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The “revving up,” the “working up.” Hopefully wrong on average. Shameless. Started @getcognito and @bloom

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a large part of being someone's friend is setting up opportunities for them to play the kinds of roles they want to…
Retweeted by John Backus @djmicrobeads @rsnous @unravelofstack (All of my software opinions basically come from programming for my own start… @djmicrobeads @rsnous @unravelofstack Understanding when it’s appropriate, when it isn’t, and what the differences are is super helpful btw @djmicrobeads @rsnous @unravelofstack I bit this bullet and all it’s bullet cousins really hard and I’m here to tel… @nayafia @devonzuegel IME, most domain experts think the world would be a lot better if their discipline was more w… @nayafia @devonzuegel I feel like insiders for a particular domain often end up feeling weird towards the main labe… @ctbeiser @vgr @timoreilly Nice I’d follow Chinese Venkat @alain @devonzuegel @kevinakwok 3 downward facing dewclaws out of 5 @devonzuegel @kevinakwok @alain All of my friends have their own reinvented rating system. I rate this 3 👎This is technically not a subtweet because so many of you decided to dunkThis 538 big five personality quiz is a honeypot. Super easy to dunk on… just gotta dismiss a little science 😈
This is just from a random 2013 blog post I was reading recently ( by @KevinSimler) but I wa…, so much context shifted since this was published in 2013! • Brand of TED tanked • “Power posing” - mainstream…"the myth correction makes it hard to discuss more nuanced gains" often true in general
Retweeted by John Backusscouring the natural environment for randomly-dropped power-ups: not for video games any more! Moscow parks a "Fa…
Retweeted by John Backus @gojomo "randomly-dropped power-ups" 💯 @Bradleyduaneinc @alexeyguzey damn what cryptocurrency were you using back thenPeople buy and sell drugs in Moscow by hiding them in public places ("dead drops"), revealing the location to peopl… @sarthakgh @avibryant Yeah I’m conflicted @gplewis @farnamstreet Very nice. I haven't read this page. TODO for sure
@gplewis @farnamstreet Oh nice. Link?Definite optimism "process knowledge" … meaning I'm the only one here whose ~./bash_history contains the clues nece… @kevinakwok @ArtirKel @nayafia @michael_nielsen @g_rossolini @kane I haven’t contributed in a while and don’t have… @kevinakwok @kane @g_rossolini @ArtirKel @michael_nielsen @nayafia Make a script to bundle a week of pocket TODO in… @kevinakwok @kane @michael_nielsen @g_rossolini @nayafia Hahahaha @BrianTHeligman @michael_nielsen @g_rossolini @nayafia I use Calibre to convert them all of the jank Amazon desktop… @michael_nielsen @g_rossolini @nayafia Yeah, I’ve done all sorts of ridiculous things to get stuff on my kindle. I… @g_rossolini @nayafia @michael_nielsen Totally separate from this thread, I love the idea of having buttons everywh… @avibryant Well put. Read the article because of your description and felt the exact same way. The one example pict…“Introducing Gnutella, a brand new p2p file sharing protocol!” GNU: wtf? Nutella: yeah wait wtf?
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@BikeAccidentQZ The post talks about them not having access to clear enough water. Take a look if you’d like: politics and perception management framed as spending counterfeit social status. @gijswijs Damn that’s wild. /cc @literalbanana you might like this @YangTerrence It's from a blog post which is one of the top 10 blogs I've ever read does that count? by… in previously uncontacted tribes felt shock and terror when shown their own reflection for the first time.
