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I tweeted random bullshit for 3 years and now I live with my best friends #poggers

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Retweeted by Bake 🔥notice how I capitalized America and Poggers but not europe, stupid continentbecause America is Poggers and europe is for losers @Godiminpain that’s toxiceight teen @longneckedbeck Happy birthday I guess @longneckedbeck Ok @OprahSide ratio
Retweeted by Bake 🔥 @goodbeanaltalt Good night :) @TommyThroatEm i like you @prakdip L @HarryButAverage As someone who has followed Harry for over a year, true @Boy1drr LETS GO @awnuhaha MEOW @downbadglyph Only think I have on are mentions and replies, if I didn’t my phone would overheat LMAO @downbadglyph Not happening I literally have notifs off for twitter lol @downbadglyph 14 years of age @oFabz Cum @BangsAreTrash @goodbeanhype I was wondering who tf you were @MAM1SHAMPOO How do niggas be going without haircuts for so long? It's literally only like 20$ a week???
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Society has moved past the need for myfavstrash
Retweeted by Bake 🔥Every day since I moved out @KatahoIic Wait fuck forgot I’m 18 @KatahoIic Heyyyy @Ryan_Recon Why do you have your keyboard on a mousepad and then your mouse on a separate mousepadBeirut after White Girls sign 1000000 petitions Paul a pimp lmao @xoxabstract Hey @leppypypyyp Holy fuck @Scrubby_69 @SubToOptimus I think I got like $10 i can chip in frfr @oFabz @OnTheFlyTwitch LMAO @downbadglyph I’m bored @downbadglyph Also 14 @downbadglyph Not a fucking chance in helli need it @hexbby Yesshrek: how are we gonna get past this dragon donkey: we could fuck it shrek: donkey: I'm gonna fuck it
Retweeted by Bake 🔥 @starrphires Bro it’s gonna be so fucking funny I can’t wait the IRONYI am so excited for the Hype House TV showhello is there a way i can revert this twitter desktop update because it is dogshit and i hate ithi dixie plz teach me how to dance on tik tok my channels are dying
Retweeted by Bake 🔥 @100shreccs Green @leppypypyyp Oh noThese new Fortnite Cars kinda slap @BoyOneDrrPriv Where did I stutter Ishan @BoyOneDrrPriv Take them off. @100shreccs Those look like fake airpods @LukeTrys Bro I hit a bong after @cyrusxddd considering I’m not dead yet I have to be immune to everythingI WOULD LITERALLY SPRINT ON BROKEN CLASS FOR A NEW SKATING GAME PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE A SKATE GAME WITH A MAP CREATIO…
Retweeted by Bake 🔥I’m being attacked me a McDonalds ice cream machine the way I’m always brokenShe’s dogshit at defense bail hearing on Zoom for the 17-year-old who hacked prominent Twitter accounts last month was interrupted by "Zoo…
Retweeted by Bake 🔥Being hot and rich and famous and hot and cool with a lot of friends @FakeySensei @tinastoopider @marcusy_ GO JOSH GOrt if she doesn’t want you back and never will 😁
Retweeted by Bake 🔥Look how they massacred my boy 😩
Retweeted by Bake 🔥 @oFabz What @IcyVert Yea @oFabz Man... @jeangaultierr Massive LARF aint explaining myself anymore ima just start barking
Retweeted by Bake 🔥 @OK_LITTLE_BITCH Irrelevant, but I met my best friend in the stream and now I live with him lolCrazy how my entire life changed because I was in a live stream in 2016, life’s crazy @JhbTeam @Avalanche100T If you don’t feel like streaming I wouldn’t, burnout kills careersPOGGIES @jeangaultierr You ok? @biggersocks Good luck @inclcore @awnuhaha Shit at least I’d have people showing up to my funeral 😂😂 @inclcore @awnuhaha Time to cough up $20 a month lol @OWJaeger @z2kay Gotchu1 year trial secured LFGGGGGG @thriftedclothes @awnuhaha I never paid lol @pdotsully Nah it expired today like it said in da tweet, but hook it up 🔥🔥🔥 @awnuhahaLook how he treats his costumers! Sad as fuck bro nobodies doing business with a guy like you.
Retweeted by Bake 🔥awnuhaha only fans free trial expired @JhbTeam @1ghjk5 @destinylsbright Go James GoSo In case you guys needed to know #Ghislainemaxwelllist became unsealed some time yesterday and here's what happe…
Retweeted by Bake 🔥 @arizonablueme Same Tbh @inclcore RT da tweet if you’re gonna do this to me @inclcore @Mlord7000 @Jennyzlol man I was TRYNA help you and this is what I getNever ordering delivery again man fuck this 😐
Retweeted by Bake 🔥You bully ONE depressed kid and all his friends start attacking you.... ok suicide squad 😒 @Mlord7000 @Jennyzlol @inclcore Ima have to delete @Jennyzlol @inclcore @mzofx LMAO @Jennyzlol @inclcore LMFAO I WAS NOT AWARE MY BAD @medieval Yeah it’s pretty great @medieval But the Nemesis cans were REALLY good @medieval I’m not gonna lie I haven’t tried 90% of the flavors my roommate is just sponsored by them so we get free stuff LOL @inclcore @Jennyzlol @medieval LMAO same MILLION shares guys did you know Pewdiepie listens to music @COSTCOBACKWOODS Yohow racist do you gotta be to mistake an suv for a MOTORCYCLE?
Retweeted by Bake 🔥 @Trollacoaster having three monitors is crazy - someone who has 3 monitors
2020 pic still doesn't sit right with me
Retweeted by Bake 🔥 @AlexAlexAlex_4 @F73 Boogie at 2? Bro we were RTing this making fun of the list