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@ClinicalLiz Probably won't help you this time, but I have started to map out my articles into sections I want to c… @McsweenCraig @mahithgamage So to have the number of xpnts we do now, a team would have to be turning in performanc… @McsweenCraig @mahithgamage Depends on your source of data - I've seen it at 60 this weekend. But the idea is the s… sanders is not a radical. Raising minimum wage is not radical. Pursuing healthcare for all is not radical.…
Retweeted by Stephen Drennan @LFCJack_96 He's shit at long throws in fairness.Oblak is worth more than 30,000,000.01 to score much lower in terms of what we use in public data in terms of players involvement defensively. Gin… highlights a problem I see with using volume metrics for defensive actions - players who play in this way (e.… maddening thing about that goal from a defensive perspective is how many players dove into things taking thems… getting absolutely rinsed here. @Michael_J_Adams @futebolbaseroom Oh there is a huge list with varying degrees of 'close' to signing - includes Zla… @mrexperienceJA @markgoldbridge But that is the new level? They have gone from ~5th-7th under Moyes, LVG and Mourin… @futebolbaseroom I think not signing Makelele, Kante and Ronaldo when he had the chance is up there. Messi was also… is twitter, so I have to state that I am aware he once played for Arsenal and they - laughably - let him go.Serge Gnabry seems to absolutely love playing in London. Imagine if he ever signed for a London-based club!!! @MariCLewis A team whose most well known song is 'We'll see you in court' @markgoldbridge You end up never dealing with the floors above the bottom two (director of football, boardroom, own… @markgoldbridge Nope. Said it many times but it's like a burning multi-story building which you are trying to fix… Manchester City 20-21 Home Kit @Hippokloppamus From playing Pandemic a lot, I've realised Madagascar is the place to be. I could have wiped out… @utdarena 1. Brandon Williams is United's best full back. Really impresses me and makes good choices - which is unu… much of what you see in the world today, from Trump, Brexit, Climate Change Denial comes down to this."Against stupidity we are defenseless. Reasons fall on deaf ears; facts that contradict one’s prejudgment simply ne…
Retweeted by Stephen Drennanincidental. Never again will we try to persuade the stupid person with reasons, for it is senseless and dangerous.”…"Against stupidity we are defenseless. Reasons fall on deaf ears; facts that contradict one’s prejudgment simply ne… fairness to her, if she was singing what City do, she would still be singing about Liverpool., otherwise the whole laughable time at Valencia wouldn't have happened and he wouldn't have embarrassed hims…"We see the world as we are, not as it is" Neville has no inside knowledge here or has ever discussed this with Sa… @SelecaoTalk @topimpacat Your choice of measure doesn't prove this. You are incapable of basic math if you think it does. @SelecaoTalk And muted. If you cannot tell the difference between facts and opinions, especially when the data has… @SelecaoTalk @topimpacat This is dumb math. It's a zero sum game. Really think about this. It's like saying the pe… @SelecaoTalk Actually don't bother, I'll mute this so I don't waste any further time refuting your made up numbers. @SelecaoTalk Only four EPL seasons on record has the 3rd place team on 80+ points. 4th place has never had that man… @SelecaoTalk Dismissing any and all evidence that refutes your point. Literally the definition of confirmation bias. @SelecaoTalk or all seasons played, yet they are miles off Liverpool. @SelecaoTalk That is simply because football works in cycles. The teams you traditionally think of as the top teams… @SelecaoTalk just suddenly became shit but were actually really good the day before? @SelecaoTalk There were 4 English teams in the 2 European Finals last season, and Man City - the league leader with… @roscoe_2000 that would allow them to realise they are wrong. @roscoe_2000 It's also impossible. Because anybody that understands science and math at the most basic of levels wi… @SelecaoTalk You used the word 'fact' for what is an opinion @AndrewNessy Aston Villa going out and spending ~150m - without having a sugar daddy arrive to make it happen is a good indicator. @pete_ellis70 I think there is a huge difference between people our age who you talk to as real people with real op… @pete_ellis70 Or that, on average, teams below Liverpool have less points than before. No shit! That is exactly how… @pete_ellis70 Oh I love it. The bitterness and crying, the desperate attempts to undermine us just to make them fee… @bririley_70 Yeah, exactly. I made that argument and was told that it highlights just how weak european football… viz this. Well in. Liverpool dropping 18 points, they won them instead The flaw in their line of thinking is that no team can ever… less points to go around teams below them. It's simple maths. If Liverpool had dropped ~18 points to the teams… see lots of examples of saying the EPL is weak this season because teams below Liverpool have less points than av… @BrownGed @queklopp I wasn't planning to. But now... 😄Has a goal involvement from open play of 0.084 per 90 this season. It was 0.086 last season. So it seems like l… @lexie_najas You are falsely assuming causation though. When Klopp has Gomez at RB, did we see these numbers? Or… @MLSDNSG Don't think Lallana would get in above Gotze or Kagawa as the penetrative midfielder though. @lexie_najas Okay, I produced the data for your placing of the goalposts before. Now you are shifting them so I'll… @Vaibhav_MU Nah, Reus doesn't get in ahead of Mané. He was (and still is) a great player but nobody ever realistica… @lexie_najas If you remove wing backs - then things start to look ridiculous for Trent.
