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@Moechillasama @koalanoob Can I try both? I’ll let you know after.
@CoachTrippy I’m getting on around 8. We win out @CoachTrippy How do u have more adr than me when I dropped a 30 @CoachTrippy Lol. Joe. @_Whiske ❤️ I’m here @Jonaaa6_VAL @Lear_VAL @Virtyyyy Virty is so fucking funny I’m done @miniatureVAL @C0Mtweets Fuck ur yoru miniatureEarn your place, entitlement will get you nowhere. You gotta earn it
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@envysJPN Sorryduo with @psalm lol. @CoachTrippy Lol. He’s going to experience the valorant ranked. Gl cousin trippy. @ItzBoltzy @RESHURAA Reshura shits on meRealizing everyday. in a team environment or even just ranked, good vibes and the willingness to learn over anything
@koalanoob @careertwitch @Jonaaa6_VAL Gianny you’ve never been down to the trenches of ranked. Ranked makes you temporarily change. @ItzBoltzy @careertwitch @Jonaaa6_VAL U don’t understand how many trolls we had to deal with till now. @nlbil @Jonaaa6_VAL @careertwitch Trust me. Idek how I’m ranked so high rn @Jonaaa6_VAL @careertwitch This was the fun old days when we cared so much abt ranked @careertwitch @Jonaaa6_VAL I’m fucking ded @DerrekOW @Jonaaa6_VAL Lol.
@RemedyRR @lol6lack Here @bangiwnl Lol. Nice bangaim. @CoachTrippy 🤣🤣 @CoachTrippy i thought my streak wouldnt end @Jonaaa6_VAL Ok well. If you are getting on, the search has been ended. @domCSGO I need to warm up, or else the rng gods will punish me for being lazy. @Caders_ we don’t lose. @domCSGO the rng gods are on my side atm. @C0Mtweets com u gotta adapt to play in those situation. Riot is testing you @lol6lack @vinnerwinner I slept, going back to sleep @vinnerwinner The famous words though.. vinny on my team.. brimstone instalock on the other team some top c smoke gets 3 every round @josh10427548 Seems like you got 3 ffs in a row in a span of 13 minutes. Great job. @vinnerwinner I’m about to sleep ):like for good luck noobs. @HoellywoodFPS Soon. Very soon will be set for me to compete.All I have to say is, grinding everyday for a goal you have pays off. Been feeling so good lately bc it’s starting to show.
@Caders_ Nuts @symrifle Nice clip. Noob @Jonaaa6_VAL You’re the only person FOR SURE I don’t stream snipe bc you don’t give a fuk lol @Jonaaa6_VAL @c0mfps Lol who sleeps.duo with @c0mfps @st8llar @CoachTrippy Yes @Glorinsz @Scrounge_ IT WAS @neT_valorant that msged me @Glorinsz @Scrounge_ @Jonaaa6_VAL @Glorinsz @Scrounge_ Glo I remember the icebox game when you were sage on the other team and the other team msged m… @TeddyTran_ Sorry I didn’t mean to bait. But get baited noob.rank 25 to this in 1 night
@st8llar @CoachTrippy 1440x1080 @C0Mtweets Where was this com my game. @vinnerwinner @CoachTrippy Yessssthis highlight is a retweeter. must watch. although @CoachTrippy and i may lose we get our clips. @Scrounge_ @DerrekOW @bangiwnl Ok bangaim @H1RA__ Sorry @valyngod @CoachTrippy impact frags for mr valyn.@Keeoh thanks for the huge raid appreciate you like always ❤️ @Glorinsz @Jonaaa6_VAL Sorry I didn’t see da meme train @Jonaaa6_VAL @GoblinSquadron_ @ItzBoltzy I got it. @derrick_truong @albhahN @alimonstr @mikekimdds Wait that’s actually sick @CoachTrippy Report me. @C0Mtweets Can you buy me 3090 so i don’t drop that low thanks
@nlbil Nice job t1 curryI know a lot of fresh blood grinders coming for tier one spots. Off the top of my head I know @Jonaaa6_VAL @Ban_Val
Retweeted by ban @Hiltonators @Jonaaa6_VAL @1flyuh I feel it it’s just so close. @TeddyTran_ It’s @lol6lack HAHHAHA u know I knew it was u the whole time I was trollingJust gon have fun in ranked now no point of caring too much to a point where I get upset or tilted. @koalanoob @CoachTrippy Ur in a game rn, you gotta dial in @schwa_val LMFAOAO @SkuLLyJai @Scrounge_
@ItzBoltzy @ItzBoltzy Just shoot them. @koalanoob I’ll buy you the whole store. @juv3nileow ofc @neT_valorant When I get signed I’m unfollowing you @CoachTrippy Can u carry me today tnx @AstonLorenzoval @koalanoob Koala 😋 I get signed, I’m buying all my friends some skins @TeddyTran_ Sorry. @RossyUA Rossy if I ever lock in skye again pick breach so you can blind me as well @Jonaaa6_VAL
Retweeted by ban @vinnerwinner @Jonaaa6_VAL I’m kidding he’s kinda dialed in rn @Jonaaa6_VAL Lol I’m carrying you noob. @Campion_tv Heyyyyy @koalanoob @CoachTrippy He just got lucky. @koalanoob @Cryocells_ i think i might be a cypher player..i realized couple days ago, you can play any agent as long as you can shoot your gun. @careertwitch @H1RA__ No but if u grief my game again I’m gonna make a twit long post about you @H1RA__ I didn’t
Ian dior + warm up routine = +10 aim @ctrrlz Our team was no com ur team is out there playing in Iceland @CoachTrippy with confidence but don’t play dumb. Literally all you need to engrave in your head to be good at this game.
@TeddyTran_ Free win for me