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Made @whatlieswest. Host of @DistantSocials podcast. Writes with @ndsinnott . 2018 Black List Feature Lab/Nicholl Fellowship Top 50. she/her.

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Learning loss is bad! Socialization loss, very bad! Teachers and staff on unemployment, very bad! Parents having to… can’t fix death. You can’t therapy out of death. You can’t restart after death. You can’t think your way out af…’s just wild, guys. I don’t even think we can fully realize just how far out batshit what we’re being told to acc… @elcincodemaya @IAMSadeSellers This. This so much.Kindness is starting to seem very disruptive. @jphilogden Someday! @jphilogden She is quite something. I’ve tried very hard to convince the real that acting is something she could ma… @jphilogden Aww, what’s catching you, if I may ask? @jordanzakarin @BaruchelNDG @ericandre LOVED that show. @nicsigni Sean and I have a very firm TEXT FUCKING FIRST law about this, as I have a particularly hair trigger reac… @bnacker It was the year half my friends sold pilots that, well, yeah, let’s not think about it @theofficialword Ugh Jarrod, I’m so sorry. Hope it is and stays mild. @stevieboatleft @WordsOfDiana One of my eternal favs. Holds up beautifully.If you’re a fellow fair fan, here’s a lovely article I just read about missing them this summer… @douglasmack As a fellow fair devotee - the beloved Sonoma County one, in my case - I loved this. You summed it up beautifully. @sarahdrakeworks @chicken_grrl Not there yet! @countmystars Do they ever explain why he has to say this?? @Hayley_AnneN The show! She’s one of the three leads and there’s something about her that looks so much like you! @jenny_sinclair I know! @Hayley_AnneN you are a Nadja clone!! @jenny_sinclair ShowEveryone who told me to watch What We Do In The Shadows? Correct. @leah_bh Did you read the first tweet. @WordsOfDiana Also makes excellent space ship @Belas_ghost Under appreciated camp @leticia_creates And so pretty! @zoomuzakgurl There’s one at great America - or used to be - that goes upside down. @DestriMartino You’d look fabulous in those cigarette pants @ellesep @Caissie Space Mountain is your bet @aysrick Nooooo thanks @AhsokaKnows Tilt-a-whirl @NoahGoucher They indeed have the highest magic factor @ndsinnott Oh my god get out of my life @ItBodes I have! Also a lot of murder @Addison_Peacock Those are super fun! @AlfTheGreat Not really no @DestriMartino Funhouses are significantly underrated @Caissie Medium scary is the ideal @lizvaloon Gravitron! So much fun and surprisingly little puke @rensheff A classic. @CoachDRB Plus sticking to the walls!! @aysrick The hammer!!! Terrifying @ndsinnott I like the slide Nicholas @AuthorGaylord Beautiful. @heavymeta3000 Gravitron, excellent choice @AlfTheGreat Can you be more specific @melvillemedia Swings are excellent @peepandchipper I was always too scared to try it. But I love watching it.In my mind it is this, because when you sync up the rotations and go over the top of your wheel while your wheel is… @TheEricGoldman @pmiscove Parents deserve a chance to sob inconsolably just as much as the childlessI need you all to make arguments for the best carnival ride. If you have a dumbshit snarky “no I prefer not to risk… @pmiscove Yeah but those are the double stuf of tearjerkers @KateHarding They are the largest fucking creatures on the entire planet, what on earth are these idiots doing @LizAlps Heaven. Excellent choices.Listen he’s not my favorite dude but the campaign tone of “as sick of this bullshit as you are” is definitely a str… @justinpresser NO WHAT THE FUCK JUSTIN DID ANYONE SAY ANYTHING ABOUT BEACHES @melplim I have! I loved it! @indiend2 Well it’s a gorgeous lake that I grew up next to and filmed my feature at. It’s also December, hence the dead vegetation @JayFaerber Gorgeous @AngelaGbaby82 This is an extremely good lakeThat’s all my lake content guys but please feel free to share your own lakes or aspirational lakes and resist the u… yes turtle friend take but waterfowl? Hot as shit. Ten stars. creeks that lead to lakes? Fuck yeah. Bring that shit on. Tremendous. big fan of Minneapolis. Zero fucking around on lakes. @indiend2 you find creepy?I miss lakes. Lakes are good. are not going to have fun videos by smart and funny people for long if this keeps happening. @DezDono you can tell by your tweet how true that is
I can’t stop thinking about those kids reacting to old music. Remember when you could encounter a piece of art with… @nikkitruckee One of them losing their shit at Nina Simone is incredible @HimymCraig I guess he certainly doesn’t deserve a better pun 😂 @RMNarrative I burned myself four times making jam this week @HimymCraig Craig. @RMNarrative Boyyyyyyy would I not want my bare abdomen anywhere around sparks flying off molten metalShe’s doing all the things young kids should do - activism, working for progressive candidates, grassroots initiati… had a conversation a year or two ago with one of my nieces - she’s a well off white girl in her early 20s, raised… you expected their answer to this question to be “disappearance of financial mobility, crushing debt, consolidat…“The speaker has been a , whaddayacallit, a lady cat? A boob lion? No wait, Are those sphinxes? A mom-meow? You kno… I have strong reservations in trusting a man that can’t figure out what a female lion is called and also needs… really missed the mark on making big-budget disaster movies about a short term crisis like a tidal wave… people hurts it more @ashleybsumerel It was supposed to be awkward @GailSimone I painted this whale yesterday and I love her chubby sad self #ididthis this one hurt.“Kids today spending all their money of COFFEE and SUGARY DRINKS like they might be SLEEP DEPRIVED from working 70… hate to tell this dude but the last time coffee was considered a luxury was 1675.If I were poor I would simply not eat or drink anything @ScriptsByJames Please fall down the beautiful rabbit hole. @JoshRadnor Don’t be. Like Sarah Cooper’s bits, we need jokes that help us keep perspective on exactly how absurd h… @clairewillett @LaurenSarner I have to shove a wad of cotton into my vulva six days a month lest a drop of literal… @wolfmanwalter13 Oh honey, believe me, she will be passionate about EVERYTHING @Nickgb Oh man! Now is the time to fix that! Last year i got super into Def Leppard for a bit. I can send you a list! @themeghanodea These are very cool parents @Nickgb I don’t think that’s a fair way to look at it. Every generation has deep emotional connections to the music… someone get these kids some vintage DMBI had much older siblings, so I remember the exact feeling of being introduced to Rush and Deep Purple and The Beat… @ShamusMc1 Especially because they dig it! @lauriloveridge It’s a wonderful rabbit hole!Weird way to try and get me to floss though