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Dieter Bohn @backlon San Francisco, CA

Executive Editor, The Verge. Tech commentary. Typos are intentional jokes I mean obviously.

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Here is a photo of Link in a bathtub from the Zelda TV cartoon if you’re wondering whether or not Witcher 3 would w…, I guess I’m going to try for the tenth time to get into The Witcher 3. Just make it cel shaded for the swit… time I buy a random USB-C charger or brick on Kickstarter I am definitely going to be thinking … There is po… this, never even rang. ...Except the icon that appears in the status bar should probably be something other… think I want a mod for Android 10 that makes the right side the back button and the left side the drawer. It's be… @hobiehenning @JenMsft God I'm going to buy a fourth one now aren't I?
Me: here is the third cat bed I have bought for you, placed in your favorite spot in the afternoon sunlight. It is… @KaraVerlaney please add these to the verge style guide. @NathanDuarte_ I HAVE MY REASONS NATHAN @altairbueno1 @reckless Oh shit yes. This works. @reckless WAIT I GOT IT. Buy a shitbox Android phone. Install Google Photos and Lightroom. Tape it to the back of your iPad. @reckless On the other hand, I was able to make an incredible, high frame rate screen recording more easily than I… @backlon What if I told you this delightful rethinking of a file browser window didn’t allow for multiple select
Retweeted by Dieter Bohn @reckless The answer is give up on having a clean iOS photo roll I think. Sorry. @reckless On Android Google Photos is aware of the file system and can watch folders. Google should at least put a… @reckless Wait this only lets you do one upload at a time on iPad I think @reckless Upload to the website!Okay this is smart @kellymakena Not enough teeth
@StarFire2258 Sean it's Ultra Thing Glass not Ultra Thin Glass. @ZacksJerryRig Correction, totally misread and stupid on my part. This is accurate: 1. You can get the screen repl… that @ZacksJerryRig was able to just press a point in and break pixels, there is more to this story. Thr bu… @CapitalistVN @ZacksJerryRig @chriswelch Yes a very real concern about these claims. @CapitalistVN @ZacksJerryRig this is an excellent question.Also, I had to delete the original tweets and one tweet in this thread because I called it "ultra thing glass" inst… is all very disheartening. Even assuming all of Samsung's claims of very thin glass with a thin polymer/plasti… @ZacksJerryRig showed the Z Flip scratches very easily, we got comment from Samsung. The company stands by… @ow @femkesvs hello subscribing for buy link lol @SnazzyQ I mean none of that sounds out of bounds. Woof. @SnazzyQ Any proximate cause?
@chillmage cc @Adora @renzopachecoj Not dumb at ALL. Lots of devices screw this orientation volume button thing up (hello iPad). Both th…
Wow the Mandalorian was Nicolas Cage this whole time! are red Violets are blue You said you didn’t want anything You stood there, on Monday, and said ‘don’t get me anything’
Retweeted by Dieter BohnSo you’re saying that fewer people than ever will have access to binge Friends. HBO Max is good. @backlon If you buy a Galaxy Z Flip, you’re already in Flex Mode
Retweeted by Dieter Bohn @tomwarren Meanwhile... very good use of Flex Mode: a nightstand clock. Set it on a charger at a 90 degree angle and make sure the alwa…"Can you use the word in a sentence?"
