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@carlykimmel Delight!! @TheNextMartha This is Parenting: Championship level. You have advanced to the end of the game!One cool thing about being back on birth control is my period is lighter and also never stops.
A beautiful sight: moving boxes arrive at the White House. (Via @erinscottphoto)
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This is the most bipartisan impeachment vote in U.S. history.
Retweeted by Jill Krause @ricwi Wow, that sounds like a page out of the US playbook. @HeatherBarmore Omg this is incredible. @lmayes YOU KNOW! YOU CAN HEAR IT RIGHT NOW CAN'T YOU?Believe me when I say I AM CHUCKLING. Please say it like this tho: "Whale, leh me letcha goh."
@debontherocks Congrats, Deb!! @Sivjegoose I really am. I don’t take it for granted. @iproposethis That was me for weeks. Nearly a whole month. Finally just slowed TF down over the weekend. Forced mys… @BecomingMom Actual monster @Chookooloonks That gif is perfection.
Protesters seek change. Terrorists seek blood. Those words are not synonyms. Maybe write that one down, the media.
Retweeted by Jill Krause @KimRosas Wow, Kim. I'm so sorry. @MusicianGirl That sounds really hard. I'm sorry. @bootsndiamonds Oof. I'm sure that's added so many more complicated layers. I'm sorry you're balancing all of this. @tadmas Oh, David. I'm really sorry to hear that. @ssegraves Brutal @Chookooloonks So true and so infuriating. @AllysonDowney Biggest hugs. I imagine that genuinely traumatic. @sbaca My family and I def are on various ends of the political spectrum, but at the heart of it, we are a family t… truly ache for those of you who have close family who support him. I'm sorry you have to navigate that tension. I… have a lot to be grateful for, and at the top of that list is that my immediate family is all anti-trump. That ma… @megnedo_ Yes!! Bravo to her! @BrianSimsPA @Lesdoggg *y'all @parlertakes @Rachel_McRea HA!!! That literally made me LOLWhite women, too.More white men doing this, please. @MichaelGarofola @AMLIapts What. Thefuk. @iproposethis No @lifewithpants @lifewithThisOne We're hybrid, so some are saying they should just all do virtual tomorrow because they are dead inside. @lifewithThisOne Also, hello! This NEVER HAPPENS! Let them skip school, MONSTERS.I just want to know who hurt the adults who feel the need to roll their eyes at Texas schools taking a snow day whe…
If Girl Scouts can get a box of Thin Mints into the hands of everyone in the US within a month, why can't we all be vaccinated by now?
Retweeted by Jill Krause @tiredcurmudgeon Valid!Hands down, the best part of snow in Texas is seeing all the random shit parents throw on their kids in place of pr… those still attending a church- if your leader doesn’t renounce white supremacy and supremacists in Jesus’ name…
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@TheJGValdez @netflix @TheRepairShop Noted! @thatnataliedawn @netflix @TheRepairShop Found it via someone else who binged it in the midst of a mental breakdown. Strong soothing vibes.If you're looking for televised Xanax (who's not?), highly recommend @Netflix @TheRepairShop. Just sit back and wat… are the dumbest people on earth.
Retweeted by Jill Krause @TheBabyGuyNYC What a journey.
@ogbrenna Will be interesting to look at the data a few years out because, anecdotally, I know that a lot of them haven't stayed married.DO YOU KNOW ABOUT TIK TOK FILTERS
Retweeted by Jill Krause @justinkirkland4 Take me there. @HeatherBarmore SO MUCH JOY IN MY HEART RIGHT NOW @apollo_river @oneunderscore__ He's welcome to start his own social media platform, or put his views on a platform online that he owns. @Mom101 Let me know if it stands the test of time! @Mom101 LOL! @Mom101 Someone was talking to me about Jerry Maguire last week and I was like, damn, I need to re watch that. @FromRvaToLA @historychanel_ It writes itself.I bet @historychanel_ is so pumped.There could be an entire streaming channel dedicated to JUST the Trump admin time in office. The content is endless.Y'all, this season finale is going to need a whole 3 seasons. 2020 alone is going to need, like, a Lord Of The Rings size trilogy.Got an email from @BananaRepublic and was like 'whew, just clothes not my new government'
Retweeted by Jill KrauseParents. Please teach your kids how to be a good loser.
