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Bobby @B_McC2 Columbus, OH

Living my life one day & one Mariah Carey song at a time. #BlackLivesMatter

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Wondering what I should do next.Remember my GoT journey? It feels like centuries ago. @JorAttorney stare at mine pease @ItsHilaryBuff @duaoutcharted @chartdata @MariahCarey MUSTIN PLSSSSSSSS"iT sOuNdS lIkE cAlViN hArRiS." lmao okay? when has that literally been a bad thing?That rina clip sounds amazing lol yall go back and keep creaming over male artists I’ll continue to support this queen @SnarkyPost shhhhhhhDowning a bottle of the Pfizer vaccine the second it’s released. @thereidfeed PLSSS @mullane_ryan Oh we already talked about my visit don't you worry bby. @misthiOSX Lemme jump off a cliff childwell, it's over remembered the southern hemisphere is entering summer thus pushing me farther into depressionWHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY **screams at the top of my lungs** @IAM_DJ_Michael I'm calzone @BasicBlake1 I literally planned on paying off so much but when talks stalled in October I was like'all remember where you were when the deposit hit? **kyle richards voice** we were all so happy that dayI want another stimulus check so fucking bad, HALP!!Andrea Mitchell bby time to retire. I'm falling asleep @slayonetta It's a mess. I'm 100% for a lockdown, I'm completely against a lockdown with no aid, I fucking hate congress. @slayonetta Same with Ohio. Impromptu 2pm press conferenceClose friends circle on Instagram is literally meant for ONE thing so less singing and posting landscapes, put that shit on main @AlexDRocca couldnt help but stare straight at the @Wendys though @petworthot lets unite @Mthunder69 Right like I’m stressed about my next meal and that’s literally if. I can’t imagine children @petworthot Love meTo have kids in school right now, god damn I would be STRESSED!!! My sister has a 11 and a 9 year old. They're goin… @torylanez Just don’t try and shoot someone?Y'all thinking Biden was just gonna fill his cabinet with his primary challengers lmao. Ya don't know's literally columbus days of nightWe're entering the time of the year where it's endless cloud cover for 30 days at a time. @thotpocket8 LISTEN SAME. like it’s not a shortened week AT ALLJ Lo be steady performing at every show, event but where is she on the charts hunnyT-minus 2 days until new Liam content yessss let the hate flow and cannibalization continue @lolwby We exist bby @DavidADC @PizzaRanch wait now I want pizza ranch but there's none in Ohio 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺Good morning we love our new @Gymshark @AnthonyMKreis @getmejoemiller Me on the first date @AnthonyMKreis Exactly. Her one liners were the best 😩Omg Miley stan Twitter found my tweet. I’m so grateful @AnthonyMKreis Lmao stop. Thatcher was the worst but why did I love her character portrayal 😩😩 @bilbo813 No competing. We don’t pit women against each other baby 🥰Happy new Miley album week ☺️ @DavidADC Pease 🥺🥺🥺My legs are still killing me from Saturday. HALPI’m losing my mind. I just want to view a profile picture but Twitter has to ask me to choose just in case I want t… @justcameron Omg omg 🥺🥺🥺 @BasicBlake1 ☺️☺️☺️ @BasicBlake1 Harvest me plzMy birthday is March 23rd. It literally ushered in COVID. The level of chaosI am**. I am the Aries spokesmanLook I’m VERY against using zodiac signs to validate shitty personalities but I really think I was MADE to be an Ar… @SteveKingIA @KamalaHarris Man if Covid hit you really hard idk the world wouldnt be madShoes are double wrapped burrito and a glass of chocolate milkMy nightly spiral begins of clicking Instagram stories seeing mutuals with perfect skin and bodies flaunting 4% bod… @swiftiec13 Jeans? Haven’t heard that name in years @BrimMyJock Yall tryna play the system and they caught up! 😂 @DecodnLyfe @BanjiBambiz Lmao this scene!😂 @MPGrasso Haha no just literally wrapped with two tortillas. A bit more calories but it beats the falling apart rip… @pjpajc @petworthot Literally same @JayEl_Cee PLEASE!! 🥺 @2Bi_as 🥺🥺🥺 @2Bi_as Don’t tease me 🥴🥺This burrito wrap job is something outta a horror movie but idk THE FLAVOR. I’m in heaven every time it hits my lips 🥺 @joeba_fettt I deserved this 🥺🥺🥺 @anderscjay Whyyyyyyyy do they do thatIt’s so big omg @Karakaradu I do agree! Just thought that could be different options the industry could consider offering if they c… for a new bed, my IKEA frame is too low. Like it’s a job getting up and out. @Edwinw_1997 Right like I’m tryna eatOrdering another double wrapped burrito @Edwinw_1997 I just wish the spicy chicken sandwich was bigger. It’s literally two bites 🥴Wow. Look at my Colts ☺️ @2Bi_as Oh @petworthot I’m a colts fan 🥺(originally from Indiana) @IAM_DJ_Michael That man is such a fucking parasite, using suppressed voices for his own political and social gain. @taaronmic 🥺🥺 @Karakaradu For the general everyday release, I agree. The hit movies though idk. Maybe 30.00 for a 30 day rent option?
Like that was NOT a pilot movie to test for that market.Idk why studios are so afraid of the release to digital stream option for the future. Yes people are willing to ren… @petworthot Nvm @MattLewis84 Omg omg yes!!! Liam needs to meet them @MattLewis84 He’s the best 🥺 @sheikhofchic Omg you’ve been following his journey since the beginningI’m so excited for y’all to meet him just three days until my account becomes a King Liam fan page. @bkWAPer But honestly all the above @bkWAPer Haha steroidsI see y’all discovering the 💉Time for my Sunday depression nap @nichardi Wait I love your window that leads to the kitchen 🥺 @leaf_bo Lemme simp 🥺 @AnthonySabatini You’re a disgrace @politihoe8 I’m tryna get my fill 😌 @tyler_cov I’m still not over this. The material Tyler. 🥵🥵 @politihoe8 @politihoe8 Omg omg sweet bby blissy 🥺