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John Backus @backus San Francisco, CA

The “revving up,” the “working up.” Hopefully wrong on average. Shameless. Started @getcognito and @bloom

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@VitalikButerin @zooko Haha I've had a few friends w/ high follower counts say nuance around climate change was esp… @Julian_Epp Just remembered that Wayne Enterprises is a defense contractor and therefore Batman is indirectly funded by the Pentagon
Retweeted by John BackusThe psychology of Twitter posting is like transitioning slowly from cracking jokes with a small group of friends to…’s also why we associate both with youthful thinking, maybe. You’re experience-poor and have high risk-tolerance.… allure of “meta” and “axiomatic first principles” is that it’s kinda like get-rich-quick thinking but for epist…
@soonaorlater @lukechilds this explains why everyone is always lecturing me about “sound money” @soonaorlater @lukechilds wtf @lightcoin @urielpeled While I think there are good answers to "why blockchain?", I do think there is also somethin… @sharat9211 got itAlright, here is the fintech-pill. Take it, internalize it, and the space will finally make sense: Every fintech c…
Retweeted by John Backus @kacperwikiel Ha! Was just thinking I need to dig that tweet back up @vgr My negative trait is that I’m really funny and smartBasically, my vaguely neurotic relationship with Twitter causes me to do both sides of Cunningham’s law in my head. @RubeHeretic For walking directions when it gives you multiple routes you can see each on this little elevation cha…’s was me being like “ugh I wish I could choose my Google Maps route based on steepness of elevation” and turns out you canI have a strong desire to 1. complain on Twitter about products not having certain features I want 2. not look lik… @turtlekiosk I'm not sure I've ever taught someone how to (partially) solve a Rubik's cube without this happening @CarrascosaCris_ @DZack23 Only if you think there’s a reasonable chance they start calling the shots, I think! @CarrascosaCris_ @DZack23 Right, I'm just saying I would actually be surprised if they swooped in and decided any o… @CarrascosaCris_ @DZack23 IMO, it is interesting but not a concern, I see no issue with new technology having large majority ownership during a bootstrapping phase. They’r… @vgr @devonzuegel It’s a better argument for bars or clubs. Restaurants are unclear IMO @vgr @devonzuegel Damn. I’ve just been annoying people by arguing to that loudness facilitates intimacy and they’re… @devonzuegel I think a relevant related question worth answering: why does the market seem to suggest most people p… @vgr 1. Internal conflict and feeling neurotic about beliefs I take seriously 2. Being shameless 3. Being indignant… @ribbonfarm Experimentation ground for a type of thinkingMany make fun of accelerationists for being like “take amphetamines and listen to jungle beats.” You can model a lo…
@GunClear I don’t have numbers, just knowledge from periodically checking what community is talking aboutExit scams on darknet drug markets take two forms: 1. Popular vendor disables escrow, bails, pockets ~$100k 2. Pop… @StefanoZorzi Re: dislike, I just had a complex relationship. I just wanted progress so bad. Shaped and reshaped ho… @AndrewDixonSo Yes, the mindset I’m talking about was after maybe a year in. I was enamored by the zealot aspect for a while before thatIn 2013, I disliked that a lot of crypto was crypto-anarchist, despite personally identifying as that. I thought po…, 2008: > Governments are good at cutting off the heads of a centrally controlled networks like Napster, bu…
@zcashla Heh I mean they use crypto in Billions for example
Being twitter famous:
Retweeted by John BackusCrypto seeping deeper into pop culture! > What's ether? ... Is it like bitcoin? From Netflix's "The OA" @rsnous You could have chosen anything for your example and you went with `tar xvfz`
I like behavioral econ studies. For example, Dan Ariely’s dice rolling experiment and it’s lessons about lying in d… @rsnous Giving your code a “can do” attitude
@bitemyapp @byrneseyeview IMO he should just unpriv because all of his stuff is goodFeel like Yang might probably do better by framing the issue as immigration-like instead of distancing himself from… politics are already trending towards scapegoating AI as a class of non-human immigrants. If we ever do have to… of the most thoughtful people I know put a lot of thought into this experiment. Check it out 👇 @arjunblj IMO this effect, caused by the influx of non-traditional early adopters interested in price speculation,… @rivatez Agree. "Innovating in Silicon Valley" is becoming more and more of an approved + conventional path. We hav… think SV's strong optimism+positivity culture (a great thing I'd never change) creates a systematic bias that *st…
