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Clips from various sports-talk hosts, including Mike Francesa, Mad Dog Russo, Boomer & Gio, Boston and NY radio, SVP, etc. Sports, movie, and TV clips too. 🍻

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@Dander_Bogaerts Sharpe is the one I didn't expect to see on the list. I know his game was great, but I don't speci… @Stp2100 Fitz catches everything thrown anywhere near him. Carter caught everything thrown within the playing field. @SturmanTed @mitchatx He gone. I don't want any unhappy customers. @Dander_Bogaerts Neither of us can say that about a guy we didn't see play. @Samuel_Geno86 Holy crap.NFL Top-10: Greatest Hands You can probably guess who tops the list. @Samuel_Geno86 What big news?? I've been on and off here all night. @getnickwright Settle down, champ. Your boss likes me more than he likes you. Also, you said what you said. The add… Dog Russo was commenting on ESPN Radio's new morning show and he somehow ended up taking a jab at his former em… @getnickwright That clip was snipped for brevity. People have short attention spans. But I'll happily post the enti… @kidlacy Go find it yourself. It's still up on Sirius. There is nothing I left out that is pertinent one way or the other. @andrewbv80 I never listen to him. Someone brought it to my attention. @kidlacy Yeah, the whole clip makes it much, much better. @CourtneyFallon_ 🎯 @StevenCarroll8 Yeah, I'm pretty sure Nick and I grew up in different neighborhoods. When was this ever accepted?Nick Wright looks back at a time when it was accepted to say "that guy Jew'd me down." Francesa, on the possibility of Notre Dame's football team joining a conference just for this season. 6:17 pm… mean, he's TRYING to get fired... right? I have no other explanation. The show begins at 6:02 pm on a little stat…
@SNFonNBC Quincy Carter. @Stephen28157618 @PSchrags Everyone whiffs now and then. Pete is solid. @ddale8 Very, very powerful. Power like nobody has ever seen before.🚨 You asked for it.... you got it! 🚨 Days before the 2017 NFL draft, Mike Francesa interviewed @PSchrags. Big Mike… @bradfo D&K will get four hours out of this tomorrow. @MatthewColler Not a fun guy to wrap up. @MatthewColler Loved him. He would always vulture those short TDs from Robert Smith. @MatthewColler What's your favorite Leroy Hoard memory? @atrupar @bencferris @darrenrovell @PSchrags That's my kid's college fund. @darrenrovell Let's say for instance that someone has audio of Francesa telling @PSchrags that none of the QBs in t… @Cryptokid22 I put a lot of thought into this. It's definitely "YOUMID"... Take the last two letters off of your word and how does it sound?Mike Francesa gives us the extended weather forecast. Good luck finding information like that anywhere else.… made sure Eddie was okay to drive. He gave him the standard field sobriety test in his driveway.Mad Dog Russo invited WFAN's Eddie Coleman over to his house to watch 'Laurel Canyon' last night. This story is cla… @Fifty2ndGypsy I got rid of a lot of stuff. That was among them. Sorry.
We are all Juan in the Bronx. @NateGilbert @bostonradio It was revealed today that Dale & Keefe had exactly zero listeners last month - - a first in radio."Describe your radio show, as boring as possible." @rollingbutter @espn Good point. @espn I haven't been on here much the past week. Why are we describing everything in a boring fashion all of a sudden? @VZRSportsBelle @AdamSchein Good tweet, but I'll respectfully disagree with the last part. He's definitely uneducated and misinformed. @benmaller I'll go with "Roberto and his stupid bell that he rings every five seconds like a dope." #InstaTrivia @netw3rk @JSchwarz11 @netw3rk Of course. @RICARD0_CABEZA @NewsdaySports @MadDogUnleashed @mattnahigian @BaldyNFL How 'bout the grab! @nickydelta99 @richeisen Rich knows it wasn't a foul. @richeisen Seton Hall made the mistake of breathing on him too hard when he got into the lane. @cowboybob2012 Great idea! 😉 Per Reception, Career • Jerry Rice, 14.8 • Randy Moss, 15.6 • Brian Baldinger, 37.0 @mattgano5 His calls stink. He's a know-it-all. Two know-it-alls going back and forth is not great radio.Mike was much nicer to Paul McCartney. Starr turned 80 today, and he took a moment out of his day to call Mike Francesa. Yes, this was Sour Shoes.
