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Ballatw @Ballatw United States

Competitive Fortnite and Valorant caster and analyst.

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@motionalgg @Megga this list is more stacked than nrg @mel_anji just play duelist IMO unless you're stacking... meta is not relevant in ranked as long as you have 1 smoker @GoldenboyFTW @HyperScapeGame everybody trying to be virtual so there's no actual killing 😂 @bobdaswan @ZOWIEbyBenQUSA @ZOWIEbyBenQ Finally. Too bad i'm hooked on my RVU atm... @GoldenboyFTW @HyperScapeGame Aren't pretty much all new games in a virtual world atm?This isn't a "Fuck 2020" moment. This is a "we need to pay attention to mental health" and "we need better resource…
Retweeted by BallatwYou are not alone. If you feel like you are fighting against something unwinnable, please do not hesitate to reach…
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@itsJerian Don't lie you are making fat stacks. @Mongraal Actually a god point format. @NRGgg @SHAQ @ClixHimself No way Shaq announced Clix... that's amazing.Couldn't have said it better @SHAQ... PLEASE WELCOME @CLIXHIMSELF TO THE #NRGFAM
Retweeted by Ballatw @EmadGG 1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣ First cup to have a customs stage? Big fat 1⃣ Open -> Customs? Big❓ Congrats man, excited to watch :D @RockSeih @jetpacksGG @FNCompetitive I can't believe I'm doing this but. 8 points for 1st 7 points for 2nd 8-7 =… @RockSeih @jetpacksGG @FNCompetitive Do the same with 3rd to 2nd :P... 1st is only 1 point higher. @jetpacksGG @FNCompetitive Also, first place worth only 1 point more than 2nd is really really rough, IMO. @jetpacksGG @FNCompetitive Not top heavy enough in placements, they maybe start too early. Kill points should proba… @thatdenverguyYT Hoping for good health for her and your wife. Can't wait to meet her virtually 🥰 @GoldenboyFTW Dopamine 👍🏽 @unclegregus Bro... This is a large fucking leap. @VellyCasts @blucasts wait are yall already having LANs again? @Poach Doing any individual drills in this game is impossible. Worse than rainbow 6 which until now, was quite poss… am unreasonably mad about two things in the games I love right now. - No DM in Valorant. - Charged shotgun delib…
Retweeted by BallatwFinally. An in-depth breakdown of how surge plays out over a game. Been looking for a look like this FOREVER. Woul… @HYPEX Being dumb. It's spawn %, not spawn rate. @HYPEX How can a spawn rate have a minimum and a maximum? Does it vary game to game? @iKaylur Happy birthday! @yungcalc Fortnite is the only game with this much active pro presence on social media. @ESPN_Esports Nightfire. @QuintenFN Hype nite kicked in.
@MLGPuckett Fake Doctors...Essentially though - I've just been feeling blessed to have been encouraged from the start by a diverse set of peop… never know what they have had to deal with to get where they are, or WHAT they are even CURRENTLY dealing with… everybody is this lucky. A lot of other casters get berated, harshly criticized, told to stop trying, etc... In… stewing on something recently - I have been incredibly fortunate, from the start of my casting career just ove… @pansy Get another or a Razer Viper Ultimate. Best mice on the market IMO. @Slasher This is supposed to read like a high-tech in world company website... but it looks like my 10 minute wordp… @Symfuhny @TTfue Nah this is kind of scary... @SirScoots I'm actually losing sleep... @OneSaltyNut @GoldenboyFTW wholesome 😍 @GR4ND @PlayVALORANT Thank you man, truly appreciate that! 😍 @GoldenboyFTW Definitely feels rare. It's so much easier to FEEL on LAN with your co-caster vibing with ya. I hav… @simowastaken @T1 @nerdstgamers @Vansilli Deserved, straight up!So happy to have been part of such a wonderful tournament, and the first #IgnitionSeries for @PlayVALORANT! Feelin… @T1 @TSM @nerdstgamers @Samsung @WVRDELL @reltuC @Dronecsgo @hazedCS @Subroza Congrats yall TSM!! - was a pleasure… @Vansilli @MLGPuckett @pansy @GoldenboyFTW @DanGaskin @Boq_TV @blucasts @simowastaken @WTFmoses 😍 What a blast. Can… could you do this @GoldenboyFTW @MLGPuckett ? Cmon........ @Vansilli @Boq_TV @T1 @nerdstgamers @simowastaken Y'all killed it. So happy to hear your voice regularly casting a…
