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@aaaaluke always yes @KylePlantEmoji man @nicegirlmeg what is a twitter 12 @jbfan911 when I was like 6 or 7 my cousin seth bonked me in the head with a golf club and I still have a scar from it @user72682 felt this @getlaidan got u @repupayton but hotter? thank you @pricelapj @Davie504bass you seeing this ? @themeredith funny :-) @jennifermerr I wish I could..... it's been so long. @ar1e11e yeah fine @MsRebeccaBlack HIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! lol HEYYYYYYYYY haha PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HELLLO!!! @ar1e11e no i’m MAD @ar1e11e literally once a week @jodieegrace I can’t explain it just look at the results jodie alright @niaemcg not in that format I guess @Browtweaten @TheAugoosetus manthis is a video of me taking a colorblind test just wanted to post this for the haters @itsjustchrislol wait what color are they @TheAugoosetus MAN LMAOOOOO @itsjustchrislol i’m gonna guess yellow and green @cloudeeuhh even if you’re being hurtful i’ll always love u @itsjustchrislol don’t do this man @cloudeeuhh man ...... @butter4374 maybe I did maybe I didn’tmaking fun of colorblind people is ableist please stop asking me to differentiate between yellow and green @spongebobtitty oh . alright fine i’ll take that @spongebobtitty if they pay me $500 i’ll wear walmart lingerie I don’t give a fuck @spongebobtitty tell her i’m available for sponsorship @handsumbadboy69 ok man @user72682 you can be a slut for a lot of things that aren’t sexual for example I am a slut for good sushi @user72682 LMAOOOO i’m not sexualizing dogs i’m saying they love aggressive pets man come ON @femmegooholeTee man what did I do WRONG @user72682 you don’t know what I mean? @CEOofHotTakes @peta they love it man chill !!! @userjaymes @vuas_j man I had a question @handsumbadboy69 that’s what I thought @vuas_j okay so.... is beige a food or a color or both @vuas_j what is that @ohfuckingod have fun in prison and then also in hell 😠 @handsumbadboy69 dude c’mon @DannyVegito nice @poastsbymatt joe who @redridingho oh here comes jewell being right again like she always is🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ @redridingho i would never do that to u .. unless I dislike what you like❤️ @poastsbymatt who owns it dude tell me @ohfuckingod you’re going with her @userjaymes an all time classic @_jazzghost_ @drivingmemadi I should not have asked what a home depot skeleton was @drivingmemadi should I even ask what a home depot skeleton is @adastroworld LMAOOOOO @icedoutomnitrix it bangs tho
@poastsbymatt fuck @dummyasstard @cake_hoarder it's like 50 cents extra but it's worth it imo @jeremysmiles hahaha this is exactly it. I really don't get itconservatives are like yeah I'm an asshole and I don't care what you think because me being counter cultural is ver… @thebiggestyee I just do not like that people are being terrible and they think it makes them bad ass or something @pebbut @jbfan911 me too @cake_hoarder chips and cheese instead of cinnamon twists I see you're a connoisseur too @scrowder washed @ItsMikeNotIke try tweeting more anything is possible @MrMindGam3s @mrsmindgames I'm going with 0/10 @tyler01010101 caught her in 4k @willforthrill yeah @emoadult69 my bad @PrisonPlanet no one lacks this much self-awareness right . this is ironic . right . @Co_Mill LMAO this feels so mean @emoadult69 never seen crunchyroll be down 🤨😼 @notchaselyons alright I still disagree but i’m gonna let u live ur life @notchaselyons what is the grading system here bc in terms of content I disagree but there’s no denying its popularity lmao @DrakeGatsby what the hell man @mainmxnn great avi @old_lotion I do every day I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make @lilerinbb rewatched the latest episode of haikyu preparing for the new ep tomorrow now i’m vibing hbu @nicegirlmeg i’ll be honest sometimes the bad ones surprise you . also thank you @lilerinbb always @crocfanpage 4C3 easily @FrickinDelanie it's gone nice try @justky1018 was about to say 5' then I saw the replies so I'm basically right @FrickinDelanie alright I'm deleting my reply @yslvic handsome ass @Nickel10 love u brohther @kenklippenstein LMAOOOOOOOOOO @hjerkinson you're pretty much spot on @Nickel10 bc the saying is the man the myth the legend alright man @legallyines yes @sushipregnancy I said it first @sushipregnancy i’m thankful for riss @nateandmufasa nate said acab❤️ @KylePlantEmoji MAN-DALORIAN- yes kyle that’s the name of the show @jeongofhan @juye69n @sydney_sweeney tell his ass @ouijahadid you know what? thank you @TheAugoosetus sometimes they don’t like the truly good ones but sometimes the hate is deserved- like now @danadonly i’m only leaving this up because you laughed I need you to know that @joshsdumbhandle I knew it sucked before I tweeted it sometimes I just gotta put it out there @SwagMan7101 I appreciate u keeping it 100 @CeeHawk BRO LEAVE ME ALONEEEEEthis sucks[the mandalorian walks in the room] his best friend kyle: oh shit it’s da man da myth da lorian @koordell jesus man LMAO