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Imagine being 80 years old when mfs invented electricity LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by bailey @cartivn ay yo i’ll never forget Tyler opening up at Wembley with this song, shit was wild.
@musaxv @Manlike_Esc0bar How you not got Tony Tone on there @bennytitel I loved Testing & Cherry Bomb too but can certainly see the flaws in their projects, even though I feel…
@DJPickleJ @tylerthecreator @MacMiller I didn’t know this but thank you for letting me know. Massive fan of Tyler a… @mikemajlak I’ll be putting this on at 5:30am tomorrow when I leave for work. Big ups to you Mike, you’re crazy inspiring.THE FIFTH VITAL: AUDIOBOOK is now available on Apple Books and Google Play. Check it out here:…
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@AFTVMedia @afcstuff I think these are great 🤷🏻‍♂️ home kit is beautiful
@VijitashwaMisra Arsenal are saturday, 7:45 @VijitashwaMisra It doesn’t confirm which match is on saturday and which is on sunday though @VijitashwaMisra how did you find out the dates? I haven’t seen them confirmed yet.
@tinatopiaa twitter be so stupid and fake outragedI think about this moment so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
Retweeted by baileyMe: The perfect internet video doesn’t exist The internet:
Retweeted by bailey @lukesnell @jess58727148 Considering you went for insults rather than just defend the picture shows she hit a nerve… @poolsideconvooo and even so, just take a look at North Korea which has a HUGE poverty issue yet you’ll find no hom… @poolsideconvooo “Homeslessness”, such a cheap retort. No one will love the lack of homelessness when the governmen… @unsxriousx However, i’m not saying it should be used against people, it’s just is what it is. Hence the saying, “won the genetic lottery”. @unsxriousx Oh pretty privledge does exist. Watch 100 Humans. They divide the group in half and showed images of “p… @lukesnell @jess58727148 damn she really hit one of your nerves bro @acab_blm @Mgavin911 @defnoodles @trishapaytas what percentage of darkness can a pale person go to then? where’s th… @defnoodles this is just getting stupid now. I refuse to even believe the outrage comes from the black community, t…
I don’t even fuck with twitch and streamers but I swear you guys have that Alinity trending every damn week 😭 what she do now
my dealer in his feels again lol
Retweeted by baileyTyler, the Creator featured in a Who Wants To Be a Millionaire question... I can't stop laughing lmaoo
Retweeted by baileyI keep saying ‘it is what it is’ but what even is it
Retweeted by bailey @Wileytingz @SirThimble @mikemajlak @Jenna_Marbles Not sure who you’re referring to here? @Just__Tira @SirThimble @Wileytingz @mikemajlak @Jenna_Marbles ... on society without actually doing anything worth… @Just__Tira @SirThimble @Wileytingz @mikemajlak @Jenna_Marbles So you’re calling for her to explain how she came to… @SirThimble @Wileytingz @mikemajlak @Jenna_Marbles Oh I do agree, comedy should never be cencorsed given it is just… @SirThimble @Wileytingz @mikemajlak @Jenna_Marbles Not quite the same. White people have never lived in a world wer… @M_I_Fowler @Charalanahzard @RayNarvaezJr People can say what they want about ME3’s ending (to the Reapers) but the… @Charalanahzard @RayNarvaezJr I was about to reply pretty much this exact answer. My first time playing it I though… @Dana_Bin @teammaverickwdw @mikemajlak @Jenna_Marbles I think he’s asking Mike pal, not you. @Wileytingz @mikemajlak @Jenna_Marbles She didn’t mock “you” per say, as in your race and culture, she done an impr… what happened to Jenna Marbles recently, Joe Weller must be feeling nervous right now.
Will forever blow my mind that there were people cutting about in 1366 drinking a Stella
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@DavidVujanic I remember him saying when he took the job “i’ll win Liverpool the league in four to five seasons”, a… really can’t fucking do this anymore
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saw this on tiktok and it gave me hellla chills. and it’s in seattle 🥺🥴
Retweeted by bailey @eastfeed Well shit. @mikemajlak Let’s gooooo. Roll on July 5th. I’m even going to put a reminder on my Google calendar. @gunnerpunner My flat mate actually ran into my room thinking I was fighting an intruder because of my shouting and…
If you’re over the age of 18 and tweeting and promoting cancel culture towards Emma Chamberlain that she is racist…, who cares? (a short investigation)
Retweeted by bailey"you'll regret that tattoo in the future" bro there is no future
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normalize dropping out of college and disappointing your family
Retweeted by baileySome of you didn’t grow up with “it’s like bloody Blackpool illuminations in here” and it shows
Retweeted by bailey“We’re canceling Joe Rogan” Me:
Retweeted by bailey @Smorgasboredom hahaha the follow up tweets to this are everything
@georgefilmss Deji in good tier? what in the world
millennials: gen z on tik tok is so cringe millennials on myspace in 2007:
Retweeted by baileyI don’t even know what to say. Just look at what we can do when we come together, THIS is England in 2020.
