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Michael Tracey just had the biggest orgasm of his life
Retweeted by Anime Tereseholy shit
Retweeted by Anime TereseFuckin deadbeats @BofAML Bank of Amlerica @leslieleeiii So the same scene @damonagnos This feels like an interesting detour youd take on a night where it's just you and faceapp
Retweeted by Anime Tereseme irl
Retweeted by Anime Terese
shooting at the Chula Vista Costco and if you scroll the Chula Vista trend just a little bit you some guy posting h…
Retweeted by Anime Teresecharlie kirk going down on you but you're saved by his failure to fit his terrifying lego head between your legs
Retweeted by Anime Terese @littlecuckball @eponawest Many people are saying itAfter a long year, my husband finally believes I am ready to carry his child in my womb. To feed them with my body.…
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@floozyesq Imagining having enough hair to do this @TheRoot @ColsBols 100% of police officers also belong to IRL racism group the policeAn investigation reveals that hundreds of police officers around the country belong to racist Facebook groups.…
Retweeted by Anime TereseIBM designed the computer databases that tracked gay people in nazi concentration camps. The serial number tattoos…
Retweeted by Anime Terese"With the vast amounts spent so far on the aircraft, the United States could have worked wonders, including providi…
Retweeted by Anime Terese @tonymc39 @Kimbo_H No one hand this guy power. @mags_mclaugh @livkittykat Fetonte tread on me
Retweeted by Anime Terese @MemeVVitch You can only buy chair if you are an escaped, decadent genie @LLW902 @allisongeroi I have a writ of Goodness here signed, sealed and ready to hand off
@superhayo a good thing about being intelligent is I don't have to read every word of a book to know that things ha… @superhayo the hero's gurney, I think it's calledno dude. no one has ever tried this before. why don't you plot it out and write an incredibly boring and overly inf… @koldpt @AliceAvizandum lmao no but I feel like it should have been meIf I were glinner I would simply not have opened the ark of the covenant and done that to my face
wrote about Biden and horny grandpa jokes for Slate
Retweeted by Anime Terese @buffalocialism Lmao @buffalocialism Damn again @kenklippenstein That's the bibbleThese text messages among Border Patrol agents will leave you cold:
Retweeted by Anime Terese @Akhil_election @eponawest Tracks perfectly with atheism movement @eponawest Her only chance at winning reelection is by courting conservatives, who, as we all know, will not have t… to the @Raptors on winning the #NBAFinals @kawhileonaed on becoming #MVP and to the city of…
Retweeted by Anime Terese @matttbastard @rafaelshimunov @DavidKlion Matt Walsh's recent angelanagleShe has learned how to squeak for attention and it. Has not. Stopped. Volume on to experience my day in 17 seconds.
Retweeted by Anime TereseCop tries to tase an already subdued ‘suspect’ and electrocutes himself... does it feel?
Retweeted by Anime TereseNever seen a team have such a golden run avoiding big injuries and then pay it all at once with interestHell world gives you the good finals outcome but in such a way that all possibility for joy is negatedSteph is now 0-8 on go ahead playoff FGAs with under 20 seconds left @TylerIAm @DragonflyJonez
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Retweeted by Anime TereseLive look at Warriors fans watching the ceremonies
@SheriffClarke @parler lmfao @Ugarles Explain this! @djkilllist He must also be a no-faverSitting near this couple in the waiting room and the woman is filling out the intake paperwork for the guy while he… @ConnorSouthard In my special, Nanettier, I yell "silence!" every time my audience starts chuckling @thucydiplease multi-pritchJust as bad as visiting Trump’s White House and you don’t even get Wendy’s
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Celtics fans after seeing Rich Paul tell the world that AD has absolutely no interest in going to Boston.
Retweeted by Anime TereseMost of those are plastic spiders we eat while asleep @hayleyglyphs your sister's poodle has separation anxietyIn 👏🏻 this 👏🏻 house 👏🏻 we entertain no failsons
NBA Finals Game 5: The Warriors refuse to go down without a fight classic symptoms of ADHD, "inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity," describe the ways that ADHD sufferers…
Retweeted by Anime TereseI made small sacrifices and contributed to a 401k that tanked in 2008. I also lost my life savings in a house I bou…
Retweeted by Anime TereseLast summer, fascists attempted to rally in Washington, DC on the anniversary of the tragedy in Charlottesville and…
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Looks like @YouTube @TeamYouTube has taken down my video debunking Steven Crowder’s article that falsely attributes…
Retweeted by Anime TereseHe ... shouldn't have to do that?
Retweeted by Anime Terese @mean_jock that's not the easy A you want!! @rajandelman it's fucked up how the guy who did Onion Biden has taken his tiny share of responsibility while these… @wochie @firescotch @inICRMwetrust how absolutely horrifying that Cerner might actually be the lesser evil @MurderBryan just like scores of bodies in spandex plummeting off the rafters behind me during my promo @thenearzone Marine Le Todd @mags_mclaugh @AllezLesBoulez @EDsin954 SCIENCE HAS GONE TOO FAR @LOLY2K nor should youYou know what they say about the weather here: if you don't like it, give it a day and @ggooooddddoogg will join one of your dmsmore like Crampdown if you ask me!!!
@thucydiplease @CNNRGLDN These two forces should never collide @jonbernhardt His name is gonna give John Rocker an aneurysm
@Jaclynhill I love how Authentic this product placement is! @Boringstein best friend and her libertarian doppelganger are facing off and I have them both at gun point. I have to ask a q… @BudrykZack @cambrian_era when I want attention I do the universal signal of looking for a mate: putting my headphones in @ahmedinho_s protecc her at all cost @2bmrap @lib_crusher lmao10 years ago we had Dr Ass, Dr Pizza and Dr Disrespect. Protect Dr Eugene Gu
Retweeted by Anime Terese @cambrian_era but what if they are a woman. bet you didn't think of thatI'm going to go ahead and give conservatives/libertarians a pro tip here: People almost never speak up because they…
Retweeted by Anime Terese @saintknives understood and same @mags_mclaugh I'll get you a note @saintknives I think they're referencing this maybe @andrewrstine yeah I'm gonna show this to my worthless kid who only attends one school and can't even excel there @mags_mclaugh look you gotta just write off the loss and try again tomorrow. bikes don't work during any other hour @christlover2000 cancel me, father, for I have sinnedthis is overambitious to the point of stupidity. just attend one of the schools and focus on doing well there! fair*I'm just saying if Heat fans get permanently labeled as fake fans because some rich people left Game 6 early then i… Durant has everything to gain by not playing again this seriesSteve Kerr's annual rousing Game 4 pep talk "LeBron doesn't have enough help so yeah we'll probably be fine" is not…
Retweeted by Anime TereseYo this nigga is nuts b 😂😭😂😂
Retweeted by Anime TereseGetting fired up for Game 4 by remembering the time Kawhi answered the question, “who is Kawhi Leonard?” with “Kawh…
Retweeted by Anime TereseLook I'm not doing this display name shit anymore if everyone's gonna get in on it love watching all these rich people go home disappointed @ImpPoster That's me proposing we make a movie. Les be in film. @kept_simple @haircut_hippie Almost like theres a reason it's a major dem party faux pas to profess any sort of ideology