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“Education: the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty.” Mark Twain

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+/- 10% of any population are narcissists @Hedzer15 @DarshunKendrick @realDonaldTrump The more I try to understand the more I fear how many actors have no cl… @McDonalds McDonalds is an exploitative business corporation, not a person whose well-being should be anyone's concern. @krystalball humans need an external enemy to avoid a civil war
@pennjillette @jref The Amazing Randi is among a a select few people who probably kept me from becoming a credulous ideologue @Yascha_Mounk Trump is a living caricature of capitalist narcissism & exploitation @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman As were other police encounters. But what bothers me most are those… @seanmcarroll better than average @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman Not sure what point you think I'm making for you, but my point is…
@ScottAdamsSays I would say these people represent the +/-10% belligerent narcissists in any population, as does 'a… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman because the society we live in judged drugs to be the bigger proble… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman since you won't answer questions directly and keep going off on tangents... TTFN @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman Alcohol was illegal for a time, but ppl wouldn't have it, despite i…
@jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman Do you imagine that all unfortunate outcomes can be eliminated? Cop… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman If someone takes a shot at a cop during a traffic stop, everyone in… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman Police executing warrants is not a 'crime' and you have no idea who… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman a busted headlight or failure to signal a turn might get you shot i… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman Do you imagine all or most police to be murderous lunatics? Make re… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman an interest makes an encounter with police more likely. We ought no… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman unfortunate things happen when the police have cause to take an interest in someone @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman What I said was if it was the mother who opened fire on police, the… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman Her boyfriend opened fire on the cops! How would it being her mom change anything?
@jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman ...led to a violent encounter @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman so you think government and legislation is the cure...? @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman I'm not blaming Breonna any more than I am the neighbors who could'… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman when 'legal' and 'right' collide... @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman so why is that not your cause? @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman then work 'the problem' you think most worthy. Me: I'll back the si… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman big parma is 'legalized' now we have an opioid epidemic Diabetes in… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman they'd find some other illicit enterprise human smuggling perhaps @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman I'm not convinced 'police brutality' is 'the problem' either. Some… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman My question was, why did Breonna and Floyd get so much attention, a… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman I understand that the warrant in this case was changed to a knock a… @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman The boyfriend was the one to open fire on the police that caused th… @NicoleArbour what else should we all not say or do because some unhinged loon(s) might become violent? @jeannieking70 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman Like almost all people shot by police, she chose to immerse herself… @LibertyTre3 @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman belligerent criminal culture will always find an criminal enterprise.… @AntipodeanBloke Religion doesn't 'make' anyone do anything any more than does politics. If it did...we be at international war @carackobama why can't we see your face in the before? @BillRedpath2020 @realJoeHartman you don't know that she put herself in the middle of gangster culture. if not drugs, something else? @GadSaad Listening now. I don't often lol 4 real, but I did The malice some people want to hear in a question or c…
@ReflectShade @mikecannytalk @YasMohammedxx @JustinTrudeau Where? How? you saying something exists does not make it so. @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews Joe Biden-Linked....? @skepticshe @ObjectivelyDan the thing is, is humans a weird @SohSAhmed why do the actions of one loon this us anything about what others should or must do? @TheTweetOfGod and whose fault is that? @NoHolyScripture depends what you mean by 'basic' health care @RmSalih What other media should be shut down because some few violent lunatics can't (or won't) contain their viol… @RmSalih Are you arguing that that words and/or cartoons should be restricted because some few lunatics can't (or w… @ReflectShade @mikecannytalk @YasMohammedxx by one single lunatic in this case @mikecannytalk moral leadership @qoutesForbiden informs me that few Muslims or Arabs endorse such behavior @ReflectShade @mikecannytalk @YasMohammedxx I agree. However, would you agree that each believer represents a reli… @Evolving_Ego Because 'conservative' messaging is that humans are not a meaningful source of carbon emissions and t… @TheTweetOfGod how many before it's shame on you? @moe1nfinity @XGONDALX @aviendha___ they are 'free to do' but will be punished for it...? @moe1nfinity @XGONDALX @aviendha___ You're 'fine' with violence in response to words or cartoons...? @IonaItalia @aliamjadrizvi what do you mean 'people'? It was one deranged religious zealot, and one can be found in any religion or cause
@KamalaHarris It's already on the docket the election won't change that or do you have a cope in mind @seanmcarroll most people are stupid, so....
