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Daniel Stenberg @bagder Stockholm Sweden

Internet protocol geek. I write curl. I play with HTTP and QUIC within IETF. On team @wolfSSL. HTTP/3 is coming. I don't know anything.

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You and a few billion like you (and I!) rely daily on @bagder's Curl project, something he started on the side 20 y…
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @KaseyaCorp @rk3rn3r I don't even know what VSA or MSP is. I'm the lead developer of curl which I think made the pe… is this application? #myinbox got some questions on the bug bounty amounts in the curl project. I want to put them into perspective. Here's a g… answer is "no, not yet" (from a reliable source)Can we actually play with HTTP/3 with any version of Safari yet? I see mixed claims and the link from Wikipedia tha…
ok, last hour. A tight race among three of them and I feel obliged to them all now! =) @bagder and his team did an amazing job when no one else thought of it allowing us to seamlessly transfer da…
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @BastianInuk @ciarandcoffey They will be. The survey ended a few days ago and I'm in progress gathering the data, m… @nixcraft 1.8% of curl users in 2020 say they use it on AIX ... slightly more than on VMS (1.5%), less than Solari… @ciarandcoffey Who knows? But I do most of them are genuine, yes. We're also at 1.6% Windows XP, 2.1% Windows 2000, 4.5% Windows Vista etc. @resmo79 that's not a version of Windows. But among "platforms" people use curl on, different DOS versions are said… the other end of the spectrum, 92% of curl users on Windows say they use it on Windows 10In the 2020 curl users survey, 1.4% of the Windows users say they use curl on Windows 95. Some things never die.if you author or help out with a libcurl binding, you might want to check out this pending new API additions to lib…
@hnasr The fix is to upgrade OpenSSL >= 1.1.0. I've not heard anyone try to make it work with earlier versions, eve… @ErikBjare We only have a generic "donation account" but the bounty is one of our primary expenses from that. I thi… command line option of the week: --ftp-skip-pasv-ip: - when the FTP server serves you… @jchannon @bitcrazed Using donated money mostly from individuals and small companies helping out to make the world better. @jchannon @bitcrazed Exactly. Would you like me to tell you exactly how much Apple chipped in to help fund this whe… @asanso Yessir, security advisory with all the necessary details will ship on June 24.We just awarded an individual 700 USD for reporting a security problem to curl. Our largest monetary amount yet. Pr…'s a tight race, fun! Maybe I should start preparing a whole series... @kryptera Dags för libressl att kanske påminna oss alla varför de finns nu igen? De är ju nu långt efter openssl o… @snyff @voltagex unless they're security issues, then we can fix them behind the curtain and disclose the details in the next release. @snyff @voltagex in curl we don't fix bugs "silently" - everything is done openly, publicly and with discussions. B…
Which of these topics would you be most interested in attending a webinar/presentation about if I did it? @rushter it fails with the shipped curl in much more recent macOS versions as well. I tested curl 7.64.1 (built to… @bagder This would also be a good time to get people away from old, unsupported, and EOLed versions of OpenSSL. 🙄
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @ChristianHeimes Lovely. That might be the diff then. If people want to work around this in curl that seems like a… @ChristianHeimes Hm, well so have curl it seems and we do get the reports... (with both openssl and libressl) I pre… @ChristianHeimes Thanks!We're now seeing "certificate problems" reports coming in to curl from users using old OpenSSL versions, libressl (… @fossnorth PINNGGGGGGGGG"I just appreciate a tool that works, has always worked, and looks like it always will" / curl survey write-in
GnuTLS has fixed the cert verifying issue that has been bounced around so much: @hnasr yes, that matches my understanding of it
@okoeroo it's already an option, and we've talked various buffer solutions over the years but the gains have been t… @tcely I'm pretty sure it doesn't as wget+gnutls got this bug report: @fenruspdx Yes I have. That's inviting an ocean of problems and tears and I very much rather not have them.on-demand buffer alloc in libcurl - making it possible to shrink curl even further ... @tcely I don't know...This affects lots of curl users (and others). Not curl's fault if I may say so... @sleevi_ @nmeth @SwiftOnSecurity macOS's curl is actually using libressl since a while back, they switched away fro… @bagder A local shop in Italy loves your client.
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@scott_lowe @mauilion I screen shotted this from one of @bagder talks. It's been quite handy
Retweeted by Daniel StenbergThis survey closes this Sunday (when I'll start the hard work of analyzing it) so the three of you who still have p… has teamed up with #cURL author @bagder to bring you commercial cURL support! Hit us with your projects.
