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@yinfutang GEMES BGT 😭😭😭 @catsedih Pernah lagi otw bandara mau liburan terus baru inget kalo kunci cafe ada di tas yg lagi aku bawa, huhu la… @classivy OMG SUCH A PERFECTION @ankyky So tiny and cute!!!!Lily of the valley🤍
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @RobbyRevenue You taking notes huh 👀 @rifyalka The name is pretty as well 😭SO PRETTY go check her page out 🥺 you 15 years old in 2021
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @bleedintearss MAKASIH CINTA🥺 @winonadonna Omg your smile 😍 also you’re doing a great job taking care of them. My mom loves orchid, especially anggrek bulan 🥺 @RobbyRevenue Why ain’t you cuffing then 🤣when Ella Mai said “I think I might die without you” in boo’d up, I DID NOT feel that cause wtf sis let me skip this part 🤣 @__aqshal Yup cause you will get more. LETS GO I’ll retweet 🥺 @flc_chyd Ini bagus banget 🥺🥺🥺 @ken2siast I’m so sorry love, but look at you recognizing things and being aware of yourself now, that’s a good sta… @ken2siast I feel like the ones with words of affirmation as their main love language are probably the ones that go… @mandsterbate somehow I notice that from you 😭I’M FUCKING ROLLING
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫People with act of service as their main love language are probably the over independent people. @anggeeladivya They suit your personality somehowthank God my bf isn’t ugly
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @sweatymoist I mean I know some people that rejected people cause they were not 180cm 😭 @Cilorconnoistre That’s correct! Asian markets where mostly Asians that go there.... 🤣🤣🤣 @sweatymoist I know you’re lying rnWe were perfect together idk what happenedDevelop a strong opinion of yourself so you don't end up internalizing the beliefs others have of you.
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫if we date you have to kill my exes
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @mandsterbate Please walteria needs to see this @hannyhxney Yellow flowers >>>>>>>> @Cilorconnoistre Why do they think these companies are targeting them... when it’s literally sold in asian countrie… @virgomoans @anggeeladivya YOU GUYS CONTINUE TO HYPE ME UP 🥺THE TALENT 🥺 got this bouquet back in 2018 and I still can’t get over it. Roses and sunflowers combination >>>>… @urbbyblue The color combinations 😩😍I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS PICT ANYWHERE ga tau siapa yang pernah ngirim tapi waktu di kasih foto ini aku naksir na…
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @faniatsilah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Girlies what’s your favorite flowers? Feel free to drop hints 👀 @anggeeladivya Good morning my love. Let’s mf goooopokoknya semua orang di dunia harus ngerti dan paham betul sama jokes template semua orang harus tau jokes template…
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫Bitches just be mad it’s me, that’s all lol
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫Father shaved for the very first time,watch his twin kids reaction reaction 😂😭😍
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫“What’s the crystal that suits me?” Idk bro crystal meth probably @mandsterbate You don’t deserve that cause look at your talents 👀Asian parents barely support your hobbies until they see that you’re good and you can make money from it 🤣 @marinnaraz She glows 🥺✨Cuma kangen muka ga kangen rambut sebelum pandemi 😆 I mean look at my skin 😭😭
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @kelixman Alas Purwo @m3gumiii I have a crush on you let’s date 😔 @AldhiaWolf KAK MAKASIH ILY😭🥺
just cause she’s hispanic don’t make her a woman of color 😭
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫I h8 loser bitch lyrics. You be vibing & a bitch will dead ass sing something like “I don’t love myself without you.” Girl if you don’t—
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @kamutaugaksi Thank you love🥺🥺🥺 @aveudria Matcharin kamu boleh????I love fast drivers kill us idgaf
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @icecoldnovember Ok nuts vids in the rain then @icecoldnovember Just give her nut videos and keep it moving chief @samrisux MIGHTY FINEEEEFuck yo day 🤣🤣🤣’s giving goddess
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫Manifesting amine as my husband @AldhiaWolf Aku mau purchase kak @tinyfif It’s good for the ovulation week 🤣 @bigcryingenergy I’d recommend you to search for “auralescent” on SoundCloud or subscribe to his patreon 🤭🤭 @lilouisback Rasya 🥺🥺🥺 @ikimtryingokay Cleanser cerave yang buat jerawat! Hihi @jillukba You’re not wrong 😔😔😔— #CleansernyaBia kali ini aku mau test PH hydrating facial cleansernya Cerave, siapa disini yang pakai? Aku sudah…
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @orchidpoison Kak keren bgt ini review nya 🥺 @yinfutang Kayak baru masuk SMA wkwkwk @najwabadjened Thank you love 🥺 @biebersdepths I know you’re very proud @anggeeladivyaPlease what’s his skincare routine @jamgkrek Thank you luv. Aku kurang tau gimana soalnya cat di salon, tapi namanya baby highlights🥺 @mandsterbate THIS MAKES ME ANXIOUS I THOUGHT I DID SOMETHING WRONG MANDY😡🤣This isn’t meant to come off as a criticism, but u should be more careful with what u post. I have asthma and was c…
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫Kangen muka dan rambut sebelum pandemi 😩🥺 @missinmyhomies Yup! It’s a 2 ways street. The company already gave you their time and energy with the interviews s… this. They're gonna act like they don't need you but they do. Obv they're gonna have a cap on how much t…
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @revinavt_ Aaaakkk kapan rilis kak? Aku pengen beli 😭bad grammar= ick. why at aged 19 are you confused between “your” and “you’re” ?
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫Kenapa ada aja orang yang nyinyir gara-gara aku suka koleksi kristal wkkwkwk. “lu aneh banget buang-buang duit buit… try a new skincare product... bismillah. Wish me luck 🥺Who’s gonna cook for my kids everyday cos Im ngl i don’t think it can be me
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @danarjon MAAF NGAKAK 😭😭😭Y’all be like “idgaf” then start pulling them damn crystals out 😒
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫Eh idk who needs to hear this but it’s okay to negotiate for a higher salary when you get a job offer.What’s going on in Myanmar makes my heart so heavy. I’m praying for their safety, may God protect them.Ma Kyal Sin, or Angel, was 19. In her last minutes, she kicked open a water pipe so her friends could wash tear gas…
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @cocachele CONGRATS🥺🥺🥺LOOK AT WHAT SHE FOUND IN HER NYC APARTMENT
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @Cilorconnoistre Syadza!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣Yes @michellexdiaz Looool Sebastian said that? You guys raised him right 🤣 @dewisutrisno_ Cutieeee bgt kalo senyum lebar kak + bandana nya jg lucu!!!!🥺 @alyacholid Good morning love 💛 have a great dayMy man 🥺 @3GPMAFIA It’s ok be you were the sp*rm that survivedImagine being late to work tryna wake your horse up out their sleep. Please giddyup bitch we late 😭
Retweeted by badgaldidi💫 @mandsterbate The last one >>>>