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Bought these pants at a Sicilian street market purely out of admiration for the laziness of the knock-off branding:… @rattylol I refer you to the answer I gave earlier. year ago TODAY I launched my #ActingYourAgeCampaign film. I was so excited by the stellar cast & full of hope.But…
Retweeted by David Baddiel"Speculation builds about how well Olivia Colman will replace Claire Foy..." - idiot columnist rhetoric, where a pr…'s comedy favourites. @TheAnonymousJew @BenjaminNorton @paulmasonnews @OzKaterji Thanks for the tip. Next time I’ll only remember to only… replies to this Tweet show just how much trouble the Labour movement is in. When you find yourself arguing with…
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Every time TED repost this I get a bunch of people saying, "Oh grow up" or "It's not that bad" or whatever. Doesn't…
Retweeted by David Baddiel @Danny_G912 @jamg3916 @MeganAgnew Man with beard. Surprise. Bye. @Just_Gill1 Might be a while yet.Very much hoping the advertising slogan for this Italian supermarket aftershave is “Now your whole body can smell l… @daveyzz @rickygervais To be fair, that’s not how they eat them.Not sure what my intention was but yours to sound like a furious head teacher from a minor public school in 1953 ha…“Ha! I’ve turned that right back at him and no mistake.” @rickygervais Ok. So you should judge a book by both the front and back covers?It's not often that someone is able to make their total cuntiness manifest in just a few short words, but I'm not s… @davidschneider It was also of course a massive defeat. Although the Government did its best to pretend it was a victory. Rings a bell.Park Life. @jamg3916 @MeganAgnew I've always wondered, who actually is it at these newspapers who says "Woke barbie story? Cal… @onhistodd Thanks for remembering back that far, Superfan. Bye now.Not very woke, by the look of the naked anorexic models blowing on your coals
Retweeted by David Baddiel @JeffAstle2 Well, its called an iphone.Time for a @HarperCollinsCh book bundle #giveaway! Featuring books by @RobBiddulph, @Baddiel and #DrSeuss, your lit…
Retweeted by David BaddielThe extreme beauty of this Sicilian view only just balanced out how near I came to dying walking up to it.
@imbadatlife He's changed so much, of course. @Grahamskifalkir He's always been the David Brent President. Only with less self-awareness.I assume this was a sketch cut from SNL, where they decided that Alec Baldwin's Trump character was so blatantly ly… I shouldn’t have overdone the sunbathing early doors. on a mountain in Sicily. Or possibly I’ve landed somewhere near where the apes are going mental in 2001: A…
Check out the best music shows, events and comedy gigs coming up in the West Midlands including @Baddiel,…
Retweeted by David BaddielOh yeah, it is him. sure who Mr Root is. But after reading the whole thread I assume he’s the same man who stands near the lights a… on @BBCRadio4. They dumped it. Couldn’t understand why. version of deliberately now formally replaces the previous best ever #shitspell - occur as accure - on my TL. @plumbnewdepths @gilescoren @Charlottewheele I do like it a lot, yes, although obviously as a commentary on the cul… @LatestMessiah @ShowerAbsolute @AdamWagner1 @TwelveScouts Except I suspect there were. My experience with these kin… @AdamWagner1 @TwelveScouts This is the bit I find most disturbing about this Adam. Who are these "many people"? And… done to @guardian for finding the most "Negotiate with that silly flop-haired posh British fool? I don't think… seems to have mixed up "international relations" with "passive aggressive stuff people do when they're tryin… 80% of US Jews voted for the Democrats in the 2018 mid-term elections. Trump says they show "a great disloya…
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Taskmaster teaser. @shaunwkeaveny I really would start with the short stories. IJ's got great stuff in it, but it could really… @itsmyaeroplane Not imminent. But in September.Ezra’s such a teenage boy in all the horror that implies and yet I really fucking love this photo. the Jews. It’s quicker that way. @IanDouglas @vikkistone @jimtavare Actually failed my Grade 7 piano. @Baddiel @thetimes Wish I’d thought of that line. And if you liked David’s tweet, you’ll love the full column, her…
Retweeted by David Baddiel*tendency* @charliefik OK. All best. @charliefik No. You see the words "not always" in my original tweet? That means sometimes it does.I see. Odd, as what I was talking about was not really cognition, but an emotional response, empathy. Then again, t… @stereominusone Yes, I have no real idea what a category error is. Is that a category error? @mazylady Indeed. In my new show I demonstrate this with The Holocaust...a joke about that can be meaningful and in…"Frank Skinner loved it so much, he organised a little holiday for him and the other Taskmaster contestants from hi…
Retweeted by David Baddiel @serendipiteedee @paulsinha Well, a. my position has always been that it's impossible to say there's no subject you… is like ante-natal classes, where you focus entirely on the birth of your child and not at all on the demand… does not always indicate mockery. It's a huge category error to imagine it does.If you think that Tourette's joke is offensive, my new show "My life with Parkinson's and a severely autistic nephew" will not be for you.
