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@dream_baybay @Kentdavidjensen The word you’re looking for is “trolling” but you recovered nicely with this good take lol @skolDuckJohnson @SaVageBoi_IZ @T3hk0r34n @bomani_jones Def referencing Lamar @JFC1138 @jcity1022 @EmmaVigeland @AOC @bhitt67 What point are you making? The immoral people in that scenario are…
@benshapiro So in the right “context” could the swastika be called a symbol of service, sacrifice, and heritage? Or… @ncwill173 @Storm1Trent @NuggsyMusic @benshapiro Of course he’s being sarcastic, that was the point of his tweet. I…
@cfrob1 @Storm1Trent @NuggsyMusic @benshapiro But their actions were clearly drawing a line between sex and gender.… @cfrob1 @Storm1Trent @NuggsyMusic @benshapiro It isn't new though. "Gender as a category distinct from sex that can… @cfrob1 @Storm1Trent @NuggsyMusic @benshapiro That is demonstrably false. Transgenderism does not imply any change… @cfrob1 @Storm1Trent @NuggsyMusic @benshapiro Transgenderism certainly wasn't invented in the 60s. Maybe you're thi… @a_grievances @Snabblie @theinkhand @Storm1Trent @NuggsyMusic @benshapiro odd isn't it? @CryptKickerFive @Storm1Trent @NuggsyMusic @benshapiro Lmaoooooooooooooooo take your medication dude @CryptKickerFive @Storm1Trent @NuggsyMusic @benshapiro Idk the exact verse you’re referencing but it seems like he’… @Storm1Trent @NuggsyMusic @benshapiro Honest question @Storm1Trent @NuggsyMusic @benshapiro Where does Jesus talk about abortion, gay marriage, and transgenderism in the New Testament? @JeffHerndon33 @chrisjollyhale @benshapiro Which is exactly what he’s doing? @barstoolsports @ForePlayPod what is that left knee doing bro
@EmmaVigeland LMAOOOO ok you win. @DzX_MoodGod @HipHopNumbers Yeah bro I saw him perform after The Come Up dropped, most of my favorite Cole tracks are still from that era @DzX_MoodGod @HipHopNumbers Overhated yes but underrated is a stretch bro and I’m a fan haha
@mmotherof2 @AZachParkinson @TrumpWarRoom Trump claimed Obama wasn’t American. He claimed a judge was unfit because… @TKOdarkshadow @AZachParkinson @benshapiro Lmaooo what the fuck are you talking about? Trump wasn’t even a politici… @mmotherof2 @AZachParkinson @TrumpWarRoom no you also said it was untrue. @TKOdarkshadow @AZachParkinson @benshapiro Once again, if you're using the standard of "you have to openly admit to… @TKOdarkshadow @AZachParkinson @benshapiro the fuck are you talking about? if you are naive enough to believe that… @TKOdarkshadow @AZachParkinson @benshapiro he obviously doesn't walk around saying "I hate black and brown people"… @TKOdarkshadow @AZachParkinson @benshapiro hahahaha holy shit. there are actually people who genuinely think trump… @TKOdarkshadow @AZachParkinson @benshapiro 😂 good one. @TKOdarkshadow @AZachParkinson @benshapiro Oh, that's easy. They're looking the other way on racism because they're… @TKOdarkshadow @AZachParkinson @benshapiro Which part? @bfugs22 @Timcast You tell me @WeirdoOrge @mmotherof2 @AZachParkinson @TrumpWarRoom Lmao. Wow yes you're right Trump has never said 10 intolerant… @Timcast Hope she sees this bro (she isn’t gonna fuck you) @mmotherof2 @AZachParkinson @TrumpWarRoom You advocate for tolerance but are defending Trump? Lmao tolerance of int… @AZachParkinson @benshapiro Fuck Pete but he’s 100% correct @m_wacker @benshapiro @realDailyWire Benny boy prefers swords to guns, different culture @kirschecomix @angrysunbird @yourverygoodbud Of course not. Wouldn’t want to offend pewdipie’s fans in his time of… @kirschecomix @angrysunbird @yourverygoodbud RELAX it was just a heated burglar moment. It was so obviously an iron… @KFBoHunt @AxelJoh53646950 @stevemizny @Timcast Socialism has never been tried. And you'd have to be an idiot or ex… @davidwmueller @MattWalshBlog Only bc those were the decades Bruce Springsteen was running shit
@KFBoHunt @stevemizny @Timcast What are you talking about? Lmao I just said they would be compensated for their inv… @Kate_H_Taylor wait yalls mcdonalds dont have chicken on the breakfast menu already????? @KFBoHunt @stevemizny @Timcast Also, there would be some kind of limit to when a company begins following these pol… @KFBoHunt @stevemizny @Timcast The same way businesses are started now. People will still have money to put into bu… @KFBoHunt @stevemizny @Timcast "Inferior" to the ruling class who is in charge? Yes. That's the goal. @KFBoHunt @stevemizny @Timcast But yes, I'd also like to see more agency for workers in Canada. @KFBoHunt @stevemizny @Timcast Meh, it definitely isn't *just* as capitalist as the US, but it is still capitalist.… @KFBoHunt @stevemizny @Timcast There has never been a wholly socialist country. But, I'd be more than happy with th… @KFBoHunt @stevemizny @Timcast I don't think you're talking about socialism. You might be talking about communism o… @Ceejay81 @Tex2WestSeattle @bomani_jones I’m talking about the tweet before that one followed too, “in the same sen… @KFBoHunt @stevemizny @Timcast Lmao blind to what? Workers seizing the means of production (socialism) would not give them less money. @Ceejay81 @Tex2WestSeattle @bomani_jones I mean, you can’t say “it’s something racist old people say” in the same s… @stevemizny @Timcast That’s *really* not how socialism works lmao @benshapiro Actually this is more than a dumb take, let’s be honest this is a vanilla “go back to Africa” bc Shapir… @benshapiro What a dumb take. If someone has opinions different than yours they don’t belong in America? @notthefakemicah @benshapiro Definitely Shapiro. @MarcelaAurelias @EyeonicDJ @Timcast At least it isn’t what more means when you make the claim that a gun violence… @MarcelaAurelias @EyeonicDJ @Timcast Nobody is claiming it would be bad to RT the news clip in general. It’s Tim’s… @Timcast Do you know what “more” means, Tim? @ZebraTeal @Timcast Weird, this isn’t what “more” means.