Retweeted by Dieter BohnThe University of Michigan’s school of information just suspended its recruiting relationship with Clinc:
Retweeted by Dieter BohnGalaxy Z Flip packaging has similar warnings to what we got on the Galaxy Fold. Looks like screen protectors are a… @backlon agetn jrycvukihygfdsgsetbaVegrht4jym5 *quickly cleans keyboard*
Retweeted by Dieter BohnIt worked. @CaseyNewton this is an intervention @TrooperST5V5 how dare theyI was meh until I saw the pull tabs now I want six seasons and a movie. @Judahe oh this is great @f_fz lol @greengart alsk;jdfl;askfjI’m unsubscribing Disney+ this is an outrage @jeffreyremick @MattDemers the mistake here is to think I’d ever feel shame about a typo @MKBHD Wait I just thought of one and I'm mad I didn't use it as my subheadline: It's creaking bad @Vyyyper It's really common on YouTube. They'll mention that they have a "channel sponsor" and show the product bri… posts are not advertising but they DEFINITELY CONTAIN ADVERTISING. The FTC understands this but Facebook…"I'm attaching a 9th c. mosaic of a group of early Xian martyrs from an early Roman church where, LEGEND HAS IT, th…
Retweeted by Dieter BohnThe overall point that Samsung apparently didn't make very many of them and they're going to be hard to find today is, however, correct @NexusBen @dcseifert Like the Samsung store said they have ten but they don't open to selll them for another two an… @NexusBen @dcseifert also..... Galaxy Z Flip is NOT sold out in the US. Super premature to say so without channel checks and that's why I didn… @dcseifert uh @nexusben re-read my tweet I was talking about the Samsung Experience Store in Palo Alto. @gavinpurcell This is a massive error in judgment. Find it a cheap theater and bribe them to turn the volume to tur… @backlon Personally I’m holding out for the 2023 re-release of this thing
Retweeted by Dieter BohnI wrote up some thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Home, why it hasn’t been released yet, and why we shouldn’t hold our…
Retweeted by Dieter BohnPeople are worried Bernie can’t defeat Trump but all he has to do is show up to the debate in a shark costume and it’s game over.I wrote a little more about flip phones with folding screens. Now that most smartphones feel mostly equivalent, may… @vjeranpavic @ozskier @reckless @GraysonBlackmon @verge OOOH THAT shot! I thought you meant the jumpcut in for emph… as of this minute Best Buy is out of stock on unlocked units. I don't know how many Samsung actually made avai… @MaxWinebach I am pretty angry at myself for not starting the refresh olympics until like 5 minutes before 9PT.Samsung's US website, meanwhile, doesn't appear to have preorders up yet that I can see. This definitely feels lik… Buy put Galaxy Z Flip preorders up early and all local SF stores sold out of in store pickup before I could fi… @ozskier @reckless all @vjeranpavicYikes! A @verge score of 4 out of 10 for a $1500 phone with an iconic brand? In this review, ⁦@backlon⁩ is fair as…
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MSI: here is a very light pink laptop with a GPU me: wow awesome MSI: -throws away the cooling- me: no MSI you need…
Retweeted by Dieter BohnThis is one of the more aggressive moves against Apple’s subscription split that I've seen. Even Spotify still le…
Retweeted by Dieter BohnIn a new investigation, @ZoeSchiffer looked into the CEO of a buzzy AI startup linked to the University of Michigan…
Retweeted by Dieter BohnA professor at the University of Michigan is stepping down as CEO of his buzzy AI company following multiple claims…
Retweeted by Dieter BohnOoooooh snap @ajitpaifcc, you just gonna take that?
Retweeted by Dieter Bohn @chillmage nooooooooo @MKBHD Great minds!Here is my Motorola Razr review. Definitely watch the video on this one so you can hear the creak in the hinge and… newsletter today, but with a little more commentary on each link. For days when I’m busy on various other pro… story: Larry Ellison is doing an unthinkable thing for a tech titan: Hosting a fundraiser for Donald Trump
Retweeted by Dieter BohnI want to live in a world where Alsup decided the T-Mobile Sprint merger case. Even if he approved it, the ruling w… few days I've had my hands full, but here's my first article for ⁦@verge⁩!
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Aayyyyy family of the slain Chicago police officer featured in our article last month has sued Armslist, citing our wor…
Retweeted by Dieter BohnIn December, Lambda partnered with a debt-swapping platform to sell shares of students' ISAs. Yesterday, after our…
Retweeted by Dieter Bohn @mdrndad Can’t believe you didn’t mention spending a week wearing my clothes because your luggage was lost and we s… @KonSchubert same.“Sprint sucks. …. This is the law now.” loooooool @reckless wrote 5,000 words about the miserably bad decision letting T-Mobile buy Sprint. I regret to inform you that I am…
Retweeted by Dieter BohnSo, @reckless is not only a smart tech journalist, but a smart lawyer. This piece 👇 by him absolutely destroys the…
Retweeted by Dieter Bohn @CaseyNewton @sippey oh my god casey I failed you. I should have given you this album the first time I met you!! A… don’t know what complicated negotiations / gamesmanship went into Verizon’s doing an exclusive with the Motorola… Anker tells me that it's chargers probably aren't ready to go to the moon just yet but also says “We cannot…
Retweeted by Dieter BohnI took a Motorola Razr to Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy Z Flip and looked at them next to each other.… @earcity Yes the Z Flip looks greatToday’s newsletter: Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Pro, S20 Ultra, Z Flip, Windows 10X, T-Mobile Sprint merger, and more.… excited for the eating salad with a comb discourse to resume tomorrow.