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@officialvalkia The ultimate troll @aifungames teleporting the planet inside a person? @AdrienDittrick do I return the Abductees? @dhindes It's been along time, but this seems out of character? Maybe I'm getting confused with Squall. @Quthulhu @RetroPrincess1 For some reason I thought they'd be Zool themed, but I think this is better! @pattymo I can't wait for the live action remake! Abduction progress. #gamedev #indiedev #indiegames #GameMaker #pixelart #pixelgames #arcade #ufo #twitch
@zarawesome @SovanJedi disabled and chronically ill folks will continue to die en masse, not from COVID19: - All non-life threate…
Retweeted by BalmutSound waves now react to and get dampened by solid objects in the environment. It's really important to take sound…
Retweeted by Balmut @Unsinisterer I keep starting small projects because the big ones are taking too long! @Hbomberguy So you aren't going to make a Covid Pathologic parody? @nhyphenc Hmm, I've got a couple on the go currently (foolishly!), but I think I'll post my platformer where you pl… So because I’m trapped inside, figured I’d try giving out some micro grants for small indie game devs. So repl…
Retweeted by Balmut @DuskTactics @ancalabro @LabsSkull Urgh don't call me a supervillian, that's another game that I never finished making :( @GamingReverends I'm rooting for ya! @IKnowKingRabbit The red dude! @IKnowKingRabbit Ooo you've got a wacky wild arm flailing tube man!I out of this house and away from the housemate that makes my life miserable @genintco @CanYouPetTheDog My first thought was more evil... [KICK] Mwahahaha! @Programancer I dunno I'll have to think about it, I really like the idea of temporary things though! @Programancer But what would be in a vending machine that would interest/benefit an escaping mech? I've got this g… @WatDowTal I agree. @mryandev Also I need to play every piano and dance with everyone who'll let me! @Programancer Urgh I sooo want a shop in my game (and to do silly things like that) but I can't justify it in the setting :( @Programancer How much is the exit sign? @moomoomang "This just in, Scientists have found that Covid-19 can literally take off peoples minds. They are now r… @genintco @CanYouPetTheDog Aww, still waiting for someone to do a bait and switch where they refuse to pet the dog at the last second. @QuiGon_SW_bot I can't relax this room is filling with poison gas! @QuiGon_SW_bot @actionCancel Pretty sure the droids already know. @pooldad "Kirov reporting!" @kemonologic Ah cool, I wasn't sure if I'd invented that or not ;) @ancalabro @LabsSkull I'm fine! *sob* Annoying photoshop just crashed when I went to save the psd, so the gif is a… @kemonologic Was there a connection between AT fields and the children's dead mothers? @ancalabro @LabsSkull The one with more of your own content? Of course it is! ;P As noted here many times WB won't let us do anything TV with B5, and 2) I have a strict "no story ideas" policy…
Retweeted by Balmut @kemonologic I thought it was absolute terror? Either way it makes no sense given what it is. @ancalabro @LabsSkull Alternatively've never really understood what makes some things go viral. But... why should bananas have all the fun??? I pres…
Retweeted by Balmut @ancalabro @LabsSkull wrong
@TylerGlaiel Corvidae 19 @splendidland *Mario Jumps in shoe*Frasier and Niles Become Demon Lords via @YouTube @bleatingheart this was the exact right cross section of my interests to send me into a frenzy, unstoppable until i…
Retweeted by Balmut @humblegoat @bleatingheart Where's Tiphne? (Dafa?) @nowk_n Juicy!Smol update 🏔️🍂 #pixelart #pixelartist #gamedev #indiedev #gameart
Retweeted by Balmut @nowk_n That's a pretty Dandy guy! @jordizzle *ruffles hair* @UpIsNotJump Wait, you can sleep?! @lie_silence @DuskTacticsPhysically speaking is overrated. @dr_smey @Pixel_Dailies Adorableness! @WangleLine Sorry @WangleLine Musicbation?#Karen Prejudice by Tim Minchin via @YouTube @kemonologic You are sandwichmore. @bigevilboss The magic of code!One month ago I got fired because of COVID 19 and started to make a game. Today I am very excited to release Gutwh…
Retweeted by BalmutImplemented the new background for the Upgrade Area, also new button! I wanted the button to stick out more, so I m… @actionCancel No star wipes?Holy crap that parallax! @SovanJedi @gardener_the Happy Birthday Mog! @SeanNoonan Happy birthday! @emersontung I WANNNA PET IT! @rhapsodyingeek @TAHK0 So does April! @MrMorrisGames Nooo not mixels!
@pixelatedboat @shaun_vids No need, it's attracted to door nobs! @rje *shaking fist* Tiiigggggeeeerr KIIIINNNNG!!! @TAHK0 Smarch? @HourADayGamer @LabsSkull @ancalabro You have to tilt your head and rub your ear on the screen! @MrKennethClarke @lordoftheyoyo Corgis are very puntable... @RetroPrincess1 He's planning on escaping quarantine! @theMagdalenRose Depends, you gonna lick the envelopes? :S @LabsSkull @ancalabro @HourADayGamer I believe the word you're looking for is "Brutal" @Programancer Come get your covnips! @EAtkin @DuskTactics Would you have it any other way? @DuskTactics woman in my hometown was wrongly arrested, prosecuted, detained, and convicted under new Coronavirus powers. It w…
Retweeted by Balmut @GrafxKid version. Kinda wanted a energy platform :/ Had to completely redo the code for the platform. #gamedev @FinemVox Too slow is April 5th, which means it's #FirstContactDay! The day in Star Trek mythology that the Vulcans, in a fool… @DuskTactics @hankgreen Not yours Hank! @nateonus Congrats! @AdrienDittrick @EAtkin What about the drug number? @AdrienDittrick @EAtkin The eeeeevil number! @AdrienDittrick Woo! Powered Giraffe I Love It via @YouTube @NekoNecroDev *aswel @NekoNecroDev F~ it, give them all bloody knighthoods. @bakumoe "That sign won't stop me, because I can't read!" @NekoNecroDev Good job I've got a Chekov's armoury of treats.If you see a dog in the first act, chances are later on a bell will ring. And then you'll feel hungry. The dog kills you. Chekov's Dog.
Retweeted by Balmut @NekoNecroDev But in which act?