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Head of WPP GTB India. Proud to partner Ford. #MakeItMatter. #Balance. Tweets are personal opinions and don't reflect views of my organisation.

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@amitadilabadkar @bhatnaturally @ambimgp It's always better to avoid using "All" for any industry or group:-)WeTransfer blocked in India. I am not using the term "banned" unless it's confirmed. @radharani_m @parthasinha @ascionline @RajrishiSinghal @mohitoz @eastbengal @parthodasgupta Yes I know what you mea… @parthasinha @radharani_m @ascionline @RajrishiSinghal @mohitoz @eastbengal @parthodasgupta Yes. @radharani_m @ascionline @RajrishiSinghal @parthasinha @mohitoz @eastbengal @parthodasgupta I also believe that eve… @radharani_m @ascionline @RajrishiSinghal @parthasinha @mohitoz @eastbengal @parthodasgupta I have always believed…
Dial- A-Ford. @Oinx_roy HighYes so agree. I am optimistic about the Unlock. But religious places have crowds that are way more avoidable at thi…
@amithpr @48Plates @upsinath Maybe I will order during the day. @amithpr @48Plates @upsinath I went through Zomato and orders were closed. Sorry it was not 730 pm, more like 745. Will do so tom. @amithpr @48Plates Was closed for order at 730 pm. Will try tomorrow. @amithpr I am not boycotting anything. The government is giving enough support for a level playing field for home g… @amithpr @48Plates Looks great. Thanks for sharing. Checked out the menu. What a good selection of items. I don't k… is just so sad. Am ordering this evening and tomorrow as well. Had no idea or would have done so earlier this… it.
Dad in law, Mum, Dad. In another world. But in our hearts every day. #memories #parents #missmyparents me back to pre COVID19. Seems like years, not weeks. @vandananatu No just a quote I read @radharani_m @ascionline @mohitoz @ambimgp @SohiniBee @dabas_jeetu @thesatbir What's with this household help obses…"There's a lot of space between Yes and No than most of us realise..." from a session by Chris Voss.
@Oinx_roy Bacon is extreme good. Hope you agree:-)))))The well-equipped #FordAspire proves to be an ideal choice for the ones who not only love to drive but also prefer…
Retweeted by Babita Baruah"We need a universal, government-sponsored healthcare system because the free market system can't prepare and can't…
Retweeted by Babita BaruahTista, you know how much you mean to me. To us. Thank you. @radharani_m @mohitoz @tistathinks @thesatbir Read that this post has been removed with an apology. Posted on the Kent RO handle. @BestMediaInfo Great read.Thanks for the RT @mukeshpsThanks Tatha so much @kkalpu @medianews4u . @BalDiGhent have mentioned your wonderful team and food. #BeyondWFH you.
No offense to any astrologer or astrology, as I do respect every professional and discipline. Just curious. Did any… @tushar Loss of livelihood."Stay alert, Stay safe" has replaced "Stay home, Stay safe" coz if we stay home anymore, we may not have one to cal…
@KiranManral But won't it be summer holidays in June? @sm63 Yeah. I quite like geography though. To make a bucket list. To learn from differences. Tye sea of sameness gets to me at times.This 👇🏻.
Retweeted by Babita Baruah @tistathinks @ayanchako To meet you. Hugs.While calls and meetings happen if required on holidays, it's still a great feeling to have a day off. Specially a… green chilli plant carries three chillies. This morning, I was reminded of home. One day soon, will fly home fo… this useful. #Travelprotocol within India for air travel. the home skies open up today, wish the travel and hospitality industry all the best for a quick back on track. #travelsafe #travelingPassengers screened using a thermometer gun before boarding Vistara - Delhi to Bhubaneswar (Odisha) flight, schedul…
Retweeted by Babita Baruah @hrnext Taste that reminds me of home. Makes the gravy thick. Fills me with comfort and happiness, true potato style. @Swathirishi Yes. Buying everything.Eid Mubarak. Wish everyone happiness.
