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I get knocked down, I get back up again. Butt hurt they are. RISE!!! No Drama Zone…

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@littleblucleric @ReesusP It's coming @SDEnyaRedRain A big one @BelievnTheDream Black Widows do the same. @donnieboer He's going down @ReesusP There is.Watching this one blow up will be something to see. Straightjacket should be on stand-by. @foxbatcrash @ArrestTraitors Not exactly, some picks were done another way, like Mattis or Milley. @Ginger624 House Cleaning. Wray stays on.
Retweeted by Badd Company @ArrestTraitors yes @DemopJ Crash @liselisec @MsDixieDiva8253 yes @balinoruo @Toharts Then go back to bed. @elvislver56 @Moonbeamstar21 @balinoruo @Toharts Q is dead dude, Avocados are rotten, Frogs are boiled and this is crap.Twisted Sister @AngieMockb ✌️ @lynn32187 It willConfirmations first so we can get to the business of fixing and protecting the Country.Trump was Impeached. Trump is no longer the President He directed the Insurrection and the rot needs to be removed… @tonybanzai He knows more than most, especially on all the terrorists we're about to take down. @Pjwertz1 fools @tonybanzai Wray is a good guy. @books2luv yepTik Tok Q Bits will keep Wray on at the FBI.It Is What It Is's bad and deep but coming to the surface. Traitors Abound“Day One” on cover of new Time Magazine:
Retweeted by Badd Company @BaddCompani 2020 “CAMPAIGN” filed @FEC on @POTUS45 Inauguration Day @SergeyLysenko10 employed by @Trump Org as ™️…
Retweeted by Badd CompanyHe is going to Investigate and sounds like a Commission on its own of sorts on Russia's involvement in the 2020 Ele… just dropped the hammer on Russia. 😉🇺🇸 @babsmarshall1 @JakeSherman @PunchbowlNews The new Cutler. @JakeSherman @PunchbowlNews Ambulance chaser @BaddCompani
Retweeted by Badd Company @SDavidScott Let them dive @LButterflyisfre It cost money to grandstand. Gotta get a stand first🤪 @TXFartingsworth And AOC tagged along.Olympus Has Risen @marcorubio Those that keep yapping do not. @laurenboebert The best part of this is watching the Giant Education you're about to receive. Girl, even Q bailed a… @jmn143 ✌️🤘❤️Twisted Sisters @DawnMadelene 🤪They have no clue. @Needtoknowjune @RKBBall1 @allyson51618422 @jadeecee1 Obama knows what he's doing.CNN on Q next @Kimberl51327533 Ron Watkins of QThis will not end well. gave trumpf recommendations and guidelines for dealing with Covid He threw them all in the garbage @JeremyLevine92 TA @realjoeypoirier Says Who🤪Tik Tok🤣 @pattymchugh1212 We'll see how she does.How do you know they reached the bottom of the Rabbit Hole? CodeMonkeyZ said I'm outta here @JJofromcocomo When she's ten feet tall @RKBBall1 @allyson51618422 @jadeecee1 Obama sat him down and told him that he knows and ya just need to get with th… Bottom of the Rabbit Hole. Thud!! my post on the origins of the Patriot Party hit home🤔 @JJofromcocomo 🤣Oh the Irony, I wonder why and this hole right here is the Ritz Carlton. It's still going up. @girvman 😆 @donnieboer That's where Barron is.You don't have to go home but ya ain't stayin' here.Where is the lie? 😐
Retweeted by Badd CompanyKevin McCarthy finds himself in a fishbowl and can't leap out. @RepMattGaetz @Gaprilone It's Not Antifa @BaddCompani @kjd_kimd63
Retweeted by Badd Company @AdrianeZane @HarryPotterMAGE @ericgarland 😆 @annofws The 'Media' perpetuate the 'Antifa' narrative, they just can't let it go even with All the proof it isn't… @AdrianeZane @HarryPotterMAGE @ericgarland @AnthonyOGD DickBiden inherits none existent Vaccine plan. @ALJWS Including the damn Mayor. They just can't keep that word out of their mouths. @seagoddess111 @pattymchugh1212 @jadeecee1 wasMaga quote of the day "Biden's inauguration today has incited violence in Portland and Seattle happening right now… @TUndertaker1 🇺🇸with a capital letter @barcode_brooks @brianschatz @TimInHonolulu last-ditch efforts. won't work. @rscook Without Military Force. @BlueIndiana1 Any and All who worked within trumpfs administration, right down to housekeeping. @democracyinper1 @MelissaJPeltier 🤘 @MelissaJPeltier 'I'm a dirty white boy'President Biden is Cleaning House. @jb061971 @ishirew Archived now. @jadeecee1 yes, this time slot. @CardboardCapn Trump had NO plan at all, none. @CardboardCapn What He is saying, it would be continued unchecked as it was. A far worse Pandemic.Operation Warp Speed @CardboardCapn no one said it was. You are seeing the news on vaccines, right. There is None. @SmythDenham yep @BaddCompani and it begins. 😊
Retweeted by Badd Company @yinzerjay80 @laurenboebert Yea, the Executive Branch does Executive Orders, Who Knew 'I'm just a Bill...True @ManJeckle Brianna is hammering him right nowBrianna Hammering McCarthy @bronakins uh huh