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Babs Gray @BabsGray Los Angeles, CA

Comedian and person, co host of @lady2ladycomedy and ps I have a podcast about Britney Spear’s Instagram @BritneysGram

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Happy Birthday to @TesstifyBarker, lady sister, dog rescuer, boot scooter, Britney detective, big heart, blonde bad…
Retweeted by Babs GrayIF U DON’T HAVE A JOKE ABUT GHOSTS U R NOT A COMICNobody: Me: Nobody: Me: Nobody: Me:
Retweeted by Babs Gray @silkyjumbo Sorry Shalewa ❤️❤️❤️ @TotallyAllen Allen @sbmellen @RyanCownie k. blocked. BYE! @DHagensten @kanyewest IT IS KANYE WESTThis absolutely idiotic thing I made with @RyanCownie hit 1 million views, and we are now rich af @sbmellen Not really any need for response to this joke!THEY SHOULA MODDDDAA anyone is elected to public office, they should a mod a neighborhood facebook group for 6 months minimum
@BigHern You still owe me lunch for your big breakSteve makes me laugh more consistently on this stupid app than anybody. Follow him for #great #content’s really cute to watch younger comics act like anything mattersLA Tonight!!! @SauceComedy 8PM @DeSano_Pizza ✨👏🏾✨this lineup is SPICY! JUST ADDED: @DewaynePerkins 💯 RSVP 👉🏾…
Retweeted by Babs Gray @chelofthesea Oh honey noLmao this goes un-surprisingly well with the “conspiracy theories” of the @BritneysGram podcast
Retweeted by Babs Gray @jennyyangtv JeNNY UR hAIIIIIR!!!
I hope this is your whole feed today. Lets hook our boy up. Just saw him again this weekend and he’s back, guys. It…
Retweeted by Babs GrayY'all listened to this week's episode yet? We talk masterminds, hideout plans, and hope to god that Sam isn't being…
Retweeted by Babs GrayI regret to inform you that I will watch Ricky Gervais’s new show and I will probably enjoy it and that’s just some… @whitneyteubs I don’t own any nor do I think I am one. Is this rhetoricalFour year old: do you have a husband? Me: No, I don't FYO: do you have a boyfriend? Me: Nope! FYO: but you have…
Retweeted by Babs GrayAlso go to this show DUHJust a random reminder that on any day of the week in Los Angeles you can see the best comedians in the country for… @Mike_Eagle WowowoeowowowowowowowowowWrote about the Paul Smith wall for hot new mag @thelosangelenos -- this was a fascinating interview and I hope you…
Retweeted by Babs GrayNew therapist: What brings you here? Me:
Retweeted by Babs Graythank you for having me ❤️
Retweeted by Babs Gray @msdanifernandez How many times does the word “fiery” appearThe directors cut of Rain Man ends with Dustin Hoffman moving to LA to do stand up
Retweeted by Babs GrayIt’s stand-up. It’s music. It’s faces you know and faces you should know. The New Negroes with @barvonblaq &…
Retweeted by Babs GrayHello, The first episode of @ComedyCentral ‘s UNSEND is now available! New ep. every Monday. We had a wonderful ti…
Retweeted by Babs Grayohhh fuck yea new @BritneysGram today! getting a job can wait ✋
Retweeted by Babs GrayI know JFL is under new management, so I wanted to recommend they re-up this insane lady’s press credentials for th…
Retweeted by Babs Gray @jp_mcdade Oh my god thank you I forgot about this @FixedAirHeather @JMScomedy @nicoleaimee This is amazing but the judges faces made me laugh
@lucia_fasano @BorboaGrant Dreams do come trueTonight we will be doing aerobics* followed by a fashion show* featuring the talents of @ahamedweinberg
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Holy heck @BabsGray- American sweetheart and professional model - is doing COMEDY tomorrow on our show 8:30 door…
Retweeted by Babs GrayDUKE HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Twitter can be used for good!!! Thank you thank you guys for sharing! 🎉
Retweeted by Babs GrayI’ve been off twitter for a few days and the first thing I see is a YouTuber swearing he didn’t fuck his catOMG please 🤞😍
Retweeted by Babs GrayHail Mary attempt for this guy Duke who needs out of the shelter in the next 3 hours -- he's paralyzed in his back…
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.@Uber cut their driver pay per mile almost in HALF on fucking St. Patrick’s Day weekend FYI. They’re about to go p…
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Retweeted by Babs Gray @nikkiblackcat 🤯 @karengeier Rockafire Explosion
Greatest thing you’ve ever seen.🏀💪😊 #Sports
Retweeted by Babs Gray @rachelxolson For NOWI’m in love sniff my friggin doink!! (Clean version if my bf’s parents google me:) @alexblagg I’m downI’m in love suck my fuckin dick!!❤️
