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Daniel Stenberg @bagder Stockholm Sweden

Internet protocol geek. I write curl. I play with HTTP and QUIC within IETF. On team @wolfSSL. HTTP/3 is coming. I don't know anything.

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The slides from my talk "HTTP/3 in curl" at FOSS-sthlm 21: @ottokekalainen here => from @svt 21 has started at @svt. Carl-Eric Mols talks about "Gain maturity in Open Source" did a brief interview in a @Huddinge_kommun video from "God morgon Huddinge" this morning, in sync with an articl…
This happens tomorrow: is curl’s 14th TLS backend @_ninostephen_ to be fair, in that episode the screenshot is taken while he is writing the code, and I think some o…
@aykutcan @lourdas_v the first print line of that function is also... funnily written =)Mr Robot curls. - I took a closer look at the curl commands seen briefly in two episodes!
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Mr Robot curls. - I took a closer look at the curl commands seen briefly in two episodes! @SimmerVigor Wow!? It looked like this for me! @SimmerVigor @lourdas_v If you're curious, once you get over that little snag, there's a redirect. To… @SimmerVigor @lourdas_v $ curl curl: (35) error:141A318A:SSL routines:tls_process_ske_dhe:dh key too small hahaha @lourdas_v Which episode is this?Guess what came up on Mr. Robot. @bagder #curlStories
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @Jimmytay @__apf__ Thank you for that great insight. @acnst @__apf__ It's a long and boring story: @dmitri_tikhonov @moderat10n @FirefoxNightly @litespeedtech A double bug really: it is said to be used for h2 when… @moderat10n @dmitri_tikhonov @FirefoxNightly @litespeedtech "Connection:" is a HTTP header that is not allowed in H… @jakobborg then we better hurry up because we will so go down a notch to 13 =) @__apf__ I've tried showing up with a valid passport but was refused to board because of ... "we won't tell you why… is your wake up curl: - new API call comes in next libcurl release! couldn't resist also showing the timeline of supported HTTP/3 backends over time! =) @sakjur det var bara en miss (till) av mig =) @sa7sse They're indeed very similar. It seems PolarSSL no longer gets releases and curl will drop support for it soon.Embarrassing, but my previous version had a support TLS library missing: AmiSSL. Here's the corrected timeline for…
@jpmens There's also like three BSD people and a bazillion Linux peeps, so of course there will be more bad seeds i… are nice. Weekend days when you also finally, after many days, track down a multi-threading bug, are even nicer.
@lieter_ @lundstromjerry I don't disagree. I'm just vary of disrespecting people's wishes and revealing private email contents. That's all. @noodinet I like your use of "only". And of course that this happened in the middle of a Saturday =)My reaction when @bagder says he only spends 2 hours everyday on cURL but accepts pull requests after couple of min…
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @lundstromjerry @lieter_ I've done that too at times, it does require a great deal of sensitivity though since then…
@mattiaserlo I did, yes. @giffengrabber Yes, that's exactly the result of this kind of behavior...Me: gives an answer to a complicated issue on the PUBLIC mailing list. Person: responds to me privately and adds a… @MohammedSahaf In the end, the nicest graphs I could make out of this were shown here: @MohammedSahaf I dropped that graph because of the noisy data. Since that was based on per-release numbers it just… @ArjmandiNami Sure. We've toyed with the idea before too, but it easily gets complicated and a lot of work for a… @ArjmandiNami No, it only sets the names bold when used in a real terminal. That slide is "augmented" =) @bagder Right now, curl is the only client that is stable enough for http3 testing. FF daily build crashes or just stops. Good work on curl.
Retweeted by Daniel StenbergMy last talk for 2019. See you there? @OscarTholander Kanon! 1. bekräftelse på att ~25 minute är ok 2. en beskrivning av ditt snack 3. en kort beskrivni… @OscarTholander Hej! Du är väl rätt Oscar som finns på ? Jag vill gärna ha ett ack och lite info från dig! @_JiTe_ Rumors have it that's @FrankGevaerts area, so there might be competition =) @filip Thank you! Much appreciated! Made my week really. @bagder Oh, uh, hi! 👋 (Didn't actually *mean* to be anonymous.) When a better opportunity arises, cake is on me.
