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I often talk about adding alt text to images, but I never actually talk about what makes good alt text, for people…
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What a masterful grift! Now I wanna know so badly I'm gonna have to send YOU $5!!!! @ShanusMcAnus Lmao that's what @roboburrito said when I said those Damn, I really thought that was it!!! Now I'm dying to know @ShanusMcAnus Why am I getting Anthony or MichealWe got some fancy chocolates courtesy of @roboburrito Passionfruit 7/10 Vanilla Rum 10/10 Anise 10/10 Honey Carda… @horselythighs @horselythighs So refribe instead of gravy or in addition?#cancheck a boiled egg for lunch after laboring in the turnip fields in 90 degree heat, my life is a dream come true
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter @ang_aranyah Tear it up, Sweet!!!!! @zoo_cop I'll probably wear them for the rest of my life for the poppy-seed-embarrassment insurance aloneI just got back in the car and realized I had poppy seeds all up in my teeth and was like "oh noooo and I just smil… @bison_buffalo_ Awwwwwww🥰Assholes are suing a Denver church for their plans to allow a safe camping area in their parking lot for people exp…
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@ShanusMcAnus How was it?I'm less eat pray love, more eat praline
Retweeted by Black Lives MatterI’m officially homeless. If anyone could please send mutual aid. My son and I have been removed from the household…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter @horselythighs @roboburrito How about lemomade @horselythighs True. Don't let @roboburrito see this though, as he LOVES stale saltines 🤪 @horselythighs I've never encountered this before, have you?! Is it to keep it fresher longer? Idk @GrahamPasteur Your efforts are futile my dear Graham???'m less eat pray love, more eat praline @Tunrip Uhhh not a great response! @jonny_wags_ If you insist...BIG POT 2: MORE POT (2021)
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter @bison_buffalo_ LmfaoPut on my quesadilla making poncho
@k8kush CANCELLED @horselythighs Looking respectfully 👀 @extremely_wet This dog is in full otter mode, you simply love to see itPlease donate to the Gofundme to support the family of Mikayla Miller 16 yo found deceased in the woods in Hopkinto…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter @420degree Prime cat sunning hours @extremely_wet Sadie Sadie pretty ladyThis lady loves slowly rotating the gnome @ShanusMcAnus 💪great job btw! @horselythighs Lacey you have got to be kidding meAcre & Wren have already been convicted and sentenced, in a single day, to 932 days in prison and over $140,000 in…
Retweeted by Black Lives MatterWe had passionfruit mousse and Robo had some of the whipped cream😻
2021 cinco Made the enchiladas verdes that I made for @roboburrito the first time I flew over to see him...7 years… @TXsanctuaryCats 😻😻 @tbones_nothing You're crazy for this one Tbones 😂😂😂the declining birth rate in our country has forced me to ask myself a couple tough questions such as “who cares” and “so what”
Retweeted by Black Lives MatterHey this gofundme has stalled and he's going to have surgery soon. Please donate if you can
Retweeted by Black Lives MatterSHARE! Tomorrow, dictator wannabe @RonDeSantisFL plans to sign his anti-democratic voter suppression bill at this H…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter @extremely_wet lmao OK I was like you're rly going...there...???? Have a good trip dude @ShanusMcAnus ❤❤❤❤hope you feel better asap! @extremely_wet You're headed to the Caribbean for real? On a private jet?! @extremely_wet ???drinking a coffee at 4 pm and then taking a horrible nap to have what i call a “goblin dream”
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@thom_mss OmgDoing your taxes when self-employed is the fucking worstHere's a thought: Maybe vaccinated people are still wearing masks because none of us know who is and is not vaccina…
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Anybody else get mondo sausage fingers after running lmao @jonny_wags_ Thanks buddy! @knorsce WOW S A S H A @melip0ne Good riddance imo!! @melip0ne Moles are so weird 😫😫 did yours peel off or just disappear? @advice_by_dad No, not that I've ever seen! The radiation burned that shit off I guess! @knorsce I mean yeah lol it doesn't hurt anymore!Also one of my moles straight up...fell off?! That's probably good Ayuda Para Encontrar A Su Hermana [1/2] Por Franchezka López - Ella es mi hermana y está desaparecida la…
Retweeted by Black Lives MatterHow it started How it's going @420degree That means the juice is working @k8kush DUH!!what if dogs needed to wear deodorant and u had to apply it under their little arms for them
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter*Simple Plan voice* I'd pet any caaaatBev check
@advice_by_dad Great job!! Do you listen to a podcast or music or something to make it better? @advice_by_dad 🙌🙌🙌When i delete this app
Retweeted by Black Lives MatterAnybody who thinks the vaccine patents should be exclusive to the companies that made them is a fucking psychopath.…
Retweeted by Black Lives MatterHappy birthday 2 days ago @deerblanket !!!! @dooruser Omg that's awful, I'm so sorry!!!I'm a toilet influencer now
Retweeted by Black Lives MatterShe reminds me of a west side story/ Growing up in Spanish Harlem/ She's living the life just like a movie star, oh @advice_by_dad Yeah, a nice design I agree!Surprisingly good? And 15%
The tiny golden potatoes really add a lot of whimsy 🥔✨ lovely royal massaman, courtesy of @roboburrito Gooper 360 is that anythingI should just be able to have more money and so should you
Retweeted by Black Lives MatterHey y’all, Yesterday our bikes got stolen which really sucked😞😞 We’re trying to raise some money to replace them…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter @GrahamPasteur 💜 @GrahamPasteur Oh my GODRipped the ass part of my pants at the wawa @young_particle What a torturous predicam-ant 😫idk why but Bennifer 1.2 (aka Afflopez) is a good thingOn a fresh new Underhill Frodo learns that blood is not thicker than water when the Sackville-Baggins' arrive unexp…
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SHARE- Saniyya Dennis is still missing. She's a student @buffalostate & hasn't been seen since Saturday when she le…
Retweeted by Black Lives MatterMISSING: Stephen Sparkes, 33 - reported missing to @TorontoPolice on April 29 @ 12:09 p.m. - believed to be in the…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter @Vimmy I hard disagree here I'm vaccinated and continue to wear my mask and physical distance, and that doesn't mak… @SnoopDogg this is Redbear. A beautiful boy who has been diagnosed with cancer. His dream is to meet you.…
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@MavenofHonor minuscule mesclun 😭😭Enjoy the bowels of hell u crusty assclown @young_particle With such encouragement, now I surely will!When the nails match breakfast>>> tomorrow I'm doing an MRI w/ contrast of my leg because they saw a funky thing on my PET scan 🙄 They are pretty…
here is the poster my sister made— please share with your phoenix/arizona contacts. thank you all for your generosi…
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