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If it works for Benicio Del Toro, it could work for you. IS a real job. Even if you’re not working all the time.
Channel your inner Betty White. go out and nail your next audition. one likes a breakout, actors included. your voice. this advice to heart, actors. Listen you’re an actor who’s left her ingenue days in the past, turning to female playwrights can potentially open up n… these to your repertoire., too, can do it all. Monday (11/18) we’ll be chatting with NYC agent Ashley Landay from @kmrtalent on #BackstageLive. She’ll be ans… grounded.
Self-care is important[Moira Rose voice] Pay attention bébés yourself up for a win. healthy, y'all. media is a double edged sword for everyone, so how do we begin to navigate its use for children? these elements. an audiobook is the most challenging work you can do in voiceover.’s not easy getting your film career started—but this advice will help. (via @brittneygrabill) know your strengths and believe in yourself. #ICastIt warmup exercises just for the purposes of warming up is a total waste of time. (via @ardenkaywin) takes a strong actor to be able to step into the short, uncomfortable roles in sexual harassment training videos…
#ThisIsUs is currently filming new things that will make you cry 😭 your next gig in these projects casting worldwide! the mystery of #KnivesOut before anyone else and see a free advanced screening on Wednesday 11/20 in NYC! RSV…’s tight-knit ensemble that has long worked together to comprise a winning team.’t miss your chance to be in the room where it happens!’ journey to #Dollface is a “highly unusual” one. new season of #TheCrown brought challenges for a new cast of actors, and they easily met them. #LegoMovie to #SpiderVerse, this CD is behind some of the buzziest animation projects. could watch the season 3 premiere of @MaiselTV AND see @RachelBros + Tony Shalhoub this weekend! Plans: Applying to these gigs. actor knows how to venture outside her comfort zone to continue honing her craft. #IGotCast“Look who’s here.” - “Follies” arriving to the big screen’t miss any of these great opportunities in the UK! an eye out for opportunities to be in the #DoctorStrange sequel, UK actors!’s @_bridgetheatre has launched their upcoming season by announcing four new productions written by women. connected with the great gigs available in Australia today! it a secret code? audition waiting room has its own cast of characters. (via @josephpearlman) these to your vocabulary. (via @MWPRinc) school training could even help your on-camera career. to these gigs!
Raise your glass to these gigs! practicing zombie noises for your #TheWalkingDead audition. fact that @blackishabc is still finding original, wacky-yet-true ways to make us laugh is thanks in large part… is looking for young talent!🗣 It’s Awards Season That means @InTheEnvelope is back and ready to deep dive into this year’s awards races and le… millions of views on their parodies of #Supernatural, Lady Gaga, and more, @HillywoodShow knows how to get ey… feels like a warm hug you hope never ends—and that’s because of its cast.*PREMIERE DAY* We are back and ready for a deep dive into Hollywood's award races! Tune in now for an enthusiastic…
Retweeted by BackstageChristian Bale is done with full-body transformations. Cranston taught #TheCrown breakout Erin Doherty something that helped her book Princess Anne. @Alexischangg @ruerising YEAHSomething every actor wants to do. camera can be your best friend or your worst enemy. you committed to advancing your career? Join Tony Award-winning Broadway Producer @KenDavenport and 500 members… is the time when we should be telling kids to go for it. (@bretshuford)’s no bull: #Bull is currently filming in Brooklyn.
The South is full of great opportunities on the stage and screen this week.’t miss this week’s BEST voiceover gigs! reason we believe #BarryHBO every shocking step of the way is its players. a billionaire for a day on #Billions 💵 fly together—and maybe you could fly with them. Caplan made sure to bring her own ideas to Annie Wilkes while still honoring Kathy Bates on #CastleRock., assemble the most impressive ensemble in all of cinema.’s insight on the “balancing act within that transformation process” is valuable to any actor. @stylinsonsgal precisely“The movie is absolutely biographical because it’s all coming out of his mind.” - @antoniobanderas on Pedro Almodóv… York City actors rejoice! facility is part of a larger initiative to provide resources to locals. (11/14) on #BackstageLive we’re excited to be chatting with @sexeducation star @asabfb. Comment with your…’t miss your chance to join the DC Universe in #DoomPatrol. yourself on the shortlist for these short films. listening to @insideacting, @theaterppl, @InTheEnvelope and more! (via @Marketing4Actor) Be prepared. is a fundamental requirement for all good acting. (@actatbaronbrown)
YouTube mega-network @smosh is casting! prepping your #RHOD tagline. new Nickelodeon show is looking for leads! @stylinsonsgal do it (all of it)Happy #DisneyPlus day! Celebrate by applying to these Disney gigs—you might be the next new face that everyone is s…’s the technique favored by award-winning talent like Amy Adams. (via @Charisjjackson) to popular belief, open calls are NOT a waste of time. answer depends on two things.
Even Jedi masters like @HamillHimself cringe at their old auditions. your best material for this #KatyKeene audition. 🧵 + @abbijacobson = our ideal “A League Of Their Own” roster're never too tall for us, @idinamenzel 💙 these factors the next time you have to tape a monologue. could help promote the #LatinGRAMMY! Momoa AND Netflix? Seems like an opportunity you can’t pass up.’t miss these essential events for London actors. your agent to be in “Call My Agent!” TV megastars know what it's like to be seriously broke at one point. this exercise to your personal acting tool box. you made these mistakes? NEED your rest.