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg"The First 10 Million Pulls" is @_james_fuller's presentation about curl-docker - curl in docker…
@RichFelker @inwardshed TLS 1.3, HW support and more. But to each their own. @RichFelker @inwardshed I'll also work on further reducing libcurl's footprint and memory use to become even better… @gagliardi_vale Really? Please file curl bugs here: . It is probably not a bug per RFC 6265…"Crusader Kings II" by Paradox uses curl. Added to (via @FrankGevaerts) users with wolfSSL might enjoy the brand new support for SSLKEYLOGFILE, just landed by @Lekensteyn via @srslypascal @RichFelker I've been told HTTP is a simple protocol many times, so surely that's no biggie. =) @RichFelker embedded users typically build their own libcurl and more often than not tweak things like that for their own purposes.
Today was the day. When my wife, (working in marketing and communication) first ran into documentation at work talk… up until the end of the week. More than 800 awesome peeps already told us their view. Apparently 45 of them a…
I'm getting the sense I've become a frequent topic on this podcast lately... =) 1.1.1g with the QUIC patch? Here: to see the future? Do what @timoreilly used to advise: watch the alpha geeks. Or, rather, watch their repos (l…
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @xmrdsc I bet UDP over SOCKS is virtually unused =) No, curl doesn't do that because getaddrinfo() and friends don'… command line option of the week: --socks5 - tldr: tells curl to use a socks5 proxy longing for zstd compression support added to curl? The PR implementing it is here:
@teirdes Pluspoäng för "huskompis" 😀Commercial curl support up to 24x7 is available: Private help, bug fixes, support, ports, new features - anything c… days left to feature freeze in the curl project - then four straight weeks of only accepting bug-fixes until we ship the next release. @kehoste what's that? :-P
@rektide wget and curl are different beasts. wget is really targeted for (recursive) download, curl is for more spe…"I am not entirely sure how I could do my job without curl." - one of my favorite comments so far in the ongoing curl user survey.We're at over 600 responses after almost a week. Can we reach 1,000 before it closes in another week? Tell your cur…
From my inbox. I suppose I should be glad I give the impression I'm still a youngster... 😀
@theseal That word is not set by me, so even if I'm a notoriously sloppy writer I don't think this one is my fault!As a widely distributed open source project with zero user tracking, this is the one chance through the year for us…
I would recommend you don't get that. That's just a blatant @RedHat marketing stunt to get your email address. Down… @jimmysjolund Looks mostly like a way to solicit email addresses. I recommend this version instead:
Keep your answers coming. We're already at >400 submissions but there are so many users and so many use cases to le… I think I do in the curl project. (Slide from my state of curl 2020 presentation: @hanno that's good indeed, but not the 3-4 follow-up emails by the silly person asking if I did get the first email… @hanno I get those all the time as well. Very annoying. @perjonaslund skip it and dive right into h3! =)AI-powered code submissions. - my first impressions on the issues and PRs we've got from th… QUIC and h3 drafts number 28 are out!
@jpnance Thanks, it'll show up there.curl option of the week: --range: - get only a piece of the remote resource @mansj listan är helt brutalt sned, ja @mansj jag tror iofs att den är *ännu* skevare bland folk som spenderar fritid på opensource/github som den där lis… @vghaisas there were like 4 issues and 3 pull-requests, they're all closed already now @AleKKhan Yes, you can browse issues/PRs filed by the user monocle-ai @georgespalding before I blocked them there was no sign of it slowing down on success, so I don't think so. It's no… has now happened. MonocleAI is the first AI to submit both (okay-looking) issues and pull-requests in the curl p… this opportunity to tell us what you think!
@thomasnewton only since 1999... :-)🚀 QUIC-mentum! 🚀 I ran an experiment to see if the new #TLS Certificate Compression extension (from Alessandro Ghe…
Retweeted by Daniel StenbergHere's your chance to get your thoughts and ideas through to the curl devs. We want to learn your view on things! @drwilco @_JiTe_ @fastly I'd say the trickiest part is that to do that we basically have to tarpit huge ip blocks w… @drwilco @_JiTe_ @fastly Only if you think its a problem for you worth working on. As I block them at the CDN leve… 57 responses, all 25 protocols have been checked as used by at least one user... \o/ @AdamTornhill So by keeping the bugs present while instead working on new features you are "predictable" ?help curl: the user survey 2020 - please run over and fill in your views. We need them! It'…