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @alexwlchan "we're always somewhere in your network" =) @drylight @aaronpeters PM me a postal address and I'll get a few sent off your way (and you could hand over a few to your friends as well)There's only 25 days left to become a "first time committer" in curl during 2019. It's way cooler than doing the sa… speaks etag - exploring the two new ETag command line options coming in the next relea…
It ain't no Baby Yoda, but it is a functioning QUIC+HTTP/3 client.
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg1. Reported vulnerabilities in the curl project over time. Shows way more activity recently. (People pay more atten…
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @pwaring I've posted numerous graphs only the last few days that should reveal that yes, we keep adding features, p… Reported vulnerabilities in the curl project over time. Shows way more activity recently. (People pay more atten… @MohammedSahaf This way actually looks way cooler. The accumulated bugfix amount over time next to the LOC over tim… @MohammedSahaf Here a first shot. Disregarding all releases with less than 10 bugfixes, since they're not represent… @isabelreu @APIdaysGlobal these estimated 150M/sec requests are browser generated so if they are "API calls", they… comes early: curl stickers for my new macbook ❤ thank you @bagder !
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @edenhillm Yes, sure. I would love to have such. @edenhillm That would be interesting yes. I would however require quite a lot of time and measuring to get the numb… @MohammedSahaf I like that!If you think I haven't posted a silly, useless or informational graph from curl in a while here, I'm taking requests!Thank you mr anonymous for this cute gift that arrived at my house in celebration of us reaching 25K commits in cur… @icing I wish I too could restrict time. Seems like a handy skill!
@ep4sh Good question. I figure they made the image look good? =) It's hardly scientific. The image comes from there: @NCO33 That image comes from Pixabay, exact link: (and it doesn't actually specify where it was taken) @chrisjmaynard Let's pretend it's the "real' curl they think of! 😁 @programmingart Thanks Robin, very enjoyable and informative!The video for my talk "Fixing HTTP/2 and preparing for HTTP/3 over #QUIC" is now online. It focuses on the practica…
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @edenhillm I'll admit I fell a little bit into the trap of boring old visual Internet metaphors when I picked that image... @BarreGargamel I doubt that. Newer HTTP versions rather encourage more and smaller HTTP transfers as people have wo… world’s web users make about 152.4 million HTTP requests per second. the Platform Summit, curl founder @bagder presented a great overview of curl features. We cover our favorite cur…
Retweeted by Daniel StenbergI'll just take the silence as something positive and continue down this road a bit further!
@fanf I can't mention all protocols curl supports somewhere within, those are only the application protocols curl s… @aprilmpls I will from here on refer to it as King's Law! 😁 @bagder Nothing is a real product until it supports Gopher, the greatest protocol ever created.
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @bagder @pdgreef @ozchrisb :-) yes I am !
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @changelog Hehe, thanks for the references on the show to that fun tweet and it seems I manged to kick it back into circulation again! =) @pdgreef @ozchrisb wget has had a series of maintainers over the years. The current one since some years back is @ruehsen. He's alive! =)I'm alive.
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @neovasant Not at all. That PR wanted to extract internal information. Adding more transfers (or removing) before t… one of my most liked tweets ever: the blog: libcurl video tutorial @neovasant Hm, no? I just think it seems like a natural use case to show ... @bessarabov Sure why not? I mostly hesitate since that goes down the road of creating your own universe and languag… put up the three first video episodes just now and I think this can work. If you're curious on getting into usin… of all TLS backends supported by curl. From none in 1998 to 13 today. @mhmd_azeez I don't think the lines of codes has much correlation to the spec sizes. Maybe it is more interesting t… effect of curl's old age is the plethora of opportunities to do pointless graphs of stuff that has changed over time! @mhmd_azeez Just over 160K at current count. (counting the tool plus library code) @icing hehe, yeah I'm pretty sure someone who's knowledgeable in these things would not approve of my abuse of graphs to show this data =) @nixcraft oh indeed, and that was of course not just true for curl but for the HTTP universe in general! @magnushagander You may just have changed my life there. So much is now explained!Timeline of all HTTP versions supported by curl. From 1996 to now. Maybe not as exciting. @sakjur closer/better oauth support would certainly be in line with curl's philosophy... @sakjur isn't that "just" a specific way to use HTTP?Timeline of all protocols supported by curl. From 1996 to now.
Retweeted by Daniel Stenberg @chrisjmaynard It has been suggested, more than once, but it never materialized. Yet. 😉