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Bananas 🌸 @BananasPls 今日のお空はどんな空?

Please don't ask me about math I'm off duty. Aikatsu, Sakura Haruno, and FFXIV. Akari Ozora @ Sargatanas. RT heavy. All views expressed here are my own.

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also updated my own yard a little bit too 3D 21 3B 9E fc house deco uwu hi take the worst sifas screenshots help :) Kamiya: Churchアイカツ! 👑大空あかり💐 ♡DreamyCrown♡ ホワイトスカイヴェールコーデ 。* ❤︎… …❤︎*。 Photo: @mi_ko9 #sarapple_cos
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@LetsGoMic Playing the better game..Hoshi no tsubasa was such a good plotline until the sun dress was revealed @firilo_sakura I dont want to build up my teams and unlock stuff again 😭The #1 reason I have no motivation to play sifas en냐냐냐
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Retweeted by Bananas 🌸I wish madoka covered dance in the rainWho decided waking upFeel free to add well im done rerolled 2 sifas accounts and quit lmfao @SodaWeeb Youve been owned @SodaWeeb im otw @Selunari
😌 is wrong with him really think this dude is a sociopath jesus christ @mechachili but yes hes a piece of shit @mechachili its australia not britain @mechachili this is zumbos just desserts☕️🦋
Retweeted by Bananas 🌸He tries to bury my food earlier hes like "everyone here is emotional. i dont have emotions."girl: fails her dessert, starts crying everyone: its ok, this bake does not define you this dude: haha she's gone *fist pumps*theres this dude on zumbos just desserts who i s2g is a sociopathCharacters with long hair need to be drawn with a ponytail and characters with some kind of updo need to be drawn w…
Retweeted by Bananas 🌸 @wren125 my cat likes it when i watch him eat...anyone elses cat stare at them the entire time they eat about when sayonara moon town was released and i listened to/watched the ed 200 times in a rowhow did they do so good with shippuden... almost every single op and ed SLAPSmmmmmmmmm diver is such a good op... thank u nico touches the wallsactually unironically og naruto endings peaked here smoker man sings songwhy do all the og naruto endings sound the same except ryuuseiThis is his "I want to bite it" face @FelixAyada come to aether... we have... well not that much to offer @redditships @honoka_iidx wtf!ねこ耳メイド的なやつ
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@breakingcreech yea... last julyBut the real kicker is she also doesnt take out the trashRainbow outfit good the fuck do i turn riinas board face offBiiiig kanan we moved in my roommate bitched that her old roommate never took out the trash but now i know they didnt take… the yellow cure gyaru @zayl00x it really wasthis was really like the peak of the series the fight sequence the music chefs kiss @sayumber lol, i have to use the bathroom and shower with the door open my kittyにゃんにゃんエンジェリー
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Retweeted by Bananas 🌸ok but why does it look like she's thinking about murdering lily to make froggy chair
Retweeted by Bananas 🌸And then get disappointed when you find out no they just sexualize everything in privateStarted crying over baking show wonder if im gonna start pmsing soonehue
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this ruby is so cute WTF weapon is soooo easy this is like the first time ive had fun grinding an ex trial because its so hard for the…
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Retweeted by Bananas 🌸 @GiveMeTheSitrep whyd you panty shot me#猫の日 なうーーー(*≧ω≦*)!!!💖✨ ユニは猫さんだから寝ちゃったニャンッ可愛いねー(ノ∀`*)!!!☆
Retweeted by Bananas 🌸Today’s pink anime girl of the day is Anemone from Eureka Seven!
Retweeted by Bananas 🌸Today's pink anime girl of the day is Mika Jougasaki from THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls!
Retweeted by Bananas 🌸Today's pink anime girl of the day is Meroko Yui from Full Moon o Sagashite!
Retweeted by Bananas 🌸Today’s pink anime girl of the day is Sakura Haruno from the Naruto franchise!
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Glasses… to pick out my glasses today... pray for english account will just be to save for a spark for the cards i want but cant get on jpi am almost positively not going to seriously play the english version now lolThey