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I work for @Scrubby_69 and @SKUFFEDBOYS| Priv @reallyBake | 18

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@BasicallyRi @cyrusxddd i am poggers @cyrusxddd thanks daddy cyrus @cyrusxddd @Adog00YT LMFAOOOOOOOOO maybe next year @RDBenji dude can you just come kiss me already @Boy1drr @oFabz can’t wait until you get signed to a pro valorant team so i can bring up this tweet and get you cancelledi 😍 love 💗 @oFabz he be speakin 🗣 porch of geese 🐤 n i be like 👅💦💦💦 damn daddy 👶 quack quack 🐥
Retweeted by Bake DaBabyRATIO @kaitm__ yeah that’s where i got it from HAHAHA @JoshSmilerGang @DeltaAnomaly @Magizistn @Ballovr_ i’m hoping you wanna say hi @BuffBumpkin THANK MR BUMPKIN @Wis_Priv LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO THE SECOND ONEi woke up to 0 bad bitches in my dms @_NotTeryn thanks skater god @domsoepic thanks daddy dom @IcyVert i’m gonna kiss you frfrhappy birthday to one of the dudes I’ve known on here for almost 4 years now and can easily call a friend…
Retweeted by Bake DaBabyHappy Birthday to this icy mf 🥶 Can’t wait to see the bday drip 💧🌊
Retweeted by Bake DaBaby @jacksonxxdaniel these bitches like $15 and are so versatile you’ll always need a squid hat @ripxRain ILY TOO BRO @ImJustGt omw @xbarkoo THANK YOU @j4zzyko thank you :) @SmokeAndBooze 🔥🔥🔥 @viipxrz thank you @ImJustGt IMA KISS YOU @jakkuxd thank you king @jacksonxxdaniel you got this bro i believe in youany bad bitches wanna get disappointed?damn why is there balloons on my profile? @discouragin my uncle just shot 3 people 😊 @clay_png ur packing shmeat @Mlord70001 @Mlord70001 they are so good have you heard the wellerman tiktok remix?I can't wait for Call Of Duty Black Ops II to come out!!!! The graphics look crazy!
Retweeted by Bake DaBabypoor guy :( greatness was achieved by @ArthuurrrPLETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO @mike5_5_5 i love them so much hahahahaha @marisathemighty squid hat moment @Komafyy cryptic is a menacepain is throwing smokes and knifing trying to get this fucking sword i swear to god cal of duty devs are fucking disablednice going @SamManlol @Boy1drr you know what you didyou said forever now i drive alone past your street @Boy1drrso excited that they added a new map that i can’t even finish a game on without it crashinghow come every time you make a major update to the game you break it so severely that it can’t be played for more t…
@ImJustGt yesBREAKING NEWS domain has been enabled
Retweeted by Bake DaBaby @vampyalt what’s his new @ @bfitzgerald_12 @KEEMSTAR i already posted some smh @maggivellian @xoxabstract poggers @xoxabstract because everyone gets to see the pretty side, the intimate moments where she doesn’t look her best are pretty poggers @maggivellian bake for the winyeah you might have “girlfriends” and “jobs” but do you have 240 pizza rolls in your freezer? i didn’t think so SO HORNY moment @pogstad @lollipops bro your pc setup is how i knew this picture even existed @lollipops sit on me @rickyreapers hes* @rickyreapers yes worth like 10+ million dollars bro throwing 100k at something stupid is perfectly fine @kaweiiii LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO yes @SmokeAndBooze $100u believe in god i believe in mac miller
Retweeted by Bake DaBabyITS TIME. @swum & I back again midnight. Ferris Wheel.
Retweeted by Bake DaBaby @Iefraud yeah the movie is fucking amazing @lexieyuh followed 🤝 @Iefraud HAHAHA @Iefraud what did you think about bad educationsoulja boy just invited everyone with a big ass he could find LMFAO @F73 i’ll probably give the invite to my@work friends @floozclues Clubhouse Drop In Audio @F73 i am famous @syhrhys it’s for influencers and somehow i weaseled my way on itif you’re on clubhouse follow me lol @fka_lana delete this now you do not understand the complexity of dababy you fake LOSERi think my call of duty lobby luck has run out, i’ve ran into notning but six mans of AK74Us and Stoner 63’s @GrishaYT give me an invite real shit @NukaFrutos send me ass pics @mayorofohio420 @KEEMSTAR ong i mostly listen to like lofi or jazz rap now @mayorofohio420 @KEEMSTAR here is an actually quad feed i got killing people out of spawn on nuketown like a loser @mayorofohio420 @KEEMSTAR HAHAHAHAHA @mayorofohio420 @KEEMSTAR here is me whiffing on a quad feed @B0WEEEE @lollipops i didn’t understand the joke @B0WEEEE @lollipops this friday, the 15th @B0WEEEE @longneckedbeck bro remember when she dated the guy who cried when i stole his tweet @lollipops WOOOOOOOOO @lollipops Friday @saint_6lack yes sir, also white collar is goated @drkdom im excited for you bro, i really hope he can talk some sense into your folks @longneckedbeck everyone you’ve dated is a fucking loser don’t be sad over themi just listened to the full song and why is everyone crying over this it’s not even that good
Retweeted by Bake DaBaby @lcedancing poggers @lcedancing yo are you in vegas broi read this as wilt chamberlain and had way too many questions @Dexerto @yxtes2 @xQc @Gaules @summit1g @nobru @NICKMERCS damn Ninja fell offthis man has a piss kink
@HikeMeadly @benjaminlaflare bro if she getting all that for $10 she is fucking the dealer