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@cutelilpossum I'm on facebook! I'll dm u real quick @cutelilpossum if u delete twitter please stay in touch!!don't worry, guys. the liberals think DeWine is doing a great job at handling the pandemic even though he tried to… i hate it here @cutelilpossum maeve snuck in pasta once too lmfao @sxetia The eternal mood herself
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out here repping @aotpband @FATWEAKTRASH order from a spot you've never tried before"im so horny for josef stalin!" "oh no!" you say, clutching your pearls. "he's a pisces"
Retweeted by playboi sharti (im in MENSA it's funny) @FATWEAKTRASH ohhh, use veggies and potatoes then @FATWEAKTRASH yellow tofu curry ig? @FATWEAKTRASH curry @Skramzapologist ohhh I misread, my apologies @Skramzapologist h-how did you forget Gulchgood kid maad city, untrue, Ys can’t Rest Until I see that FOOT! 😭
Retweeted by playboi sharti (im in MENSA it's funny) @cutelilpossum in the aeroplane over the sea is an incredible album, but if the lyrics about Anne Frank don't sit w… @cutelilpossum noooo neutral milk hotel is so goooood @Skramzapologist @thirteencheers oh yeah for sure, I was barely able to stammer "a-are you that reddit guy" @thirteencheers yeah he lives in columbus and was a bouncer at a party I went to once. I shook his hand. @babykingtobey you kin your alter ego. we are ignoring the metaphysics of this
Retweeted by playboi sharti (im in MENSA it's funny)spongepog HAVE MET THIS MAN AND HE IS EVERYTHING YOU HOPED HE'D BE @Skramzapologist wow this looks just like youthis checks out @babykingtobey fuck yeah, glad to hear it @babykingtobey how are things down in the bog"you can't listen to music unless you can afford it" Spotify, not your fans.
Retweeted by playboi sharti (im in MENSA it's funny)i didn't know about flowbee until like yesterday, but someone owes the writers of Wayne's World a LOT of money @weedviolence ALWAYS @FATWEAKTRASH ❤️😘❤️gm twitter @Skramzapologist just an all around great guyhey all @Skramzapologist didn't donate any money to me bc he's broke but he did retweet the original post and asked… got my medicine and I'm on the verge of tears thank you all for being so nice to me @hIsMatriarch tbh you're the only support I need 😘 @cutelilpossum thank u payton ily2 🥺🥺 @weedviolence ily2🥺just got ignored in a mental health support group how's your evening
this is their venmo: please share if possible. thank you
Retweeted by playboi sharti (im in MENSA it's funny) @breadfanclub666 I'm gonna explode @Bladeisspooky god I love you @FATWEAKTRASH listen I realize I'm in the wrong here but but ranch and mayo cannot be the same category @realDonaldTrump bro people are dying and losing their homes stop bitching and do your goddamn job you fucking DIVA @FATWEAKTRASH fake midwesterner @shib___ TASTE @cutelilpossum im a midwesterner so I love mayo but yeah they are nowhere NEAR the same thingeveryone yell at her @karkaIicious rachel what the fuck @tbdtbh spotify literally invented Escape Room for some stupid reason (there's articles on it) and skramz is just a… @BlondedHelmet TDE seriously never misses @karkaIicious whose piss @BlondedHelmet I loooove isaiah rashad!I refuse to crop
Retweeted by playboi sharti (im in MENSA it's funny) @Skramzapologist yeah I'm a huge fan of nuanceit's so shitty that even our political system has been turned into a sort of celebrity drama. We need COVID relief… @weedviolence boo @haydenr97 you've made itthe ocean is so incredibly dope
@GradyBenton777 thank u grady, u a real oneRené Descartes 5x5 who tryna cancel me day today is a 10 year old @SaddestLndscape/@pianosband split. god I'm so excited to own this @babykingtobey oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuckCharlie Kaufman movie concepts
Retweeted by playboi sharti (im in MENSA it's funny) @hIsMatriarch I'll give you 20%the worst music discourse is autotune discourse @cucarachx_ the third game in the gen will be pokemon PISSsomeone help me start an onlyfans @Bladeisspooky lol imagine crowdkilling at a pop punk show???bye bitch!!!
@333333333433333 darcie come to rural ohio, there are many cows i can introduce you to @CaptainSpinch hit the nail right on the head @LilFlipzBoi that makes you one of the rare good ones @LilFlipzBoi more like that fandoms never shut the hell up and move on to appreciate other thingsthe beatles are the harry potter of music
meh @closureny so mad we'll never see GraveDigger @creamy__italian @cinnamongirrrll just listen to lord snow and circle takes the square and you'll be fine
@robbystarbuck bruh I been catholic for 27 years, Frances is the best pope we've ever had. and yes, Jesus was a socialist. @Skramzapologist that camp cope record rules so hardhey @RiversCuomo I challenge you to an old school street fight
@closureny chode modechode
Retweeted by playboi sharti (im in MENSA it's funny) @FATWEAKTRASH you can just admit you have a crush on me it's okay @FATWEAKTRASH yeah, and?hi twitter im wearing an uncharacteristic amount of color
@babykingtobey no, the frogs have already seen this @bongnoises i have a talent for coming up with terrible ideaslady logorrheacaptain nihilismdenim guyawful superhero ideas: - duckman - rabbitman - foot man - foot fetish man
smash fans be like: smash is the ONLY nintendo game why aren't they focusing ALL their efforts in SMASH!!!1!imagine being upset about not winning a grammy when you're widely considered to be one of the best rappers of this… @5minuterawvegan was wondering if mob psycho was worth checking out, I for sure will now