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Children's author; consultant oral language development, parenting; collector & restorer American antiques

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Derek Chauvin did not act alone. When George Floyd laid on the ground, crying out for his life, it was not one, no…
Retweeted by Babsy BDuring past international crises, health or otherwise, American presidents have assumed global leadership roles. T…
Retweeted by Babsy BBlack lives depend on whether America can be what we want to believe it is. What we need it to be. What it could be…
Retweeted by Babsy BHoly hell. Imagine your country’s democracy was just attacked and the first time you talk to the Ambassador from th…
Retweeted by Babsy B- Standing up for a teammate - Ways to show courage - Finding unfairness in the world - Getting a job to help put…'s inner self - Knowing that all people matter - Being target of verbal and physical insults - Holding back…, time-sensitive virtual story time w my 5 yo grandgem and this 1975 book. Concepts & vocab in Jackie Rob… @Traitor_Warrior Oh, do feel better! Best ice packs EVER are these exywrap gel packs 6" x 12" I discovered in physi… @LindseyGrahamSC WHAT?!?!?!? would @McCainLEGACY JohnMcCain say to you? @MaraGay YAY! Go Mara! @fras99 Our household does.FINALLY!
Retweeted by Babsy B @DanRather And the Governor of MN has apologized this morning for that mistake.
@Traitor_Warrior Plz get well. We notified them will be silent on Twitter now until they hold him accountable and remove his salacious lies. @hmorley29 Done, Mika @Twitter Dear Twitter. My small business will abandon use of your platform until you hold this president and his fa…’s time for @Twitter to suspend @realDonaldTrump. It’s not the official POTUS account. It’s the hate-filled strea…
Retweeted by Babsy B.@realDonaldTrump should be removed from Twitter. What he is doing to this poor family is an abomination. If he wer…
Retweeted by Babsy BDelete t @Traitor_Warrior Take care.Whew. Give yourself a pat on the back if you made it through that long weekend of parenting. Tuesday. Sing! TUESDAY…
#parentingtips #ParentingMatters If you're a parent who could use a tad of empathy about now, read today's… @JenSeniorNY Loved your piece in today's paper. And, of course, I have a poem for that @ @charley_ck14 @RachelWF Superb!#IfObamaWereStillPOTUS we’d have a sharp President, not a Sharpie President.
Retweeted by Babsy BEver notice how a bully is always late?Not a regular Monday. No way. Still it is Monday, so let's sing for a Memorial Day tribute with our most POSITIVE P…
Who in your life has shown COMPETENCE in something today? Tell us about it. @Babsybbooks on a JOY LOOK around here today. Found a bunch of JOYS! How about you? And reminded me I've got a poem for that… JOE! @SheriAWilkinson Congratulations! Oughta get a pool going on this one! 13!! Wow! We have 2. You are one lucky lady.… accomplice. @DraperRobert Robert, I am sorry for your deep loss. Losing our mothers is an awakening to our own lives and mortal…, tell yourself you know more about your message than anybody out there in your audience. Go! @SassyChick1979 Oh no!!!! I'm so sorry for all you're going through. Get well!Today's NY Times front page. Tears. Thank you in advance to whoever will post a meme of him golfing atop that page. Tears.It’s Sunday. You can do this while you’re resting and relaxing: TALK with a child about what each of you did yester… are your family’s rules? Remembering our #WOWWords, let’s think POSITIVELY and come at it from this PERSPECTI…'s found all the numbers with a TRICKSTER in the middle? Hint: 57 has a trickster.
How's everyone's patience 'bout now? Read & sing "The Bridge is Up!" @USMCLiberal Congratulations, Jake!Christopher Robin came down from the Forest feeling all sunny and careless, and just as if twice nineteen didn't ma…
Retweeted by Babsy BThe Owl and the Pussy-cat by Edmund Lear. #homeschooling with our ten year old. He's loved this project.
Retweeted by Babsy BOh my!