Retweeted by Babs GrayLast night a man got out of his car and followed me, yelling, while I walked to my apartment.. but then I remembere…
Retweeted by Babs GrayThis show is only $5 when it should be $50 which is why the last one sold out! Headliner @BabsGray and ft…
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So sick of the hate. So sick of the body count. And our sorry ass excuse for a leader is out there teasin' violence…
Retweeted by Babs Gray @stefinitely85 I gotta admit he bothered me at first a little bit (esp because I wish they would have picked a woma… butterfly migration is just more aimless dreamers moving to my hometown. I’ve already had 3 butterflies ask me…
Retweeted by Babs Gray @karaklenk You guys have a real “will they won’t they” thing going onThis morning husband and I discussed in hushed tones whether to tell our 10 yr old. She attends a private Muslim sc…
Retweeted by Babs GrayTGIF!!! @SauceComedy is TO-NITE 🍕🍕🍕with a spicy lineup to get your weekend started okurrr!!! 8PM @DeSano_Pizza ✨RSV…
Retweeted by Babs GrayWe had @nicolebyer on the pod this week to talk about me trying to get on 90 Day Fiancé n other stuffffff"I have eaten cakes that have been left on my doorstep...but it turned out it was from Netflix so it was fine." -…
Retweeted by Babs GrayThe strong line of questioning and level of preparedness from @AOC for every committee hearing is fascinating to wa…
Retweeted by Babs Gray @JessicaPilot212 I was giving myself shit for feeling like I wasn’t working hard enough lately and I realized it’s… The New Zealand Mosque shooter says in his manifesto that he admires Donald Trump because Trump is “a sym…
Retweeted by Babs GrayPlease read this THREAD are #ChristChurch. This is not just about a single issue. Not just about Islamophobia. Not…
Retweeted by Babs Graythis show got cancelled so joke's on you if you wentWow come see me headline at Flappers Burbank in 90 minutes? Gr8 @benmekler @lady_writers where is this place??? This wall is amazing
@benmekler You’re ugly @BritneysGram Project #MileySaveBritney needs to be in full affect. @MileyCyrus @britneyspears @TesstifyBarker @BabsGray
Retweeted by Babs GrayI’m sure he’s great but Beto O’Rourke always makes me think of like some guy you dated in college who said “I can’t…
Retweeted by Babs GrayDj Khaled showing this to his wife right now.
Retweeted by Babs GrayLadies, your ex continues to watch all of your Instagram stories because you’re too good of a storyteller! If you w…
Retweeted by Babs Gray @lisadraws ....................... @nanglish @ChaseMit @pen15show @RussianDoll God i just finished @peni15 and I don't think I've ever been so looking… to the FBI agent who wore a whipped cream bikini to get intel for #OperationVarsityBluesExcuse, but did someone say fundamentals?
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@lindsaygoldwert @samlymatters @jenspyra @Kristen_Arnett @michaelbsacks @MikeDrucker @sarahcpr @janellejcomic 16 at The Bunker: @andyhendrickson @davewaitecomedy @BabsGray @fartdaddy69 @jaredlogan
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green book, the sequel.
Retweeted by Babs Graya shen yun billboard outside of ebbing, missouri
Retweeted by Babs GrayGay sex should be part of sex education in schools.
Retweeted by Babs GrayI would pay $$$$ for a fitness class that was just dancing the choreography to the late 90s/early 2000s pop songs from my teen years
Retweeted by Babs GrayI am Fritz tonight come see me Fritz first time u walk a runway it feels like flying...the second time feels like work.
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If you’re spending your Sunday snuggling with your pup, or if ya just want to help a pup in need plz donate a bit t… you want me to stop buying fast fashion, you have to start making clothes for fat women who aren’t 55 years old.…
Retweeted by Babs GrayMY FRIENDS ARE IDIOTS AND FAMOUS size 12 ish ladies, where do you buy good lingerie, in person? ordering online is such a crapshootIDEA: Crashing season 4 comes back but I play Pete HolmesSomebody tell LeBron everybody's 1st year in LA sucks.
Retweeted by Babs Gray @milliedechirico Do u want me and my bf to run into you on the street again cause I’m here for thisI think my great-great-grandparents look like bradley cooper and paul dano
Retweeted by Babs Gray @AmySilverberg Sorry Amy we deleted your episode for being too horny @SymoneJett She so shinyyyyyWow I have received the most High Quality and Funny responses from Men on this Tweet, I assure uThe full list to date! ❤️
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