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Hi! I'm Bambi バンビム! 🌙 AKA Tifa in that Deadpool Video. Cats. Cosplay. Idols. Magical girls. 💖

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Gag reactions are so weird. I can watch a gore focused scene no problem. But today... I threw up in my mouth from w…
@SpaceCadet6817 LOL. You're welcome to anytime! @CRAZiECRiSSiE P L S ! 🥺💖I always mess up contouring my nose. But yesterday I actually did it right and it is tripping me out. I look like a…
Next serious project/cosplay is definitely Perfect Blue. It's my favorite movie (aside from Crimson Peak.) I want t…
@SpaceCadet6817 ... I'll eat the skins. 😂Did anyone else have the biggest crush on Paine from FFX-2 growing up? Because I definitely did.
@josel_art Big return. @_dpiddy Ha ha! Absolutely! 💪I need to cosplay from @LeagueOfLegends again... I miss Evelynn. My dream is to do a body paint version of her clas…'ve been working out to get abs for my Tifa cosplay I got forever ago so I can re-do the legendary bounce. I thi…
Smack dat around the floor. Smack dat. Hit Rei some moooo'. (Plsdontsheneedshelp)
@DemolishedBy This brings a whole new meaning to foot fetishes. @DemolishedBy Like, shove my foot in it? What?I've been asked for her nonstop so I added her to my Amazon wishlist so I can fulfill that request for you guys. Wh…動くモリガンさん
Retweeted by Bambi Moon 💖Only Fans💖 @spookyfoxx_ @tiktok_us At least better at solving that than Instagram at least? 🤷‍♀️ @Gdalfthefab I tried, grandson. 😔
Retweeted by Bambi Moon 💖Only Fans💖THE TWITTER CROP IS GONE? Can I get a "hallelujah" in the chat? 😭💖 @Gdalfthefab I can spit in it for you. 😂 @spookyfoxx_ @tiktok_us WAIT. Is this yours? I still see yours. @RevoGeist I TECHNICALLY can't say. But just know it was not intended for me and now it's somehow in my possession.Y'all, it has a butt and everything. What kills me is I knew what it was the moment I felt the box wiggle (thanks… I can't believe I'm typing this but due to a weird turn of events, I have an unopened/not used pocket pussy.… sent me this to cheer me up from my depression spell the other day. I cannot explain to you how DANGEROUS L… some TikyTokies of this one tonight. Mary is actually my favorite but the simp knights have spoken! you forgot. I'm obsessed with my cat Cleo Belle. content. Yuno content. Yuno content. 🗡💖
Okay. I'm done having my crybaby moment. I'm not gonna let FB stop me from continuing on. I get my vaccine this w…
@CoomingAndGoing I guess you wouldn't know. 🤷‍♀️ @_dpiddy Also my fav. 😘At least it's Tifa's birthday again. @_dpiddy Hippy birth, best girl.I'm angry. I haven't been this angry in a second. I try my best but I'm livid.And what also kills me is the sudden lack of respect and acknowledgement from other cosplayers that comes with losi… you care about is that I'm a woman posting on social media and you want to censor me for being a woman.The part that mainly upsets me is the fake ass apologies. Do not apologize for something you don't care about. Losi… sick of women being discriminated against on Instagram. They always email saying "We are sorry for the inconveni… has decided my account will be permanently deleted. 80k of followers and years of work just gone. No one c…
@Zhyrat2 HONESTLY, this would be me if I was in an anime. 100% crybaby Pisces here.Dress+Chucks+Princess Peach 👑
Retweeted by Bambi Moon 💖Only Fans💖OKAY. Here's one of me still being thirsty, but this time not in IRL. 😂💖 (btwilovezenitsudonotbullymyboy) I am a huge Levi simp, but I would totally risk it all for this cosplayer of Levi just to smile at me. 😂💖 Als… as a teenager: "I don't understand why young adults don't like me." Me, now a young adult: "Ugh. I cannot stand…
@girl_earthmagic FUCK. I just realized it's Mrs Worldwide. 😔😭 @girl_earthmagic Not sure who she is but if she's someone you're looking for, I can surely try. 😉💖😘I love Zenitsu so much. 💖⚡
Please love the effort I put into this and ignore my bruised gums. 😭💖⚡ @spookyfoxx_ @FUNimation Sen Nail Bar! They're my FAVORITE. They're so, so sweet and Johnny is such a perfectionist. Highly recommend.Hey guys! Long time no see! I'm crush on Hades recently, it was so great! especially The Furies, they are catched m…
