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Professional Mediocrity. R6 Coach @Achieve_Esports Val Coach #sussysauce Editor @Windstorm_GG @vansiire | @mangatiddy | @ripavaaa | @bbnolauryn | @NebsyR6

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bumpStill LFS
@ripavaaa i have 145 reasons @Tragrr @zAetrin @ODSYMemento @_Wavvves_ @Bagel1k @h2nnyu this is the guy going triple negative in your plat lobbies @achieve_esports @SCS_esports @ArialArise @TPAbtw @MoroqoR6S @Trakn47 @Twizzlr_ @RiotTheRankstar @Chupan0 from kazuya is in monke6 ball tf @polarorjason @MaxPoiZn bruh this shit too complicated ima just start meowin @vansiire play bloons td battles with me wifey @Trevmak12 he aint wrong @polarorjason @MaxPoiZn what birthday do i have to pretend i was born on to get head @polarorjason @MaxPoiZn @MaxPoiZn what rocks get me headsuper monkey ball :D @StarzSOSA but i dont wanna go to bed i wanna play super monkejy ball @StarzSOSA i was just eating those gummies likje they were just normal gummies i had 5 in a rowi thought i was eating normal gummies and then i realized they're melotonin gummies and im now at 25 mg of melotonin @FermayWasTaken just put a twitch emote over my face @Vexian_ turn on quick cast so you just cast it when you let go @FermayWasTaken i love you fermay @minnytard its cas saying it not me."it is indeed busting, out the wazoo""the p word is poggers" @catboyskylr Yeah lowkey impressed @catboyskylr What. @coIamonkey55 Greek god type shit @CherishCasts @vansiire Ratioooooo @JakeR6S_ Yo happy early birthday goat @vansiire @mangatiddy Ill be on soon @JakeR6S_ Youre old enough for every t3 league, ur what 16 or 17 you got a year or two until cl age. Scs is only 1… @polarorjason Copied joke @Bagel1k Ill call you by your full legal name: madam swaggy amongus
Retweeted by Audrey🇬🇷 | WS @vansiire inspired this tweetCCPAIM.HACK OWNS YOU AND ALL @Bagel1k CCP # 1 IS THAT BETTER RIOT UNBAN ME
Retweeted by Audrey🇬🇷 | WS @vansiire you're hot AND communist??? hummina hummina @Bagel1k CCP # 1
Retweeted by Audrey🇬🇷 | WSi love toxic gamer girls reference, even pre transition no one called me my legal name. it was still a nickname.was just put into shellshock by hearing my legal name for the first time in years @qshaVAL @Zeloily @Si11ySoliloquy im not ur friend @cupkatez i make my friends playlists all the time what do you mean by this D: @JakeR6S_ jake you're literally the future you just need the right team and siege is yours @mangatiddy so are we married yet or what @kappykvh keep going <3 i promise its worth it and you'll make it through whatever you're going through. if you ever need someone im here @mangatiddy i am league of legends all of the sudden @Spleeched @IaretaI @Sallyvno expected of you @Nuersss @JJBlazt my bad wont try to encourage people again @sadgirIterrar6 sexy @FermayWasTaken just like, make an exception to the roster lock for him! @JJBlazt you're one of the best players ive seen in T3 since i even got into this community, i genuinely think you… @JJBlazt next qual is your time. if you just joined the team right before quals and you've already shown up this mu… @maifatnutz @ChairLFO its my dog @DecepR6 you've been owned by mystic academy and aqualix academy @Bagel1k
Retweeted by Audrey🇬🇷 | WS @corngtg @yeahsalt @MakeItAQuotenew @chairlfo roster @NebsyR6 unfortunate LOL (laugh out loud)I NEED 4 PEOPLE TO PUG STACK A SCRIM AGAINST THE SURF ESPORTS ACADEMY DM ME IF INTERESTED @StarzSOSA chance lemme get a stack i'll scrim @StarzSOSA @Spleeched @N00N_R6 @TheoooXO @demo2pluto @Lunarbutbad @ItsImpasta stretched val is cringe sadly @Plerto_ i am tenz basically @SwampyWampy dawg @SigDoKaRi strive clears @ThatIceRocker meow @Pabu22 wtf the cat cylindrical @wstnR6 i have a large conflict of interest if they qual huh @wstnR6 fear le storm :D @lumafps i know i dont know you but holy shit this is despicable. the fact that anyone can think that is okay is be… @wstnR6 @KaikyoR6 but you should drop that stupid edater @wstnR6 @KaikyoR6 i know yall will its free for mys acad. better not disband post qual >:( @Nyx_r6 @GotchaR6 they weren't averaged like 20-30 teams when it can have like 4x that as a capacity @Nyx_r6 last time i played a GO4 there were account pullers that got someones account from them @KaikyoR6 i am in tears. i am broken. and i will never recover. @RustyR6S @vansiire i was boutta say, if you're on 800 dpi ur crazy for that lmao @T3scrimsAchieve Esports LFS Warmup Tomorrow (12/6) 8pm EST Chalet. DM me if interested @StaticFPS try new genres that you may not have played beforego watch my little meow meow (discord kitten) play valorant and try to get diamond for a second time on… getting to diamond rn i swear
Retweeted by Audrey🇬🇷 | WS @d9vel bro in kindergarten i learned Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet @bubs1902 @d9vel fuck being his coach you gotta be his teacherbro... @d9vel
@Hawks_R6 @scanfps @KennyJ_R6 @Teddyfsbiddies im begging you untag me @Hawks_R6 @scanfps @Teddyfsbiddies @KennyJ_R6 tbf i thought he was like 19 until i checked his bio @UltrahTV @BirboTheAlpha i eat u raw @Bagel1k @polarorjason @ripavaaa Transphone who it calling 😳😳
Retweeted by Audrey🇬🇷 | WS @TLJoshy Youve been removed hoe @doIphinator @polarorjason @ripavaaa Man? Transphone @scanfps Scan feet per second @_notrose Rose wtf ur so beautiful @scanfps @MyyneR6s @briibtww Cheaters need a hobby holy shit @scanfps Scan frames per secondlft 17 entry/flex preferred played in most leagues out there looking for an established team dm me rts and vouches appreciated
Retweeted by Audrey🇬🇷 | WS @shuboxs 15 year old shu boxes @Exissttt Realized ur bald @scanfps @KennyJ_R6 @Hawks_R6 I want 5 dollars as repayment for me reading all this @catboyzenith Among us plush @Buff_Nate @ShiroAF2 Yes i have ive seen your Twitter