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@ihatethiskid i’m about to act up @doinkpatrol me too :’-) @prestovision u think so? @doinkpatrol the cubs are also in first place :) @mynotetome LMAO @NeededElsewhere I like that u like it man <3 @JxxJones no def not @Auraelium that's a cool thing though @camt___ @Dr_Nut_ bro LMAOOOOO @wydstepbrOoke good place
@ArianaGrande emily don't read this . . . . . . ariana hey @desukidesu yup. that’ll do it to yakinda miss 2005 thinking dane cook and andy milonakis were the funniest mothetfuckers to walk the earthwhite women will have two mimosas at brunch and be like “I’m so chaotic” @KenzoShibata I not only think these guys are very cute but also very nice and cool tooWe are stronger
Retweeted by chad @WSJPolitics what happened to separation of church and state. they’re literally bullying politicians into voting fo… @okiecorri no i’m okayI was a little too drunk when I tweeted this my bad @Nickel10 I forgot I tweeted this @RainShitama ngl bro most of it hitshate on ed sheeran all u want he makes some good music @Iameaschris it’s going okay man @lynndewitttoya thank u ✨ @garfpooop @KylePlantEmoji hold on @sisteramnesia64 you’re right. i’ll be the guy who does it well @KylePlantEmoji garfield rules what’s the problem @bradclit yeah @firelorddani they need a low center of gravity @StreamerBans @wildkait NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI do not care about the number of likes I care if my girlfriend likes my tweet or not
maybe the second guy but stillI cannot wait to be the first guy to beat ted cruz’s ass @tteecai it’s just to be funny you have got to chill @tteecai @tteecai in what way @drivingmemadi they’re fucking sickslowly progressing my relationship with my gf by just calling her “fiancée” occasionally. next step is calling her… @dontmakecry @Edgeyy jesus christ @TeahLhompson @badbotchadhoy he’s been sentient for a long time it’s actually horrifying @ecogggswell @taylorswift13 ??????
@sentinelgrave @j3fk @stanwarecook it’s really not when you consider the wages companies like walmart are paying th… @JUSTcatmeme idk man it seems kinda cute to me @thirsty_punk @Cloud9 imagine @nolongercowgirl yup @Cloud9 imagine not signing me, a guy with 41k twitter followers and 40 subs on twitch @j3fk @stanwarecook I fell into a blackhole of white supremacist shit this morning i’m losing my mind people think like this @I_Kill_Jacinto @Pholofi @Herodot31318439 @Theosiscore @follyb4god @TacoSlayer69 you wanna be oppressed so bad lmfao @BornToFren @hanford_site @follyb4god shut up bitch @LoneWol10175595 @I_Kill_Jacinto @follyb4god you’re so close to understanding what white privilege means here @stanwarecook ah, and of course you, a rightoid, have experienced the fear of living in a truly lawless and desperate society. right. lmfao @KWholesaler holy shit lmfao @KylePlantEmoji I now pronounce you chuck and larry was my sleep movie for a year or two in high school @goodbeanlocked felt this. but it’ll all come together eventually brother @_autumn_meadow @HDparx just doing a little joke my b
@bobbyteriyaki I didn’t even make it to calc bro💯💯 @bobbyteriyaki you’re an idiot man @l3avem3alone okay but that song by the king is kinda funny that’s all i’m saying @profitwithant why not just get paid the million and invest it into something that would give you more than $50 of… @l3avem3alone check out a few songs you might like it @_autumn_meadow just wait til u find out about peter parker @bocxtop yeah haha you really got him bro. stupid ass name fr 💯 @TheNBACentral fraudHe’s gonna do it again
Retweeted by chad @Srirachachau bro LMFAOOOOOOO @Arceoxys it don’t get much better than this @theeadele he should philosophize these nuts !! @SafeWebUser the very rare veg conservative. you love to see it @jasminericegirl :-) luv u @jasminericegirl I like this take @MayorAdler @GovAbbott get his ass mr. mayor @SIMusic97 lmao thank god @mariokartdwi you can tell he’s so content. about to go in on that freaking baguette. I’m happy for him. what a wonderful man @Kovi34 @VaushV it’s not racist to make fun of italians you fuckin wop @SIMusic97 @VaushV did you read the whole thing bro or just the top half @mariokartdwi I miss him every day @tyler01010101 I still don’t know ur social security number ? hand it over I need a new car @RealDamnDaniel ohhhhhh okay. so you’re an incel. I get it now @RealDamnDaniel you know nothing about me except that I tweeted that god’s a pussy lmao.
@RealDamnDaniel my life is pretty good dan! @tyler01010101 my gay friend sent me a post from them once and I said it was priv so I couldn't see and he said I w… @KevinHart4real you seem hurt kevin @strawssuu uh oh!!!! yeah like there aren’t thousands of alt-right accounts on here spewing racist bullshit every day. get a fucki… @RealRyanAshe @nypost seems pretty fucking sick to me @MajorLeagueBuns what does this mean @tedcruz interesting @bigcontentguy LMAOOO @mauro_txt if I wasn’t traumatized from this moment I could’ve thought of this pun. that’s my excusenothing more poignant or demoralizing has ever happened to megot an email from linkedin job alerts while I was jacking off @timthetatman let’s fucking go early stream @imbabyfr omg that's sick I just never saw anything about it lmao @imbabyfr what @ArthurMorganSux LEAGUE??????? oh no man you’re in a very bad place. @TeahLhompson LMAO @ArthurMorganSux yeah. I felt this fr. @TeahLhompson leah tweeting ???? someone call the police
@SenTedCruz it’s not controversial ted you just look like a fucking nerd lmao