Retweeted by bailey @MarcusRashford Incredible work you’ve done Marcus. You’re a great role model for the kids of this country to follow. Big up yourself 👏🏼BREAKING: No10 announces U-turn on free school meals over summer holidays for 1.3m vulnerable children. A magnific…
Retweeted by baileywhy are british people like ARGHHH BLM PROTESTS WTF😡🤨🤬😖 but then like OMG PRIMARK🥰😁 ILLEGAL RAVES😜✌🏽A DAY AT THE BE…
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@AnnaAkana Jan over there like band had to stop and let him flex 😄🙌🏽
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@local__celeb that line cut deeper than the rest 💀i’m awake at 3 am and i just want everyone to know what gen z says about millennials on tiktok.....
Retweeted by baileyRIP to all who lost their lives in the Grenfell tragedy. Justice is still pending
Retweeted by baileyGreat.
Retweeted by baileyWell when you put it like that...
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All Lives Matter v White Lives Matter in the El Racismo - winner gets control of the Churchill statue
Retweeted by baileyOne key difference between today’s anti-BLM protest in London’s Parliament Square, and last week’s…
Retweeted by baileyI’ve never seen a protest so hostile to press. A black BBC photographer has just been accused of defacing the sta…
Retweeted by baileyWhenever you hear the phrase “racism isn’t a big issue in the UK” again, please refer to this date, 13th June 2020,…
Retweeted by baileyCan see this photo winning an award #londonriots
Retweeted by baileyThis was never about statues today. No BLM in sight. This was about getting loaded on tinnies and looking for a fig…
Retweeted by baileyThe BLM movement fight for equality, the far-right for superiority There was no BLM protest to save violence, the…
Retweeted by baileyNo O-Levels, just vibes.
Retweeted by bailey @Autumn___Rose @g1cannon 👆🏼 check the tweet, I ain’t forget about you. @Autumn___Rose Looks like the anti “Vandalise London, deface war memorials and assault animals” group is doing stel… if there was any doubt that England had race issues, boi....
Retweeted by baileyMore violence against police on Bridge street, next to Big Ben.
Retweeted by baileyProtecting the statues & monuments they said!! Some of these men are landing punches on the cops and not being arre…
Retweeted by baileyBeyond contempt... One of the thugs in London today to ‘save our country’ from people defacing memorials - caught…
Retweeted by baileyThe decision by BLM to call off today’s demonstration was smart. Leave these guys to pretend they fought in WW2 as…
Retweeted by baileyFor what it is worth, the behavioural scientists advising the government predicted this kind of violence.
Retweeted by baileyOne thing; can you stop calling them “Football Lads”? Because they’re fucking not. I’m a football lad. I live and b…
Retweeted by baileyDisgusting scenes in Westminster. Police & journalists being attacked by right-wing thugs. Shameful. 👇
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If the police did their jobs, everyone woud trust them. Ain’t no song called Fuck The Fire Department.
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this is still the craziest engagement 😭😭
Retweeted by bailey @pennrora Same, i’m so proud of myself for beating anxiety and agoraphobia. I refused medication even though everyo…
how have i never seen this
Retweeted by bailey @abthanosul @YongYea ty! @YongYea when is the event?Hold her killers accountable.
Retweeted by baileyDon’t let personality twitter see this
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In 7th grade I tried to put my niggas on to some anime n suggested Yu yu hakusho n a nigga said "Yu yu a fuckin vir…
Retweeted by baileyWhite people have no problem pronouncing Daenerys Targaryen but start stuttering when tryna pronounce Ahmed
Retweeted by baileyCrazy how you never see pictures of black soldiers during WW2 in history books
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Retweeted by baileyHow braindead do you have to be to swim into a harbour expecting to pick up a 44848kg statue and bring it back out…
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Britain's not a 'racist country', but there's no doubt from my Twitter feed over the past week that sadly, we still…
Retweeted by bailey @pIaymaking @TroopzAFC No one person won us the war, every man, woman and child that made sacrifices won us that wa… @JustLogan13 What am I ignorant too? Enlighten me. Because to me you’re the textbook definition of ignorance.There used to be loads of pictures and plaques up around Leeds commemorating Jimmy Saville, then people learned abo…
Retweeted by baileyIf there were a statue of Jimmy Saville left standing somewhere in Britain, would it be wrong to pull it down? Stat…
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