Retweeted by Bambi Moon 💖Only Fans💖Got my nails done after my #worstboy Zenitsu. I love him. Going to the movie tomorrow thanks to @FUNimation ! ⚡💖
@_dpiddy She looking 🌟moisturized🌟. @omystephanie Mine is straight up missing from tje vax. 🙃
I did my makeup different and my eyes look so massive. 👀 rosalina
Retweeted by Bambi Moon 💖Only Fans💖 @Manisha83781023 @Zambicandy ... What's the catch?Spending the day cleaning. You know what that means... @Zambicandy YESSS! Let the obsession start. 😭💖
Crimson Peak is on Netflix. Now you all have no excuse not to watch my favorite movie. @josel_art I mean birds! Do you think they have politics? I have been watching birds a lot lately because they use… you think birds have politics? @SpaceCadet6817 I feel the same way about birthdays, tbh. @Wraith_Hound bought me a Levi body pillow. Did I cry? Yes. Am I still tearing up thinking about the day I get him?…
Hey friends. Recommend me some VTuber artists. I'm looking into budgeting out one. 👀 @karljones259 Some things are worth it. 👀 @EggsXavier I will fight you.💛💘💛 #セーラームーン #ぴちぴちピッチ
Retweeted by Bambi Moon 💖Only Fans💖 @EggsXavier S C H M O N E Y @josel_art The most extreme simp for Levi. @Wraith_Hound 👀👀👀 @Wraith_Hound He's definitely on there! I just don't think he's able to be ordered through Prime. 😭I would sell my whole ass soul for this. I love him. 😭💖 @ultrafeel_ Why does it remind me of Revue Starlight? 🤔I have a migraine. It would so help if I had a Levi Ackerman body pillow to cuddle during these trying times. 😔 @StormyJane7 Whoa! How'd you do that!?I wanna get into being a V-Tuber but I don't have the faintest idea where to start. The idea of streaming without h…
Re-watching Attack on Titan Season One since I know all the secrets now. Gahdamn, I forgot how much of a bad ass Annie is. 🥵It's late! That means simp mods are asleep. Who do you simp for? Personally, I'm all about Levi Ackerman. I want a… me on TikTok, friends. I'm trying to be more active on there since I'm always watching videos on there. 💖
Hey friends. I'm on TikyToky if you'd like to watch me be cringe. 💖😂
I doodled this just for fun but imagine how cute a Sucrose plushie could be,,,,,,🌸🌸🌸 #原神 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by Bambi Moon 💖Only Fans💖 @ToTheVoid So since I paid for ads there, I can message their help support directly. It's kinda messed up but in or…'all, if I get this Instagram back, I finally will not feel like my efforts are for nothing. I've been so depresse…'all. I'm about to cry. I FINALLY got a different response from Facebook about my Instagram being restored. Usuall…
Retweeted by Bambi Moon 💖Only Fans💖 @spookyfoxx_ Can we be hobbits?
@josel_art I had a dream. I would do anything for it. I think I also didn't give myself a back up plan because I wa… Thanks for taking this ride with me along memory lane. Will I ever audition again? Probably not. But I… I stopped auditioning since then? Yeah. Well, mainly because cosplaying gave me a newfound confidence. But t…'t dance at the time but since then, idol stuff has helped a lot.) But I could handle teeth at the time. I m… One day I got the balls to ask why I never got chosen after, like, seven auditions. It was my teeth. They… of my best friends also went through the same ordeal. She made it, however. I'm super proud of her for making h… that stop me? NOPE. So I developed an eating disorder, some good ole body dysmorphia, and became obsessed with… then it's kinda over. You drive 10 hours, sell your bed, couch, TV, whatever, and then they line you up against… know how my first audition went? My ADHD ass could NOT focus and could not get the dance down, because I was… they take you into this room in about a group of 30 to 50. It's changed every time I do it. They teach you a dan… remember one girl going "Yeah. I saw the audition posted and sold my tv." And another going "Ha ha yeah! I sold m… Well apparently this is how you start a thread. Oops. I still don't know how Twitter works. Yikes. Anyways. Th…