Retweeted by David BaddielPraise indeed. @DavidJacobi1 Health and safety. Gets everywhere.
@thatjanravens @Massimovillas Hello Jan! We aren’t in that area. But it would definitely interest my daughter who is militantly so.It's a good question, but the main character in The Person Controller is a girl (of twins), and then, coming in the… show is a bumper pack of loads of my favourite bits. If you’re coming to see my Blizzard tour this year you ma…
Retweeted by David BaddielThank God it’s nearly night time. Can’t take all this showing off. #Sicily ⁦@Massimovillas⁩ mean just leave it, Sicily. Jesus. FIVE: @Baddiel, @Wintersonworld and @Hanifkureishi feature in our round up of the best events at this year’s…
Retweeted by David BaddielOn holiday, supposedly not working but surreptitiously doing last rewrites to this... yes... ps send him my best. @Bathfestivals Children's Literature Festival line up looks amazing! As well as building your own model…
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Amazing. 1997... @ScottCl23566402 Newman and Baddiel the first comedians to do so in the UK. As you would know if you weren't a bot. Bye now..@theCALMzone is extraordinary. Ms Collins appears (I’d say is but so amazing is it that let’s leave a tiny bit of room for…
Retweeted by David Baddiel @triciaduffy Lovely. Where is that? @PaulieFazzer @Massimovillas I wish!Here with @Massimovillas, btw. They found a great place. And they haven't paid me to say that... @sturdyAlex @Barnesy19 *Finally* you've come out. @robjtweets I may have, assuming it's a euphemism.Come and meet comedian and children’s author @Baddiel who will reveal fun stories about his latest bestseller, Head…
Retweeted by David BaddielToday’s tip for trolls: don’t get bogged down in the detail.
Wondering what number this should actually come on A List Of Things The Leader Of The Free World Should Care About. @suetoboot Thank you Susan. Send your granddaughter all my best.That’s so great to hear Steve. Thanks for letting me know and send him my very best... @Dougie29391334 Bot face.Sicily. Giving it all that. @Baddiel - child number 2 starting his Baddiel life at the airport! ❤️❤️ (I’ll read it when he’s finished!)
Retweeted by David BaddielAlso signed on this day in 1991: Peter Ndlovu, which always makes me think of this..... @raystubbs @Baddiel
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@leasysrent In Palermo. @leasysrent Just checking desk will be open when I arrive. Flight gets in 21.15And indeed Rupert Cuntington. if anyone has ever bought a pair of bluetooth in-ear headphones that they have managed not to lose betwee… @fraser_powell @domjoly Thanks for remembering back that far, SuperFanBoy! Bye now! @Ryanair Ok thanks. @BartekSiepracki I'm not, sorry. Which book of mine is that? @CiaranWest @Ryanair Yes, I've had it happened before too. But can't get anyone on the phone. Got someone online bu… @Ryanair. I can't check my teenage son in on a flight today as he's 14, and that seems to make him an age tha… @DamienMcCrystal Yeah. Probably better to pick on a child. Bye now.
@talkRADIO @JuliaHB1 @hennashah94 @andrejpwalker Congrats Julia. I didn't. @BillieCotter @RealCandaceO Bye now. @BriefLess I do in fact talk about the difference between piss-taking and trolling in the show...