit to uae/legging blazer look poll from the one the only @NameFieldmt @NameFieldmt @nowthisnews @Muneema @ImVHarini Right kaapan. What was arya and his wife doing in that movie I have no idea @nowthisnews This is that surya mohanlal movie. With Boman irani in an absurd character. Cc @Muneema @NameFieldmt @ImVHarini @NameFieldmt Yes yes. Koparai ya kavuthi pottu adichalum idhe saththam varuma nne? @NameFieldmt How to play instruments better than Modi? 🤔Looks like the mayor shed a lot of the good chunk he was talking about for today’s debate to get murdered. 👏🏼Listen, some pundits may say that it was unsporting for Elizabeth Warren to kick off this debate by ripping Mike Bl…
Retweeted by Knots and Hooks by Dhivya @evolvingpotato But will have utter shit and downright misogynistic things to ask a woman who built her life her way. Useless. 🙄 @pepsiwithastraw What?? Reusing clothing is a trend? From when? Every freaking person repeats clothes. No? @Muneema Also ayirathil oruvan new version. Theatre la vera poi paathen.
@cindrellahere Best climax 👏🏼👏🏼 @Muneema Exorcist 🤦🏻‍♀️ didn’t get out of the house for a week @ikaveri The illustration on the 10 is twisted. Boys as in babies they mean? But I’m loving the fact the ladies are… @jiljilramamani Unable to wrap my head around this extraordinary information. And which illustrator drew this utter piece of shit. @NameFieldmt If what your referring to is what I am thinking, there was a stain? *runs to check*Why do celebrities post some tip/trick/routine and end it with “so what’s yours” when not one of them ever checks t…
@ImVHarini @LoopsPadukone She looks like she just munchified some paan no? 😆 action vera uncanny. Couldn’t resist the match @LoopsPadukone @ImVHarini this reminds of “vethala potta shokkula naan guppunu kuthinaen mookula” 😂🙈 @NameFieldmt @podidosai Today is “veri” dayHow to play act “am culturally woke and very interested while making sure I have perfect angles for the cameras als… @evolvingpotato Did you see the news on rama train and shiva birth? Which is worse I’m unable to decide @evolvingpotato Lol in all honesty I knew a few fake limpers back in college. Only that I didn’t go to the same col… @cattoplays Will be called shaana shurunai at home cc @evolvingpotato @evolvingpotato Really? I just saw the video of him and his daughter in some function. Looked pretty legit to me. O… @anumccartney May be he wants her to give him military like training to play golf for the country. @shrishrishrii If I see a blue painted man like that I’d run a few hundred miles. That’s nightmare waiting to kill me 😳 @NameFieldmt Like putting stamps on samadhi and meditating types? Yes please.. @NameFieldmt It’s may be like “naan oru thadava sonna 63 thadava sonna maari” 🤔 @NameFieldmt What the hell is “very” before every word? He means verithanamana? 🤔 also should call and ask palla pu…
@ImVHarini @amabirdman @NameFieldmt “It’s 2020” is the answer but how to do 40 pages? Check out the above genius 😊 @NameFieldmt It’s 2020. Is all I got from this tweet. Very enlightened now.
So that’s that ♥️
What would be the closest Tamil version of this? Evalo mara mandai(s) in one auto? 🤔☺️ review is the creepiest horror story I have ever read.
Retweeted by Knots and Hooks by Dhivya @evolvingpotato Was it the one she danced for rowdy baby in a saree?Finally some color after many days of gloom #sunset #skies @shantanub @NameFieldmt Or tap the dispenses air @ImVHarini @NameFieldmt And we all can do palapala together ☺️ @ImVHarini @NameFieldmt The more stories akka puts and I get inspired big time and detox and yoga myself to get the… @NameFieldmt Spot on. As little as eye liner feels heavy. I want to wash my face to feel raw. @evolvingpotato @NameFieldmt Adhu veraya. Chute leads straight outside the main gate would be the highlight. @Muneema Thoda thoda malardhadhenna is also him no? @ravimaestri @ImVHarini Captain ku indha karmatha sollala nu kovam Vera.. @guffawer Muzhusa Chandramukhi ya maarina ganga va pAar feels am getting. @NameFieldmt @evolvingpotato First thanni irukka should be the question. 81 types of lighting and flooring gyming anol summa. @aruink_ @evolvingpotato @NameFieldmt I miss crazy just for that kind of wit.
@GayathriSrinath Why do I feel my 5 yr old is playing anniyan in every household.🤔 @ImVHarini 🤗 @Neelavanam @priyankasacheti The lighting and the tiny elements are just wonderful ♥️. And layering 🥺 👏🏼 @SongsOfKat I was informed so. But my daughter is in preschool and this was our first of its kind therefore the fun element. @NameFieldmt so PC is becoming periyamma or chinnamma? @NameFieldmt Done. Bring detox. @NameFieldmt I want to talk. I’ll bring nilkamal chair to marina, let’s talk. @NameFieldmt Thatha kanakku correcta? Wow @NameFieldmt I was waiting 😂 @aaliznat What would have been the brief for this show? 🤔 @SongsOfKat That’s so cute. the 100 yr old looks pretty vibrant to me. My daughter had to take 100 things. She took 100 clothespins. @krishashok @NameFieldmt He just copy pasted the headline. He would have done it with anything that had India on it. @OhMyGOFF @fox5dc Man! By the time my kids are old enough to stand for 3 hours without having to pee three hundred… @NameFieldmt Means “singham pola strength unakku” and you should do dates concoction with the new not so reviewed b…
@TheRestlessQuil So pretty ❤️I don't usually do crochet as art but I put these doilies together and sewed it into one big piece. I'm thinking…
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@evolvingpotato @NameFieldmt That appatha was always called Priscilla or Esther. @amabirdman I see it’s Happy birthday. May you click all the birds on this thread. 👏🏼👏🏼 @CNN Any cockroaches that needs to die? @Muneema you are the expert list maker. Put baygon on all the icky ones.
@rads +1 @YoloBirder @amabirdman this one’s for you ☝🏽