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fucker stole my ravioli
Retweeted by tyler @ragingbenoit validrocket league player base seems so depressed constantly are you guys okay
@mmeredithashley hume card access emails live rent free in my inboxi’m not saying i would give my left leg for some Himalayan curry cafe but the right one is definitely not worth as much as those samosas
Bid day!!!🧍🏽‍♀️🌈😄
Retweeted by tyler @asap_locky WAKE UP NEW AMANDA JUST DROPPEDhemi sounded like it was coughing up a lung this morning
@mooopsy no need to get politicalback in the burg praise dale raise hellClassic cars on @Kodak portra 400 🎞
Retweeted by tyler @gradeahoney_ hell no that man needs to work on his techniquei waited for something and something died so i waited for nothing and nothing arrived
Retweeted by tyler @gracebperkins w2cbaby driver (2017) 8
Pretty sick I have the same writing process as Miyazaki
Retweeted by tyler @arianadaiyan just got a new check book what’s up @CiaraW210 “in this beamer” after his adventure idk i haven’t watched the anime @ItsQuinnMoore can’t blame him @ATC1197 the iceberg is such a fantastic album400H is dead absolute painHAPPY NATIONAL BAGEL DAY
Retweeted by tylerwho let the persona 5 soundtrack be this groovy @johndenverfan thank you for your service @gracebperkins and it was uphill both wayswhen theday 7 thoughts only I GOT ED HARDY SHE GOT ON STILLETTOOOOOSme and the homies when sea shanties come on shuffle will be following in religious observance
@HoesChiMinh why does this man look exactly like meoh my god
Retweeted by tylershoelace camera strap does no wrong @bakedvoltage That’s not Jake, that’s drake
Retweeted by tyler @jermiest20 thank u bud me too it was a good dayday 6
those nuggets are definitely made of used rubber gloves @gum_mp3 people gatekeep like crazy on there manday 5 success
Retweeted by tyler
@tylermcc__ that setup is brilliant @gabbagabsa I got the tees I just need the jncos and wallet chainsimma start dressing like this @RileysAutoParts i too break when the vibe is insufficientgoing D1 for skipping stones @Skyhigh_Rock throw rock at water make sad head voice go away
Retweeted by tylerkroger (pronounced kro-jey)day 4
i thought it was cause i had 2 monitors and a mechanical keyboard which one is it made 4 lbs of gnocchi straight cash 3 for waterfalls
@gradeahoney_ he doesn’t even pay rent the audacity @gradeahoney_ tell gus to do itBitches be like I’m high maintenance well I’m the maintenance man
Retweeted by tylerhot breakfast sausage and 27 degrees @spacebunbabie oh yeah that would be a huge problem for popcorn companies if it was definitive lol. i just remember… @spacebunbabie only when it’s vaporized though right? isn’t that what causes popcorn lung in factory workers? @zak_lmao n u m b e rwhy do we call them doubles and not intn’tsday 2 @HoesChiMinh
Hello from Ithaca
Retweeted by tyler @Prestonlastname nerf queensA friendly reminder from DOOM
Retweeted by tyleri’m terrible at captioning photos cause i feel super pretentious so i just kinda title everything the first thing that comes to mindDay 1
@HoesChiMinh he just like you fr70mph philosophy @kinkykimchi happy bday!! @mohamhumadi sometimes democracy worksimma set my alarm to an E40 song so i can wake up in a panick attack @keiraaaazy you uh left your *checks notes* charger here
they just need a frat dude and a sharkeys bouncer in front of the capitol they wouldn’t even let the congress members in @HoesChiMinh (1/625)i regret to inform that i have woken up, yet again. please do not text, i will be battling the consequences of this… chasing proud boys out of DC @mohamhumadi his heart is in the right placeyes this is niche idcWPA3 @UndercoverUwu wasn't it also a dumb cold war definition for non-aligned countries? it's just such a useless and derogatory term now lol
Well that escalated steadily for four years.
Retweeted by tyler @stori_stromboli word? @stori_stromboli ....where do i find one @MyGuyyy_ what screen did you use for it? @stori_stromboli mfs drinking out a cauldroni know that hot head is almost unlistenable and has the sound of microwaved tinfoil however why does it go so hard @gabbagabsa
i never turn on spotify private y’all gonna see this weird ass music i listen to in broad daylight @Skyhigh_Rock pain @gabbagabsa i support it @HoesChiMinh my ring finger,,,,,is so barei wear my big clothes and do my little tasks
Retweeted by tylerFreddie Gibbs
Retweeted by tyler @CiaraW210 ah unfortunately i’m not in VA but thank you! imma keep an eye out for zenni though!!