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Mallory ♡ tender and cruel.♡ insta: baby_teeth.jpg ♡

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@bitmapt Chunkarina
4 songs starting with p bla bla wanna survive the winter with me @scathingblonde Hewwo?
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Retweeted by baby angel emojigoodbye hot girl summer, hello fat bear autumn
Retweeted by baby angel emoji @undrgrndlair69 I don’t wanna blow her up by posting it but it’s so goddamn funnyHer pussy Is not out but still why would u do thisThis girl posted an Ali express review witu no pants or panties on in the pic I’m..mind if i slip into something more comfortable (a coma)
Retweeted by baby angel emoji @denzelsterling It’s already on “my life’s a movie” playlist @a_cheat Pure chaos I love it @a_cheat My favorite political figure was when hello kitty was Japan’s travel Ambassador @a_cheat I don’t even know what that man did like way to pick a random ass PresidentHis was Calvin Coolidge btwShe wants my hundred dollar bills, she don’t want love
A man on a dating app opened with “what’s your favorite president” and what else am I supposed to say but none of them
@paulbensonsucks Very sensual, jiji @metalpail It’s such a huge glaring errorthe way this is one of the foremost abolitionist texts of our generation
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Retweeted by baby angel emojiI pay too much for hbo max for there not to be an episode selection option like wtf..Anyone considering becoming a US citizen fees are going up 81% fees are $640 right now and will go up to $1,160 st…
Retweeted by baby angel emoji @BIGBABYSCUMBAG It’s a good word to use for laughs
Minimalism is for the rich. Garish maximalism is for the people.
Retweeted by baby angel emojia relationship should be 50/50 he buys the weed i smoke it
Retweeted by baby angel emoji @dustmop @morpo_winfrey Ok stole my answer so I guess I’m doing poppers on top of it @AkshulyIzLauren I love this playlist @umru_ I hate that this is how u found outI kind of miss having a sex drive lol @undrgrndlair69 Shoulda got the Travis Scott meal @brucedaddy_ Well it got “ banned “ so who knows now @FinnGraff @glamdemon2004 I would never sell Serena out without a hefty payout ♡ @gupimusic Ok hear me out: as someone who is 30 and not affiliated with any music scene I think it’s nice there’s a… relationship should be 50/50. he gives me his credit card and i spend his money
Retweeted by baby angel emoji @ULTRASLUT 😖 @ULTRASLUT And the ensuing p*dicure records @brucedaddy_ This guy is the best guy on tik tok @glamdemon2004 Thought so but needed a confirmation. @glamdemon2004 Omg spill the teaI’m dudes @SKHORROCKS*you have been visited by the nyc bagel kitten*~ rt to tell him” ayyyyy I’m walkin here!” @Jokamundo I don’t wear mine enough/move in them a lot to break them in quickly so this is so much more comfy and a… shit the dickies flex fit is life changing. If ur a person with hips and an ass def go for flex fitMy kitten is obsessed with knocking shit over so I started just sticky tacking down things to the shelves 😭I fr need to get cuffed before winter corona hits im gonna die of boredom otherwiseAnyone up yet? @sophsa It’s the horny bottom emoji bc it’s the face u make when he slides it in 🥴The horny bottom emoji @ivy_hollivana Lashesss
*finished @WhiteyPPG Wow can’t believe I missed it @WhiteyPPG Again?Recently filling drawing I sadly spilled rubbing alcohol on :/ threw up in his stroller ;/My mom and @glamdemon2004 would be so mad if she saw how many finance bro’s I turn down on hinge 🥴I don’t want to work out bc lazy but thinking of taking Theo for a walk to the parkAdding more neutrals into my wardrobe ~ climate change clock in union sq can tick and idcccc. The state of the world is so bad that poor people can’t f…
Retweeted by baby angel emoji @seanieviola Remember sparks @brucedaddy_ As Robert pattinson yes @brucedaddy_ Me when I see a cute boy skate by me 😔🤕 @dreammboi Wearing jeans in ur own home is illegal but u look cute so u get a pass
@christie_png Idk if u like Sanrio but girl and Sanrio just did a collab. I’ve seen all timers have cute boards too. @emhaasch It’s so good @ssejnoriiega Ty bb @SteveDietrich13 It is a bissellBack on the pole today @mybfthinksimhot Uwu @barelygoth Hahah I know it feels like ages ago @n00bzomi They’re generally heavier coverage so I don’t think that would be a great go to for workWhy r men so obsessed with doing backflips2 springs ago on film ♡ season
Retweeted by baby angel emojiPumpkin Carving! 🎃
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Halloween is coming 👻
Retweeted by baby angel emoji @cat98793489 Also girls who like SanrioHMUBoys: if u are located in nyc and looking to give me free weed all the timeI don’t miss my ex but I really really miss how he just used to give me weed for free all the time @yeahokblake That’s me
Like one that doesn’t cook or clean 😌Watching real housewives kind of makes me wanna be a house wife @brucedaddy_ Oh my god my high school memories just came flooding backHave to buy flex fit dickies bc my ass is too fat :/
Retweeted by baby angel emojiHow does he be so baby @brucedaddy_ Nooo she’s like a mix of something. I feel like she has Siamese in her tho bc she’s got the darker tai… want a necklace with my birthstone on it 😭Is this not the man from maroon 5? girl autumn is when I wake up and get stoned at 8am but then order a pumpkin spice latte @barelygoth I wish I found a stray and could keep it. Theo was found in someone’s yard lol1091918344759
Retweeted by baby angel emoji @barelygoth Noooo I worked so hard to adopt my babies lol @brucedaddy_ I love the color scheme of ur cat my cat has the same oneHelp there is an unattended hex bug crawling around my house..somewhere