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a♠️ @Bagel1k they/she🇬🇷 | Boston | Aro

ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN Basically challenger (bronze 3) viego player Socials for @OddysseyGG priv: @audreyyuy NSFW: @bagelafterhours

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Retweeted by a♠️ @Demonymo_ yasuo main so yeahyuumi mid beast mode @AggroR6 @Tehkuu @Natural_R6 nah like tehk is deadass like that he is straight up a freak like that like he twerk l… @madebyFAITHH yeah sorry it just whipped itself out need help cleaning my phone screen @madebyFAITHH sorry i tried giving a normal and nice reply next time ill just sexually harass u like normal @madebyFAITHH ur so pretty!!! this is my future roomate guys just lykyall would not believe the pic i just foundI love when my IGL tells me I'm not allowed to peek, like what are you gonna do? Spank me? Choke me?
Retweeted by a♠️ @MementoFPS 8.5 @shuboxs @enicake WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT BRO @enzybruh @AzterothMG genius brain @shuboxs @ivyy6969 shut yo transphobic term using ass up with your egotistical ass follower ratio n get a grip nobody fw uhey (manipulatively)
Retweeted by a♠️ @realderanngedd 10 @SnakeAreMeta just let em know ur like that @iRaKoDgiS themstamentA stick!
Retweeted by a♠️being called good girl makes my heart melt and my panties wet
Retweeted by a♠️ @ResLGT lock 10 home 5 @Dazzzy2k commentsevery pro has had a whiff or a huge throw/mistake it has nothing to do with her gender lol @NeverMeNorMore hk 10 bear 8 @NeverMeNorMore i love u tal <3ok so i’ve been thinking about this for a bit and i want to referred to as Tally or Tal for short. I kinda been unc…
Retweeted by a♠️ @GiygasLoL jhin lines unironically phenomenalguys im watching fate zero with tehkuu2slatty in my cord link in my bio if u wanna watchysauce @Tehkuu ok just ate that and came everywhere bc of how good it was whats ur disc kitten @Tehkuu this shit boutta make me cum @Tehkuu im making an egg n cheese but yes after @ttokkenn holy shit your replies section is worse than mine @ttokkenn gang lookin fine asf🤝 @WichitaWolvesGG nutting vids with audio @tamarashapiro @chasestrangio if cis were a slur to make yall shut up i wish it worked @AfcSheikh_ @LilNasX @NZXTUPETERNAL @HungryToiIet would @HungryToiIet this isnt a joke @HungryToiIet red @getbusyiota 8 @BlingCakess 10 hardest pic of the century
how it started vs how it's going <3
Retweeted by a♠️EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 🥲
Retweeted by a♠️ @itsAstraea_ lockscreen would be a 10 then, and thats a solid 9mfs wanna date mentally ill girls till were emotionally distant dissociating and overthinking constantly @LastLouder its solid but not amazing i'd give it a 7 @Pabu22 also generally i'd get it as a 3rd item def not amazing early @Pabu22 still good but overrated yeah, if you're going for on hit its very nice. i'd say its best on jinx and kog b… @ITG7I 9 @Carson_SageCP 10 @TrueNorthMoose_ 8, 2, 7, 7 per pic respectively @vexAims 7 @Tehkuu f/z @siIIylittleguy 10 @Tehkuu PWEASE @Tehkuu it literally is just the best fiction piece oatanyone wanna rewatch arcane or fate with me? :3 @Tehkuu OH MY GOD HAVE SEX WITH ME FATE IS PEAKKKKthe fate series is peak fiction, also, i think my team is lfs at 7est
Retweeted by a♠️ @Tragrr @zaetrin but i still assumed it was him and his gf i just wasn't 100% certain @Tragrr @zaetrin i aint know what he looks like @ayanoriFGC 9.5 @TwoQuasi 10 @zaetrin 10 assuming thats ur girlfriend, if its some random girl 0 @DLSpartan 7 @ui_zero2 lock 6/10 home 8/10LS was not the problem #flywin @RhoR6S cool pic just not as a phone bg @RhoR6S 3 @That1Goose 1 @yungcalc @shuboxs @presidentdove @jellyfish_val @kumifps what if it did tho @SaijaxTop2 i had that kassadin skin as a shard and disenchanted it bc i wasn't a midlaner and even still when auto… vs flyquest zzzzzzzzzzzzzz @Er5tellen 10 @HungryToiIet job @notDaytoday LOOOL @JoblessKayleOtp 8 @gordnfree 9 @gordnfree @qshaVAL @Wystrl 6 @NotPhantasms 8.5 @CarrymeJenpai your best tweet yetBuying your girlfriend a engagement ring 👎👎👎 Peeing on her to mark your territory 👍👍👍
Retweeted by a♠️.@EvilGeniuses how many likes for a signed jojopyun jersey @DeusBTW alright @DeusBTW ok @milfhunterjason 10 @DeusBTW 8 @Zillaxion @AhwniFPS it aint that she aint fine bro its that a random girl as your background aint as good as other bgs @TKxzyy hard af, 8.5/10 @Buddxry 3/10 @PixelR6 lock 4/10 home 8/10 @MrBaee 7/10 @WaspR6 if its ur girl 10, and freddo faztavius 7 @FreddieMustard 9/10 combined @qshaVAL home is hard to look at 5/10 lock 10/10 @midwhitew0man i'd let her groom me @midwhitew0man no i fw power but a lot of ppl gave me annoying association, plus makima clears by a country mile @badjurTV home 6/10 lock 8/10 @midwhitew0man lock 9/10 home 6/10 black bg with only widgets being the bg and 99% of the ppl ik obsessed with powe… im AMAB Assigned Mid At Birth