Retweeted by Jill KrauseI just want to sleep through the rest of this presidency but people keep letting him be president and I'm running out of ambien.
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Me to a colleague yesterday: "Omg so sorry I didn't get that thing done today. Was distracted by A COUP." @babyrabies Especially for cabinet members. If you “resign in protest” instead of working your butt off to invoke t…
Retweeted by Jill KrauseI'm confused. How is resigning right now helping any of this at all? Like they allllll leave and then what? He's ju…“This is not who we are” is gaslighting.
Retweeted by Jill KrauseRacists Are Recruiting. Watch Your White Sons.
Retweeted by Jill KrauseThey said that part out loud
Retweeted by Jill KrauseSpeaker Pelosi just now: “I join the Senate Democratic leader in calling on the vice president to remove this presi…
Retweeted by Jill KrauseProper framing, thank you.
Retweeted by Jill Krause @jennamariebee OMG did that news just break YESTERDAY??? Jesus. That was the longest 24 hours of my life.Men will literally storm the capitol instead of going to therapy
Retweeted by Jill KrauseFour Americans died today during the attack on our Capitol. Same as Benghazi. Would Republicans like to get Trey Go…
Retweeted by Jill Krause @Chookooloonks @grace134 MOMMA IS TIRRRRED
Remember when they cracked that old man’s head open in New York for.....standing on the street
Retweeted by Jill KrauseImagine being a senator hiding in your office as your place of work experiences a real-life intruder drill by treas…
Retweeted by Jill Krause @lauratremaine Ewwww @ifeedmilk4bb @mochamomma @drinkwaterho Done! @mochamomma <3 Virtual hugs. Be good to yourself. I value you so much, Kelly! Very thankful to have benefitted from… @pappybryant @mochamomma My mouth is so dry from hanging agape all day.I just realized I haven't had any water to drink today (that is not coffee). Rectifying that now! CC: @mochamommaJust a reminder that this is who was "standing back and standing by".
Retweeted by Jill KrauseDomestic terrorism, reporters/writers/producers. Use the term.
Retweeted by Jill KrauseHundreds of people storming the U.S. Capitol to defend a guy who would step over them if they were dying in the street.
Retweeted by Jill Krause @RepNancyMace Oh sweet child, this is totally who you are.Black people can’t even sleep in bed safely at night without getting shot and killed by police. But when white nati…
Retweeted by Jill KrauseThis is the result of DECADES of inflammatory rhetoric from the likes of talk radio and shills on the right who put…
Retweeted by Jill KrauseA house call service where a really kind, great smelling, non creepy, mentally stable adult comes to my house at mi…
Retweeted by Jill KrauseDing dong the Mitch is dead!!!!
Retweeted by Jill KrauseBlack people finna save the country again?! 👀
Retweeted by Jill Krausei know this is petty but i'd like a live shot of mitch mcconnell wiping his tears with his klans robe if that's possible
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Teachers get one step closer to sainthood with each pet they are shown on zoom....
Retweeted by Jill Krause2021 flavored anxiety: You have never cared so much about the state of Georgia ever in your life.
@Mamademics I've designed 3 or 4 sites with Soledad. I'm always really happy with how easy it is to customize. Can'… @HannahSherilyn Ha!Twitter is a lot of things to me, but mostly it's where I come to confirm that something is down for everyone and not just me. @thisbethlife Oh. You are realll close to the pay off 💦 @ifeedmilk4bb I’m not complaining!Wait wait wait. Is the seasons hottest Netflix binge really just about the perils of pulling out? #Bridgerton
@lifewithThisOne 🤣🤣🤣
New year, same me. No way 2021 is getting credit for the work I did in 2020 by claiming I’m someone new. 2020 didn…