Retweeted by Babsy BSaturday is chore day, yes? Add a spoonful of sugar to make that medicine go down. Yeah! Read aloud to a child. And…
@realDonaldTrump @nytimes
Retweeted by Babsy B @realDonaldTrump @nytimes
Retweeted by Babsy B#Brazil now has the 2nd highest number of #coronavirus cases in the world. The virus is also spreading more quickly…
Retweeted by Babsy BOh my!, Bill, I'd interrupt, say my piece, and walk out on her.'re so right, Rachel. Cannot forget the sickness, the deaths.’s turning 3 years old? Party Time? Gift Time? Coloring Book or Download Card Song make perfect party favors! Ba… can I be of help to you today? Or over this LONG weekend? I’m here to help you build your child’s storehouse of… remind, a #Wow #WOWWord is a word that, when spoken by your child, causes listeners to say, “WOW!” YEP, your chi… learner. A child's first 5 to 8 years are the all-important years to lay down that foundation for all… your child to be a lifelong learner? Of course you do! Then say, "I like your POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE this as we… is here again. Stay healthy. And read aloud to a child. And sing. FRIDAY SONG
@eliehonig whoa @mmpadellan yep @mentalpausal You must feel devastation at such a deep loss. I'm so very sorry. May you take care of yourself as yo… wants attention...and doesn't care about those people, about you, nor about me. by mail is safe and secure. Especially during a pandemic. But Trump continues to say – without evidence – i…
Retweeted by Babsy B @CoastalCndn noAnyone turning 3? Party Time? Gift Time? Babsy B is on it! Here ya go! #parenting #kids WHINING in your home today? ASK BABS #KIDS #HOMESCHOOLING #HOMESCHOOLING2020 #PARENTINGNeed a spoonful of Meltdown Magic? ASK BABS #KIDS #HOMESCHOOLING #HOMESCHOOLING2020 #PARENTINGASK BABS about behavior management with your young child. #kids you know? Nouns - 1st words babies learn to say. LITTLE BOOKS of NOUNS gives #kids a head start with NOUNS and… will PARTICIPATE to find and use today the capitalized #WOWWords in this sentence: It seemed HAZARDOUS to enter… poem with 60+ more in my book, DON'T GO OUT IN YOUR UNDERWEAR! at #KIDS TRICKSTER Time in #math. How is 3 a TRICKSTER when five line up in my "Lining Up!"? How many… @DavidJollyFL Yep @FridaGhitis History lesson! @thomaskaine5 dunno @AriFleischer Ari, you do know better than that. Yes, you do.Maybe if we called it “male” in voting, President Trump wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it.
Retweeted by Babsy B @SassyChick1979 Soooooo sorry. Feel better. A helpful giggle if there's a breath. Be well. love to receive mail. Today's homework to each of us: Send a note in the mail to a special child in your life… @SpeakerPelosi Nancy Pelosi, THANK YOU! Keep on in spite of this barrage of right antics. We will prevail. And BTW,… New Case Trend May 16: 413 May 17: 299 May 18: 680 May 19: 580 May 20: 948
Retweeted by Babsy BThursday already again! Oh, my! Here we go with our song... THURSDAY Song
He’s spinning out of control because he’s going to lose. VOTE.
Retweeted by Babsy BIt seems that President Trump has a deep fear of the will of the people being expressed through their right to vote.
Retweeted by Babsy B😳
Retweeted by Babsy BI will be reaching out to head of twitter about their policies being violated every day by President Tump. Hope my…
Retweeted by Babsy B#homeschooling #KIDS Nouns are words I use to say the…. Put a poem or song in a child’s ear and it hel… #babies #Toddlers What'd you read together today? Babsy B Board Books give you quick and repetitive text… #homeschoolers #KIDS Wanna meet some more Tricksters? Math characters! Yep. Promise it will not be HAZARDOUS (… it's Wednesday, the trickster in the middle! And how about a click on these "Tricksters in Tales"...can you iden…, that TRICKSTER in the middle of the week! Huh? FOLLOW ME for some Trickster-ish and fun clarification…la… on Lindsey. Get real. What would John McCain say to you? One must be competent and worthy of touching that cloth cover.“Spectacularly nuts” says Steve Schmidt. And how!
Share stories and pix of your #KIDS PARTICIPATING in play acting real-life experiences @Babsybbooks NOTE: The all…, uh, what's that? Tiger? Health insurance? WHA-A-A-T?'s colorful wall decor to help lift spirits of patient and practitioner alike. Update: they're ready to clos…! Let's look around while we wait. Distractions are helpful to stay POSITIVE. Hmmm. This facility seems we… is that Tiger's injury requires surgery. But there's reason for POSITIVITY with an encouraging PERSPECTIVE… is that Tiger found himself in a rather HAZARDOUS area. And one Tiger nose ended up inside of one dog's mouth…