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you said it, pal has not made this less horrifying, I say this as someone who is 38. West (37) and Valenti (40) are not young lmao. The word you're looking for… @allahliker what happens when jonnui meets joementum @Volceltaire absolutely in love with this idea that something has to be true before republicans will use it against someone @allahliker Jonnui @colddayonmars it's a store that is also my friendJohn Offmeds it's where u got ur dick leaks about upcoming 9/11 20 Year Anniversary special edition. Lucas making lots of dubious changes, inc…
Retweeted by Anime Terese @weel @destroyed4com4t An audience so general it appeals to no one in particular. Trying to have it both ways on healthcare is impossible.I mean you dont want your spox to have anything resembling a soul and choosing to date Stephen Miller is about as c… cops have to give them their gun and badge now that's how it works @rainesghost @TedMielczarek @The_Law_Boy You are literally tagging all of your responses with a hash tag about made… @The_Law_Boy Fuck u pussy I'm Conservative & cant stand @benshapiro also we can compare IQs anytime mines 147 how about u Chump??
Retweeted by Anime Terese @The_Law_Boy I administered the test and corroborate this.Disturbing leaks about upcoming 9/11 20 Year Anniversary special edition. Lucas making lots of dubious changes, inc… @umbyrella Democrat Brain reproduces the exact same behavior patterns across all professions and walks of lifeJoker (2019) #oneperfectshot #joker #jokermovie #jokerfilm @scatacomb definitely something Kavanaugh has done but now tries to pass off as like when you accidentally drop you… @Carrion_Crawl I can't believe you've done this
neoliberalism is phrasing public benefits as something forced upon the unwilling, as opposed to the respectful dist… @snackvampire @Twitter @The_Law_Boy Would hate to see something happen to an account with all these followers... @Twitter @The_Law_Boy this just feels like a threat @choppadoo @bizmarkiedesade listen, dollar store elzilcho @bizmarkiedesade absolutely not @CWhitney207 @mmfa I don't know that wordWorked my way up to memeing at a 2013 level @CWhitney207 @mmfa not really lol @TeamPelosi I, too, believe the path to 'health care for all' is by not doing that ever.realize I'm accidentally subtweeting a lot of my friends here. I certainly don't mean to, just as you certainly don… @DannyPage wasbapman @kranzman we all did. we all did. @wyatt_privilege the OA deserved to be canceledif you have an ex on here might I suggest never logging on again @LionelKitchy yeah strange how it's not a bigger story when they're found out before they murder tons of people. pr…"experienced bullying" is one way to put itand there it is last night's school board town hall, got asked about "people who didn't get the school they wanted and will leav…
Retweeted by Anime Terese @reiyashi actually the doctor's name was victor @choppadoo @clark_yeet chief we're all on the same page here @twitersgoodboy hopefully she's just a kindly old lady and would do this anywhere and doesn't actually derive joy f… @twitersgoodboy Awful. Awful! @mags_mclaugh but we've already proven the government is not effective at it because we sabotage government funding… Facebook couple is getting tax breaks to do something the government should do
Retweeted by Anime Terese @athenogenes to each their own @twogenevdabs exactly! I did a couple years at wendy's and I'm pretty sure that's what got me started on being the… how I started it off and it looked like I was going one way but I went t'other? Sorry but I only care that I ge…
Retweeted by Anime Terese @leslieleeiii i'm more of a kev @choppadoo that's righttake a moment and imagine how angry this makes the Tom Watsons and Jon Chaits of the world. They are heroes.Literally this is exactly the amount of pride someone should have in working for dogshit pay and dealing with monst… want to talk about how terrible the experience is going through the drive thru anymore. They almost never tell yo… @CNNRGLDN forvfefe @ryanaboyd @cushbomb He's gonna destroy his own sanity to honor a dumb bet. Toxic masculinity smhWarren leading Biden and only Biden 24% to 16%. @mags_mclaugh No one should have a 40 year resume solidarity with mom @cushbomb I'm John McCain's mother's granddaughter @BrandyLJensen @jeremypgordon Congrats Jeremy you sick fuckIdk lady apparently giving me free rein worked well enough that they made me engineering lead so obviously we shoul… worried I'm going to lose or be driven to leave this job because I can't deal with a micromanager questioning my every move @damienredicamn1 @C0INCELPR0 Also the other thing.Just yelled at my boss, so that's cool @C0INCELPR0 Don't degrade yourself by feeling contrition or understanding the impact of your actions.Cancel culture is so out of hand... you can’t even stalk, beat, harass and threaten to kill your ex girlfriend and…
Retweeted by Anime Terese @isaiah_kb @grabmybuttsticc @EoinHiggins_ Where women post and men blunderCant wait till they run out of titles to revive and we start seeing reboots of other things millennials love, like 9/11 @ggooooddddoogg @LLW902
was the pig named austerity
Retweeted by Anime Terese @eponawest oh no did rms resign from his other posts to join this @eponawest I died of sun sign stroke
@rynowill75 probably. I think I played 2 more as well @tarheeljks did soldier/guardian for the first time everI now believe Vrook never realized they were not supposed to talk about this in front of Revan no other context where this makes sense except referencing the galaxy's worst kept secret. ass lightsaber @jossjoshjsh I don't mind him too much this time even though he is incredibly whiny. I think it's because every mem… @jossjoshjsh The game keeps telling me Carth looks like he wants to talk so I talk to him and he gets mad and tells me to leave him aloneI don't remember hating her this much right off the bat but they get straight into telegraphing the way things turn… mind-raped Revan is surrounded by people masking literal intent behind idioms and they're all just laughing an… @kept_simple you areZaalbar swearing the most precious of Wookiee oaths: the debt of ironic nullification. don't have to listen to this! @Whooping_Jane I gave them 20 credits and they immediately were like "oh fuck someone's gonna take it from us aren'… man Kreia is not going to like this Mandalore makes his debut intermission to take on the Tarisian underworld properly now that I have my velour tracksuit and visor TO HIM what the fuck. Was Marl voiced by Morgan Freeman for some reason? Why does he sound exactly like Morgan Freema…'re having so much fun with this.
@liketheweather7 I pity the life that has never experienced a hot androgyne @tet3 @JonathanBeckh16 "Accusation inflation" is a fancy way of saying "but she said she was 18!" Jail bait theory… @tet3 @JonathanBeckh16 Let's talk about why you believe rms is on solid moral footing with his fixation on whether… @tet3 @JonathanBeckh16 You apologize for a bad assumption and follow it up with another, even more leading assumpti… @tet3 @JonathanBeckh16 I took the pic from someone else's tweet, and you sure like misgendering for someone who bur… @andrewrstine But he was black so fully adult by age 11