Retweeted by Stephen Drennan @lexie_najas If you remove wing backs - then things start to look ridiculous for Trent. @lexie_najas So what you are saying is, in the interests of fairness, we should look only at open play involvement… @nazenanip4ul @50ShadesOfHendo He owned the Premier League`s midfield for a few years. Absolute nightmare to play against.I am only today realising that United fans telling Trent to 'come outside' is a thing. They pick and chose their… will get praise because they scored two goals, but that is just results-based analysis. They played well beca… Thing to remember with PPDA is exactly what is being measured. "Passes per Defensive Act…
Retweeted by Stephen DrennanTonight, Moyes' side managed a pathetic 120. Only the 88 ( ! ) managed by Villa was lower. West Ham only managed… Moyes hoofball falls into the latter category. We did press high, but it was nothing crazy. We average 24 d… Thing to remember with PPDA is exactly what is being measured. "Passes per Defensive Act…
@Morriisz @bernardooooV3 #ProjectingThis Liverpool team now (jointly) holds the all time English top flight record for most consecutive wins (18), and…
Retweeted by Stephen Drennan @meepok0315 @queklopp Not too late to start this - this account is pretty much dedicated to using stats and footy analogies :D @rayxnene Those screenshots are all from understat. You can use the likes of sofascore and fbref too for quick and easy public statsResult gave the illusion of a game that was much closer than it actually was. If Mané had just looked across the… @MariCLewis @jameswtweet That's fair, he changed the tempo of the game and that was crucial. But I think Trent was still clear of everyone. @TuchyJay Yep. I think tonight people might start to see the value in players who are tidy and keep the ball - then… @ScottCGroom Thought it was by far one of his worst performances for us since moving to CB… @football_fv Literally never heard that term - but then my Spanish knowledge is zero :D I love Sombrerito though.… @TuchyJay @EarlRavebrook Made far more than one mistake. Lost Diop for the first, Fornals for the second, Let antonio in ahea… @UmpteenthChaptr So take for example City - they have averaged 2.11 points per game this season. In a 38 game sea… @TuchyJay Probably his worst game since moving to CB tbh. @jameswtweet As I said, it should be a poll of just Trent. The others I threw in based on highest rated on stats si… @football_fv True? I had no idea what the rest of South america called it. Just know it's a Chapeuzinho in Brazil -… @queklopp Absolutely. Count that fucker down match by match and savour every second of it :DHonestly, think Trent absolutely walks away with it and was tempted to just put a poll of 1 option :D Gini was goo… of the Match? @ricflairandyh Jon Moss hadn't met his target of 1000 steps. Needed another 5 minutes to cram them in.a 7 point season over 38 games.14 point season over 38 games. City have averaged 2.11 points per game this season. Maintaining that form over the… a 28 point season over 38 games. The average EPL champion picks up 2.29 points per game. At average champions f… Liverpool now need 12 points to win the league. Or 1.09 points per game. Which equates to a 41 point season… in, hoofed away - full time whistle. It's over 3-2 win. ... and now you're gonna believe us...Ball in cleared out to Noble, he fires it in, looks in... Gini deflects wide. CornerMatip gives up a fk on the corner of our box. 5 minutes of time already played. Last kick this...What a ball from Ali to Ox. Pass back to Ali, instead of finding Gomez with the simple ball off to the side, he d… poor again there though. Through ball from Antonio to Bowen, 1v1, Ali comes out to kill the angle. Tries to… casually making 1v1 saves to keep us ahead. My keeperAnd it's chalked off - Turns out that LiVARpool stuff is bollocks I guess. Who knew?4-2 Mane again. Gini, Ox and Trent brilliant in the buildup. Oh this will be offside. @mattdfoot Often the case this season tbh. We seem to have extra gears that we go into when a goal behind - like v Villa.