@Romeca69 @NewsdaySports Light rock or a Spanish station, usually. @Mookyfuntime @NewsdaySports I'm really the wrong guy to ask. I wouldn't listen to Evan and anyone. @shawn2186 @NewsdaySports Are there sports on for the sports-talk shows that are doing great ratings? @SteveOcspydor @NewsdaySports He's just too LOUD, man. I lost track of how many times I've typed that. It's fun whe… @DirtySouth1717 @JackCollins221 @NewsdaySports I've said many times, going from midday to afternoon drive is like g… @jherb1323 @NewsdaySports Hogwash. How many sports-talk shows around the country would you like me to name for you… @CopyDan @NewsdaySports Fair. @JackCollins221 @NewsdaySports Joe after a brutal Mets and Jets loss is must-listen. That's about it. Evan is never must-listen.Joe & Evan finished in 13th place, but that's only because there is no 14th place. Via @NewsdaySports @levelsoundz @Dirtiest_Birds I went easy on her. Wait until you hear how badly Mad Dog hammered her (and others) today. @levelsoundz @jemelehill I'm white? @Dirtiest_Birds @levelsoundz He implied it was some sort of crazy notion, me wanting to hear from her today. I was… @levelsoundz @jemelehill I get it. Respect is a one-way street in this conversation. I want to hear her thoughts on… @levelsoundz @jemelehill I respect your opinion, but you seem to think I'm alone here in waiting to see what she ha… @levelsoundz @jemelehill So why did the Eagles feel the need to release a statement? I mean, it's obviously a terrible thing to say. Right? @levelsoundz @jemelehill Glad you asked. Her silence on this is deafening. Offering wise words is more difficult wh… @jemelehill Any big news today? @kirkminshow @kirkmin Wait, that might be my quote. @kirkminshow @kirkmin "Dale Arnold is a nerdy, no-talent hack, something something..." @USATODAY @MichaelDelTufo I'm expecting Rich to tell us the complete schedules for the Dodgers and Angels today. @TheSportsHernia "I'm nawt ya awlmanac"I hope every call today is about the schedule. "Hey Mike, can you tell me who the Brewers are playing on August 11t… @BRADvsALL @uconnhuskies325 Literally everything you typed is incorrect. I have to admit, that's impressive. @B_F1NN Of course. It's great. I posted it 2 minutes after it happened. @espn @ESPNNBA @AaronNagler It was just an uncomfortable fit. Most people tune into football to watch football, not a standup comedy routine. @ShamKenneth All horrific in different ways.Boomer Esiason had this gig the previous two seasons, but he and Al didn't get along. So Miller and Fouts were brou… I wonder if I only imagined Dennis Miller being in the Monday Night Football booth. Nope. It was all too… Dog Russo hated 'Hamilton' and he doesn't care who knows it. a hundred people ask for it, here ya go. Esiason ran into Yoenis Cespedes on the golf course the other day. They fist-bumped. 👊 @Strategeree1 Yeah, I thought about it. Unbelievably awful, but it's a ton of work. We'll see how the night goes. @yy67045767 Mahlins AWF Orioles AWFMike Francesa gives us the complete schedules for the Mets and Yankees, including off days. I would recommend grabb…
@thewinnerscirql @MadDogUnleashed "I'm fair game to any criticism." Clearly. @babasgrandson No. I don't listen to that 🤡 anymore. @thewinnerscirql @MadDogUnleashed I would just like to hear one phone call where you chat calmly with Dog like a no… @NoGameJamesCBS @MadDogUnleashed No, why would I? It's the same call he makes every other day. Throw a dart to find… @MadDogUnleashed Angry Hayden is angry!!! @ZachGelb think it’s safe for a little Mahomes draft day Cold Take collection #ChiefsKingdom
Retweeted by Funhouse @WillBrinson @PriscoCBS Another beauty here. @ragazzoreport @NYYNeedS28Rings @AndrewMarchand Right, because those are the only two choices. @WillBrinson @PriscoCBS This is what did it for me. @WillBrinson @PriscoCBS Welcome aboard. @ragazzoreport @NYYNeedS28Rings @AndrewMarchand I wouldn't tune into that show for any reason.