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@ashhhhhhole I already knew @ashhhhhhole thankswas just watching tpain play among us and this man is a CLOWN LMFAOOOOO @jake_n_bake474 they told me it’s an A and a B but I got no clue if they were lying or not @_cuntastic I have no idea but I couldn’t see the logo thing in either colors I sent @thebiggestyee first time I wore them I did cry a little bit bc the grass was super green but they were my friend’s… @koordell ask @Roy_Meets_World @pissboymcgee LETS GOOOOOOcome watch NOW.
was going to shower and stream for like four hours then I remembered the nuggets are playing the lakers tonight and… @willforthrill thank god I'm a leftist @beckylaflor just @ me @itsonlyaubrey leave me alone pls @cremijeur you already told me happy birthday so lmk when you need to be on the insuranceif u have a gofundme u would like shared pls DM me so i can either retweet or share here in a thread ❤️
Retweeted by bad boy @Byrdman778 no this apartment looks epic @Byrdman778 I’m just memeing @jbfan911 men and natalie only want one thing and it’s fucking disgusting @dontmakecry if I gotta feel like this everyone does @itsjustchrislol no👍🏼 @itsjustchrislol nomen only want one thing and it’s fucking disgusting @Moon__Sugar this looks cozyI was working out outside like the fit bitch I am and thought about how much bigger I was than this grasshopper tha… @strawssuu hell yathe saddest thing about the world ending because of corporate greed and all that lame shit is that trees will never… @ihatethiskid @JackWilliamRtF fuck you dude @totesmehgoats11 it’s actually a nice little quirk @poastsbymatt which word @totesmehgoats11 I can’t see what’s on the cans. so that one @coolkidjacy LMAO @coolkidjacy I’m looking and I cannot see it. @ajbabyboi @JackWilliamRtF yeah alright hardy har good one man @mumblecomic I’d trade them to see the world the way god wanted me to😔i’m colorblind by the way folksmom can you come pick me up jack is being ableist again @IAmSixFootFour @AustinBeerworks @badfeelingpdcst I must be built different bc I can’t read either of those cans @jazz_onmycouch @jbfan911 thanks eli i’m clearly not but that’s nice to say @jbfan911 @jazz_onmycouch no I did not. this is fucked up @snitchery no YOU face @imagxnative there’s a global pandemic and unemployment is at 8.4%. I’d have a job if it were that easy @CarterCruise @senatemajldr that WOULD definitely be pretty tight @vswaggy97 you’ll be okay just be sure to never make her angry @jazz_onmycouch this entire situation could absolutely only happen to natalie @mikietn @GIBiz or, and hear me out, it’s a safe way to have fun with friends in the midst of a global pandemic. @IAmSixFootFour I feel that I will soon slip away into a tormented slumber. and then awake at 1pm. living the dream @Hanarchy4theUK honestly it works for meokay a surprising amount of people are awake my bad. y’all probably got jobs tho. good for you i’m proud of you. @Flimflam91 and also michael wow what a world @ABisexualWriter i’m sure there are ponds between austin and LA. but also I always got UK vibes here no clue man @KunivStream alright nvm we got a few more @Keefler_Elf @avantnard @bocxtop wow we are vibing the fuck out here fellas @ABisexualWriter you’re across the pond it don’t count @Keefler_Elf LMAOOOOO I was like “damn hope he didn’t go to sleep”only people awake rn are me and brayden @watts_txt @blakeidiot @Gadarilall @TomiLahren true. my bad for the misinformation @MarissaPruden you got it @ari__honey yo CHILLLLLLLLLLL lmao @spicycasserole got it, got it. if you would like to continue in the dms I am here for you @spicycasserole I'm listening @taykayhite @lincnotfound third
@cirrusclown and we applaud you @jbfan911 @jazz_inmypants the joke was at the end @chadzag @drivenbyboredom @TomiLahren you disgrace my name. leave this website. @TomiLahren their job is to protect and serve the public not put their knee on the neck of a man who unknowingly used a counterfeit $20 bill @beckylaflor you’re number one tho💖 @coolstorybexx insane to me @dontmakecry I felt this @anson13 nothing i’m just making fun of the tweets that talk about the way men live lmao @dani78647 good😡 @dontmakecry make one trip to target and this can be yours kendra @mickayylac what’s wrong with that @dani78647 it is @coolstorybexx ITS THE SAME ONE????? LMAOOOOOO @Keefler_Elf thank you for appreciating me my king @beckylaflor just @ me next time man @ascofield17 LMAOOOO @ABisexualWriter @_tasiams fuck @hansa_d12 this one is better😌 @TheSophiaRH no chance @andi_shae oop @lincnotfound my m- nvm @KLobstar isn’t it good @beckylaflor LMAOOO @userjaymes personally i’ll never smell a candle @ar1e11e ari said not all women @funkycunt LMAOOOOOO the last one really got me @butter4374 as long as there is a gaming setup next to it then it’s fine @Barknado69 too many pillows. it’s impracticalwomen really think it’s okay to live like this @joeygllghr tf forrest gump gonna do?? @jasminericegirl the dudes who peaked in high school always got something to say fr @BrittanyVenti this looks nice as hell to me @trashassryan goes so hard bro @joe_climbs not only is the song catchy as hell I literally don’t know whether to believe him or not. oscar-worthy… i tweeted about tiktok I am now posting my favorite tiktok here. this is the only good tiktok that exists @madso817 he’s just shadowbanned!!! @AndrewsNotFunny @smithsara79 I could’ve gone on with my day never knowing this existed but my friend wanted to hurt me. I see how it is @AndrewsNotFunny @smithsara79 why would you tag me in this @QuaverBasher I never stopped simping for anything