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@bol_com Ja maar kunnen jullie ook zien wanneer? @bol_com ik heb 3D all stars gister bij jullie gekocht, alleen nu staat erbij dat ie vertraagd is! Wat betekend dit precies?BRUH my game is delayed :(Lekker, beerenburg cola over je heen krijgen tijdens werk
@djwgrianne Dat is em dan idd :) @djwgrianne Met 73 opt eind? @badxRoman his background YUK @Appelsab_ @MassaHelena Ja op telefoon haha @Appelsab_ oahhxq :) @MassaHelena @Appelsab_ spel van 4 euro op steam, is wel leuk @_Amicissimum willen jullie met ons mee doen? oahhxqAMONG US!!! oahhzqAMONG US! ocnkqqAls mijn familie ff kan oprotten, thnx! IK WORD ER FUCKING BANG VAN ALS IK DOUCHE EN JE RAMT KAULO HARD OP DE DEUR @Sjoerrdd Oh das kut :( ik heb de lite @Sjoerrdd Is nu weer op tho echt neg besteldOOP @Neosthetiic Really? Op zorg en welzijn werd verteld dat het de poriën dichtmaakte ofso @Neosthetiic Tis waar tho, makeup zorgt sneller voor puistjes @TweetsByAlex_ Omdat ik niet graag toegeef dat ik fout zit @TweetsByAlex_ Omdat ze me mentaal zoveel tijd en energie hebben gekost en er zo weinig voor terug kreeg, tessa is… @badxRoman Your notHoi iedereen, ik ben van plan de opleiding Docent Kunst en Vormgeving op het HKU te gaan doen: heeft iemand ervarin…
Retweeted by chey smith @badxRoman @badxRoman i really miss being friends with Tessa, Gedinne and maybe tho.. @hetisemma What about poiesz so windy and cold outside NANIHere we are again till 12 got Rocket leaque for freeGoodmorning everyone! And in special @badxRoman
@nickscholten24 Bruh to everyone but especially my baby❤️🥺 @badxroman @badxRoman i can call now? you want or nah? @djwgrianne weet niet of ik je nummer nog heb, mijn telefoon resette zich nadat ik can apple ide heb geswitched @badxRoman im free now if you want else im going to sleep @badxRoman i didnt need time from you @badxRoman i wish u just called me when i hung up @badxRoman im not used to have someone to love me so much and cares so much about @badxRoman i am fine @badxRoman its fine @badxRoman its fine. @badxRoman idk @TweetsByAlex_ i need to call with someone before i fuck up @badxRoman i only hurt you @badxRoman were? nicei cry so hard rn lmao im such a soft bitch @badxRoman you deserve so much better then me cuz im just so mentally fucked up by max i dont want you to clean up… @Badxroman sorry for being the worst gf ever... you deserve so much betterjezus duurde ook maanden voordat dat gebeurde someone please call me now? im litterly fading away to much in my thoughts rn... i dont wanna ruin my 9 months clean @badxRoman i only break people so same @badxRoman same @Ikheetlotte_11 wil je anders bij mij je verhaal ff doen? je kan mij ook bellen als je wiltslowly dying @badxRoman Just ignore and blockI cant take the pain anymore, im mentallly so in pain that i litterly had such a big migraine that i puked @badxRoman Who? @diiidiiiiiiii Ja dat heb ik dus ook, haat het zo erg mijn oom heeft beenmerg kanker, mijn andere oom een andere so… @diiidiiiiiiii Ik scheld er niet mee, heb wel dat als ik game en ik word kwaad dat het eruit floept maar dan ben ik 99% van de tijd alleenQueen of fake smilesif i had a fucking timemachine i wouldve gone back to the day i met Max and just blocked him so i didnt waste 2 years to meet my soulmate u were able to love the wrong person so much, Imagine how much you will love your soulmatestill fucking scared for Roman to get bored of me tbh, everyone ever got bored on me so im just so fucking axnious so stupid LMAO today at the Poiesz i hurted my hand bc of costumors being impatient afAnyone who made a portfolio in Google sites? i need to see something for inspiration moment ur so sad u want no one to ask about it miss some people so very much :( used to hang out with them so much but like they just dropped me out of nowhere @xtesjuhx dankje tess <3 @TweetsByAlex_ he finally got twitter hahasend me sum since max and i broke up i lost 11 kilos. take care of myself, i watch my food and i make friends! i mean i hav… im being honest, i felt trapped in the relationship, like i felt i wasnt allowed to leave cuz he was so sick and… melts when heated, Eyes melt when cheatedAnd idc that he lives in derby, idc about distance.. litterly makes me so happy like ngl, were almost 2 weeks together and i feel so much happier then i was in 2 years with someone elseImagibe never kissing your girl bc you”short of breath” but u can work for 4 hours straightImagine being with a girl bc of the sex and not of the loveImagine forcing your girlfriend to send nudes and if she said no that you would keep asking, couldnt be me @Badxchey awwwwwww you mean the world to me
Retweeted by chey smith @Badxchey awww i love you too baby
Retweeted by chey smith#NewProfilePic dont wanna say much, but if my grandma didnt show max he looks better with short hair, he would still look like… i now found someone who is worth my time and treats me with RESPECT and how he wants to treat me, he doesnt… when i called you bc i was giving up you told me i was only seeking attention and just left me no i didnt care thats why i visited you while my Anxiety was to high,i took al your dads shitty anoying hurting… i wasnt the one forcing my grirlfriend to have sex or just fingered her when she said no LMAO or ignored her w… down the days till i fly over to see and hug and kiss💋🥺❤️ @badxroman @DaisyAllysia @issuesticker Klopt