@DavidWallSea @jack_OSINTboi @EPoe187 Right, there are "MANY smart and successful black people." ...which I take as…
Sailing Stunning English River (Dart) via @YouTube @dertmuhgert @MaxNordau @DanielleCBS12 @CBS12 aliens @Ferallist @FlintDibble @NorwInst 'just different' triage now v then...? @Ferallist @FlintDibble @NorwInst might 'better' be the difference between an MRI to trepanation with a sharp rock
@AtheistRepublic It is personal in the sense that I see no reason to consider YOUR god(s) claim credible or even plausible. @Atheist_Trooper He's always been - separate and outside of the material realm @skepticshe When it breaks a 4-4 SCOTUS tie, they sure as shit can and often do! @jeremiahdaustin @ConceptualJames or 'Nope, not playing that game!' @RichardDawkins "I feel so powerful (that I'll put everyone else's health & safety at risk on the assumption I'm immune)". @DarthCalculus Every believer represents a religion of 1 that has little or nothing to do with the scripture, doctr…
@kenjirapzilla @IlhanMN I'm aware. Point is neither does Christianity have a 'convincing track record'. Some say mo… @kenjirapzilla @IlhanMN I might remind you that Iran was pretty 'free' in the 70s and some would cite the 'Islamic… @DianaPr24646785 @IlhanMN Not all Islamic communities are alike. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (ISIS) had some horrific noti… @MAGAChronicle @IlhanMN Every believer represents a religion of 1 that has little or nothing to do with the scriptu… @kenjirapzilla @IlhanMN and what are those 'founding values'? @PhiSteveO @IlhanMN I would like to see the most qualified candidates appointed to SCOTUS, whatever their race, color, religion or gender @IlhanMN You're victimizing yourself - a Muslim woman elected to the House of Representatives! Do you really expe… @shoe0nhead @krystalball belligerent narcissism in all its glory @Hedzer15 @gmbutts Because it was fitting the context @Hedzer15 @gmbutts Not 'they': everyone - shamelessly @Hedzer15 @gmbutts Yes you can! Everyone is selling something - everyone! @sherlockmichael Ya but you're 'white' so success was just was handed to you despite all that, right? @XGONDALX Sadly, many zealots disagree with you @seanonolennon because 'some people did something' @Hedzer15 @gmbutts "Fox persuasively argues, that given Mr. Carlson's reputation, any reasonable viewer 'arrive[s]… @BernieSanders Be honest! You have no clue how much the Green New Deal might cost or if the cradle to grave costs a… @MrAtheistPants As a constituent of a democracy, you have a duty to vote - even if the choice is for the less awful candidate @nomnom38602683 @JarredH not angry don't think I'm biased just questions @CottonDockers sometimes that's all we have @realDonaldTrump will you shut up man @KassandraKitson and why am I to believe you? @JarredH @nomnom38602683 weak @MrsSparkleFab @anthonycwalker do you even bother to check a Tweeters profile...? @andrewschulz this could be anywhere, anytime....2019 for example @JarredH @nomnom38602683 You don't seem to care if personal experience is credible or reliable 'evidence' and that… @JarredH @nomnom38602683 I don't much care about your particular experiences. My question is: why do you think your… @JarredH @nomnom38602683 All I am is keen to understand why people positively believe what they do. I'm a skeptic n… @JarredH @nomnom38602683 what is a third?