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John Backus @backus San Francisco, CA

The “revving up,” the “working up.” Hopefully wrong on average. Shameless. Started @getcognito and @bloom

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@rsnous @devonzuegel @TheOnion Yes I love The Onion @devonzuegel @rsnous @TheOnion Yes I like pizza hi
@avahuangg I could almost take that as a compliment tbh
@_deepfire @zooko Yup among other things
I always reflect on this again when an app violates this expectation. I just had to “log in” to my new Bose headpho… sounds ridiculous and petty, but I feel like a huge understated perk of mobile apps is that I basically *never*…
@devonzuegel I used Google Reader and loved it. When Google shut it down, I switched to Digg Reader which cloned th…
Few things make me feel lazier than riding an electric kick scooter up a slight incline, cruising at a cool 1 mph
@vgr This tweet looks really mean to people who don't know @vgr's schtick @vgr LA's antibodies are reacting to the mediocre energy you've infected it with @djmicrobeads I believe they “Juul”
2019 people keep requesting $1000 from @AndrewYang on Venmo with the memo “freedom dividend.” I love it lol @rsnous Dang it @rsnous Yeah that’s what you do. Also what chat app is this I don’t recognize it
Startup founders: the more incumbents ban, the more room they leave for you to get a competitor started.
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@michaelbyrne lmfao there’s the 3rd one!! Yea, decent ice breaker> I do write you off as envious malcontents and romantic keepers of memories. … Your judgments are not keen, they a… @turtlekiosk I started checking after that Aziz Ansari show did a bit on this @juliagalef Gift from Apple!
generally interesting slide from #silicon100: exponential growth framed as a series of diminishing return curves
Retweeted by John BackusPretty serious about this actually. I think a multigenerational, international project to nurture elephants into be…
Retweeted by John Backus @turtlekiosk @sonyaellenmann Yea I agree lol @sonyaellenmann ambiguity in human language is...
@rivatez The look and feel of it all was amazing. Well done! @vegardstikbakke Part of the story "Division by Zero" in Ted Chiang's "Stories of Your Life and Others"Me programming after I got really into linters @danielgollahon The problem is treating all CVEs the same. An esoteric DoS in dependency deep in the tree is total…
@michaelbyrne Ah haha gotcha, well thank you the weather is great up here @michaelbyrne My main question is, if I reply to this one, will you photoshop a third?
@michaelbyrne I’m not a fan of that ball @sonyaellenmann Yes and I love basketball @sonyaellenmann No I love it lol @arjunblj Nah I think that’d be nuts to really buy into. It’s in the same territory as, like, each roommate paying… @david_perell @rsnous has good ideas on this
@arcalinea Wow, this is a great takeME: (at dinner party) thanks everybody for joining. The objective of this meeting is to “have fun.” Sam here will t…
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@Altimor And budgets!! @krrishd hmm cc @devonzuegel @nayafia Same
@wminshew I think it’ll easily be regulated at the protocol level via the validators @RainyDuke Dangit NornThinking about how people say “security theater” and “privacy theater.” Might start appending “ theater” to more t… @alicegoldfuss my work computers are cattle, my home computers are pets
Retweeted by John BackusIf every Libra validator's incentive is to go above and beyond w/ compliance, then law isn't really required to reg… any of Libra's founding members have skin in the game compared to their main businesses? Not really. Their ince…'s consensus works like this: > Randomly pick a new leader > Leader proposes a block of txs > Rest of validat…'s consensus system and the incentives of Libra's founding members make it a regulator's dream, IMO. High lev…
