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politician makes a law. tells police he must enforce it and they do. politician tell everyone police are bad and there must be reform. bad guy cops

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@EdMarkey The box article supports qualified immunity and was afraid republicans would remove it. How odd you chos… @AyannaPressley So you support frivolous lawsuits against teachers? Big oil suing the epa into submission. You s… @cenkuygur It’s not part of the culture. Facts over opinion @cenkuygur Media lies. Unless it fits your narrative. You’re a joke @c_cauterucci .. building, or do cpr at a car accident. These officers would die to protect someone. This murder… @c_cauterucci That officer was ruined the reputation of police. But calling all of them racists ignores the men and… @c_cauterucci Stating all police are racist and bad is indefensible with facts. What occurred with Floyd was horri… @c_cauterucci The argument is one sided in facts. In order to begin a discussion both sides need to talk. All fact… @c_cauterucci It’s unfortunate choice of words. Saying police are empowered to kill black people would be true if n…
@RepPressley Did you read the article. This rule protects teachers. Government agencies like the EPA. It opens t… @ChelseaClinton @NYCMayor @deray @samswey @MsPackyetti My agency has 7 of 8. Use of force continuum was updated. D… @RepAOC Tell Schumer so he can stop posting @kenklippenstein They need to up their game. I watched antifa twitter pages coordinating their responses. Given di…
@haterbhating @DibblesMaime @RepKatiePorter I’m a cop. Things have changed. Most police officers have less than 5 y… @Ilhan They will call back by January when the paid security can only call the police to help @DibblesMaime @haterbhating @RepKatiePorter Ahh typical response from a liberal. We were discussing a code of sile…
@haterbhating @DibblesMaime @RepKatiePorter Nope. Real person who hates ignorance. @cenkuygur I guess you don’t watch twitter to see the cop do just that. Your an idiot @SenKamalaHarris @RepJeffries Release prisoners. Bond out looters and rioters. It seems backwards @BarackObama I remember when you were president it was open season on the police. You helped cause the divide. Th… @rachelolding They stop it you complain. They let it go. You complain. Can’t have it both ways @RepValDemings Trying to get the go nod. It’s not an envious position. Everyone else has watched their career fall… @JoeBiden btw. A person coming at you with a knife or something. Is armed with a weapon. Stop being ignorant @DibblesMaime @haterbhating @RepKatiePorter Because it’s not factual and you have no idea what your talking about.… @DibblesMaime @haterbhating @RepKatiePorter Do tell where you get your information from? Just asking for the veter… @SenKamalaHarris Not all people are racist. Remember justice is blind @RBReich @AOC Works great to get people barricading to come out peacefully @haterbhating @RepKatiePorter Factually inaccurate. There is no code of silence in police work. Nice try @bTheResistance @RepKatiePorter @MotherofTitan Damn it. I gotta get punched. Can’t believe I looked. I hate that game
@JordanUhl @IlhanMN @CNN Antifa is a group and organized. Just search it on twitter. Nice try @BernieSanders So police can’t defend themselves?????? If someone shots at them they must just take it. Ignorant comment. @NelStamp They don’t compare. It’s race baiting and you know it. Stop fanning the flames of ignorance @lisabendermpls @Ilhan Report the same about antifa. No of the rioters deserve it @RashidaTlaib A cop who did not following his training. Did not follow policy. And acted in a way that no other of… @RealJamesWoods Division allows the Democrats to survive. They make up enemies and claim to be in the fight with th… @AOC You work in the branch of give that makes laws. You have never wrote a word to change things. You patronize yo… @AOC You are against rule of law and order. You live for division and build your campaign on it. @WesleyLowery @AOC He already declared white supremacy groups domestic terrorists. It’s time for antifa. They are… and wife beaten with 2x4s while defending store in Rochester, NY #rochesterprotest #riots2020
Retweeted by badguycop @DavidCayJ Ignorance. Maybe you are the instigator. @SenKamalaHarris Law enforcement has the same right to live. They can wear body armor to protect themselves. They… @alexisgoldstein Socialism is never good. And it’s sad you think body armor is bad. It protects them from the idiot… @IlhanMN You are unacceptable. Your community is everyone and under your watch you’ve let it burn. Stand on the fr… @IlhanMN These rioters are attacking officers. That’s why they wear gear to protect themselves. They are using tear… @IlhanMN Seriously you are acting like these rioters are peacefully standing and doing nothing. You support them by… @SenSanders That gear is meant to protect officers from rioters. If they didn’t have to restore order it wouldn’t be needed. @JoyAnnReid It’s antifa. The literally are planning it on twitter. Go look @buckeyefan711 @GovofCO Can’t even get your facts straight.