@rajeevsh Not just kid protection but scanning for some extremely provocative and insensitive content which can pot… @ddey67 Yes a few times. But we have gone early morning when some outlets yet to open. Stabucks, Sugar and Spice et… @thesatbir Yes. @piyushpankaj @priyankasehgal7 @mohitoz @RelianceFreshIN @NestleIndia @beastoftraal Yeah that's why I said guidelines @kkalpu @vinayverma99 @deepalinaair @ambimgp @Nishad @LloydMathias @DairyMilkIn Spike in TV viewing during COVID 19… @mohitoz Yes. For mass India. @mohitoz They are not at all geared for ecommerceDropped in at #Spencers Gurgaon today. Excellent safety arrangements. Quite well stocked up. And yes, finally back… @LloydMathias @deepalinaair @ambimgp @Nishad Yes Lloyd. @deepalinaair @ambimgp @Nishad @LloydMathias Honestly, I feel it works differently for different category and brand…"It's ok not to feel ok." So said someone. @mohitoz @priyankasehgal7 @RelianceFreshIN @NestleIndia @beastoftraal Yes ideally. No in reality. Some people, inst… @gcmouli @Vinamralongani Yes - if you cross over by air, bus and train :) Not by bike and car
Retweeted by Babita Baruah @sm63 This shows in the way our time as professionals is also viewed as when payable. Some of us attribute very little value to time, here.Spain announces plans to welcome tourists in July
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@mohitoz @priyankasehgal7 @RelianceFreshIN @NestleIndia @beastoftraal Ethics is a word that's lost its meaning for many of us. @mohitoz @priyankasehgal7 @RelianceFreshIN @NestleIndia @beastoftraal Consumers will make the final call. Taste, pr… @thesatbir I just posted the TOI article as well Wondering whether this will impact the struggling travel industry.At this auspicious conclusion of a month long fast, let us strive to inculcate the qualities of peace and empathy i…
Retweeted by Babita Baruah @amitadilabadkar @ambimgp @meajay @bhatnaturally It's an old ad. Hope we are aware? Yes it's a good one. @mohitoz @RelianceFreshIN @NestleIndia @beastoftraal This is deceptive for many Indian consumers who go by graphics… @sm63 @harrytibs :-))
@RahulGautam0906 GoshAlways proud of Tatha. at Scale. Is that a paradox?
@sm63 And the word pivot. @DeepaGovind Jumping in- Wants also have livelihoods and lives attached to them. With correct precautions, I feel e… smooth and refined engine teamed with a first-in-class 10-speed transmission creates a perfect synergy for 2020 F…
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2020 This is cultural. To me, WFH works best as a choice and a mixed and balanced team in both worlds, in the lo… good Deepali @ndasgupta Did:-) @ndasgupta Yes(3) Having said that, data used right, actually complements and elevates all of this. So yeah, takes me back to the… As someone said- if everyone behaved with the same logic, everything could have been predictively modelled and… am a great proponent of data based marketing and messaging. However, I am also a proponent and believer of never… @bhatnaturally Some have.Washing your hands is your most heroic act against the virus. RT if you agree @sidbshrestha @Asma_KhanLDN…
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Retweeted by Babita BaruahWhat’s summer without a vacation, isn’t it? Travel may be off the cards right now but you don’t have to miss out on…
Retweeted by Babita Baruah @bainjal Shocking"The pandemic is nudging us to consider how we can build greater resilience into our food system, reducing the mile… @radharani_m OMG I was just about to post this!!!!!! :-))))In the middle of what turns out to be quite a busy day, this made me smile. Laugh actually .:-0 @sm63 Me too. @KapilSKalhan @sumantbanerji @leishembaa Some RWAs are draconian.Sad. However, personally, we have been following t… @sm63 They say Hope can move mountains @sm63 Could be. Optimism published or read is contagious for sure. But real change happens when optimism is interna… on throttle vs light foot .You can see the difference in mileage Aspire 4 cylinder Engine makes you feel as if…
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