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vee :3 @babagirl diamond 2

༊* ·𝒑𝒓𝒐 𝒗𝒂𝒍 π’‘π’π’‚π’šπ’†π’“ ଘ(ΰ©­*ΛŠα΅•Λ‹)ΰ©­ ੈ @hoefttt @katashilolΰΌΊ ˎˊ- priv acc @str4wberry

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@surelynotsi hii pretty girl @k1era we’re both looking up in our pfps
@k1era YE SYES YES @aubbiia YOU 😭😭😭 @ivyowowo LIKE HOW ARE U SO PERFECT @ivyowowo congrats hottie <3 @alteaVAL hai cutie @Saulsrevenge @zeronaVAL real @woaruh k @Saulsrevenge @zeronaVAL memories.. @yosOnlyFans are u calling me asian ?? 😭 @HASHlRIYA like this is just cyber bullying at this point 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @cumdumpstermar yes ofc bae @1shwwn @cumdumpstermar LIKE GIVE ME TOME TO RESPOND TO MY WIFE
@n3zzko us @144hero yes.. @notteflon no. @lilixbby yes.the voices are telling me to be a slut for him only @iurnsFPS @uvsector @str4wberry tagged the best of the best 😍😍 @balenarrow BRO SHUT UPSAOAO @baobaeda bae ur gonna be my thirteenth reason πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ @ethoz omg ur sm better :0 @kxrim444 i was already sat down on my bed when i realized how fucked up it looked and was too lazy to go back and take more 😭😭😭😭😭 @144hero yeah.. @Laiysz @Nexybtw just came @emmyuh UR SO CUTEEEEE OH MY @lailacwp no :( @Laiysz @Nexybtw good for uguys i blurred out my hair bc it was messy it’s really not that big of a deal lol @spawcs thanks bae πŸ˜‹ @lilihatesyou @tiffybr4t same
@Enny_XP i posted the original on my private lmfao my hair was just so ugly @HASHlRIYA CAN U SHUT UP 😭😭😭😭 @HASHlRIYA @Nighty10k @notsencti i- @woaruh like shut up @woaruh i’d say me but i don’t want ppl to hate me cause of how skilled i am @vez52 hi vez @yomaihh ur so hot i want u @noahsvcks NECAUSE IT LOOKED UGLY @144hero @eugenevlr ?? @urjowaa ilyilyily @urjowaa U LOOK SK PRETTY OMFGHF @sasukefancIub SO CUTE @woaruh i don’t get any πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œπŸ€žπŸ» @woaruh @44KODE LMFAOO @sheluvssuga w christmas list @RealZitoFN ok. @i489x leave me alone @44KODE i did @44KODE this isn’t my bathroom 😭😭😭 @n3zzko TAKING MY CHANCE @bchaper2 WASNT TRYING TO HAVE PEOPLE COMMENT ABOUT IT @n3zzko buying a mistletoe just for this exact reason 😻😻🀭 @swshadow48 kam i on your christmas list ? @HASHlRIYA @Nighty10k @notsencti k u guys can SHUT UP @buwonye hii beautiful ! @notsencti @Nighty10k log off @c0nHD I HAVENT BEEN HOME @holyFPS ohh my god ur snipes ! @woaruh thanks :) @bchaper2 real @woaruh that’s literally me @puffeez hi @woaruh @Soras_Ks hi @notsencti thanks for the information @c0nHD yeah for me thanks @Yohn i just did 😻🀞🏻 @Yohn sorry was unnecessary .. @n3zzko goodmorning <33 @Yohn go get checked at a hospital @woaruh i want to cry @Yohn damn, surprised it’s not filled with a bunch of girls who don’t want u @eugenevlr @144hero so real. @144hero be so fine until u go through their likes @lovrbrit ur so beautiful @woaruh LMFAO yeah…. @californut poke a straw through the bag now @lilixbby HEYYY LOL @soullig UR SO BEAUTIFUL KAYLA !!! @marsiebb i love being manipulated by u
i hate catching feelings bc now i’m overthinking after not getting a text back
Retweeted by vee :3 @ftpEMI hi beautiful <3 @jovepoems yes @webbslie no :( @natasukashii proof ??? @natasukashii i love u @yourstaka tyyy ily :) @luvtracers 😭😭 @mroa fortnite montage @kmaidenlg come over then @c6di twitter won’t let me change it idk why @c6di not today.. @c6di GIVE ME THEN PLSSS