@TrevMcKendrick One of the /actually/ relatable Elon Musk things, IMO, is how his weight has fluctuated wildly at p… @justindross Only thing I really get bugged by is feeling like the driver is gaming me. Like, sends “I’m here” plus… @svantetobias Literally? Darknet markets like Silk Road. I’m abstracting a bit though to get at a bigger picture.… @ATabarrok Just read @gwern’s post on surprisingly Turing complete systems the other day. Super fun and he mentions… @Groud1 @khurramnaik @VitalikButerin It’s dunking all the way down lol @AnomalousVerity @TheWrongQuest @VitalikButerin Can you guys untag me and Vitalik? I tried muting the subthread but… @Altimor Was it goodI knew I’d regret this tweet and I posted anyways. Please everyone get in my replies and level up. @ciphergoth That’s a solid take. It’s also why I said “intellectual rigor signaling,” since it’s mainly about learn… @khurramnaik @VitalikButerin That’s the jokeFlat earth society and anti-vaxx exist to give people outgroups to dunk on when they’re just starting to level up t… @nayafia @kevinakwok @rsnous I think I’ll need to read that essay of yours again if I want to fully appreciate this reply @kevinakwok @nayafia @rsnous Yeah. I have this habit of taking someone’s recommendation and then way overdoing it.… @kevinakwok @calcsam I’m also curious about my invite tree. Randomly, like two weeks ago, three separate people mes… @MBBackus Ohh that’s interesting
@kevinakwok @nayafia I started recommending Caro more regularly again because of your public obsession. @rsnous got… @mveytsman @nayafia @kevinakwok I had just broken that habit of always bringing up LBJ and then Kevin started tweet… @ericsson_axel question comes to mind again as I read more about Libra. Not that I think this is FB's intent. Instead, I'm a… Ulbricht pioneered an opt-out economy that exists to this day. Paul Le Roux built an international black mark… @TheAnnaGat @mims Hah I haven’t even tweeted about it yet although I did read through a few of the white papers. Mi… @infiniturtle Yea. Granted, I still don’t do it lol @infiniturtle If you number something that’s a good standalone tweet, it signals to everyone who sees it via a retw… go on, be weird. Out-weird the giants. Even if they're both nimble and powerful, they cannot be as stupid and ri…
Retweeted by John BackusConsidering making a Twitter bot. Basically, for each tweet, it’d select randomly from a list of adjectives used to… @VishalGanesan Hahaha actually that’s a great pointI’d really like a very simple Apple Watch app for keeping track of the score in pickup basketball. I can’t tell if…
@s_r_constantin Thanks Sarah! It’s funny, “plain English” wasn’t my goal, but maybe related to how I felt at the ti… really like @backus's plain-English writing about what works and what doesn't, historically, in building decentra…
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@aaronzlewis Personally, I care about: • Globally rose tinted glasses to optimize for exploration and seeing poten…
Retweeted by John Backus @aaronzlewis Personally, I care about: • Globally rose tinted glasses to optimize for exploration and seeing poten… Dubner being an absolute savage lol
@vgr Try opening on web. That usually happens when I get a spam or hostile DM that Twitter flags but (apparently) d… @jemenger I'm just getting to reading the whitepaper(s). This is the coolest part so far I think. Do you know of ot…
@_naveenmishra @_jillruth You mean like regulatory avoidance or like the regulators tell them to? @_jillruth Only reason I’d see for that is if it appeases/converts critics @aaronzlewis Hold on I didn’t get this memo about “gamification.” What else got deprecated??
I think my interests break down into three tiers: 1. Intrinsic 2. Strategic means for enabling and amplifying tier… on this: I pride myself on being "interested in everything." If I'm honest thou… love abstractions. I love the dripping noise they make as they leak. @justinpoir Ohhh @aaronzlewis Careful, I have a lot of crypto followers and this joke is dangerously close to attracting a lot of annoying replies @aaronzlewis A very chaotic move would be to friend a new acquaintance on Venmo before engaging with them on any other platform @rsnous It was a good one @stephtwang Ah wow didn’t know you could do thatIf you wanna release a little chaotic energy into the world, just open up Venmo and ❤️ a few transactions from all… @soonaorlater I think it’d be hilarious if someone started and hyped a new one of these virtual influencer accounts…
Retweeted by John Backus @juliankoh Yeah, I mean same re: wrong. That’s why I’ve got the disclaimer in the bio lol @aaronzlewis Were the Gorillaz virtual influencers?I’m seeing a lot of headlines saying “virtual influencers” are the future. This seems like an instance where curren…