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My brain is like “stick to the outline at all costs”Sometimes I forget (when I’m working on my book) that it’s not a homework assignment and I can shift gears if what I’m writing is one doing it like solange
Retweeted by Robert De NegroHi friends! I’m just posting this to ask for some help! My dad passed in April and his birthday as well as Christma…
Retweeted by Robert De Negro @GenieGene_PS Politely 😂 @snacktavist He takes me aback in the few occasions that it has happenedThis made me a little emotional @bjorksdaddy And when they start posting private conversations... I love the mute button. She’s done a lot of nice things for me.
@spermdoll @MTA Won’t take the pressure off until they take it off my commuteA white woman bumped me and said excuse me. They’re evolving. at broadway/Lafayette on a packed platform as yet another train that’s already over capacity arrives. Love you, @mta!!So happy for you, Ryan!!!! GIRLLLL ANSSKSKSKNSSNS
Retweeted by Robert De Negro @shannon_sense Can I be poor in peace, please?
My friends keep trying to prevent me from becoming the basic circuit queen I was destined to be.02.12.2019, London
Retweeted by Robert De Negro @un_antojito @spermdoll Wait, for real? @spermdoll Screams @diettrade Lmao. I listen!I hate having my friends tell me when I’m doing too much, but I appreciate it.I can’t stress enough how much I love these two ❤️
Retweeted by Robert De NegroOh, this thread I! T! a look at some of y’all’s IG pages makes it clear you don’t fool with US, even though you are Black and wri…
Retweeted by Robert De Negro90% of clouty gay black men irl @ryandouglassw Not you coming for necks like thisTell @blakeislovely to come back. New York needs her. @_AsToldByDaniel I—Midnight by M83. That’s all.The New York Times puts whomever they want on the bestseller list.
Retweeted by Robert De Negro @papicolumna Taste @HalfAtlanta Do it! @BundleVers Very much That! @shady_rican I don’t regret going to see it. But if you’re expecting to have a good ol’ time, you might want to sit this one out. @okoyeslacefront Yes?Like they brought up major things that should’ve had some impact on the story and then just never mentioned them again. @prasejeebus I hate you and everything you stand forI’m glad that I saw Queen & Slim, but I wouldn’t watch it again. The loose ends that were never followed up on, the…
Movies like Atlantics and Beale Street also remind me like... I'm not averse to stories of Black pain or trauma but…
Retweeted by Robert De Negro @izaak_slays @gays_irl Hdhdhdhjd @gays_irl @izaak_slays @bjorksdaddy Why did I know you were going to post it? @spermdoll @bjorksdaddy @bjorksdaddy So... this is what we’re doing?I retweeted this bc it was funny but then checked my email and saw that Talkspace actually does has a 50% off deal…
Retweeted by Robert De NegroPenicillin Papi @lostblackboy But why didn’t you?Hulu is $1.99 for the next 12 months if you sign up between today and Monday. Tell a friend to tell a friend
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Since it’s #SmallBusinessSaturday , running a sale on my website. Shop small and help me pay my rent tomorrow…
Retweeted by Robert De Negro💗
Retweeted by Robert De Negro @drumicarter Anywhere in weho lol @lifethruglasses What script! 👀 @lostblackboy And will!Just asked tradé what he does for a living and he said “make money” learning how to tun my charisma on at will in social settings. Still screaming internally, but you’d never know it. @Remdelarem SameMiss South Sudan. 😍😭
Retweeted by Robert De NegroI have a few big issues with Queen & Slim, but at the end of the day, I still cried one of my contacts out
I truly love to see it name is Steven Norfleet, he’s one of the girls, and with a black man. Love to see it. @grape_son You know it’s mutual 😂 @with_practice He’s cute too, but that’s not the oneThe dad from the 1920s in Watchmen is fine afWhomst? NIGGA PLEASE!!!!
Retweeted by Robert De NegroI’m telling y’all cinematic music sends me to a different plane. Beefs my seratonin levels up. @ryandouglassw The Samson is really good at canceling out background noise and saved our lives @sirmontfort @ethiopienne Stop it! You’re making me regret my ticket lmao @ryandouglassw Plot it out and start it. A lot like a book lolIs Labrinth about to be my new M83? Yes, he is.Waking up to leftovers @blakeislovely Happy thanksgiving!I’m really trying to gather as many of my black queer friends to come with as possible @IAM_DJ_Michael I think it’s in July @snacktavist We sister wives @Kris27jam introducing me to the eligible men of London at my debutante ball @blakeislovely You’re so annoying @_oskie_ 😍This man...
Definitely going to London for Black Pride next summer and cannot wait. @blakeislovely They would!!!!!😂😂😂 @kylelop3z 😂😂😂😂’m thankful for the love that got me through this year. @kylelop3z Shut up, Kyle!!!! @spermdoll I’m glad to see that there is a limitIf you like your novels epic and perilous and packed full of steamy historical romance, you NEED to read…
Retweeted by Robert De Negro @Remdelarem @LSDXOXO_ 😭 @Remdelarem Very that @DecolletageGawd What do you eat, geez. I will never be glamour
I will never knowingly dance with a Jamaican. This I swear. @spermdoll Only for the first week @spermdoll All I had was unstoppable nausea @HalfAtlanta Very that.I’m ready accountable isn’t saying sorry and going about your day. It’s saying sorry, but also facing and engaging with… @spermdoll At least you’re honest @spermdoll 😂😂If only she had stuck with it