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@A_Dayan Ah damn great response[Responding to a semantically dense and highly aesthetic phrase] broke: "That'll be my band name" woke: "That's my next Twitter bio"Blogs like Ribbonfarm, over years, construct elaborate fantasy-like internal universes. Start a fantasy novel in th… an internal page rank for elder blog archives. HT our unofficial chief data scientist @backus Elderblo…
Retweeted by John Backus“Code is law” is a funny expression. Intended to highlight immutability when in reality it does the opposite. Law…
Retweeted by John Backus @rsnous womp womp
@sonyaellenmann This is a vision I can get behind @mwiyas Ahh I really like this one @austinhill Thanks! I have a few things about Bitcoin being a result of more centralized attempts failing: •… @hasufl Glad you like it! There is also the sister thread which reviews p2p history w.r.t. decentralized protocols,… @peterktodd @udiWertheimer @La__Cuen I believe it is an important part of overall legal resilience, but I think it… @peterktodd @udiWertheimer @La__Cuen In that tweet I'm talking about the content of the headlines vs what actually… @peterktodd @udiWertheimer @La__Cuen I have multiple longer blog posts where I get into the nuance. The Twitter ext… @badcryptobitch Yeah, I don’t mean to moralize a certain path. Just wanted to emphasize what could have happened @sarthakgh @benthompson Yeah! 100% same page. Wish I had another tweet of mine to quote back to you @sarthakgh @benthompson Yeah!! Recent form of the same take from me like our definitions of competition and copying get a lot more sensitive and complex when it comes to games.… other tech companies are in the same category as Zynga and Groupon? • Darlings of their time • Arguably shap… @peterktodd I’ve tried and heard anecdotes, but not seen much. Anyways, my curiosity stems from wanting to avoid do… @peterktodd I’d actually love examples of important files people store and access in Freenet, either today or in th… @peterktodd @La__Cuen Yeah, I’d agree that OSS is critical. From the legal book I pulled a lot from: @peterktodd @La__Cuen eXeem I've only read about. I'm not sure if you're making a point that something can't be dec… @peterktodd @La__Cuen I compare Freenet to Tor and Napster frequently to emphasize the difference in usage (I get n…
@peterktodd @La__Cuen Appreciate it @peterktodd @La__Cuen Thanks for the apology. Sure, I'd prefer if you deleted it, assuming the new tweet is just en… @peterktodd @La__Cuen Also, if you think I’m just a bad guy, please just let me know if you do reply to this. I don… @peterktodd @La__Cuen I’m bummed you just assumed bad faith on your first (AFAIK) interaction with my stuff? I’m le… @seneca_tgc @nlw Yeah in their edit they’re like “people pushed back against this creative expression thing and mad… to YouTube in the US: Pay us a billion dollars for all of this god damn copyright infringement French court… post is still up today. They lifted the rule in 2014: Screenshot is an archive of the…!! Vimeo in 2008 (paraphrasing): > Video game recordings are our fastest growing genre of video, but we don't… @richardfuisz Yeah, I believe so! I was impressed by that too. I believe the original titles were "Neues Berliner K…"We sniff and we inject!"—a popular German song, released in 1919. @libovness Usually someone will like an old tweet of mine and I’ll retweet it. A few times, I’ve dug through my old stuff intentionallyBitTorrent won the legal war by being thorough: • Website talked about hosting not downloading • @bramcohen only t…
Retweeted by John Backus @turtlekiosk Maybe he is going back to get another @kevinakwok Yes!! @listmouse @rjeli_ Love it lolUnderrated part of the Beto story: you know who else was in Cult of the Dead Cow? Mencius. Moldbug.
Retweeted by John BackusThere were no vaporwave hats though, unfortunatelyOh ok excuse me excuse me not IRCAt an Andrew Yang rally with everyone holding up signs that just say “MATH” and then I read on my phone that Beto O… @kevinakwok @ribbonfarm @vgr @fortelabs My chart: @vgr’s page rank: spent several months in the last year obsessively bingeing @ribbonfarm. Got to the point where I was half-apologi… work transforms you in a way that is "very similar to what happens when animals go feral"…
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@rsnous Ok good I was gonna say @rsnous I gotta get at least 50% rite
@infiniturtle @djmicrobeads Oh I’ve googled it and I didn’t realize all these people were saying “mustard on that beat” lol @infiniturtle idk what this is but I’ll like it @eriktorenberg @mmay3r that’s this! @rsnous Gmail/Inbox, like GNU/LinuxYou can abstract a lot of things all the way up to some root economic expression that is like “a set of actors with… rare case of the latest Teens Online trend being fully legible from the outside. @nayafia Good post!