@quantadelic @gwern Yea. I was excited to research in part because it violated many of my intuitions/arguments for… I've written about decentralization and crypto trends, I give as many examples as possible. It isn't a stylist… post claims DNMs are moving to a system where people pay crypto for coordinates of hidden drug stashes (effect… @devonzuegel @SlackHQ omg finally someone on my side about 👍 being slightly rude /cc @rsnous @devonzuegel @SlackHQ Can’t dilute 😃 and strip it of meaning like we did for 👍. Maybe a good thingPrivacy, security, and decentralization: • Protection against worst cases at cost of flexibility • Widely confused… @mattdlockyer Ah yeah this series by Simon is great. Part of me is bummed that I'm not the only person writing abou… @vgr
@rsnous Same. Well put
@rivatez Thanks I hate this @rivatez Alright every time I buy something from Amazon Smile and effectively donate $0.001 I’ll reply to this tweet to let you knowAlso, before someone says it, yes I get that it matters for charities to be effective. I like EA. When I give money… people are more likely to be philanthropic if others know (conspicuous giving, virtue signaling, w/e) then we sh… @loomstate1 🔴 @diachronist Oh that’s in the thread somewhereA little colored dot next to every Twitter user’s display name that is some shade of green, yellow, or red based on… @nwilliams030 Next time I buffer some tweets I'll give you a heads up and we can do this all again @nwilliams030 wow what the heck nicole @diachronist @michael_nielsen @noahlt Michael’s response to my tweet earlier @grantadever Hey while it may be a feature idea inspired by software engineering, I think it is also a good idea on it’s own! @vgr @fortelabs I legitimately couldn’t tell if the Amazon part was a joke or not. For other onlookers, it’s real:
@udiWertheimer @simonhmorris Thanks. Those months of research reframed everything. "Minimum viable decentralization… @udiWertheimer @simonhmorris I also use p2p history to validate the fat protocol thesis and talk about cryptoeconom… @udiWertheimer @simonhmorris I wrote about a bunch of this stuff last year and dug into other p2p history. Here is… @infiniturtle “This feels too obvious” held me back from sharing for at least a year. Prodding from @devonzuegel helped me get past that @michael_nielsen @noahlt Right! That is why I was very excited about @posobin's HN classics site (plugging again:… @michael_nielsen @noahlt haha I've had the experience many times now but our exchange on the Feynman essay did trig… @noahlt I should have seen this coming @rogerclark Well said and appropriate scare quotes for "waste time." Adding on, I think you can view re-treading bo… @jGage718 @sarthakgh To be clear too, I view myself as doing this (I'm reminded of it all the time when I share cla… have a theory: The people that feign surprise ("You JUST learned about X?") are more often other 20-somethings lo… play a valuable ecological role in Twitter communities IMO: Discovering ideas/content for the first t… @AshishPandey @michael_nielsen It's a great essay and a nice ending. Didn't expect a little punch of emotion at the end like that. Love Feynman @michael_nielsen Love it. This is my first read through thanks to @posobin's "HN Classics" :) on his first day at a new job: > That sounds like a bunch of baloney. Give me something real to do. goals version of Twitter where you use specific hashtags, kinda like slash commands in IRC, for altering your profile.… haven't read this, but I love it: "A proposal to classify happiness as a psychiatric disorder."…
Retweeted by John Backus @gypsy_panther @visakanv Hey wait a minute are you being SARCASTIC @jpridgely Anyways, yes I see the value in being the bridge but I think it is possible that Gen Z will be way more… @jpridgely Yeah don’t take it too seriously, just pointing out the bridge part @visakanv My irl friends are mostly also very online and mix fluidly into url friend groups @visakanv Also I think “fully online” kinda requires all your (irl) friends to be too. Part of the guilt IMO is tha… @visakanv you’re clearly not normal thoughThe millennial “onlineness” struggle: Born too late to be fully offline, born too early to be fluidly and fully on…
@kacperwikiel Yea I get that. This is actually why the I2P part kinda bugs me more. It’s just, effectively, misleading IMO.When researching, this pattern drives me nuts: “the truth, and a thing that kinda happened once.” Most darknet art… @rsg @sarthakgh @soleio To the point of if the web and web browsers were invented today, I think it gets to a deep… @rsg @sarthakgh @soleio Thanks! By the way, I like the comparison of crypto wallets (for ETH) to browsers and have… italo calvino novel in which six people recount how randomly choosing an open tab to read in full changed their…
Retweeted by John BackusI never tweeted it but a while back a bunch of the postrat twitter folks made two giant “canon” documents with all…
Retweeted by John Backus.@metamask_io is so much nicer since making sites _request_ to see your ETH address, rather than showing it by defa…
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Always have an extra word in your startup's name so you can drop it when you get big
Retweeted by John Backus @devonzuegel @rsnous @ctbeiser @Changliu1991 Devon... please... we’ve been over this @ctbeiser @devonzuegel @Changliu1991 Devon was mad about an automatic hand dryer being to high for her once so I’m… @nayafia @chrisburnor For UberEATS! @devonzuegel @kevinakwok Quit cyber bullying me. I’m not the one here who reads every tweet on their feed @kevinakwok Well, this isn’t my best metaphor @kevinakwok Nothing unnatural about putting something in the fridge for a bit @kevinakwok Buffer it
@Avi0xnc Yes, but it also isn't even founder variance. I think it'd be true if you cloned the same founder at the m… @Disruptepreneur Yeah this was my actual take but felt the need to add a bit of humility to the statement for reaso… @rsnous I believe that people and the systems they're in have a complex relationship that flows two ways, lol. Does… you could implant the _exact same idea_ into multiple entrepreneurs' brains and wait 5 years, you'd likely still…🤔: “Hmm, I’m thinking about <territory>” 🤡: “<map>, you’ve discovered <map>”
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