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Head of WPP GTB India. Proud to partner Ford. #MakeItMatter. #Balance. Tweets are personal opinions and don't reflect views of my organisation.

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Predicting the future may not be possible but calculating your Ford car’s service cost in advance sure is. Calcula…
Retweeted by Babita BaruahDon’t fall for gossip, check the facts yourself before you make your decision! Try the calculator here:…
Retweeted by Babita Baruah @DebeshiGooptu If it's not, then the organization has to take accountability. Like all organisations. @DebeshiGooptu Think this means both the organization behind the taxi and the driver as part of the organization. @shahi_hansa wow
@ddey67 Yeah so true @rahulksinha @iimb_official Really nice. @DebeshiGooptu Take care
" Show me a bruise free person and I will show you a coward."Ford and Vijay Raaz shut the gossipmongers wrote an article for Campaign. (Don't tell Claire Beale I've posted it here free). Dx
Retweeted by Babita Baruah @davedyecom @ramkid Read it. Read it again. Felt positive. Yet sad. It's a great piece. @anaggh Looks like a life connect but works so aptly for professional journeys. @PriyankaMehra12 :-(On Life. Something I wrote today.
Retweeted by Babita BaruahCan't wait to read"The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries." - Rene Descartes…
Retweeted by Babita Baruah
Profound true Always been a debate. Will work when there is an inherent trust between the employer and employee. Tod… @TAVF2019 Good luck @sm63 Really good. Surprised at the "missed call" though, from a brand like Amex?The #FamilyWaliFeeling When Ford Owners experienced the making of a Ford.
@thirtymlmusings @googlegupta @adgully @bijoyaghosh_'s #KunikPatel, Industry Head - Tech, Telco, OEM & QSR, is speaking at #XaxisDeviate 2019 on how Mobile empow…
Retweeted by Babita BaruahSome things can change but Ford’s Service Price Promise won’t. With Ford Service Price Promise, what you see is wha…
Retweeted by Babita BaruahLoved moderating the panel on Data and Creativity. A fantastic Xaxis initiative. @XaxisDeviate Panelists from… Wunderman Thompson Delhi. At #XaxisDeviate @WunThompsonSA Once a team, always a team @roshanabbas @TathagataChatt2 Thank you Roshan @tistathinks Happy anniversary to Maa Baba
@TathagataChatt2 Thank you#birthdaywishes #bestteamever #GTB wishes from my fabulous team. @TathagataChatt2 laughed. And felt happy. It's very profound. @rahulksinha Thank you and miss you
@samriddhd @ankurnow Thank you so much @trptripathi Thank you very much @creative_mann Thank you so much @TheDigitalLad @Social_Samosa Thanks once againYou are very generous a lovely surprise. Thank you @Social_Samosa @singhpriyanka Thanks so much Pri @jonesjoseph @tistathinks Thank youuuuThe Family. Always grateful. @arifkhan7 Arif, you are always so generous. @ramkid @tistathinks Ramki, thank you so much. @PandeyJaideep Thanks so much. So touched. @bhatnaturally Thank you Sir:-) @rameshnarayan @SureshKKurapaty Thanks so much RameshThat's why I love you @ayanchako Ayan thanks so much @ankurnow Thank you Ankoor:-)) @SureshKKurapaty Sorry I had to miss this one!! And thank you @manish_kamdar Thank you @kapslocks Miss you so much @anaggh Thank you very much:-) @sm63 Thank you so much:-)
@ninad101 Ninad :-)The Ford #SurprisinglyAffordable made it to Work That Works in week one. ET Brand Equity. Thank you @ETBrandEquity carpet bombing brand messaging is slowly but surely giving way to deep customised messaging and experiences,…, life goes on. The installed air purifiers are at work. 1 for 10 people. Masks for everyone for commute.… good @ShephaliBhatt @eastbengal @anaggh @mohitoz @parthodasgupta @DuttaAnirudha @sourabhmishra It's very good @babitabaruah Just ♥️ my ford.
Retweeted by Babita BaruahThat is why we say Feels Like Family.
This is my personal experience. The level of transparency on service parts with service cost is outstanding by…
Retweeted by Babita Baruah @bhatnaturally Also airport style of celebs
Made me feel so good about smileys. my home too for ten years. Will miss it, Tista. @harrytibs Thanks so much Hareesh @FordIndia @RanjitRaina @FordIndia Thanks so much.Always proud @sm63 @harrytibs @sm63 @FordIndia @cscs70 @GTB_Tweets Thanks Charanjeet for the RT. @FordIndiaSo proud @AlynaHajiOmar @askabtauto @dalveers @FordIndia Thanks for the RT, Dalveer.Thanks for the RT, Tista. @tistathinks @FordIndiaFord Answers Service Cost Apprehensions Again – In The Most Wittiest Way @FordIndia Read more at:
Retweeted by Babita BaruahFord India Service Price Promise. #SurprisinglyAffordable Watch Sharmaji have the last laugh, in our latest work on… some of my experiences with the students of Indraprashtha College on Nov 4th. At the National Media Confere…
@namchu Bobo received it from a friend :-) @Rocket_Captain @TathagataChatt2 You were awesome. @S_Diksha @Campaign_India @Ford @KapilSKalhan Thank youA great campaign by @FordIndia! Since, we have 3 #Ford cars in our fleet, we can totally relate to it. The cost of…
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Happy Diwali to our #GTBIndia team and everyone celebrating!
Retweeted by Babita BaruahBelieve in facts, not rumours. This #WorldSavingsDay, learn from Sharma Ji as he uses facts to take gossip head on…
Retweeted by Babita BaruahFord is very expensive to maintain - IS A MYTH! #ECOBEASTS #Hyderabad #Ford #Ecosport #FamilyWaliFeeling
Retweeted by Babita BaruahFord's cost of service is #SurprisinglyAffordable - what you see is what you pay. Watch Sharma ji as he takes all t…
Retweeted by Babita BaruahGTB Dads in office.#GTB . Our Ford India ongoing initiative on Cost of Ownership. #BreakTheMyth #Transparency post. Because it needed to be written. Indian Advertising: One Indian’s Cool Is Another Indian’s Science Fiction
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Made my morning.
@ddey67 @meajay Yes I read this. It's really so wonderful.It's one of the best stories I have read. greatest gift we can offer, along with a box of sweets, for our support staff at home and beyond, and the lesse…
@DebeshiGooptu My mum used to as well. Convenience?The magic of light. And the gift of sharing whatever we have. #MakeItMatter @paisatish Happy Diwali:-)