@60DayTrading @witchydom @BronMJKobe_ @__javienn @Jdezzy03 @lukesskywalker_ @_sirhampton_ There are layers here. It…
@prnieto1 @AaronBrodock @AOC Yes, exactly @ffootballfan123 @absp2006 @aleksjames54 @liberalnotlefty @Timcast That’s not even what I’m saying. I’m saying her… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 What a predictable, cowardly loser @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC 😂😂 coming from the only person in the world who would read this co… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC The internet in general, WiFi connectivity, GPS, touchscreen, even… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC The iPhone is a private sector product. The private sector still e… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC Nice bullshit response to avoid admitting I’m right. The iPhone is… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @AaronBrodock @AOC I just explained it to you. A small group of people would be in control of the… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC *accurately @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC Ironically this meme could be more accuracy re-used with “iPhone”… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC This is demonstrably false. Please name one technology in an iPhon… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @AaronBrodock @AOC You really have to be smooth brained to not see the flaw in this logic. People… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC I don’t see the conflict here. Are you saying people in more socia… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @AaronBrodock @AOC You aren’t aware of what a “straw man” is are you? I’m extremely against mass i… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC .......yeah, the most reasonable thing is CLEARLY to not have publ… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC Yes, we live in a capitalist economy. I would like to live in a mo… @JohnKoeppel @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @AaronBrodock @AOC He’s just saying fuck it and digging deep into his bag of boomer m… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC ????????? I am 100% against those things. It is also 100% irreleva… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC What???? Lmao no I didn’t. You seriously don’t understand the diff… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @AaronBrodock @AOC I never said no roads would be built without government. I said roads should be… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @JohnKoeppel @AaronBrodock @AOC Who said anything about inventing roads? @JohnKoeppel @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @AaronBrodock @AOC The American Way™️ @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @AaronBrodock @AOC Is that why you deleted the tweet where you tried to make a distinction between… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @AaronBrodock @AOC What do you think “public” means when I type it? Lol @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @AaronBrodock @AOC So your response to the question in my previous tweet is that you are anti publ… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @AaronBrodock @AOC We’ve had free public high schools in the US since the 1800s. So, when did the… @2rnDuC1u54hCbI5 @AaronBrodock @AOC 😂😂 damn bro that’s wild we’ve been living under such a dystopian oppressive tyr… @absp2006 @aleksjames54 @liberalnotlefty @Timcast ......dude what the fuck are you missing here? Is it your stance… @slave_knight @Timcast Are you and Tim even aware of what tweet you’re responding to? Alyssa Milano called a bad ph… @andrew21102 @BatmasoTheHairy @slave_knight @Timcast They literally made that claim on Fox & Friends a couple days… @jdmichels @terrymhung @ResonanceWright @AOC “What’s up with socialists? They’re crazy right?” *someone correctly… @AaronBrodock @AOC Nah, not free. We’re gonna take the money from rich people and use it to educate our population. Did you miss that part? @jdmichels @AOC Sounds dope as fuck right? AND we get to make rich fucks pay for it 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Wins all around. @BenPhillips93 @RobertO11022718 @Timcast @RubinReport @RealCandaceO @jordanbpeterson @thewillwitt @TheLaurenChen
@agentkilmer @Timcast Oh and I get that you’re saying “doctored” was poor word choice, but that’s different from fa… @agentkilmer @Timcast Who “fact checked” it? They never claimed it wasn’t obvious that it was photoshopped, they ju… @Timcast You should do a sweaty video scarfing down chic fila like Papa John you fucking dweeb
@MarcelaAurelias @Timcast If these were still minstrel shows and I was advocating for more black representation in… @MarcelaAurelias @Timcast Of course it makes sense that they’d often play a role similar to themselves aestheticall…