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washed 5x radiant - NA peak #13

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@SwaggyTav shut up ur shorter than meMY WIFI AND VALORANT KEEPS CRASHING AND I LOST 3 IN A ROW BC OF IT :(((
okay im drainedLIKE YEAH OKAY ON MY SMURF I GET TOP 5 LOBBY LOL going to sleep til im radiant on stinkypepper94 @urgfkass @magnum69420 @maumiee @tiffqyn -.- @aloeson @laettnerr OH. UR TALKING ABT CHRISTMAS CANES LAETTNER???? @laettnerr IM CRAVING CANES I WANT THE CANIAC @JoshiAliAndres LMAOO WTFF but im down @laettnerr now i want canes. @urgfkass light brown @JoshiAliAndres lets become vloggers @urgfkass WASS @davieIIa LMAOOSTINKYPEPPER94 AND LADDISHLARRY42 DYNAMIC DUO @ImBlueVAL @urgfkass kass buff ofc :)stinkypepper94 on top @keeooh ill catch u at the bottom of it :))
@GhibliAccount @AnimeColorful i want a cat now bruh @rinuze this the one @loughtv @GutzyAiden WOOOO @davieIIa WHO DOES THIS WTFF OH NAHgood morningyou’re my favorite notification
Retweeted by ryu!missing how it used to be fr @keeooh STOP U BETTER HAVE STREAMER MODE OFF IF IM BOOSTING IN PISSLO @loughtv i want u @07x07xx wait nvm that’s what I have @SwaggyTav let’s keep it that way @SwaggyTav is shorter than me btw @07x07xx no she has ibsGET THIS MAC N CHEESE AWAY FROM ME @07x07xx SAY SWEAR SHITS SO GOOD OMG
@plixiz don’t tell me u unironically enjoy such thing. @SwaggyTav aye but shibuya tmrw ?no way ppl that enjoy eating turkey exist @1EDEN_ @ImBlueVAL @phamilys no reason O_o @SwaggyTav @maumiee @zzingyytv LMAOi’d take pictures of my gf everytime we’re together like a proud mom @maumiee THANKFUL FOR THIS RATIO L DANCE L DANCE @J33BY it’s like aot and hxh combined @J33BY OVERFLOW >>thankful for all the ppl that still fill in my lobbies even though i instalock duelist 🙇🏻‍♂️gonna get all my friends gifts this christmas idc idcjellyfish lighting by geraldine gonzalez
Retweeted by ryu!
Retweeted by ryu!saw one of my friends that i took college classes with back in hs, AND SHE JUST GOT MARRIED THIS WEEK ??? BROS SHES LIKE 19I JUST WANNA FLY HER DOWN AND TAKE HER TO CITP @keeooh wish we had a couples pic 🙄 @keeooh hey lolMe: I can study with music, it helps me concentrate Also me 5 mins later
Retweeted by ryu!not the best day tddeagle demon deagle demon @spencerr_ho wow so cracked so insane
love the new collection @J33BY me @SwaggyTav lets go rn @SwaggyTav when we linking thoughthis energy > @spencerr_ho it’s a date 🥰sup baby take me out to dinner @denyfps only if ur my duo 💆🏻‍♂️radiant push tn give me all ur buffs @spencerr_ho @tiffqyn WWWW i miss that show fr @ImBlueVAL smh @ u
AND THE DMV IS PACKED SO LIKE EVERYONE AROUND HER CAN HEAR WTFat the dmv and there’s this girl blasting asmr videos behind me ...crunchwrap supreme with a baja blast >> @JoshiAliAndres BING BONGmanifesting that i match mvp all my games n hit radiant this week @bboytyty u lying @BazziVAL im people @J33BY such good animes thoughWHO GOT ME WITH SINGULARITY SHERIFF PLZ ILL BOOST U ILL BARK ILL MEOW ILL GET ON ALL FOURS @ImBlueVAL @krissyttv BLUE WTFF @ImBlueVAL @krissyttv let’s q tn I wanna hit radiant by tmrw @keeooh LMAOO BET @krissyttv @ImBlueVAL ??????i can change my val account name in 4 days what should it bei just need 153 rr for rad why can’t i have a duo 😢
@aloeson let’s make iron accounts and 5 man iron lobbiesone of the most INSANE shots I’ve hit featuring ⁦@ItzMasayoshi⁩ & ⁦@BenevolenceFPS⁩
Retweeted by ryu!gas me to 100 for kids
Retweeted by ryu!bought my mom flowers WOOO @J33BY OH SHIT WHAT IF I WANNA DO NASTY THINGS TOOgas to 100 followers 😢 @davieIIa idek how I did that @keeooh @lcjjr_3 fr :,( @J33BY yikes @urgfkass DONT EVEN @J33BY woof woof @JoshiAliAndres still a bitch though 💯poggie woggies @spencerr_ho aced 3 times in the 46 kill game
@chubsgrl @keeooh even betterday 1 of teaching kass val @urgfkass okay :)) @BazziVAL yes yes yes @maumiee I JUST WANTED TO ORDER FOOD AHHH