@JackieHardCoreG @TheQueenLourdes @LuvsFab4 @nhannahjones She is retweeting antifa affilates. Lol @jemelehill You realize antifa is trying to start a war with in the US. They are not hiding it. It’s not about race. They want anarchy @KamalaHarris Seriously. Are you delusional? They were literally saying they were gonna do that to the White House. He is quoting them. @AngelaNissel Antifa sucks @molllygurl It’s antifa. Look at their twitter @jemelehill It’s antifa. Look at their twitter pages @abbydphillip @AOC Or the fact Antifa is on twitter planning and celebrating the riots. The evidence is in front of… @eugenegu Maybe you should learn cause and manner. Let me translate. Homicide- killed by another. Manner. Office… @Public_Citizen @AOC Oh look pushing socialism at every turn. I’m pushing for justice. Justice for Floyd. Not an… @CheriJacobus Antifa is on twitter organizing the riot. And celebrating their victories. Ignorant fool @realDonaldTrump why isn’t antifa a domestic terror group? @TheQueenLourdes @LuvsFab4 @nhannahjones Look at antifas twitter. The are the ones doing this. Planned. Coordinate… @IlhanMN Told you. @AOC One of biggest wastes of money is the Us government
@MaddoxTerrance @treday630 @lbrass3 @jemelehill I was appalled at first by the low charges. After reading the coron… @MaddoxTerrance @treday630 @lbrass3 @jemelehill Please back up you me claim. If you read the Harvard study done af… @JoeBiden Enough is enough. End the violence. Not all police are bad. @MaddoxTerrance @treday630 @lbrass3 @jemelehill Its interesting we’ve come to the point we’re it’s considered ok to… @AOC @VICE @CBP They’ve had them for years. Helps secure the borders. Oh and helps in natural disasters too. Prob… @CoryBooker He was arrested number two thugs refered to those looting. Which was all races based on the video. He… @treday630 @lbrass3 @jemelehill Cause they legally could. No one threatened. Nothing burned. Looting and riotin… @IlhanMN He’s been arrested. Can you tell them to stop now. @cenkuygur I actually look at facts of cases. I don’t believe police should be required to be killed for enforcing laws they don’t write @RashidaTlaib One protest is standing and chanting. The other protest is burning down buildings. Work on a solution not a divide. @MoveOn Actually she told the police to back off and let them “heal”. As riots were going on. Nice try
@NYCSpeakerCoJo So illegal non citizen? @Ilhan There is a standard that is applied to all incidents and the jurisdictions uphold it. These officers will be charged. @Ilhan Why not actually study the issue. 99% occur when a suspect attacks an officer. Where are you when an officer… @JamesSince1960 @SawyerHackett Lol ignorant troll. Not even from the US @AOC More ignorance. I’m not sure where you get your information. Another socialist lie to push your agenda @jduffyrice You’re ignorant This drivel is dumb and uneducated. Police exists in every socio economic area. In… @RealJamesWoods @nataliesurely this is the looting they are talking about @BernieSanders The fbi reviews a lot of these cases. How many are found to be hate based? This case is not normal… @MSNBC The justice system is working. And these riots started then. They are organized by antifa. It’s sad this is… @JamesSince1960 @SawyerHackett Ignorance at its finest @cenkuygur What happened in Minnesota is murder. But represents an officers decision and another’s unwillingness to… @cenkuygur Review the study done by Harvard. 95% of police shootings involve a person attacking the officer with a… @JamesSince1960 @SawyerHackett Before you say this is the norm back it up and actually research it. Don’t just read headlines @JamesSince1960 @SawyerHackett The protest demands justice. Which is under way. Justice isn’t swift, especially wh… @JamesSince1960 @SawyerHackett The protestors are antifa and looters. Some are protesting peacefully but the ones… @huffpuffshelb You’re leaving out the rioting and looting @JulianCastro You should educate yourself on your list. Learn the facts of the cases. You may learn something abou… @scottwongDC @Ilhan Destroying your city is not letting it heal. Arresting the officers and holding vigils to hono… @ClintSmithIII Never been racist. I believe everyone is judge by their individual character. To believe all white… @ClintSmithIII One protest just stood there. The other set fires and damaged property. That’s the difference. It’s… @SawyerHackett Violent protest versus non violent or non compliant. You completely miss the truth of what’s occurr… @vgescobar As a cop I am appalled at what happened. You are trained not to do that. The cop should be in jail alon… @aliciagarza Educate yourself first. This type of case is rare and any good cop can tell you that should never hav… @AOC No cop thinks what happened was good. We all think it was bad and they should be charged. They will be held a… @IlhanMN He should be. No cop is trained to do that. It was horrible. I’m sure the fbi is working quickly
@AOC Do not fan the flames. Another study was done that showed 95% of officer shootings involve a subject who is at… @AOC What these officers did was wrong and not what they are trained to do. They will be held accountable because…