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He booing with everything in him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️i love studying and reading about psychology, sociology, biology, quantum physics, spirituality, theories, and cons…
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @__aqshal Where did you get the glue from 🥺Guys, ada yang mau kerja freelance sales? English skill must be good ya. Mahasiswa juga boleh apply kok. Please knock my dm :-)
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @AldhiaWolf Aku juga wkwkwkwkfriendly reminder badan aku ga tinggi guys😁 aku kecil bgt cuman 150cm beratnya 38kg😁🙏🏼 so if some of you meet me…
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️Nggak ada
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I don’t beg, I replace. @wavedilliams26 What does that even meanthere’s a reason there are only 3 people left in @paramore. surprise, haters, it ain’t cause of me. paramore do no…
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️Bitch I look tooo good for my love life to be like this
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You need someone to forgive your sins and I'm there when you call💖
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @hermajustea SOOOOOOO FIRE!!! Lips details please ma’amproof that nude lipstick looks better on me
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @jopecin Dah siap onlyfans ni @ustadchen Maaf numpang buka lapak @AldhiaWolf YA ALLAH BIDADARIada yg ngelirik, ada yg bengong km pilih mana
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @jopecin TADI CANTIK BGT PAS MEETING @mandsterbate Yg pertama @13xdede Kita kakak adek beda setahun🤝 @substrology Out of topic but you’re pretty as heckkkk @sagittariruth Jeremy butter grup tante2 wkwkBGST wkwkwkwkwkkww @kinkyprinxess IKR @anggeeladivya Should we???? 😭Maybe I should give white guys a chance????? Cause I’m tired. @anggeeladivya LAH??? Kebalik bos aku yang foto in kamuMau post foto di instagram tapi ga punya foto bagus @mahdinosaur gara2 kemarin aku upload foto amine di ig wkwkwkwkwk 😂 @anggeeladivya sedih :( @hermajustea YES I HATE HERkenal pacarnya dari mn ka? ganteng — Pacarku siapa cok wkwkwkwkwkwk never understand the western obsession with Muslim women unveiling themselves. It’s getting weird!
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️My next relationship gonna b so private I’m not even gone b in it
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @anggeeladivya @notwilona Tadi aku mau tah kamu wkwkw @substrology Where is it rn @sparklingsugar_ @anggeeladivya nih moms @realsuccubus THATS MY GIRL @hermajustea A sag? @kinkyprinxess HeatherThis video of Jhené Aiko and Big Sean got me pregnant, the energy is unmatchedé Aiko’s “Stay Ready” ft. Flawless lives in my head rent free 🥰
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @senjatanuklir SAME 😭😭😭😭ahahahahahahahaha Muslims are targeted with Islamophobia in France:
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @_kittygal Kalo cowo dior sauvageImagine being me, no achievements, just vibes ✨ @BanyuSadewa @HmnsId Nunggu review mu dulu kak wkwkwk @BanyuSadewa @HmnsId Aduhhhh beli ga ya 😭😭😭😭 @arunikacharvi Jangan lupa self reward sis @Subpenumbra Exactly! 👏🏽👏🏽The hookup culture is not for everyone and that’s ok.Promo nih sampe tanggal 27. termurce se-Samarindawwww~
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @keuraeji Sis breathe 🥺 @sagittariruth I thought this was soto @Kielhoilett I think it’s from a few years agoWhere tf is my big Sean @racheltjhia Clean and fresh bed sheets baru dicuci @zendaycha Yes
The way I bounce back like nothing ever happened amazes me every single time.
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️If I don’t hear from you, ima sleep good regardless
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️I can’t wait to be a mom but I can wait @kimeenotkime I think,,,,, penuh rahasia wkwk. Scorpio venus kalo sayang orang intense banget ati2 jatohnya malah ketergantungan :( @realbadass__ Aku menangos WKWKKW @Classivy Aku juga kaget 2020 ada yg begitu :(WTF IS THIS @kelixman Aku ga di malang wkwkwkwkAda yang pernah gini ngga? 😭’m gonna lose my shit if I don’t travel anytime soon 😭😭😭😭 @kelixman Yesss of course 😂Call me boring but if you wanna hangout you gotta let me know a week or a few days in advance 😭Tolong banget meeting harus pake kamera dan pipi aku lagi bengkak anjir wkwkwkkwkwk ya Allah @jillukba Hmmm @senjatanuklir Aku 🥺
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @qwonidin 🍾🍾🍾 @AldhiaWolf Cotton candy 🥺boy walking around with chalky cheeks
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @strawberrychaoz LUCU BGT @icecoldnovember kamu pasti anak warnet @icecoldnovember kok aku menyanyi @sefrizalb pengen bang jal tapi blum ada tambatan hati jadi sy realistis sj @snugglebeam makasi bb kamu jg ya <3 @vaniarpm dm yaaa @kelixman salam ke kakusam @substrology thank you, you toooooo bb <3“Don’t you want revenge?” Me:
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️Mercury retrograde got me missing people from the past 😭 @dejiayoola_xi @_busayomi @TheVyralTrendz Bali is not the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is. But even in Jakarta and…— Candle light session held in Bali, Indonesia for victims of the Lekki toll gate #EndSARS peaceful protesters "sho…
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️Tiap cape kerja pengen daftar S2 wkwkwkThis guy made some really awesome cat costumes. He's having hard time paying rent, and we can help him and his furb…
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @mandsterbate Sebelum meninggal harus makan makanan mandaFake accounts be requesting to follow you on insta when it’s private, but when your page is public it’s quiettttttt… gon be ok
Retweeted by BADGALDIDI ❄️ @keithxo__ In my defense I was drunk. It was not permanent tho @substrology Ive been feeling asdgddkjshsg lately kayak cape banget dan berasa dikejar-kejarHalo! Aku jual kue pisang low gluten. Produksi fresh setiap hari. Mengandung oat, pisang, dan tepung singkong, jadi…
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