@GoldenboyFTW CASTWR START THE GAEM MENNN @Stretched It was never ok. @builtbygamers @yungcalc @HazThaGreat SO ON BRAND ITS BEAUTIFUL @Classify @DrLupo Hey @Classify I'm from the future. I just wanted to say this clapback was absolutely not worth it. Sorry. 👍🏽 @AmarCoDTV 🍑 @FrankieWard This is a really good read.On being a woman in esports
Retweeted by Ballatw @psalm @Sentinels got the fundamentals down my man is looking so good... well done bro, excited to see what yall got tomorrow! @ShyoWager It is the W A V E.I'll see YOU on the BATTLE BUS. 😂 @StableRonaldo is too much.I love non-emote only twitch chat during Fortnite tournaments. @StableRonaldo @ShyoWager @MonsterDface legendary viewing parties tho 👑 @OfficialfRoD @GenG @Immortals I N S A N E🤷🏾‍♂️ @ShyoWager @MonsterDface Without me :( KILL IT BOYS!!!HYDRATE. AND THEN tune in for the last 4 games of the Intel NUC Elite Cup 🎙 @ShyoWager x @MonsterDface Watch:
Retweeted by Ballatw @Boq_TV @T1 @nerdstgamers @DanGaskin @GoldenboyFTW @TSM @FaZeClan Such a blast brother! Until next time. THESE GAME… a great time casting with @Ballatw for the @T1 x @nerdstgamers Valorant Showdown. Hope you guys enjoyed it! We…
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Stream is now LIVE. Casting the first match (bo3) of @FaZeClan vs @100Thieves w/ @Boq_TV Almost certainly going t… you ready for Day 2 of the $50k @T1 x Nerd Street Gamers VALORANT Showdown, presented by @Samsung Odyssey? Our…
Retweeted by Ballatw😱 It's happening. @FaZeClan's mix vs @100Thieves new Valorant lineup go head to head in a bo3 for the first round… @JoeMar @FaZeClan @100Thieves @T1 @nerdstgamers 😍 @TheUltraLex @Ninja Actually so much fun to watch - took a moment to get started but then he started literally gett… @BanKsEsports @dekay What the actual fuck... For why? Sorry you are the recipient of this shit, nobody should ever have to see that. @GlitterXplosion Happy birthdayyyy! @DanGaskin Lookin sooo clean 👍🏽 @FrayFN I can't even tell what happened..... @OhJuganza @ohmagin @mitr0 @Villexx_ Happy birthday bro ur way too old5pm EST* jeezWe saw some incredible Group Stage matches today. 8 teams are moving on and the bracket is set! The T1 x…
Retweeted by Ballatw @GR4ND @PlayVALORANT @T1 @nerdstgamers @blucasts @Boq_TV Thank you for having me brother! Can't wait for more, way… @pansy @T1 Nailed it. Keep being awesome.Always a blast to cast @PlayVALORANT. Day 1 of @T1 x @nerdstgamers SHOWDOWN is done w/ @blucasts !!! I'll be back… @EmadGG @zayt ♥️, though I highly doubt Lachlan would be opposed to it. @JoshRTz @ProspectsGG @Cloud9 You got this!
@ahhreggi @Twitch Congrats! @ShannonZKiller That's... scary...Lets distract ourselves with some @PlayVALORANT Huge game to kick off with! Team @Ninja vs @T1 with @brax1wnl an…
Retweeted by Ballatw @infamousbtw @FaZeClan LETS GOOOOOOOOOO. Congrats brother, that's BIG TIME. @Veroxuk Simple, there's just more gliding. More launch pads + steamy + whirpools. @arCtyC Brings me so much joy!😍Congrats to you and your wife KL. Welcome Karter! @zinkhaha @benjyfishy As in - he has a long career ahead of him. @benjyfishy Congrats man - and to THINK, you're still just getting started... @benjyfishy 😂😂😂😂 @sjokz @pansy When women start casting "I hope she has merit, and not just picked because of her gender" When wome… @Ten78463836 @FrankieWard I've just spent 2 minutes scrolling and found enough racist/misogynistic crap to know tha… @DestinysJesus @YourFellowArab I was a boomer since 12. But this ain't DOMs yo, probably severe inflammation. Tennis elbow or some shit. @YourFellowArab Ice and heat, massage and stretch. Could last a lot longer if you don't. I've had that last a week and a half before. @TheFinalHoss No way I've been final hoss'ed. I've been enjoying these for such a long time it's actually surreal to be done 😂♥️ Ty man 👊🏽 @arCtyC @Geerzy @jack Add witness intimidation to the list... Oh there's so much. @evankinney @Rennie_B @hofftv Sounds... Sounds about right 😂